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The Vampire Diaries-Baby Challenge Style: Baby 24

Wow, I am really late on this post! Before I even start writing I would like to apologize for being so late. I did warn you all that this post would be delayed but not this much! I have been really busy in my real life recently and there was never just a good time to play and blog at all. I finally have found time to play the Light's family for a good amount of time and with that time I present to you my next post for baby 24! Enjoy!

Thanks to tylinn for the Wilderness Crib! The Light's children are sure to enjoy a cozy evening rest in this plush crib. 
I fed Porter a warm milk bottle to hush his desperate cries for affection from me. "Oh, hush sweet Porter," I whispered. "You are my little green bundle of joy and I love you to the ends of the earth." He looked up at me with eyes full of ambition for what he will be one day. Such an advanced babe, I thought. 

After cuddling with my ambitious baby for a little while longer I finally aged him up. He is a little punk of a toddler. He always cries until I gel his baby hair up into a mohawk. After that though, he's fine. He seems to have gotten a slight variation of skin color from his father's. He got my hair and a grey-brown eye color that is just a mix between Franco and I. 
Next I decided to age up my other new triplet, Carter. 

This is Carter as a handsome young tot. He also got the varied skin color that Porter has along with my hair too. He looks almost identical to Porter other than his eye color which is a delicate light brown that I love. My two youngest boys are bound to attract young ladies from all over one day.
Finally I aged up the only girl out of the trio, Avery.

Avery looks almost identical to her father! She got her father's exact skin color, exact hair color, and exact eye color. It makes me slightly sad that she didn't seem to get any of my physical traits but only time will reveal any more look a likes between us. Overall though, she's a very cute little tot and is all mine!
I set them all down and look at what a handful they already are! I had almost forgot how difficult triplets are but hopefully I can make it through this batch of Light's kids.
Next to age up was Shawn. "Make a wish!" I cheered happily. 
"I think..." he said thoughtfully. "I think I will wish to be a handsome teenager and all the pretty girls will love me!" I giggle foolishly at his wish.
"Whatever you want, son!" I cheered some more. 

And boy is he handsome! His hairstyle perfectly completes his look and I wouldn't be surprised if I has girl knocking down my door to get ahold of my good looking son! Looks like his wish just may come true :)

I saved the twins for last to age up. By now it was pretty late so I hurried up on their aging. I will surely miss these cuties being young tots.

Mercy is such a beauty words can't even describe it. Her brunette hair perfectly compliments her lightly tanned skin and teal eyes. She is a natural and true beauty.

Della aged up into a beautiful young child also! She wears her hair in smooth pigtails every day to keep her hair out of her face. She claims that she doesn't want to have to worry about hair since there is much more to deal with in the world. She is a young adult in a child's body. 
The birthday festivities ended very quickly and I got right to work on getting the triplets to bed. "Avery, calm down!" I tried to convince my only girl toddler to stay quiet. "Shhh," I whispered. My face crinkled into a big frown. Triplets, what a piece of work!
Sleep finally came to all of the children and I smacked my head in annoyance. The kid's crying seems to be on replay in my head!
Sleep finally came for me too!
The next morning Shawn tickled Porter in delight. They seem to get along the best so I can see a budding relationship at the Light's house!
I slept as long as I could the next morning before the cries from children forced me out of my bed. "Coming!" I shouted. Then I realized that it wasn't my toddlers whining and screaming, it was Shawn and Della and Mercy. I ran downstairs with a new found urgency.
That's when I spotted the truck. Not just any truck, but the truck that belongs to a Repo Man. I could have sworn I payed the bills...oh wait! I didn't have money so I was planning on painting to get some cash. I can't believe I let this happen!
I had no control over the Repo Man or I guess "woman" so I just stood in front of my kids and bit my nails.
She lifted up her machine made in hell and turned on the switch with a heartless flick.
"Better pay your bills next time!" she shouted devilishly as she reaped my work bench. "Good luck paying more of your bills without this bench to help you build things!" she laughed evilly. I looked away in disgust at her selfish words.
She started walking towards my room and I followed her, too scared to risk her taking all of my things.
My kid's followed me while I followed the Repo Woman and I turned around to frightened looks from them all. What have I done? How could I put my kids in a position like this?
She walked into my room and closed the door after her. I bit my nails as I waited for her to come out. 
She eyed all of my nicely furnished goods before deciding to take my lights on my dresser and side tables. "Ha, good luck seeing without these!" I heard her screech through the door.
I heard many chuckles mixed with the sound of the rays taking my goods from me. About ten minutes later, I heard nothing. I walked in.
She is teleporting out! She didn't even have the guts to walk past me. She teleported to the deck and took several of the children's toys before teleporting outside. "That'll teach you not to pay your bills!" she shouted at me. I cringed at the comment.
She finally drove away as I prayed that she will never come back.

