Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kiss and Make up? Baby 18

Thanks to Shaniah for the Sim-Tastic flip-flops. They are going to be a must-have for Amber once summer hits!
I walked straight inside to Brady just standing there.  Just the sight of him infuriated me. 
I put down Penny before things got physical. No way I would bring my daughter into this. 
"BRADY!" I screamed. "Your name is like poison on my tongue, that's how much you disgust me." I pointed a finger at him, too disgusted to speak his name again. "You hurt my sister once, don't you DARE hurt her anymore."
"Woah, back off." he screeched. "What did I do?" he was playing dumb, not a smart idea. That ticked me off more!
"You have hurt my sister again! You did it when we were teens. She swore to me that you were over this. She told me that you were better, that you had more control. Now I know you don't." 
All of a sudden I screamed, screamed as loud as I could as if I were a wailing toddler again. He looked scared of me. Good, I thought. He better be afraid!
I kept ranting. "Stop making my life a mess!" I screamed, louder this time. "Who do you think you are, running around and leaving scars?"
I balled up my fists, noticing my sister Penny picking up lil' Penny. Good, my Penny doesn't need to see this. I'm also grateful that she wasn't getting involved!
Brady placed Junior on the floor. It was time.
We stared at each other for a long moment. A door clicking signaled that Penny was leaving. Probably to get away! She never liked fighting. 
A mischievous grin spread over my face. 
He lunged for me. 
He threw me on the floor. My shoulder was hurting bad but I got back up anyway. I wouldn't go down without a fight.
The face of determination.
He pulled me into a full on headlock. I twisted out of it with a spin move that my Pa had taught me once, before I was disowned. I tried to hit him hard in the stomach but he resisted. I think he has experience in fighting.
He flung me into the air. I could not lose this! 
I landed on the floor with a thud as I screamed in pain. He just stood there, victorious.
He looked down on me with anger all over his face. 
"How could you hurt a girl like that?" I screamed in agony. "You're gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul." My favorite song Jar of Hearts sure was coming in handy now.
"Don't yell at me like that! I did nothing!" he screamed. 
"Did nothing!" I screeched. We were standing so close now that I could feel his breath on my lips. I trembled. This could not happen. Not Brady, not here, not now. Not with him.
He pulled me into a too-long kiss. I shoved him back. "Get off of me, you jerk!" I yelled. 
I slapped him. Hard. "How dare you! You're married! And violent!" I couldn't let my temper take control, but I felt so close to it. I had lost control with Andre before, and now I was losing it again. I stood there for a solid minute, debating how I should go with this. I made my decision.
I turned on my foot and ran right out. I couldn't be in there anymore. I noticed that Penelope was home now. 
The look on her face was complete and utter shock. I would feel the same.
I drove home right away, too shocked to actually evaluate what just happened. Why? How? Why me? Why him? Why now? My mind was too clouded to have reasonable answers.
I walked in to Logan jumping up and down with joy. "I'm aging up today, Ma!" he yelped. I was still going nuts over what just happened but his antics made me feel better.

Before any celebrations I decided to change my hair back and try a new outfit. I was in a "rich" mood so I went all out in my clothing. I loved this outfit!
"Come on, kids!" I cheered. I am hoping for these celebrations to distract me for a good couple hours.
Logan and Ness were first!

He's still handsome as anything! He insisted on wearing the same hair cut that his father and grandfather posses. It makes him feel like a Wriner! (If any of oyu would care to use his handsome self in your challenge, leave a comment. I'll be happy to upload!)

Vanessa! She's a cutie. She loves her Auntie Nessa, which is really my good friend Vanessa Wood. They get along great!
By the way, I decided to keep both of my tattoo's. I think they make me look pretty tough.

Triplets aging up time!

Linnea! She is a natural beauty. I always tell her that she doesn't need to wear makeup but she insists that it makes her look better. I could fight her on this for days! 

Sky is a natural beauty too :) She hates doing her hair so she always just lets it be. It's not perfect, but I feel like it completes her look! She is very popular with the boys at school.

WOW! Xiaomei turned out to be gorgeous also! She still loves makeup and her neon pink lipstick :) She always clips her thick hair to the side with a bow that I gave her for her birthday. 

Here are some close-ups that I caught of the girls. The zoom on my camera comes in handy sometimes!

The next birthdays were Penelope and Jason. I can't wait to see my little paparazzi babes grown up!

Penelope inherited my hair and eyes. She got her fathers skin tone and face shape. She likes to wear her hair in this hat. She screams at me if I try to take it off!

