Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rowdy Nights: Babys 21, 22, and 23

Before I start this post, I have a question...Which hair? I'm one of the most indecisive person on the planet so would you mind helping me out? 
So this is look 1... 
And this is look 2! I am wearing the curly style for this post but want your input for the next one. Thanks :)
The kids and I enjoyed a nice Saturday morning breakfast together. I love these moments with the family when all is well; in my friendships, family, and children. We were all laughing at Penny's dislike for art. "Stop laughing, guys!" she hollered. "Art is so annoying! You have to paint and mix colors and UGH! It's so frustrating!" We kept laughing. 
I stood up. "Okay, Vanessa. Do as I asked and age up the kids while I run errands, okay?" I had some things to do but still wanted the kids to age up. "You got it, Ma." replied Vanessa. She was always the dutiful child. 
My first "errand" was to meet Kira Jones! She is an extremely nice challenge mother and friend of mine who just moved into town.  "Hey Ki!" I shouted. "How are you?" I said enthusiastically.
"Great! I'm absolutely great, Ambs. And how are things going with Penny?" She said nervously. She knew that it would be hard to talk about but it was a reasonable question. "Things are much better, thanks. I think I have finally found some normalcy in my life." I said happily. And I was happy. Since things have been patched up with Penny I feel like I can breathe again. Family is what's most important to me and if anything ever happened to anyone that I love...well, there's going to be an issue. I turned back to Kira, not wanting to fall too deep into thought.
"And how is your challenge going?" I asked her.
"It's going very well, thanks! And actually, speaking of the challenge...another mom is in town!" I started to get really excited. "WHO!" I shouted. All challenge moms are so fun to be around that two new moms in town would be great. "Well..." said Kira pausing for dramatic effect.
"WHO!" I pressed again.
"Violet Newbie!" she said excitedly. I started jumping up and down with joy. 
"Yay!" I cheered. "Where is she now?"
She looked excited too. "At the park! Want to go meet her?" she asked. 
"Of course!" I said happily. Violet Newbie seems to be a great girl from what I've heard.
As we drove over Vanessa conducted some birthdays like I asked. The children cheered like there is no tomorrow. "Teenagers! Teenagers! Teenagers!" they ranted. "We're going to be teens!" Penny yelped. Wow, they sure are an enthusiastic pair.
We pulled up to the park. Just as I ran up I saw her in all her glory. "Violet!!" I yelled across the park like a maniac. 
"Hey Vi!" I said happily. "It's so nice to meet you! Kira brought me here to meet you and wow...you're even prettier in person!" I guess I was sucking up to her, but oh well! Violet is basically a legend. 
"Hey Amber!" she said nicely. "So nice to meet you after talking to you on facebook! How are you?"
"I'm doing well! And you?" I asked. 
"Perfect, since Joe left my life." she replied. 
"Good for you girl, having the will to do that. You're strong." I said encouragingly. 
"Thanks, Amber." she replied. "That means a lot to me."
After talking a little bit longer I decided to head home. As I was walking in I spotted Ness looking very beautiful as a young adult....she also looked very nervous.
She started rubbing her hands together. Okay, something is definitely up.
"Nessa?" I said nervously. "Are you alright?" She still looked nervous.
"Um, Mom?..." she replied.
"Yes?" I said.
"I...I think I screwed up..."
"How??" I said, getting more and more frightened every second.
"Would you mind telling me what you did?" I asked. 
"Well, Mom...I think I aged up Penny and Jason wrong. They're young adults now." She looked terrified of how I was going to reply. I was a little upset myself. If she had aged the children up wrong then they wouldn't be able to have teen years.
"Um..." I said. "Um, it's okay sweets. Everyone screws up every once in a while so it's okay. The kids won't get to have their teen years but that will be made up for in their adult years. You can relax, darling." She took in a big breath and sighed. "I'm sorry," she said.
"It's okay," I replied.
We hugged it out. I guess that I would have three children moving out today instead of one then. I would miss having teens.

So anyways, here are the delayed pictures of my paparazzi children as young adults. Penny is a very fashionable woman who loves to design clothing and paint her nails.

Jason grew into a striking young man. His hair mixed with his strong nose completed his look. He would catch some eyes out on his own.

