Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Beach House!

Hey everyone! Before I get started, I would like to say that I know that I said in my first post that I was going to try to stay in my first house for as long as I can but taking care of so many sims in a little house can be difficult. I would also like to say that this house was built completely by me. (: If you like it I will put it up on the exchange, so please leave me a comment or send me a message if you would like that. So, without further ado, I present to you the new abode that the Lights will be residing to!

Aw! Little Andre's first bottle! As I gazed down at my second son I realized that it would be a tight fit until some more kids started moving out.
Before I made any drastic changes though, I decided to try out some new looks. What do you think of this hair
with this outfit? (look #1)
Or this hair
with the same outfit? (look #2) Please vote below, and that's the style I will now use!
As soon as Connie got home from school I called the real estate agency and requested a house with a view(:
Connie, being the overachieving daughter, did the last dishes in the house before the move. Such a sweetie <3
I put away my phone and called to the girls that it was time. I carried Tulip,
Ebony carried Tommy,
and Kat grabbed Andre.
"Come on kids!" I shouted for the children to hurry. "Don't you want to see the new house?"
I dreamt of my kids reactions to the new house on our ride over.
"Only a few more moments kids!" I exclaimed. Ebony rolled her eyes at my antics.
"We're here!" I practically shouted. "Our brand spanking new house, kids!"
We all walked into the house with great expectations...
When you first walk in, you see the staircase in the back.
And to the left is the archway to the study and a small bathroom.
And if you looked to the right you would see the archway to the kitchen and the door to the new family room area!
It was important to me that my kids had a nice study in which to complete their homework and read to their hearts content(:
My new kitchen!
I can just imagine all the great family meals we will enjoy at this new table.
Family room complete with a television, desk/computer, and a cool fish tank!
Up close picture of the fish tank. Little fishies! The children will love to feed and observe them(:
My room. It's on the first floor, next to the family room.
My tiny bathroom!
Angle one of the older Lights kids room. I gave it an interesting blue theme.
Angle two. They have a nice desk and computer in case they get bored!
Final angle. I thought that the dresser area was cute(:
Babies room! Angle one.
Angle two of the babies room.
Right outside of the babies room is a nice deck that I added on. 
They could play with their block and watch the sunset at the same time!
Artsy children could get their fix from the painting area. It even came with a view so that the kids could get inspired.
Finally, the lounging area where you could also watch the sunset. I could lounge here on a sunny day and watch the kids play! (:
The deck also overlooks a medium sized pool that I purchased so that the kids wouldn't have to go to the public pool anymore.
And last but certainly not least, the jungle gym! The kids were uber-excited about this addition.
Floor 1
Floor 2
And so it is now that I leave you with my favorite picture of the house so far. Have a great day(:

Remember, comments make my day!
<3 (:


  1. Loooove following your blog! :))) I'm going to be writing my first post tonight, hopefully. Can't wait!

  2. loveeeeeeeeeeeeee itttttt(: lovee the housee. soo cleaver <3

  3. @annistynfamily- thanks! and that's great that your starting your own blog. I would love to check it out, so let me know when your first post is out!
    @Suzy- Thanks! It took all day to build(:

  4. I just put on my first post! :) And I can't wait for you to write your next one!

  5. I vote for number one :) I love your blog and think Amber is very beautiful~

  6. I love your blog and i choose number 1. Thehouseis awesome bet they will <3 it!

  7. omg i love this house i want the link for it please!!??!!!????

  8. please put this house on the exchange, it's amazing! & i love your blog :)

  9. Love the house. If its on the exchange I would so download it. After reading your challenge so far make me wanna do one now. I would like to use this house for it. Can't wait to see it on the exchange.

  10. Hey Amber! Love your blog so far :) gotta catch up 100% The house is BEAUTIFUL - my favorite part has to be the deck :) Check out my challenge :)

  11. Lovely house! What's your sims user name for the website so I can look for it in the exchange. And I say look 2 that hair is simply adorable :)

  12. Look number two, although you probably have chosen already. :)

  13. look no.1! that house is amzing! please please please put it on the exchange? i love this story, keep writing!

  14. Hey I made my own blog :) I can send links to it if you want :)

  15. I love the house! Did you build it? :)


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