And Jason! He got my skin tone. He got his fathers hair, plump face, long nose. He looks a lot like him other than the skin tone!
I hugged Logan. "Good luck with when you move out, babe. I'm sure you'll make it big. I love you." 
"Love you too, Ma." he mumbled into my hair. 
"Good night, Penny." I whispered.
"Goodnight, Jason." I whispered. 
The next morning I stood in the kids room in a daze. The kiss. I kept trying to push it out of my mind. Escape it. I couldn't ignore it anymore. How could I have kissed Brady of all people? How could I have actually enjoyed it? Who am I? I feel like a monster, a monster who kisses sisters husbands and doesn't tell her. I wonder if she even knows? Oh gosh, what if she knows? I can't let our relationship fail again, not this time. And how had a fight led to a kiss? I swear I could've murdered Brady 2 seconds before we kissed. Kissing him had felt so-well, right. It felt normal, like it was meant to be. How can I be thinking like this? I hate Brady, it's my sisters husband, and I need to stop reliving the kiss. I need to get my mind off of this. 
I didn't feel like teaching the children skills so I decided to clean up the house. I made the beds in the kids room.
Then I cleaned the sink...
the counters...
the shower...
and the toilet!
I stood up and stretched out. I looked straight at the hot tub. "You," I muttered. "Are going to be used later." I had always talked to myself when I was younger and the habit had never left.
I decided to play on the bubble blower for a while :)
Meanwhile, the kids were playing on the deck. "Look, brother!" Penny yelped in baby mumbles. "I can hold da block!" She made an exaggerated expression.
"I can eat it!" Jason bragged. They both stared at each other in awe. Why are little kids so cute?
I gasped. That bubble is pink!
The triplets walked over to the backyard at the same time. "It's time," they said together. 
"Time to go in the hot tub, that is!" Xiaomei yelped. They all hopped in right away.

"Ahh, this is the life!" Sky said, smiling. "I wish I could stay in here all day!"
Vanessa walked over. "I want to go in too!" she said hopeful. Oh, not this again I thought.
The girls smiled to each other knowingly. "When you're older," Linnea stated. 
"Speaking of!" I said as I walked over. "Don't my older girls have school work to do?"
"Yes, Ma." They said in unison. Good! They know not to fight me :)
Xiaomei made a face, "Oh come on!" she complained. 
"Nope," I said. "No mercy!"
I walked inside after my upset girlies and started dinner. Cooking is a great pass time since it takes up all train of thought.
The sunset that night was gorgeous. I just had to take a picture. (It's my current screensaver! Feel free to save it and make it your screensaver too) :)
I sat in the hot tub that evening. It was about midnight but I needed a break. I did my best thinking in the hot tub. I was relaxing when I heard a voice behind me. "May I join you?" an oh-too-familiar voice asked. As much as I wanted to avoid this conversation, I say yes. Would I regret this?
Brady. In my hot tub. At midnight on a Thursday. What have I gotten myself in to?
"So, Amber." he started. What could he possible say? "Amber, um...about the other day."
"The kiss." I finished. 
"Well, yes." he said. "It was an accident, I swear. Can we get over this? And why were you so mad at me?" I didn't want to give into his deep blue eyes and blond hair. Oh no, I couldn't give in!
"I don't know what the hell you are talking about." he said. 
I stared right at him. "The cuts! The bruises! All over Penny's face! How can you still play dumb? It doesn't do anything for you."
"Amber, I'm not playing dumb. I've obviously seen her cuts but I swear I didn't cause them. I was a teenager a long time ago. Not anymore."
"Brady, how else could she have gotten them then? Huh? Tell me that and maybe believe you."
He leaned back. "How can you be smiling!" I  said seriously. 
"Oh, sorry." he said quietly. "I don't know how she got those cuts. She told me that she fell but I didn't buy it. So wait, is that why you were mad at me the other day?!"
"Um, well YES!" I practically shouted. "You swear you didn't do it?" I said. 
"I swear. On my kitten Mr. Little's grave, I swear to you."
"Why are you even here?" I asked. "At 1 am?"
"Penny wouldn't have let me out of the house any other time of day. She found out...about the kiss. She saw us." I started fuming.
"She did not! Oh my gosh, she must hate me now!" I couldn't fathom my only family left hating me. 
"She doesn't hate you," he said simply. "I told her that I kissed you so she is mad at me now. She doesn't trust me anymore." 
"Then why are you here?" I asked. 
We both relaxed a little. "To see you," he said. I gasped. To see me? What does that mean?
"What do you mean by that?..." I asked. 
"I just wanted to clear things out. I hate people hating me. Lets be friends again." I laughed.
"Friends? We were never friends!" I said.
"But we could be." He winked and came over to my side of the hot tub. 

