Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Ghostly Attempt, and a Colorful Solution: Baby's 12, 13, and 14!

After Logan was born I had nothing to do so I decided to check out my new neighbors, some 100 baby challenge mothers! I was so excited when I learned that they were all going to be here for a while. I couldn't wait to chat with them all as I complete my challenge.
The first mom I met was Maci Wriner! We talked for a bit and got to know each other better. She was a very visual speaker! We talked for an hour.
Then I met Brienna! She was so happy, being a newlywed to Mr. Jasper Wriner.
Next, I met Sky Green! She seemed excited to be in town(:

Then, I met Vanessa! She was happy for me for having had baby 11!
Della was overjoyed that things worked out between Jay and I! She expressed how excited she was to meet her new grandson, Logan.
The final Wriner sister! We talked for a while about the ups and downs that we all face in this difficult challenge. It was nice to relate to someone!
Alyssa and I talked about all things baby, which made her VERY happy!

And finally Kelsey! We chatted for a bit.
I had to leave after that, but I left with a smile on my face. Having some friends I could relate to in this town would do me some good.
I cuddled Logan the next morning, day dreaming about what a handsome tot he would be shortly. He's a Wriner, he's bound to be good looking!

And handsome he was! I'm glad that he inherited the coveted blue-brown hair and tanned skin that a lot of Wriners tend to have. He's also my third child to inherit my teal eyes after Tommy and Brayden.
Next was Joe! He's so handsome now, he will be a heart breaker for sure in his next lifestage.

He looks a lot like his father! I can't wait to see if this resemblance continues later on in his life.
Next was the tumbling tot Brayden!

He looks a lot like his brother, but not an exact copy. They are both unique in their own ways.
Andre blew out his candle with a big huff! I love his face here.

Still handsome! He never really looked like his father to me, but he was still beautiful in his own way.
Finally, the last birthday! It was Happy's turn, and once again I was sad to see him age up...