As soon as the Repo Woman was out of sight I scooped up a confused Carter and calmed him down. He was shaking like a chihuahua at the uninvited guest.
As I tried to shake off the entire scene I decided to sell the kids cribs and buy cheaper ones to get some money. I also appreciated the new furniture as it is like a fresh start.
Next I started teaching Avery to walk. Here's her precious first steps!
Since Shawn and Porter are buddies, Shawn taught him how to walk. 
Carter had no one to teach him any skills so he resided to playing with his blocks at the play table.
It was a very relaxing day at our house. That evening I mixed Shawn's favorite meal with perfected skill. Shawn loves Minnow roll sushi.
"Yay!" he clapped. "I love sushi! Thanks so much mom!"
"You're welcome, darling!" I said happily. Looks like all those cooking classes weren't for nothing!

The next morning I got a call from a strange number. I'm an overly curious Sim so I just answered. "Hello?" I asked. 
"Hey!" said a deep voice. "My name is Hank and I really want to be in your me out somewhere?" he asked. We made plans to meet in an hour. I quickly got freshened up and then headed out the door.
We were both on our way to meet at the Art Museum but rain into eachother on our way. "Let's just chat here!" I said. 
"Well the issue with that is..." he started as I turned around to look at him.
Fangs! Pale, glowing skin! Shining eyes! It all read one thing...
I gasped and then pulled myself together.
We both leaned in as I said, "So you want to be in the challenge?" 
"Yes..." he started. "But there's a catch."
I sighed as I prepared myself for whatever he would throw at me. Complications always cloud my life.
"So the thing is..." he said. "I really do want to be in your challenge but there's an issue. In the Vampire Book of Laws it states that no vampire can have a non-vampire child. If a vampire and a human mate there is a 50/50 chance that the baby will be a vampire. So though many humans and vampires have had vampire children together, it is extremely risky. If I were to have a human child with you the child would be at risk its entire life time. And trust me, you don't want to be hated by vampires. Been there, done that!" I simply stared at him as I tried to piece together what he was trying to say.
A look spread across my face. "So what you're saying..." I said. "What you're saying is that you want to be in my challenge but can't risk having a human child. The only way for me to have a 100% vampire child would be if..." I trailed off as the pieces came together.
"If I became a vampire."
"Well, yes..." he said. "Being a vampire isn't really all that bad if you think about it. You don't have to eat boring human food. You can drink blood! And you can gain skills faster..." I zoned out as he described in detail the pro's of turning vampire. If I became a vampire would I scare my kids away? Would they hate me forever? Or would they simply think it's cool? This is too much to think about but I do need a father for my next babe...should I just do it? He finally realized that I wasn't listening anymore and shut up. I thought about it for another good ten minutes before making my decision.
I leaned in. "I'll do it."
I saw the smile spread across his face. "Another thing is that I have recently gotten in trouble by the council for turning too many humans vampire and I am on probation from turning humans right now. So basically, I can't turn you. But there are so many vampires in Sunset Valley right now that you're bound to find one within a few miles. Check out the gym, some vamps like to chill there." I sighed deeply at the new challenge that he has brought on. 
"Fine" I said as he speedily ran away from the sun. The sun was starting to seriously eat away at him so I didn't mind him leaving. Considering that I need to get pregnant soon I let him leave and headed straight for the gym.
As I walked around I noticed all of the challenge moms there getting a workout. 
I walked into the darkest and most private room in the whole gym to come across...a vampire! I shook his hand and explained my situation right away.
"Please!" I begged of him. "This is all to bring new vampire baby's into Sunset Valley. Oh please do this for me!" I begged some more. 
"Well I just don't know..." he said slowly. "I don't want to get caught by the Vampire Council like young Hank Wan has. He's just a newbie vampire unlike me, a seasoned vampire."
I reached out and kissed him. He seemed surprised but soon fell into my arms.
"Please?" I said pointing at my wrist. "Right there, that's all you have to do."
"Why not?" he said as he bared his long fangs. This is it.
I stared down in horror as he literally drank the life from me. What have I gotten myself in to?
This face doesn't even describe half of how he made me feel with the bite. I know that I'm ultimately doing this for my children but it even worth it?"
I really hope it is! He finished up the deed as I swirled around in a sea of bats and death.
He wiped his mouth in delight. "That will be all!" he said happily as he walked away.
As soon as I got home I got out my phone and texted Hank. 
Amber: its done. i'll call u when u can come over.

