Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cuts, Lies, and Drama: Babys 16 and 17

Thanks to Werpy for the new slide! Once I receive the entire playground set that goes with this I will happily build the children a new playground.
Thanks to ELMSims3 for the Heart Sandals! They are very cute and would go great with a future daughters outfit.
I was also featured in Fabulous magazine. I felt awesome! (Thanks to Violet Newbie)
I was feeling in a silly mood so I put my hair into two long braids down the front. 
The hair looked like what a farm girl would wear so I put on overalls to match the look! This look is only temporary, but I still think it's pretty cute. :)
Logan stood in the foyer is his trusty cargo undies. "M-o-o-o-ommm!" he hollered. "Yes baby?" I replied. "I don't want to age up! I like being a child!" Logan was being stubborn as always so I just ignored him and he finally aged up on his own.

A true Wriner! I just had to give him the Wriner men hair to complete his transformation. Doesn't he look just like his father?
He whipped out his new magnifying glass right away. He plans on being a detective one day to fight crime in Sunset Valley! 
Blue baby's time!

 Joe! He turned out amazingly handsome so I'm sure he'll be snatched up right away. 

And Brayden! He still keeps his hair long but more tasteful nowadays. I sighed in relief when I saw his new look. He plans on being an explorer.

"Bye mom!" both of my boys yelled. "Bye boys!" I yelled back. I loved raising my first blue babes and I would miss them.

Next was Vanessa! At first glance she looks like she has grey eyes but a closer look will decipher some light purple eyes. She seems to have not gotten any of her fathers features which seems to happen a lot with my babies. All in all though, she's cute!

Triplets aging up time!

Xiaomei! She sure is a cutie. She is the most girly out of the trio with her neon pink lip stick. She also curls her hair everyday! These waves aren't natural, oh no! She works hard to look good :)

Linnea is a cutie too! She is a tough tomboy. She was made this way by her older brother Logan constantly telling her that "Guys don't like whimps. Man up." I overheard many of these conversations. I could've stopped them, but Linnea likes to be strong!

Lastly, Sky! Linnea and her wear the same hairstyle which will result in some tiffs a lot of the time, but mostly it's smooth sailing!
The birthdays were soon over and I went to sleep. The next morning I cuddled Nessa in my arms. She is adorable!
Speaking of Vanessa, I invited older Nessa over! I had just gone from 3 babes in the household to only 1 and I had some serious down time! Vanessa and I had only chatted a few times at the challenge house, but she seemed sweet so why not?
I was paying the bills when she showed up. She's so pretty in her green ruffled shirt and grey shorts. I just knew that we would be great friends!
"Hey Amber!" she said excitedly. 
"Hey Vanessa!" I replied. 
"Oh, please. Call me Nessa!" she stated. I sighed in relief. Vanessa is a mouth full!
"Okay, Ness!" I said happily. We were getting along great.
"So, Amber..." she said all of a sudden. 
"Yes?.." I replied, not sure what was coming next. 
"So all of the challenge moms are excited to be in town and we all feel that a great way to celebrate would be-" I cut her off.
"A party!" I exclaimed. How had I not though of this before? "We need to throw a party! Right here at my house, lets throw a pool party. Heck, I even have a new hot tub!" What better way to break in a new hot tub than with a party?
"You read my mind," she said happily.
I wasted no time and whipped out my cellphone right away. "Hi, um yes, I will have 24 cases of coke, 10 bags of barbeque chips, 12 bags of fries, and 14 1/2 gallons of mint chocolate chip icecream. Please and thank you!"
Next I set up the party area. Nessa and I purchased a new fire pit and a sprinkler for some fun times!
We also ordered a bubble machine with over 20 flavors to choose from! I know what I'm doing later :P
Finally the finishing touch, the hot tub! This would most definitely be the main attraction for the party.
Ness and I looked at eachother knowingly. This would be a party to remember.
First to show up were Kelsey and Danny. 
Then the gorgeous Brienna and the funny Sky waltzed in.
My sis Penny came next...
Then Maci and Alyssa. Let's just say they're very close!
Della showed up by herself :P
Vanessa was already there of course, and she smiled in excitement. "Let's do this!" she shouted through the house. I smiled back, excited for what fun this would be.
Sky and Kelsey headed straight for the dance floor. "You go girls!!" I encouraged when I walked by. Sky danced even better when I said that, Kelsey just blushed. 
Brienna swung on the swings like a little kid. "Hey, I'm in the challenge!" she shouted, guessing what I was thinking. "I can act like a child if I want to!" I laughed at her antics.
I went to the bubble blower. It made you feel like you were on drugs...except you weren't! It made me feel like I was the most awesome person on the planet, and I was content with that.
Right around sunset Della, Nessa and I all started dancing on the kids play deck. We kept running into the kids toys when we tried to dance better so Della came up with a better idea. "Follow me!" she shouted over the music. "To where?" Ness and I questioned. "You'll see!" she concluded. 
Following Della ended us up on the roof! Although it was dangerous,we sure did have a lot of room to dance. Plus, some guys whistled at us as they drove past. Future fathers, perhaps?
After the intense dancing, Maci and I resided to the hot tub. It felt amazing, relaxing all of the sore muscles that has built up from the kids and trying to stay in shape. It was nice!
Della kept dancing :) She danced with Sky this time.
Nessa joined in soon after! They were fist pumping like there's no tomorrow.
I continued at the bubble machine...I tried to pop them, but was unsuccessful.
All of a sudden I started cracking up. But I shook it off, it's a party!
Then I spotted the digital tattoo applicator that Penny had brought. She said that tattoos were fun! I trusted her so I twisted some knobs, and pulled some levers...
I then sat down in the chair that it offered and flipped it around.
It completely covered me! What have gotten myself in to?
I started straight ahead, too fearful to look down. I would've been a lot worse if I wasn't in such a crazy mood though!
It finally released me. Thank goodness!
I yawned right away since I was super tired. I wonder if I will even remember the party when I wake up tomorrow?
I hopped into the hot tub for one last soak before I headed off to bed. The hot tub is good to me :)
I was heading inside when I noticed Ian Bowler, a paparazzi standing outside my house; and crying. I rushed right over.
I wonder what was wrong?
"Hey, Ian? Hi, it's Amber. Umm, are you okay?"
He sniffled. "Yes, yes I'm fine, " he said wiping the last of his tears off. "I am just awful at my job and can never get the story...would you let me take pictures of you here?"
"Umm, sure?" I replied. I wasn't sure if I would regret this but in my partying haze, why not?
I kissed him right after. "Be a daddy," I barely stuttered out. "Be a daddy in my challenge." He readily agreed and we proceeded to the next part.