And here is Vanessa's expected young adult photos! She looks a lot like Ashleigh does, which is a good thing! She is very into working out and biking. She is a huge sports fan. 
Nessa cheered. "It's time to move!" she shouted for the whole street to hear. "Bye honey!" I shouted. 
After she left I knew that I had to age the rest of the kids up too. I decided to take a small break and read the newspaper first...
Turns out my first grandchild was born! Her name is Dina and is supposedly a real beauty. Logan sent me a picture.
This is her! Isn't she just gorgeous? This is Della Wriner's great grandchild :)
Next I had to age up the rest of the kids. Here is Della aging up!

Della inherited her father's orange-red hair that is just stunning on her fair complexion. She is going to be a true beauty as she ages up.
Next is Mercy! Kira stayed and helped me age her up since she had no other family members to cheer her on.

Mercy is a cutie also! She has light purple eyes and the most adorable smile in the world.
Finally, Shawns turn! I couldn't help but wonder if his red-ish hair would turn out more of his fathers hair color...

And it did! Well, a little bit at least. He is a handsome lad who loves school and lacrosse. He gets a B average and is currently trying to learn the trumpet...he's trying, though not the best at it. 
After dinner Kira did the dishes and declared that we are going in the hot tub. I didn't refuse!
We hopped in and started relaxing right away. "Ahhhh," I said dreamily. "This is just what the doctor ordered, Ki." We smiled at each other in understanding how peaceful we both felt at this moment. "Couldn't agree more, Ambs. This is great." We barely said anything more for the next half an hour or so; we both knew that we needed to relish the moment of quiet.
Soon she had to go. I was sad but knew that she had to get home to her family. "Bye, Kira." I said cheerfully as she got out of the hot tub. I stayed in for a little while longer before kids became my number one focus.
How peaceful do I look?
Before I went to sleep that evening I had to do the wash load in my brand new laundry room! Laundry will be hard to keep up with but it's easier than going to the laundromat. I tried to blow away the smell as I lifted the children's smelly clothing into the wash.
Look at all of their clothing!
I added some detergent and then I was set! I wiped my forehead, looking forward to many more loads of laundry. 
The next day was a day for skill building! These are Mercy's first steps as a tot. She's quite a smart child!
And here are Della's first steps! Isn't she a cutie?
For the rest of the day I painted in peace. I'm hoping that I can finish this picture soon! I've been working on it for weeks. 
Later that night my phone rang after I got out of the shower; it's Vanessa Wood! "Hey Vanessa!" I shouted into the phone. "Hey Amber!" she replied. "I'm so glad you called, Ness. I have been so busy all day that it's nice to hear a friendly voice. I wish that I could have some time to relax." I sighed. I AM tired! 
"Actually Amber, you read my mind! The mothers and I were planning on going out to this hot new club in Sunset Valley tonight...it's called the Grind! Have you heard of it?"
"Of course I have Nessa!" I replied. "What do you think, I'm living in a hole?" I said sarcastically. "No, of course not...." she replied. "So the Grind? 8:30?" 
"Sure!" I said happily. "Would you mind coming over before that and helping me pick out an outfit before that?"
"Sure," she said nicely. "Be over soon!" 
She showed up right away with her makeover station in tow. "Just in case!" she warned. "Now show me what you are planning on wearing."
"Well I like this dress!" I said happily. "It's flowery and it totally fits the look of a mom like me. What do you think?" I said excitedly. 
"NO.WAY." she replied. "We're going to the hottest club in town, not some picnic on the beach! You must change...try on this extra dress I brought in case I spilled something on my dress."
"Now THAT Amber is a dress." said Ness. "You look hot!" I laughed at the compliment. "Thanks!" I replied. I felt that the sling in the back was a bit much but I didn't complain. I felt really good in it!
 "Yay!" I cheered. "Now, lets go!" We headed out to the club. "Tonight..." I muttered. "Tonight will be a good night." 
Kira smiled at me once I got in the club. "Lets dance Amber!" she yelled through the blaring  music. I happily joined her.
We danced like there is no tomorrow!
Doesn't she look just gorgeous in the dance floors lights?
Vi getting her groove on!
Sky went and got some food right away. "YUM! Wings," she said happily.
I posed for a few photos for my fans. They all told me that they love my challenge and my blog. I thanked them all but soon returned to my friends.
Let's face it, I'm hot!! :P
I started to dance with Della soon after dancing with Kira. We were having a lot of fun!
"Hey!" I called to the bartender. "One KTHXBYE please!" I had never really been a big drinker so all of this is new to me. I pretended to know what I was doing though.
"Sure thing," he said as he made the drink. I was taken aback-a blowtorch?! Oh no!
The drink was so hot. It looked delicious!
And tasted great too! He must have made the drink extra strong because I was in a drunken stumble for the rest of the evening-I'm not proud of this!
I went up to Sky. "Hey, Sky." I said in a jumble. "Do you see that guy over there? He's really into you! I know you're doing the challenge but...I dare you to go kiss him!!"
She just looked at me and rubbed her head. "Umm..." she stumbled. "Sure!" she said after a dramatic pause. "Why not?" I laughed. Victory!
That's when I spotted this hottie from across the dance floor. His jet black hair and turquoise skin made me tingle with excitement...he's so cute! 
"Heya, sweetie," I whispered cutely into his ear. "Dance with me.." 
He didn't seem to know what to say so I pulled him in real close. He stared at me in surprise. "You're so pretty," he mumbled.
We gazed into eachothers eyes. I was about to ask him to be in my challenge when the bouncers yelled out "CLOSING TIME, GET OUT OR I'LL HELP YOU OUT!" I was sad but shook it off. "My place. Tomorrow at four. Bye!" I shouted to him before skippering out of the club. What a fun night! I wonder if I will even remember it tomorrow?