The rest of the night was a flurry of tears and caresses. Before I knew it, it was getting very late. I pulled away.
How could I have just cuddled with my sisters husband? Why did he initiate the cuddles and caresses if he "loved" his wife so much? I am officially the worst big sister EVER.
"Get out!" I yelped. "Get out now! You can't be here! Get home now, to your wife and kids!" I shooed him away.
I cradled Jason the next morning. I'm so stupid! Why did I let myself fall into his arms last night? Why am I so stupid?
I threw up after. I guess I must have eaten some bad food last night. :/ I knew that salad smelled funny.
I hopped on 100 Baby Challenge Mother's Chat on facebook. 
Amber: Girls! I screwed up. Help me :/
Violet: What did you do this time, Amber?!
Della: Oh geez. Do tell
Vanessa: WHAT! Amber, you tell me what you did right now! *Looks at sternly*
Kira: Ambs? What did you do...
Amber: I was in the hot tub...with BRADY.
Kira: Oh no. 
Sky: Are you serious?!
Sydney: WHAT!?
Amber: I screwed up. I don't know what to do!
Violet: Stay strong, girl. You got us to back you up. 
Vanessa: ^^Agreed :D
I signed off after that. I felt like I could breathe again, knowing that the mothers were behind me on this. 
I went out on the deck to gather up the children when I burst out crying. As many answers that I have now, I still don't know why Penny cut herself. I need to know. I promised myself I would call her tomorrow.
For now I decided to busied myself with teaching the kids their skills. "Jason! You took your first steps! Great job, babe!" 
I stood up to turn around when I looked down. My stomach seemed to be swelling. Maybe that bad salad again? I shrugged it off.
But then I looked closer. This was definitely something.
I rubbed my head in confusion. What could this be? A swelling virus? I've never even heard of that! Anything but...I stopped dead in my tracks. What if I'm pregnant? But how? We just talked the whole night....and cuddled...Oh no. I heard some shuffling downstairs but I was too lazy to go and see who it was. I heard a familiar voice calling my name. 
Nessa came over! Like a good friend she couldn't just IM me. She insisted on coming over. 
"Ness!" I practically screamed. "I missed you!"
"So..." she said. "How are things?" I sighed.
"Well...look at my stomach." She looked down and right back up. "You're not..."she trailed off.
"Yes, I am." She just stared at me. "How?..." she tailed off again.
"I don't know!" I said in confusion. I proceeded to explain every single event of the night before. "Wow." was all she said at the end. "You've dug yourself in pretty deep this time, Ambs. What are you going to do?" That's where I was stuck.
"I don't know," I replied. 
She hugged me again. "You can do this. Stay strong." I appreciated her concern.
Vanessa ended up staying over all night. We cracked up over a funny movie and then talked about everything we could think of. Soon I got tired with my pregnant belly and I went to sleep. She stayed up on Mom Chat all night and then went to sleep on my deck. :)
She told me that she couldn't just leave me alone in a time like this. She's truly the best.
The next morning she fed all the kids for me when they woke up and then left. She took care of all the kids way before I got up so I got to sleep in. I felt a lot better with more sleep.
I tried not to look at my belly too much this time around. I felt too much guilt with it.
The girls spent their whole Saturday in the tub. They were addicts!
I started to paint in an attempt to relax but I decided to call Penny soon after.
"Penny!" I said happily when she answered. "Thank you for not ignoring my call! I'm really sorry about everything. Let's please not let this ruin our relationship." I crossed my hands over my belly as I said this. I felt guilt welling up inside of me.
"I only answered to tell you that I don't want to talk to you. Maybe another day, I'm just not ready now." She said this in a harsh voice. All of a sudden the line went dead. My sweet sis hung up? Wow, this is a first.
I hung up the phone, disappointed. We must talk later. We can't just not be sisters.
Teaching Penny to talk!!
I looked down at the kids. "We're going out to dinner tonight kids!" I yelled. "I need to get out of the house!"
I drove all of the kids to the Bistro. We were all dressed up and looking forward to a nice evening without toddlers screaming their lungs out.
My tum! I hope I don't go into labor during dinner...that would be bad :P
I came home to a stressed out babysitter. "Never again!" she yelled. "Never again!" She told me and then went home. Looks like she's not as experienced as me in taking care of children ;)
I tapped my foot impatiently. This is the first time I wanted a baby out of me quickly! I still can't stand the thought of Penny not wanting to talk to me.
That night I was sleeping when I woke up...
The pains! This time was bound to be a single birth so I just had a homebirth.
A sea of sparkle enveloped me...
And shot me out with a new baby boy! What a blessing! Welcome to the world, Shawn Lights! He may have been a "mistake", but he will always have a special place in my heart. 
<3 (:

Thanks so much for reading! I seem to be cranking out these posts more and more often these days...expect more very soon! Download Amber here. You can gift me and the children some new toys and gadgets here. I really hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope you have a simtastic day :)


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