Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Life and Death: Babies 37 and 38

 I have decided to join a challenge called the "No Makeup Challenge" and basically you sign a contract (the one above) and vow not to wear makeup for an entire Sims Week! I think it sounds like fun and a good way to embrace your natural beauty so I have decided to join in on the fun!
**I created this event so if you would care to join in, leave a comment telling me and I will allow you to copy this picture into picnik.com and add your name. Also add the names of people who comment. I think this will be fun so please enjoy and have fun!**
 This morning I’m up at 4 AM, paying full attention to my three baby girls. Their whining plays in my head 24/7 and keeping up with these crazy babies in no walk in the park. Caitlyn loves to cry for every little thing. If she feels like she’s hungry-even the SLIGHTEST bit- she will cry until I come to her. Karni loves all attention on her. If I am taking care of Molly or Caitlyn instead of her she has a bone to pick with me! And finally, Molly loves to one-up her sisters. If Caitlyn is crying loudly, Molly will cry louder. If Karni is wiggling in her crib to get my attention, Molly will try to get out of her crib. These babes are keeping me really busy so hopefully toddler-hood can offer some relief.
 Karni is a gorgeous tot! She has received a variation of mine and Tim's skin. She has jet-black hair and a defined jaw bone that adds to her sweet appearence.
Molly has an adorable side bun that I cautiously put together everyday. She wears a beautiful floral dress that I got for her from the GAP. 
Finally, there's Caitlyn. She's very exotic looking which is sure to draw some eyes in her older years. 
All three girls are CRAZY- I was dumb-minded enough to think that their toddler years would offer some relief from their constant whining as babies. I have never been more wrong in my life! Now the girls hold the threat of getting into different rooms and they have come dangerously close to the cliff behind our house. I will have to force my self to believe that their children years will be better. 
 Complaining aside, the girls really are great and they get along perfectly with Julia. After the birthday celebrations Julia and Karni got the opportunity to learn to walk! Here they are standing on their own two feet and going ballistic over it. Julia should be prepared to age up soon but she is loving her time as a tot with three young sisters.
Blaze has some free time today away from lacrosse and soccer practice so I encourage him to invite his cousins over. Junior had football practice but Tatianna was more than happy to come over. "Ew, I don't want to hang out with a girl!" was Blaze's initial reaction, but after some joking around with his cousin he discovered something else- "She's pretty cool Mom! She loves lacrosse like I do and she likes the trampoline too. I'm glad I have chill cousins!" I am happy at his appreciation for family. 
I also finally get around to planting my garden! It has a mere four plants but hopefully some day soon it will sprout into a full fledged garden and I can be a master-planter! 
I enjoy getting down in the dirt and the sunlight feels warm and fresh on my skin. I take this opportunity to bring some of the children outside and away from the television.
Molly and Caitlyn join me in the yard for some story-telling. I teach them a few necessary words before indulging into a long story from my childhood. I tell them how much I loved the feeling of the warm sun on my face, the light and feathery grass brushing along my ankles. I doubt they understand any of it but they seem to appreciate the sound of my voice.
Blaze plays on the trampoline and I admire him from afar. I haven't talked to Casey much since I gave birth a few nights ago simply to the fact that I haven't had time. I'm not sure if he's fed up by now but I'm hoping that he understands that my family comes first.
After finishing up things outside I decide to head inside-word has it that Patrick and Ari have found themselves some gorgeous young ladies and would like to host them for dinner this evening. I attempt to make my way to the fridge but Molly gets tangled in my ankles. "Please get off baby, Mommy needs to get inside!" She grips my ankle and wails, "No mommy! Me want mommy!" I sigh and pick her up. I quiet her down and finally make my way to the fridge.
I am flipping some hamburgers when the car pulls up and four teens walk out-Patrick, Ari, and their girlfriends Ramona and Riley. Ramona and Riley are apparently sisters and their strange beauty draws me to them. I eyeball the lovely crowd.
 Patrick has found love in a girl named Ramona. Ramona has oddly colored skin so she doesn't fit in well at school either- that's how the two lovebirds found each other.
 And this is Riley. She has fallen for Ari and is clearly true. I admire how her eyes light up when Ari pushes her hair away from her face. It reminds me of Casey and I and I smile at the thought that I have a wonderful man sitting at home, available for me at any time. Riley was introduced to Ari by Ramona and Patrick when they started dating. 
All together they seem unstoppable. They plan on giving it about another day before they move out together to a small cabin in the mountains. I am immensely happy that my boys have found love and have been accepted by two beautiful women. 
I meet and talk to both girls for a good amount of time. With hardly any effort they convince me that they are worthy of my sons and I leave them alone to be. We all eat the cheeseburgers outside but by 8:30 the wind chill is getting to all of us. The girls seem like they would want to go inside but I have other plans- “I got it, let me set up the fire pit! It will be a few minutes but it will warm you all up and be a great time.” The boys snicker at my idea’s but I will not let my boys move out with women I don’t truly know.
After a little while the girls fall right into my boys arms. I want to get to know them more but I force myself to give them some space and put the girls to sleep. Now that’s an adventure to complete of it’s own!
Meanwhile inside Blaze takes care of his four little sisters with forced joy. He doesn’t like the constant whining from them and has bugged me several times to have more little boys. I don’t believe that he’s learned the process yet so I just nod and smile.
 Karni didn’t seem to think that enough eyes were on her so she was passed out when I walked in the door. I roll my eyes at her antics and get that little nugget to sleep.

