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Blast From The Past: Baby #15

Thanks to Army001 for the Cloud Dress. It's so adorable and my little girlies are bound to love and adore it!
Raines decided to stay over that night of the birth. Where as I would normally throw a fit about how I was supposed to be the only one taking care of them, I decided to let him go. It's triplets, how can I say no to help?
A few moments later, though, I rubbed my head in a mixture of worry, excitement, and confusion. First of all, I'm worried for my insanity. What would triplets do to me? I've heard countless times from challenge mothers that triplets were tough. Like, tougher than the pigskin on a football. And that's pretty tough! 
I am excited for all of my babes to age up! I currently have 8 sims in out household, the maximum number allowed. I felt sad that Happy would have to move out, yet delighted that I could welcome another baby in his place. 
Finally, I am completely and utterly confused about how my challenge is going. Am I doing well? Do I write well? Am I a good mother? (Please comment below and tell me what you think so far. What should I change? Do I do too many birthdays? Too little writing on the children? I would appreciate any thoughts.)
Could I do this challenge? My mind whirled with answers but soon the calling of birthdays blocked my train of thought. Time to see the triplets as tumbling tots!
Logan's tiny head peered over the railing of his crib. "Momma?" he barely stuttered out. "Am I soon? I wanna grow up and be a big boy!" His little baby ambitions made me crack a smile. "Of course!" I said joyfully. "Little Logan is after his younger sissy's!"
I still smiled at the thought of new baby girls in the house. After six boys, it was about time!
First up is Xiaomei! I love that her name means little beauty in Chinese. So precious!

I'm not sure where the black hair came from, but she's gorgeous regardless. She's my first girl to inherit my teal eyes which makes me a proud momma!
Next up was the adorable Linnea. Linnea had been the most patient babe out of the bunch for the short time that they were all babies. I couldn't wait to see her as a stunning tot.

And stunning she was! She may not have inherited her fathers eyes, hair, or skin but she was still one of my baby girlies and to me she was perfect.
Last but not least was Sky! I loved her unique skin color and hopefully she will learn to love it also. She's different, and she's all mine!

And here she is! She seems to have adopted a more purple-ish skin color that I adored. How cute! She also lacked any of her fathers features other than her skintone. I feel as though the triplets look a lot like me!
I had all of the older children age up at once to save you can tell, they weren't very happy due to Xiaomeis crying! 

He's so handsome! My little Grim Babe is all grown up. I had always felt a different attachment to him that I didn't have with any other child so far. I had always admired his strength in ignoring the mean children at school, even though he ended up pretty popular. He still loved to slick back his hair which I felt completed his look. 
I was a proud mama!

Brayden. He grew out his hair which I disapproved of. He loved it long though, so I shut my mouth and let him be.

And here's the handsome Joey! He doesn't seem to look like his father much anymore, apart from his hair, skin, and nose. He and his brother are still at the top of their class and enjoy to school to the fullest. I am so proud of my blue babies!
Happy waved goodbye to us all. "I love you all!" he shouted on his way out. My happy-go-lucky child would be missed my the Lights.
Right away, my children started helping out. Brayden took an immediate liking to Xiaomei. They got along really well and I thought it was so cute.
Joe clicked with Linnea. It seemed that Joe had a smile plastered to his face 24/7. He is such a darling!
I personally put Sky to sleep and then pointed my finger to the sky. "Hmm," I muttered. "Sleep would be a good idea!"
So I climbed into bed in my sons room. I preferred to sleep here sometimes so that I can be closer to the toddlers room. 
I ate a good breakfast of cereal the next morning with my blue twins. We talked about all things school, big surprise there!
I painted for a good portion of the day while watching over my four toddlers. Yes, I realize that I didn't age Logan up but by the time every other kid was aged up the night before, it was around 9. Logan had to wait until tonight! It was alright though, he got along with his sisters really well.
I meant to show you all this picture that I snapped of Xiaomei this morning. Isn't it just precious? She looks like she could do anything that she ever dreams of.
I was relaxing when I realized that there were new neighbors in town. Right up the street, infact! I decided to pay them a visit since the kids were in good hands.
Do you see the house, right up on the hill? I wonder who lives there! Maybe more challenge moms? I squeeled in delight at the thought.
I was greeted by a woman named Penelope Kurt. Penelope? Why did that name sound so familiar. I felt as though it was on the tip of my tongue when a lightbulb clicked in my head...
"Penelope! Penny! It's me, Amber. Your...sister." I felt the need to remind her since it had been so long since we'd seen eachother.
"Amber? Is that really you? I haven't seen you since...well, since you were pregnant. Oh my gosh, Amber. How have you been?" She seemed just as shocked as me to be seeing each other. Our last visit was more towards the unfriendly side of the spectrum. 
"I've been doing..." I shot out fast. "Well, great! And how have you been? Your house is lovely, Penny."
She looked thoughtful or a moment before speaking. "Remember Brady?" The name Brady brought back so many horrible memories. Brady was Penny's old boyfriend. He treated her awfully, but I was the only one who knew. Penny had begged me not to tell anyone in an attempt to try to fix things herself, but ended up getting hurt worse. I ended up telling our parents, but they were soon distracted with my pregnancy and then finally disowned me. I hadn't seen any of them since. 
"Brady." I stuttered out. "You're not still in touch with him, are you?" I asked urgently. "If you are, I will beat him to a pulp and you can't stop me. Penny, please tell me your not still with him..."
We both looked down at our feet. The silence was answer enough.
"Penny...." I trailed off. She replied quickly.
"Ambs! Please stop. He's changed, I swear. He's a good man now, he loves me...we have children together." I gasped. I had a niece or a nephew?! That was when I looked at the floor.
"That's Tatianna," Penelope continued. 
"And that's her twin brother, Junior." she finished. My niece and nephew looked just like her. I completely understood where their sandy blonde hair came from, and it outraged me. The sight of beautiful children calmed me though.
"Amber, please let it be. He's been to counseling, he's much much better now! You have to understand." I understood. 
"Penny, okay. I'll let you be for now but if he EVER lays a hand on you, I have all the rights in the world to beat him into the dust on your cabinet, got it?"
"Got it." she replied sadly.
I thought for a moment in silence, then talked again. Leaning closer to her I whispered, "What about Jason?" Jason is our younger brother. He had some sort of awful unknown condition when he was younger, and was extremely violent. I remember all of those horrible times that he had tried to cut me, slap me, trap me, and basically bring me as close to death as possible. She wasn't long to reply. 
"Jason? Well Jason...he sort of lives with us. But he's better! He's better, just like Brady, I swear. He's a lot better now."
I leaned back again. "Are you sure, Penny?" 
"Yes." she replied. I was starting to feel claustrophobic in this house, I felt like every corner was haunting me with my past. "Let's go out to eat," I said suddenly. I wanted to tell her about my 100 baby challenge, and a nice dinner seemed like the best way to break it to her.
"Sure," she replied.
We then headed out in my dingy old car to the bistro!  You can barely see it here, but we look a lot alike. Not identical, but close.
Here's a better picture of her. Can you spot the differences and similarities?
While I was out eating, Joey aged up Logan like I had asked him to.