"Amber?" he questioned after we finished. 
"Yes?" I replied.
"I...well, this was for a story for the paper. I can't lie to you anymore. But please forgive me! I love you!" I looked away in disgust. "Get out." I muttered. "Get out." My hangover was starting to form and I had no patience for some loser trying to love me. "GET OUT!" I shouted one last time. Great, now I'm just another story in the paper, huh?
He looked disappointed. "Fine." he stated. "I will ruin your life with this story, you just wait and see. I will ruin your life." I barely heard those last words because I fell asleep right away.
Dreaming of childrens toys :)
The next morning I spotted Vanessa playing with her bunny teddy bear that I got her for her birthday. Looks like I made the right choice! "Hmph," I heard her mutter in baby talk. "Does teddy like meh?"
"Well I like mah teddy!" she said joyfully. I loved how easily little kids could be entertained.
I went out to pick her up and start our learning for the day when...
I gasped and looked down.

TATTOO'S?? I got tattoos? I basically screamed since I don't really remember getting them. I don't know if I should get these removed or not...Comment below voting whether or not I should keep the tattoos. :)
I shook it off and continued my day. Here is Vanessa's first steps! She's a great walker.
She also is good at going potty. She doesn't fuss!
Later when the girls came home from school they all told me about their new friend Darlene. "Ma," Sky told me. "We totally rule the school. All the boys like us and we have a lot of fun!" I was happy for her but warned her not to let it get to her head.
After we talked some more I started dinner. I shook along with the salt and pepper shaker. "Shake your booty!!" I sang out loud. All of the kids groaned ;)
"Don't burn!" I shouted. "Don't you dare burn, you stupid hamburger! I love you, I don't want you to burn! Ackkk!" I started freaking out since the pan was making a weird sizzley sound.
"Ahhhh, good hamburger!" I smiled while I flipped the hamburger up. I was getting pretty darn good at cooking!
I helped Sky finish up her homework as I ate. "Okay, Sky. 4x4=16. Yes, because 4+4+4+4=16!" 
"Wow!" Sky exclaimed. "It all makes sense now! Thanks, ma!"
"I don't get it either!" Logan chimed in. "Be there is a sec," I replied.
Xiaomei and Sky couldn't seem to decide who got to get food first. "Sharing is caring!" I reminded my stubborn children. 
Logan found the situation very funny ;)
After dinner I did the dishes like a good mum.
I also cleaned the toilet like a pro.
And scrubbed the shower like there's no tomorrow!
The next day was a Saturday! We all ate some mighty fine pancakes together before our day of fun.
Logan and Linnea like to match. Linnea calls them "L Buddies". 