The kids are all soon to sleep. I have nothing better to do than watch TV, some random re-run of a Soap Opera that I never even liked. I settle in for an episode chock full of pointless tears and mindless drama when my phone rings-it’s Casey of course. I answer and rush into my room for a late night conversation with my romantic interest? We haven’t declared us boyfriend/girlfriend yet so I don’t know what to call us.
In the morning I sleep in-a rare thing-since I was up so late last night talking to Casey. It is starting to bug me that I don’t know what we are. We obviously have feelings for each other but we never straight-up said “We’re boyfriend and girlfriend”. I know it shouldn’t get to me but it irks me in the weirdest way. Anyways, a nice sight following my awakening is the triplets fed, dressed, clean (probably by Ari) and playing on the floor together. They have bright smiles on their faces when they see me. “Yay, Mommy up! Mommy up!” squeals Molly. I smile and get my breakfast of cereal.
I get ready for the day and step outside into the warm sun. I feel careless and free, like I once was a rebellious teen. I feel the light breeze on my face and I know that today will be like yesterday-a lovely and pleasant day outside. I call Casey up and ask him to meet me at the home improvement store. I want to build the girls a play pen in the backyard but I know NOTHING about construction. He readily agrees so I grab the keys and go. I tell the girls I will be home soon.
After we shop for a good thirty minutes or so Casey admits that he has to go to a meeting for something-I guess I never bothered to ask him his job. He rushes off and I cautiously drive home with panels of wood threatening to fall off the roof of my car.
 I tinker with the wood and screws for a little while before my attempt at a play pen is complete. I stand back and admire the hard work I put into this and laugh at how it turned out. I hope that the tots like it more than I do. I place a play table inside so they will be more likely to like it.
And they love it! They happily play in the contained area while I run some more errands. The babysitter comes over but I think she’s happy that she doesn’t have to contain four crazy girls herself.