Here he is, the handsome Logan! His eyes are so large. He's bound to break some hearts one day. 
Meanwhile, back at the bistro, I hugged my sis goodbye. "It was so good to see you," I mumbled into her hair. And it was true! Having friends was good, but no one could replace the love that family instilled in you. We made plans to get together soon. I had broken the news to her about my challenge at dinner and she seemed fine with it. She claimed that she would support me in anything I do. That meant the world to me. <3
The next day was a Saturday, and it was a skills day! Here is the little Sky's first steps.
Xiaomeis tumbling first steps.
And Linnea! She is such a gorgeous girl, guys will be falling at her feet for her one day.
I was in the middle of teaching Linnea how to walk when I received a phone call. The caller ID identified the caller as Kat Lights. My sweets! "Hey Kat!" I screeched into the phone. "Hey Ma!" she replied. "What's up, darling?" I questioned. "Actually, Ma, I have some good news! I have a new room mate, Eddie Jarvis, and he wants to be in your challenge! We were talking the other day about our familys and it just popped up! Would you like to come over and meet him?" 
"Yeah!" I said enthusiastically. I had been meaning to get a new father, so Kats timing is perfect. "Be over in a few," I stated.
I ran over so fast that I didn't even notice the man standing right there.
Look at his eyes! (thanks to NerdyGirl1818)
"Hey! I'm Amber, and I'm sure you're aware of why I'm here..." I wanted to waste no time. I couldn't wait to get back home to my loving family!
"Yeah, I know." he stated. "Lets get started!" he said happily. I'm glad he was an easy father.
And we completed the process in a matter of minutes. Now I can go home!
I thanked Kat and strutted out happily.

The girls learning to talk! Their brothers really took and interest in helping develop the triplets skills.
Logan took an interest in painting. He was pretty good!
I was walking down the stairs to go meet Penny at the beach when I suddenly stopped. I'm pregnant!
It was a really nice afternoon :)
Baby bump day 1.
I was helping the boys with some homework when Joe stopped and asked, "Mom? Will you please come outside with  me?"  I looked at him questionably and asked, "For what?" "Its a surprise mom!" he shouted. I laughed and readily agreed. What was he up to now?
He took me around back. "Hun, what're you doing?..."I questioned. "I'm pregnant, my back hurts!" I was about to launch into full hormone-fit mode when I spotted what he wanted me to see....
A hot tub! I had been wanting one for awhile, and I couldn't quite figure out how Joe had managed to make it happen but he did! He is my smart child...
A closer view! Can you imagine all the fun and relaxing nights I could have here? I am so excited! I thanked Joe immediately. Too bad I couldn't go in while I was pregnant, but soon I can. 
Baby bump day 2.
The next day I decided to swim until labor struck. It was a nice and sunny day, so why waste it?
I swam for a good two hours before I had to get out...
And labor struck!
Belly right before birth.
A couple pushes later, I turned around in a sea of sparkles to welcome the next Lights family member... Vanessa Lights (for Vanessa Wood)!
Welcome, sweets, welcome :)
<3 :)

Thanks for reading! Download Amber here. The childrens and I's wishlist is here.  Thanks and happy simming! P.S. Comments make my day!


  1. I <3 IT AMBS!!!

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  2. I loved it!!! Woow I can't wait for more on everything happening with Penelope and Jason and that. :) Also no you don't need to change it! Amber is a great mum to her kids! As you can see I love this post so much I may be over using exclamation marks! But it's that good!

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  7. hi!! by the way you inspired me to take the challenge! I,m on baby number 5!,and another is on the way!!
    I had my first triplets!! there so cute! I,m going to be sad when I have to say good bye to Shrek (my teenager
    who's dad is an ogre) but i know he has BIG things planned :) thanks for reading! -Linnea

  8. That's awesome Linnea! Keep me updated on your babes ;) And thanks everyone for the nice comments! New post late next weekend due to a tournament...ok, have a simtastiv evening everyone!

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