Sunday, January 2, 2011

Return of the Blue Flame Baby's #9 and 10!

Thanks to Music131313 for the New Years gift! My babes will love it (:
I decided to watch the sun rise on a typical Wednesday morning while I waited for Happy to wake up from his rest.
I never noticed the gorgeous waterfall back in the mountains behind my you see it?
As soon as Happy awoke from his rest, a birthday for him was in store. I couldn't wait to see my new babe as a babbling toddler!
"Happy! Look forward, the camera's right here!" I couldn't stop from cracking up. He's a rebellious baby!
Finally he settled down (thank goodness!) so I got his picture. He seems to have gotten really light brown-yellow eyes. What color would that be?
Happy's profile.
He played with his new teddy bear that I got him for his birthday all day long. He sure is a sweetie pie!
The teddy bear was distraction enough that I finally got to teach Andre his last few words...
And then age him up too!
I settled down after the celebrations and enjoyed a good action movie with Andre while the kids were at school.
And later I made some scrumptious grilled cheese for my hungry family. We were all settled into our regular nightly routine when...
I spotted Tommy walking in on his brother in the bathroom! Andre was looking very nervous and frightened, and I felt sorry for him!
But Andre wasn't the only victim! Andre wanted to get back at his brother for walking in on him, so he creeped up on an oblivious Tommy...
And scared him half to death!
Tommy spun around and shouted, "Andre! Why would you scare me like that?"
Andre was quick to reply. "You walked in on me in the bathroom! You started it, and you know it!"
"Did not!" yelped Tommy. I walked by just then and decided to break things up before they got physical.
"Andre?" I asked innocently. "What is going on with you and your brother?"
He explained everything, dating back to when they were toddlers and Tommy stole Andre's teddy bear. How had this rivalry gone unnoticed for so long?
"But you see, Andre," I continued. "You were just babies then, and those feelings have obviously carried over into your life stage now but..." I left it for him to fill in.
"But I have to let the feelings go." he concluded as Tommy left for his room once and for all.
 "Exactly," I said. "Push all of those mean, negative feelings towards your brother away." I made hand motions so he could get the idea better.
He shrugged his shoulders in defeat. "I guess so," he mumbled. 
"That's my boy," I said proudly, giving my son a hug. "I knew you would understand."
Andre went to sleep after our long conversation. I just kept dreading having to repeat my motherly speech the next day to Tommy. 
I slept well, and woke up with a smile on my face. I was starting to get a bit stir crazy lately, with our house having everything we needed so I decided that Happy and I would take a little field trip today.
One bonus to living right off the beach was that you could go any time you wanted! I decided to take Happy to the serene and calm environment that the beach offered.
The walk was peaceful, and well deserved to a mother of 8.
We arrived soon enough and I tickled little Happy, feeling giddy to be out of the house. It's nice to get out every once in a while.
Happy's first steps. He stumbled a bit, but they were definitely steps!
I admired our beach house from the shore line, realizing that it was getting late and the kids would be home soon so I headed home right away!
We must've lost track of time, because we walked in the door as soon as the kids got off the bus. How me and Happy could lose time!
I just thought that this was a cute picture (:
Later that night, in the privacy of my bedroom, I called up the balloon shop, the bakery, and the party planner. 
"Yes. Yes, the blue ones, not the brown!" The balloon shop guy had a hard time communicating with me. "Listen, I just want to throw my kids a good birthday party, ok?" I think that shut him up, and he finally listened.
Then I called the bakery. "Hmm, vanilla or chocolate? That is the question..." 
"Chocolate and vanilla swirl! Ah-ha!" I was so glad to have found a solution! None of my kids so far had ever really had a real birthday party with people other than our family, so I decided to throw a big one! Tulip, Tommy, and Connie would be aging up.
I made a few more necessary calls and then finally hung up. This, I realized, is why we don't throw very many parties!
The next morning I got up extra early to make a nice birthday breakfast for my family. 
So I poured,
and served some mighty fine pancakes!
The pancakes were sitting on the table, ready to be eaten by my hungry kids!
And I made one last phone call for the party. 
I went outside to set up all of the party decorations. These balloons at the mail box indicate that the party is here! 
I also set up a nice area in the back yard with three birthday cakes, a stereo, and more balloons!
I couldn't help but admire the view from the party. Hopefully everyone would have a good time!
The first one to the party was Archon Atlantis.
Then Kat and Ebony...
Vladmire and Lydia...
Grim, Mat, and my love Johnny...
And my first babe Ashleigh! I hadn't realized how much I missed her.
The kids spent a last few moments in the sprinkler before it was time to age up!
It was a huge party!
"Hmmm...I wish to be an astronaut when I grow up!" Connie stated. 