I go out and meet a man by the name of Petey Jimminey. He contacted me the other day requesting to be in the challenge. Once he told me his unique characteristics I couldn’t help but say yes. I am here for a bit to get to know him a bit better. We chat for a while but a series of texts from the boys begging me to come home interrupts things-At first I assume that the buzzing of my phone is from their demand to age up or Casey. I don’t want to be rude to Petey so I ignore them for the first five minutes before he points to my pocket and says
“Care to pick up your phone?” I blush but the urging in his face push’s me to answer. “Hello?” I ask in a hushed tone. I have never liked speaking on the phone in front of people. “MOM!” screams Ari from the other line. “MOM, GET HOME NOW!” he screams, fear written all over his voice. I begin to panic as the voice changes. “Ari, stop freaking mom out. MOM! You need to get home NOW and don’t waste any time. The girls are in trouble.” My eyes go wide. I hastily say goodbye to Petey before rushing home.
I sprint. The boys aren’t anywhere to be found but their screams of terror guide me to them. I am running full speed when the situation comes into view-Caitlyn is on the edge of the cliff and the boys are standing there in fear. “Mom I don’t know what-“ I zone out a worried Ari as I race to the scene. I want to grab Caitlyn, it looks so easy…but she has been squirmy even from birth and I don’t want to risk her squirming away and falling off the cliff.
 Taking a risk I reach my hand out to hers, my fingertips just barely skim her. She yells out a stubborn “NO!” and continues moving down the cliff. With her tiny weight and this wind she can only last so long. I could try to scale the cliff myself but that would ultimately make things worse. I don’t want to take another risk but it’s a human life…if only Casey were here, he would know what to do. The boys panic rises and with it rises my stress levels.
Her miniscule body moves farther down the mountain. I’m about to reach for her again when Ari comes up and reaches down first. I scream, “No, don’t risk it! You’re gonna get hurt!” Panic rises in my throat. “NOO!!” I am screaming louder than I have ever before.
 To my surprise she lets him pick her up and I can breath a sigh of relief. “Oh sweet Mary!” I call out. Joy floods my heart, mind, and soul. I stare at Caitlyn enjoying the presence of her on ground, semi away from that terrible cliff. I take Caity out of Ari’s arms and give Ari a peck on the cheek. “Thanks so much. It’s okay that you let them get out of their play pen, but NEVER let it happen again.” He takes the advice and walks away. He see’s that I need some alone time with Cait.
I ensure that she knows what she did was wrong before I turn into a lovey-dovey mother. “Oh Caity…” I coo. “You just love to explore don’t you? Your new nickname will be ‘Expo’ short for explorer.” She giggles in response. “So Expo, how about we go check out your older brothers as young adults?” We take a long walk back to the house, not letting this crazy one leave my sight once.
 Patrick has settled on a cool ‘do’ that he believes will ensure that Ramona stays with him forever. Patrick plans on opening up his own guitar shop since he and Ramona LOVE guitar. Ari wants to get in on the deal but he never found an interest in music. He does however have an interest in making some money.
 Ari is a man filled with dreams of money, money, and MONEY. He is also a sweet guy that would do anything for his wife or siblings as we all just experienced recently. Patrick and Ari are still best brothers and are moving out together with their girlfriends in tow. I give them my best wishes before they head off.
 By the time I along with all the babies are asleep it is well after midnight and sleep is all I want. I crawl into bed, sweet dreams and fluffy clouds awaiting me.

 The girls are wailing in the wee hours of the morning-as usual so I pull myself out of a deep slumber and make my way to the nursery. They surprisingly hush right away and for that I am thankful. As soon as they are all settled in I call up Petey again to see if he wants to get down to things now. He agrees to come over in a half an hour so I can have time to get ready for the day. With the extra time he’s giving me I hop in the bath.
Due to the recent days events I limit the tots to play indoors today. I don’t have the time to watch them carefully enough so they will have to deal.
I greet him with a flirtatious gesture and we whisper seductively to each other. He is straight to the point, my kind of man, so we head to do the deed with no strings attached.
Our hands intertwine as we connect.
After words we make out, a typical follow-up to the process with fathers. But as his hand comes dangerously low on my back I shiver with giddiness. I am enjoying the time with another man even though I already have one. I enjoy the rest of the kiss before making the difficult decision to say goodbye and move on in the challenge.
I fall right back into normal routine, potty training, reading to the kids, teaching skills. All day I wish that I don’t fall so easily for men and that Casey were here to make me forget all these seductive challenge fathers.
 A lightness in my day is the feeling of a new life brewing inside me. This babe is growing fast, this is the fastest I’ve ever felt movement. But nevertheless it’s there! And I couldn’t be happier. In the back of my mind is still the nagging-are Casey and I an item or simply friends with benefits? I wish that I could just get together with him and talk but things have been hectic for both of us recently. I make a mental note to plan something soon.
Later an opportunity thankfully comes up for Casey to come over. Blaze is aging up and at his request I am inviting Casey to join in the celebration. Thankfully he’s free for once and he happily joins in the festivities.
 Blaze is amazingly handsome! I have always guessed that he would be gorgeous with Casey’s genes but this is far more than I ever expected. Blaze still loves to play lacrosse and soccer. He also still loves video games and girls. He has his eye on a girl names Tasha from school so I’m looking forward to how that plays out. Overall he’s a great kid and both Casey and I could be prouder.