As soon as I got home I scooped up the kids and put them to sleep. I had forgotten that all of the good babysitters aren't available on school nights!
The next morning I woke up with the most killer headache EVER. I hopped in the shower to try and wash off the hangover.
When that didn't work AT ALL, I resided to making some coffee. Maybe this will help a little bit?
I sipped it eagerly. It actually helped a little!
With that caffeine urging me to get through the rest of the day I took care of the kids and then relaxed on the deck. I stood up when I heard someone splash into the hot tub. I looked over to discover Franco, the turquoise guy from the night before. "Come on in!" he shouted. "Be right down!" I replied. The hot tub would definitely help with this awful, awful hangover.
We got in and relaxed. "Let's do this!" I said excitedly. 
Babys are coming soon!
We danced away the rest of the evening in my newfound bliss. 
That night, I woke up to vomiting. 
The next morning I rubbed my barely visible baby bump in joy. New babe soon!!
I spent the day teaching Della to talk...
But soon after started to watch some television. This is my favorite program!
 Baby bump day 1.
Todays job was to fix the shower. What am annoying task for a pregnant woman! But oh well, the children need to stay clean.
I also invited my doctor over.
"SKY!" I screeched when I saw her. "No delaying...boy or girl?!"
She felt my stomach and did some tests before declaring...GIRL!
That night when I was sleeping...we got robbed again! We must be the house to rob around the neighborhood! I stood in annoyance, waiting for the cop and the robber to finish up.
The cop won again! Yay!
I went back to sleep in peace.
Baby bump day 2!
Shawn and I were enjoying a lazy day when I stood up from the couch...
Bump right before birth.
"ACKKK!" I screeched. This HAS to be more than one babe.
Shawn freaked out while I gave birth but I didn't want to go to the hospital this time around. It was just a normal Saturday morning so no babysitters would probably be available anyways!
Shawn tried to get me out of the way while he was trying to watch television. "SHAWN, I'm giving birth!!" I yelled. "This is no time for the tv!" I was being harsh but who cares? The pains are awful!
One more push and I gave birth to Avery Lights. (Thanks to Tori!)
 I put her in her crib and then started pushing again for another kid.
Welcome Carter Lights! (Thanks to Tori!)
And finally, the last of the trio... Porter Lights!
Trilpets again? Oh no!
<3 :)

Thank you so much for reading! I really hoped you enjoyed this post...I felt it was about time for poor Amber to catch a break and let loose on this one! Hasn't she been through enough lately? Anyways, I really and truly appreciate the support that you all show to me in this blog. I also am paying for this blog now since I have too many pictures on it. I want you all to know that I'm dedicated to writing this story for you all. I have also started uploading Ambers children to my studio. They are not all up but will be soon! I will also not have a post out until late next week (around February 4th) due to a sporting even that I must attend to...so please hold out until then! Now for the daily things. Download Amber here.  I am happy to chat anytime! And finally, you can send me and the children some new toys and furniture here. I am hoping to receive some new kids furniture soon so I can revamp their room! Okay, catch ya'll later <3


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