I started working on the toddler's skills right away. I tried to teach Carter to go to the bathroom on the toilet but soon some side effects that I assume is from the bite took over my thoughts.
My belly feels like it's burning from the inside! Oh wait, now it feels like it's itchy! But I can't itch it... this is SO annoying! No one told me that it would be like it even worth it?
I looked up to the sky in agony as the answer came to me; it IS worth it if it brings another bundle of joy into this world.
I wanted to busy myself as to not think about the pain so I quickly busied myself with laundry. I hadn't even realized how out of control the loads were getting!
Ahh, all the laundry is in the wash. Peace at last!
Later that evening the family and I ate dinner together. Is this the last time that I will ever truly enjoy a nice SOLID meal with my family? Or will being a vampire turn me into a blood-sucking maniac? Too many questions for my human brain!
Is this the last time that my children will have an evening feed and be able to look at a human face on their mother?
Is this the last time that my sweet Avery will look at me with those adoring young eyes?
Or is this the last time that Porter will happily let me take him from his crib in the morning?
These could potentially be my last days as a happy, healthy human and I don't know what will happen after that. I don't think I want to know.
When I woke up this morning my whole body seemed to be itching. My toes, my stomach, my nose, my eyelids, my scalp! As the day went on the itching turned to more of a sun-burn like burn.
Here are Porters first steps!
And here are Carter's :)
As I tried to teach the kids some skills the sun seemed to affect me differently. I feel as though the sun and the outdoors make the burning ten times worse. 
I stared up in horror. No more sun? How will I keep up with my tan?!
I decided to pick up the kids and head inside for the day. Carter was working really hard on walking and fell asleep as soon as he hit shoulder. Such a sweetie!
Later that evening in the shower I scrubbed my face hard in an attempt to rid myself of the itching. No luck but I felt more refreshed at least.
The next morning I enjoyed another solid meal, savoring each bite. This process of turning into the undead is very tedious one. When will it be complete?
 Fresh laundry, YUM!
I started to head up to the kids room before I noticed my muscles getting very tight. I stretched out my muscles to try and relieve some stress about this process. I took another few minutes to pull myself together before heading into the day when I realized I just can't do it! I need a "Mommy Day."
To the hot tub! The warm water and pressurized jets never fail to make me relaxed. I wish I could just do this everyday...but I still have my pride and joy; the ultimate blessing in life. My children.
The kids played on their new xylophones all day and I watched their musical attempts with joy. They are SUCH a cute trio!
I kept hearing their music playing from the hot tub so I finally came up and started to teach young Avery to talk until I got this overwhelming feeling of strength and pain at the same time...I just had to stand up.
Red and black smoke started to swirl around me in very large amounts. I stared down at the ground in horror.
The smoke crawled up in a spider like fashion until it reached my arms and my face and finally took over. I screamed in agony as my tot's stared right at me in shock. "What's happening to mama?" I heard Carter whimper. I tried to answer but found it very difficult.
"AHHH!" I screamed out loud. I could see people on the beach staring at me.
My feet started to lift off the ground as all former feelings of discomfort and pain left my system. It was replaced with a new feeling of control that I seem to like. 
My eyes started glowing a bright red as a new thirst welled up inside me...not for water but for something thicker...something tastier...something like blood.
I was honestly shocked at how badly the need was. In fact, I would kill for some blood.
I started to glow a pale olive color off my skin. 
This is it.
I'm a vampire.
"MOM!?" I heard Shawn call from the kid's room. "I don't get this math prob-" he cut off as he walked out the door and I came into full view. "WHAT HAPPENED!" he screamed. "Calm down, son," I started. "It's all for the challenge...relax. It's okay, nothing will happen to you I swear."
He just stared with shock and horror at my now-pale face. He finally turned and left. 
I changed and walked back inside right after that since the sun was really taking a toll on my vampire-skin. Wow. I'm a vampire. 
I tried to talk to my little girlies too but they walked right away. Look's like this might be harder than I thought.
Is this what it has all come down to? I know that being a vampire will be difficult...but it's all for a new babe. Speaking of, I need to get Hank over my house to make some babies tonight! I texted him right away. He told me that he will be here later.
While I waited for Hank to come over, I started the kid's dinner. As I cooked I couldn't help but notice the stunning lack of desire I had to eat dinner. Then I realized that all I want is blood. How will I even get blood?
"Time for sleep!" I chanted silently to Carter as I tucked him in. He is shocked at my new appearance but oh well! Hank was waiting downstairs for me by now so I hurried up.
"Hey babe," I whispered to the handsome Hank. I couldn't help but bear my fangs. "I'm ready for some new kids so lets go!" I asked.
"Ok," he replied. "A Vampire kiss is like nothing you've ever experienced before."
He looked at me with such adoring eyes as we lie in my heart shaped bed. He's an easy man to fall for, don't get me wrong. But maybe it's some vampire thing to be super attractive?...I mean, look at Edward Cullen! :P
"So what about those vampire kisses?" I teased.
He looked like he wanted to say something but simply replied with a kiss. 
"Deal." he said.
Our eyes lit up as we awaited the moment where the nest babe(s) will be conceived. 
Instead of going to sleep I decided to paint the rest of the night. Now that I'm a vampire, I barely have to sleep. I also hear that a vampire can build their skills faster at night! Turns out that's true :)
The next morning I took Porter out of his crib with delight. "Good morning babe!" I said happily. The kids seem to be warming up to me as a vampire though I don't know how long it will last...and then I realized that I need a blood feeding! The lack of blood-sucking is really starting to get to me.
These teeth need something to sink in to. 
I stepped outside to notice a previous father just standing there. My need for blood took over as I lured him to my side.
He stared at me in shock as I came into full view. "A vampire?" he said as he tried to piece things together.
"Don't worry..." I said as I leaned in. "This will only take a moment..."
My teeth bit into his flesh as easily as a cookie gets dunked in milk. It took every ounce of my power to stop...but I finally did. When I looked up, I saw his face pale as anything. It didn't last long before he ran away though.
YUM! I felt a million times better after drinking from this poor man. I felt bad, but if this is what it takes...then it's worth it. And the blood seemed to give me some sort of a rush that I can't explain.
I walked inside to feel the familiar signs of a pregnancy. I didn't get the nausea as bad as usual...I guess it's a vampire thing.
I ran with lightening speed to the bathroom. Another perk of being a creature of the night!
Afterwards, I started teaching young Porter to speak. He started to get the hang of it when I got a call from the local hospital to come and entertain some sick children for a charity event. Being the way I am, I of course accepted for the kind nurses that have helped me through so much.
I left as soon as Shawn got home. 
I don't know if the hospital is aware of my recent change in lifestyles...but hopefully they won't kick me out!
After the fun event I got a mischievous idea. What if I raided the hospital of blood? It would be a sneaky and shady thing to do. It would hurt a lot of people yet help me at the same time...but blood. Oh, how good blood tastes! I finally decided to just do it.
I also read Sky's mind. Yet ANOTHER perk of being a vampire. Heck, this isn't even that bad!
What has gotten into me?!
Later that evening, as I sipped on some plasma, a tiny bump appeared on my formerly flat tummy. How I love the moments early in the pregnancy.
I painted this evening too :) I really don't want to relive the Repo Man again anytime soon so I could honestly use all the money I could right now. The bills are due tomorrow!
This is sure to be a vampire baby. Will that be a blessing or a disgrace? I guess we'll have to see.
I noticed Carter crying the next day so I rushed right over to tend to him. "Moma...I scared of you!" he whimpered. I sighed as I realized that maybe my family isn't okay with this change but to be honest...I'm really liking being a vampire. I don't know if I will ever have the will power to convert back. 
Today I finished up teaching the children some skills....INSIDE, of course.