In between Julia and Blazes party’s Casey finds time to take care of the kids and flirt with me. He tells me how beautiful I am and how sorry he is that we haven’t been able to see each other much recently. I of course forgive him and when he comes close to kissing I push him away and teasingly say, “No, no. Wait until later.” He smiles and takes the bait.

 Julia is also B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. She resembles an even mix of her father and myself. She has a unique fashion that even I admire. Her daring with dresses and polka dots and creativity with 3-D headbands makes me envious. I don’t know where she gets her fashion sense from, certainly not me!
After a long session of trying to get the girls to sleep I could pretty much pass out anywhere. I am so tired that I forget Casey is here. I try to get into my PJ’s when Casey grabs me and stops me. He looks into my eyes as if I am the only girl on the earth and the fire burning within him is enough to make my knee’s wobble. He pulls me in for a passionate kiss that wakes me up like never before. Yes, it may be 1 AM and yes, I may want to pass out but Casey awakens the tried cells in me.
We fall on to the bed. His hand grips my hair and pulls me in for kiss after kiss. I don’t know how long it’s going to be before he has to go somewhere else again so I try to savor every second.
 Things are getting pretty far when he rolls me over and whispers, “Do you want to go there?” I acknowledge what ‘there’ is and that’s when my tiredness comes back. I shake my head no. He tries to shake off the slight pain that he feels and kisses me on the nose.

He breaths an “okay” and I feel myself being slipped under the covers. An immediate relief floods through me as I succumb to sleep.

When I wake up I expect Casey to be by my side but instead an empty, cold sheet is all I feel. A note is sprawled across the pillow.

My Love,
A last minute meeting came up, please forgive me…
I will be over tomorrow night to take you out to a wonderful meal, I PROMISE!

I take the information and spend the day teaching the triplets skills. I’m still not pregnant yet but want to become so very soon. I am quickly advancing on the challenge and would love to keep it that way.
I’ve got nothing better to do when Blaze gets home so I help him with his language arts essay. He complains, “My evil teacher Mrs.Loffman won’t give us a break! All she does is yell all class at me and my friends Aimee, Zawn, and Fulia. She is apparently bi-lingual and that makes her SO COOL, even though she’s not! And now she’s got us in deep trouble for writing a creative poem like she advised us…ugh.” I calm him down and give him advice. “Don’t let the tough teacher get to you, you’ll just appreciate the future nicer ones much more. Believe me, I’ve been there done that with crazy teachers but I look back on it and laugh at their antics. Just don’t let it get to you.” He simmers down and takes the advice. We finish up the rough draft of the essay and I can move on.
Later tonight the tots request a puppet show so I grab the family teddy bear and put on a show! I pretend that Mr.Bear has to make the life-altering decision between Coke and Pepsi. The whole family joins in on the fun and cracks up at the silly voice’s I give to each character. At curfew I decide to let loose and allow the kids to stay up an extra hour. We are all having a good time so I don’t mind the rule breaking.
I wake up to a little pudge upon my belly. Finally, the next babes are baking in the oven! I am happy for the appearance of new life.
I am about to go on a walk when I see what I started and have failed to keep up-my garden! The plants are literally falling off of the stem and I am embarrassed to have such ugly plans in my yard. I quickly get to work on the unkempt garden.

My filthiness brings up the need for a shower so I hop right in. I have that date with Casey tonight. I realize that I don’t want to go somewhere really public so I text him saying Let’s go to the park instead? We can watch the stars ;) He replys Sure! Right away and it’s a date.
I explain to Blaze where the formula, diapers, rattles, and spare binki’s are located. Once he finds out I am going out with his father he is more than happy to take care of his siblings. Blaze is SUCH a daddy’s boy.

Casey makes last minute changes to meet at the beach instead. I get shivers when I think about spending the night alone with Casey, it warms me all over.
I check with all the kids once more before I head out.