She turned out to be a real beauty!
Then it was Tulips turn...awkward stage much?

The gorgeous Tulip!

And Tommy! He's a handsome lad.
Josh called me over towards the end of the festivities, and started talking right away. "Amber, I want you. Well, want to be in your challenge. I made a mistake before of trying to take part while I was still with my girlfriend Lisa, but that's over now..."
"And you want to be in it now? Listen, Josh..."
"Amber, please. Lisa was my only hope of a girlfriend, and now that she's gone...well, my chances are even slimmer. I really just want to pass on my genetics and you seem to need fathers so...please?"
I couldn't resist a pleading man. "Sure, Josh," I said leaning in closer. It was just another father, right?
And babys 9 and 10 are on their way!
I woke up vomiting later that night, so I think the next babies were a done deal.
Today was a Sunday, and when I think of Sunday I think of family time. So, I gathered all of the children up and we headed out for a nice breakfast at the diner.
Afterwards, I treated Tulip to a nice day at the spa. 
And Tommy went to the park! He brought Happy and taught him a lot of words.
And Andre tagged along to go fishing.
After we were done at the spa, I decided to let Tulip know about our families upcoming addition. "Tulip, darling. I'm...pregnant!"
"No way, Ma! That's great! I can't wait to see my new sibling!"
"Thanks, sweetie." We shared a hug, and I rejoiced. These are the moments that make my challenge so worthwhile.
After that we all went out to Bistro for a nice dinner.
And then I watched the kids channel...You know what the kids channel means!
Baby bump day 1.
On Monday I taught Happy his last few words. "Pond. Say pond, Happy. Poo-nn-dd." "Pon-dee," he stuttered out. Good enough :)
"Yay, fish!" I said happily. I'd never taken an interest in our digital fish before, but they are pretty cool!
Baby bump day 2.
Today was a day to relax (:
I was in a sleepy mood so I just watched Happy play, but soon my motherly instincts kicked in...
And I gave in and played with him (:
I even tried painting! (I'm not that good...)
Then I went into labor! I was just walking out the door to head to the hospital when the twins came home. "Thanks goodness!" I exclaimed. "Tommy, please drive me to the hospital. Tulip, stay home and watch Happy please. Love you!"
My belly right before we headed to the hospital. Pretty big!
We headed in with high hopes...
And came out successful! Here is Joe Lights (for Addy)
And Brayden Lights! (for Kori)
(: <3

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Thanks and have a great day, everyone (:


  1. Congratulations on the blue twin boys!!

    I noticed that you had some corrupt CC in this update. The vampire shirt on Josh. It took me awhile to find it the first time to get rid of it so if you need help, contact me on facebook and I'll try to help you

  2. Oh, I know. I was hoping no one would notice! Can I have the link to your facebook page? I can get people profiles mixed up...

  3. i luv ur post! (pist) i really get into them. your a greattttt writerrr! <3

  4. Great post~can't wait for more!

  5. Aaawww that was soooo cute :) So sad how Johnny walked in on them though... I guess they can never be together now :(

  6. Bummer for Johnny. :|

    I love having kids with different skin colors XD Blue is definitely my favorite.

  7. Hi Amber i was wondering where you got the cake balloons from?can you send me a link?

    1. hi you get them in the entertainment section in buy made and go to parties


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