The boys enjoyed some free time by the doll house. They might as well enjoy their free time now!
Later that evening, I watched some television with the children and had a nice chat with them. How have I gotten so lucky with so many gorgeous kids?
Baby bump day one.
I also ordered some pizza for the children since it's a Friday night! The kids love cheesy pizza.
I decided to be wild and eat a piece, though it had no effect on me. It just tasted...well, bland. But it seemed to help my children relax a bit to see me eating solid foods again.
I'm SUCH a hot moma :)
Tonight I took things easy...I cleaned up the kids rooms and then started to paint again.
The bills are due tomorrow and I plan to have them paid on time!
The next morning I made the children some pancakes. I looked down at them with still no desire to eat them.
I sucked on some more plasma.
Baby bump day two.
All of the kids were playing in the sprinkler and they begged me to come out and play. I guess they're not informed that it hurts for me to be in the sunlight but I threw on my cutest swim suit and joined them for a bit regardless.
We actually had a lot of fun!
I smiled as an odd odor came off me. Looks like it's time to head inside. 
I started nesting the house to get ready for the arrival of a new child.
So I cleaned the dirty toilet.
Pick up the laundry...
DO the laundry...
Pay the bills!
And clean the shower! I had just barely gotten all the chores done and gotten into bed when...
Labor :)
I wasn't sure if vampire births are any different than human births so I headed to the hospital (Not to raid it of blood though!)
And I walked out with a new baby girl, Darah Lights. Darah means blood in Malay, so it fits. Thank goodness I have brought this new bundle of joy into the world at night because I don't know how well she would have done in the sun during the day. I wanted to cuddle her and caress her before I realized something...
I'm thirsty.

Thanks for reading everyone! I really hoped you enjoyed this post though it was a bit late! I am getting back on track with my writing and blogging so I will try to not have big gaps like this again. If you enjoyed this post, leave a comment! Tell me whether or not you think Ambs should stay a vampire...or convert back :P Please give your opinion! And other than that...have a great day! Download Amber Essence Lights on the exchange here.  And finally, you can gift the children and I items from the exchange and out of the kindness of your heart here. Have a great day everyone and please stick around for more Light's babes too! 
Love ya'll!


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