But he was still a cutie! He slicks his hair back and wears a leather jacket in attempt to look like John Travolta from Grease. I think he looks pretty good!
After all of the birthdays Andre waved goodbye looking forlorn, but excited! He told me that his father hooked him up with a record deal and that he was going to be famous! I really hope everything works out alright for him.
The next morning I realized that it was just Happy and I in the house, so I decided to take him on a trip to the library. I hadn't been there since Ashleigh was a toddler!
I read to him all day and he picked up on the lessons really fast. He is an intelligent little one!
We got home around late afternoon. We had a great day of learning!
By the time we got home, all of the kids were home from school. Happy was playing his new video game on the computer. I think he was stressed out from school and needed some time to relax.
My other children worked hard on their homework right away! They were very smart kids and were already at the top of their class.
After dinner I had to stop the sink from leaking all over the place. It had been broken a few days and was becoming too much to handle!
Soon it was time to head out for the night. To where, you ask? You'll see!
I went to the graveyard! I wanted this babe to be from a ghost father this time around. 
So I mourned many people (well, men) and hoped for the best.
It took forever! I ended up taking a nap since I was so tired from crying the whole night.
I woke up and stretched my arms out only to spot...
A ghost! I was really spooked, but gathered up every ounce of courage I had and walked right over to him.
I tried to push him away, but kept mentally scolding myself for not having enough courage to just do it.
I soon got over it though, and introduced myself. He told me that his name was Ransom and that he didn't have a chance to have children before he drowned and would love to be part of the challenge. I was thrilled to have my ghost be so easy going!
I kissed him to lighten the mood after all of the death talk, and he practically melted in my hands. He was so easy!
Soon, though, he had to go back to his tombstone and we didn't get a chance to complete the final part of the process. This time around I cried because I was tired and mad, not for the many ghosts in the graveyard.
I left, hoping that I could come back for Ransom tomorrow evening.
I forgot my sad mood from the night before as I played with Logan the next morning. He was  so precious!
The day passed by in a flurry of activity and before I knew it, it was night time. I ate my dinner and helped Happy with his homework which he was having a hard time with. In no time is was time to go back to the graveyard.
I approached the graveyard around 11 pm. It was still quite spooky to be there.
I met a few ghosts but they all had to leave before we could get down to anything. I was really frustrated!
It made me really unhappy. I could get any father that I wanted so far and I was disappointed in myself for not being able to achieve this one. 
Before I knew it, I was heading home again.
I danced all my worries out though! I shook my hips like no momma has before, and felt much better after a good hour of dancing.
Over the next week or so, I went to the graveyard every night to try and find a ghost. I had no luck. During this time Happy was a great help, getting Logan to sleep on time every evening and feeding him.
I could tell that my absence was making Logan very unhappy. From what Happy told me, Logan cried every night for me. I felt like I was letting all of my children down for a father in my challenge. The kids come first, not the fathers. This realization was like a smack in the face. Not only was I wasting time in my challenge for a ghost father, but I was also neglecting my motherly duties. I knew what I had to do.
Today I went out on the town. Not to try to find a ghost, but to complete this portion of my challenge. Today was the day.
My first stop was the Keatons home. The word around town was that their adoptive son was in town, and he was really handsome! I had almost forgot about that in my attempts for a ghost father, but now I remembered it.
I spotted him across the house and made my way over to him. He's pink!
He told me that his name is Raines Clement. We talked for a bit about the rules and why I wanted his unique genetics in my challenge. He seemed flattered and gladly agreed. Yes!
I called him into the bedroom and on his way in, I noticed his crazy-cool outfit. Look at all the patterns! I was really attracted to his unique style.
And we did the deed!
I walked out super duper happy!
My next stop was the Doo Peas Corporate Towers. They had asked me to record a commercial with them about my challenge and the ups and downs that I've faced so far. The pay was good, and the snacks were supposed to be delicious so I happily agreed! 
My final stop was the local diner. They had had some pipe leaks recently and recruited me for help. Doesn't anyone realize that I have a family to tend to? Ignoring that though, I agreed. I had always loved visiting the diner and didn't want it to be shut down for pipe leaks that I could easily fix. It was an easy job, and I headed home again after that to reconnect with my family. I missed them.
Reconnecting wouldn't be as easy as I thought, though. I walked in on Joe and Brayden in a deep conversation about school. They were both very intelligent!
"So, brother," Brayden stated. "What do you think about the chalkboards at out school? Don't you think that we should switch to whiteboards so that kids don't get affected by the chalk dust?"
"Well," Joe said lightly. "I believe that whiteboards would be a very nice addition to out schooling facility but they are very expensive! How do you think our school could afford such nice things?"
I zoned out when they started planning an intricate way to for our school to save money. My boys need a hobby! I encouraged them to play outside.
They did end up going outside, but couldn't seem to agree on who got to slide down the pole first.
I found it quite hilarious! This is one of the reasons you should watch your sims very carefully. They're actually quite funny!
That day Logan learned his first words. His first word was lawyer! I taught him that you would have to pay a lawyer if he ever needed one. It was really funny!
He also took his first steps on his first try! Are all Wriners this intelligent? Teaching Logan his skills and numbers and letters were such a breeze! It was refreshing.
I finally got to re-bond with the children over a very funny movie later that evening. I was going to be pregnant soon and appreciated this free time with my older sons. Speaking of, I really hope I have girls this time! I've had 6 boys in a row and was in need of a girl to talk to in the house.
The next morning I took Happy out of his crib. "We're going to visit grandma Della today, Logan! Aren't you excited?" "Yaa!" he stuttered out. He had a huge smile on his face as we made our way over to the Challenge Mother's House.
Before we could do anything there, though I had to put Logan down because I'm pregnant!
"Della...this is your grandson Logan! Isn't he a cutie?" I told her.
"Why yes he is!" she exclaimed. "He's a true Wriner boy, even if he isn't really a Wriner."
We talked a little bit more about how smart Logan was, and how that must run in the Wriner blood. All in all, it was a fun time!
After chatting with Della, I saw Sky and we started to talk. She made some really funny faces that made me crack up. A good friend is just what I needed right now.
She even felt my barely-visable tummy and seemed genuinely happy for me. I really appreciated support from friends in this challenge.
When Logan and I got home I was in full nesting mode. I cleaned the toilets,
the sink,
and made a nice salad for dinner. Brayden is a vegetarian so I have to respect that!
Baby bump day 1.
Pregnancy puts me in a lazy mood so I just watched TV all day long. I'm glad I did, some down-time is just what the doctor ordered.
Baby bump day 2.
I was watching some more television the next day when...
labor struck! I decided to go to the hospital this time since my tummy was so big this time around.
(My belly right before I headed to the hospital.)
I walked into the hospital a mother of 11...
And walked out with a baby carrier! We all know what that means; Twins or triplets!
As soon as I walked in the front door of my home I set down the baby carrier. A girl! Meet Xiaomei (thanks to Alexandra).
Then I pulled out another babe! Meet Linnea (for Linnea Cannon being the 20th follower!).
But then there was another baby! Meet baby 14, Sky Lights (for Sky Greene). 
Triplets! How will I deal?
<3 (:

Thanks a ton for reading! I had a really good time writing this post, and hope you enjoyed it as much as I liked writing it. I know that I didn't get to have a ghost babe, but it wil happen eventually I promise! If you want to download Amber, click here. If you would like to gift the children and I something, click here.
Thanks and happy simming! P.S. Comments make my day :)


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