Once at the park for the day, I snapped some great pictures of Nessa and I. She's a mama's girl for sure!
The girls started running for the pond right away. They were fishermen at heart! Or, fisher-women. 
Here's them all fishing together. Xiaomei fell right away.
"Ouch!" she yelped. "This hurts!"
I vomited in the local restroom before I joined in the days activities.

Here's some single pictures and a group picture of the triplets fishing together. Cute, eh?
Here's one of Logan. He smiled in everything he does.
I taught Vanessa how to talk while they fished. "Pan!" she said happily. "She'll be a cooke," I muttered under my breath.
When we got bored at the park we came home and swam. Logan and I held a breath holding contest...
And he won.
I was upset that I didn't win so I also challenged Sky to a breath holding contest. I'm sure I can beat her!
And I did! And do you see Logan in the background? Yeah, well he won another contest against Linnea. He's great at a lot of things!
I soon got out to vomit again.
Logan suggested we go into the hot tub because it will make my stomach feel better. Such a kind child!
The triplets looked out for "enemies" from the watch tower. "I...I spot..." Sky started. "I spot a mom and a Logan in the hot tub! Lets go investigate!"
"Mo-o-o-om!" Linnea shouted for all to hear. 
"Yes, sweets?" I replied in a soapy, dreamy voice.
"Why can't we go into the hot tub with you?"
"I got this one," Logan said, winking at me. "Well, you can't come in because it's strictly for older people. You may come in when you're as cool as me!" I gave him a look. "I mean, when you're a teenager."
They stared at us in sadness. "Okay, girls! Go inside and freshen up. I'm making dinner in a little!" They rushed away happily.
Logan and I didn't want to get out.
I started out at the sunset that evening. Vanessa was drinking her bottle and I had nothing to do but stare at the gorgeous sunset. I am so content with my life right now. I love my children, my home, my friends, and my family. I sure do love having some family here.
"Okay, Ness! Time for sleep!" I mumbled into her hair. "Sleep tight!" She didn't want me to leave but she soon fell asleep.

Cute! :)
I woke up later that evening to some kicks in my stomach. A new life was brewing inside of me, and I loved the feeling.
Today is Sunday so the kids and I are going to breakfast at the diner! It's a family tradition.
After breakfast I looked up at City Hall with dread. Turns out that Ian did go through with writing the article on me that made everyone dislike me. Time to sue for slander!
I took Vanessa with me so that they could realize that I;m just a mother. I think my tiny baby bump would help the case too.
All of my kids joined me right as I walked out.
"Well?" Logan questioned.
"We won! We won the case!" I cheered.
"Congrats Ma!" They all said in unison.
"Lets go home, kids. Lets go home." I said.
Baby bump day 1. Barely noticeable!
"Do the dishes," Logan demanded of Xiaomei. She gave him a sweet look and said, "No. It's your turn." 
"No it's not," he grumbled before giving in and doing the dishes.

I decided to redecorate the toddlers room with some new cribs and fresh wallpaper. I did this because I am holding and event on facebook called the Cutest Nursery Event. It's for the cutest nursery! Check it out here. I'm trying to get as many entree's as possible!
I watched over little Vanessa. She sure is a cutie!
Baby bump day 2. Bigger!
I decided to invite over a new doctor in town to ask what the babys gender would be.
Welcome Dr.Sky Greene! When she moved in she told me that she had taken some medical classes in college and could tell the babys gender for other people. I  took her up on the offer!
 "So, what'll it be Doc?" I questioned.
"Well..." she said.
"A boy!" She finished. 
"Thanks, Sky." I said. "Talk to ya later!"
Later that night I woke up to labor pains. 
I made an awful expression and bit my lip to keep from screaming. This pregnancy hurt awfully bad, worse than any other time.
Belly right before birth.
I came out of the hospital with a baby carrier!
Welcome to the Lights home Jason Lights (for my sims brother Jason!)
And Penelope Lights (for my sims sister Penelope!)
I brought my Penny over to her house right away. I wanted her to see that I did care about our family! She tried to shake my hand, but I pulled away.
That's when I noticed her face.
"Who did this to you!?" I screamed.
She ran inside and tried to shut the door but I caught it with my foot. ""Who did this to you?!" I screamed again! "I SWEAR, I WILL MURDER BRADY, PENNY. HE'S AS GOOD AS DEAD TO ME NOW!"
<3 :)

Thanks for reading! I enjoyed writing this post so I hope you enjoyed reading it! You can download Amber here. You can find my wishlist here. The kids love new items! Thanks a ton for reading and following and being as awesome as you are! You make me want to be a better writer! P.S. Comments make my day. P.P.S. Remember the magazine at the beginning? Well an amazing author/simmer made that for me! You can read her awesome blog here. Thanks again!


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  8. aw man i got chills when i saw that scar on penny face. you are such a good story teller.

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