We get together on the beach for a while. We chat about all sorts of things before the nagging in the back of my mind finally takes over. “Casey…” I say hesitantly. I have always been comfortable around Casey until now. “Yes sweetie?” he asks. I blush at the word sweetie. “Am I really your sweetie?” I question. He looks taken back but I forge forward. “Am I really your sweetie, your honey, your babe?”  He pauses. “Well of course…you’re my everything. Isn’t that enough?” I feel bad for wording things wrongly.
“No, no” I say. “Like are we…” I push myself to get the words out. “Are we boyfriend and well…erm, girlfriend? Am I your girlfriend, are we DATING?” He laughs at my shyness. “Of course!” he says. “What else would we be? Friends with benefits?” I laugh, “Of course not!” I try to hide my rosy cheeks since that is what I had thought we were. He smiles and wraps his arm around me. “C’mon girlfriend, let’s go for a dip in the ocean.” He wiggles his eyebrows and I accept the challenge. “First one to the buoy wins!”
We finish off the night with roasting marshmallows by the sea. A cool breeze whips my hair to the side as I try to perfectly brown my marshmellow. It accidentally catches on fire and Casey laughs at me. “Oh Amber…tonight has been so much fun, you make me feel like I kid again.” This time I laugh at him. “Are you kidding ME? I here am a mother of 36 and you’re telling me that I make YOU feel like a kid? You make ME feel like a kid again!” We both dissolve into a fit of laughter. Thirty minutes later, it’s time to leave.

We whisper to each other, I love you’s and kisses in between. With one final hug we part and I head home happier than I’ve ever been before-and trust me, I’ve been amazingly happy previously. Things just feel so right.
When I get home it turns out that all of the children are still alive and not hanging off the side of a cliff. I am gracious for this and the fact that I can go right to sleep, dreaming of my boyfriend.

My big belly urges me to relax and stay on bed rest today. The doctor ordered it and I being an obedient patient want to obey!

I am about to sit in my bed and watch television all day when the all too familiar contractions kick in. Ah, the pain of new life! I push.

 My breathing becomes heavier as I officially welcome new lives into the world.
Roland Lights
Winston Lights

I am so happy to have this post out and have two more babies added to my challenge! Like I said in the post I can't believe how far I am getting, I'm almost to baby 50! I couldn't have made it this far without the encouragement of my readers and your wonderful comments: Never be shy to leave one, they are what make me keep writing. A reader left me a comment asking to make a CBox-Tinka, don't worry I'm not ignoring you! I am attempting to get one but am having issues figuring it out. And finally, if you would care to join in on the "No Makeup Challenge" let me know in the comments section, spread the love! <3


  1. I would love to join in on the make-up challenge, I can do it in my next post since I've already been working on this one for weeks.

  2. ok i was wondering,what game are you using for the baby challenge and how can i do it? because i thought you could only have 8 people? thank you! :))

  3. Don't you mean Babies 37 and 38?

  4. Wow! This post was AMAZING as always. I'd have to say it was your best one yet. I always look forward to your posts and I can't wait for the next one. Keep on writing really well!


    P.S. I love the idea of the no make-up challenge. In a way I've already been a long time participant because I don't even wear make-up! Ha Ha!! :D

  5. @Leiah-Ok, your name is added and I'll send you it on facebook!
    @22ae64b6-5a78-11e0-bd3c-000bcdca4d7a- I use the Sims 3, and only 8 people are ever in my household at once...
    @Alix- Huh?
    @Catlover800- Thanks so much, your comment made my day :) Good for you for not wearing makeup, Amber is obsessed with it

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  7. Enjoyed reading your post... You keep getting better at not only writing but at taking your pictures.

  8. Amber, you've wrote babies 37 and 39, that's what Alix meant.

  9. @EVERYONE- Fixed it, I'm a moron :P
    Thanks for your kind comments especially Vi! Thanks a ton!

  10. Amber, this was absolutely incredible! I've still got a couple posts I'm in the middle of, but I would love to take part in the challenge with both : Catherine Bell and Ryanne James!


  11. Ahh! I love your posts so much!
    You should really call one of your babies Charlotte though ;) Haha!
    Look forward to the next one :)

  12. I like the no make-up idea. Hmmmm....

  13. I loved this post! It made me smile a lot. Your blog is one of my favorite blogs. <3
    Can I join the no make-up challenge? :D

  14. Can you add me to the contract?! your post was the awsomeness! xxx hahah

  15. Haha I loved the Goff reference...nice post!

  16. great post i love ur blog

  17. i would like to join your NO make up challenge

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