Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another Wriner? Oh No! Baby #11

I came home from the hospital to a very sneaky paparazzi standing outside my home...this one never leaves!
At least Andre was a help! WIth the new babies in the house, things were pretty tight and I needed all the help I could get. 
I was awoken at 1 AM to the too-familiar sounds of a babies crying. Of course I rushed right upstairs and tended to the wailing children!
I looked out the window to also see Josh and Connie sleeping on the porch together. They both came to the hospital for the birth, but I didn't know that they stayed after! Or was something more going on with them?...
I looked away from the window to see Happy striving for my attention also...these babies! They all want me, but I can't be with them all at once.
"Happy, you can relax. I'm here now, mommy's here." I loved Happy so much. Today was all of the childrens birthdays, and I don't know how I will take Happy growing up...I loved him so much as a toddler with his adorable little mohawk!
So Joe was the first one to age up this morning.
 He was a carbon copy of his father, down to the eyes. He sure was handsome!
Then it was Braydens turn...

He was handsome too! He was identical to his brother other than the hair and eyes. While Joe got his fathers everything, Brayden got my brown-grey hair and teal eyes. He's only my second child to inherit my eyes!
Then it was Happys turn...

As much as I didn't want my Grim Baby to grow up, he was still cute as a button as a child! When he is a teenager, the girls will just snatch him up!
Tulips turn...

Still super-model pretty and ready to hit the runway. She will be famous for something one day!
Tommy's turn...

Very handsome! He told me that he grew his hair out JB-Style because the girls will like him more that way.

Andre aged up into a handsome lad. He didn't really care to do his hair, so he just gels it back most of the time.
I know I don't usually show you my kids everyday outfits, but his was so stylish I just had to show you! Isn't he just lovable?
I gave him a guitar for his birthday since he's been wanting one for a while now. He stayed up all night just jamming out on his own!
The next morning I had big plans for the day. I was going to teach my blue baby's how to walk! (Here is a close-up of Brayden. He's so cute!)
And here's a close-up of Joey. He's a rather gorgeous tot, don't you think?
Aw, Joes first steps! Do you see his brother watching him with admiration from the blocks table?
I was interrupted to my cell phone ringing. "Hello!" I boasted. No one replied, and instead I was forwarded to an automated message from the principal at the high school. "Your children who attend the elementary school and the high school have committed truancy and have no excuse for their absence. Please have them attend school tomorrow. Thank you." 
My mouth dropped open, an unpleasent look creeping across my face. My boys skipped school? My good and sweet and cute-as-a-button boys skipped school? I didn't understand how they could have done something like this to me, let alone pulled it off. That message was maddening. No, worse; it was infuriating. I had always had an issue with my temper and now was no excuse. There's no holding back. Once I got ahold of those boys, I would- I was once again cut off by a ringing; my phone again.
My nasty tone was still with me when I answered. "Hello." I said harshly. The sound of a soft voice replying caught me off guard. "Amber?" I exhaled. It was only Della, not some cop wanting to arrest my boys. "Della?" I replied back smoothly.
"Hey Amber. I'm so sorry if I caught you at a bad time..." she trailed off. "No, no! Of course not!" I replied quickly, all traces of anger leaving my voice. "I'm just dealing with some family drama. But what's up?" I tried to sound as perky as possible. "Well, are you pregnant with your next babies for the challenge yet?" I wasn't expecting that. "No, not yet..why?" I questioned. She was quick to reply. "Well remember how we talked the other week about lil' Jay and lil' Della's fights about Della doing the challenge?"
"Yeah, sure..." I snapped into focus. "Did something happen?!" 
"No, no, thank goodness! But lil' Jay wants to understand why his sister is doing the challenge. And well...basically, do you want to have lil' Jay in your challenge?" I paused for a moment, thinking. I finally continued. "Della, he's your son. Wouldn't it be weird for you? The last thing I want is to come between you guys..."
"You could never!" she replied. "All I'm saying is...the offer's there and if you want it, all you have to do is tell me." I didn't know what to say. Jay is cute, I'm not going to lie about hat but would it make things weird between us? After a couple minutes I sighed, ready to give an answer.
"I'll do it."
After that, Della and I talked a little longer, catching up. Soon though, we both had to go and so we bid farewell and parted. My mind couldn't help but wander back to my earlier drama.
I stood in my kitchen, deep in thought. Why would Andre skip school? It's so unlike him and his brother. Where did her even go? What did he do? Ao many questions with no answers swirled in my mind. Coincidently I was interrupted AGAIN by the clicking of the front door and shuffling feet. It was Andre and Happy.
I approached Andre. "Hey sweetie! How was your day?" I decided to take a sweet approach and maybe he would just come out and tell me.
"Hey mom!" he replied not bluffing.
"What did you do in school today? Anything different?" I questioned.
"Umm..." he stuttered for a second, but caught himself soon enough. "It was just a normal day, with normal textbooks and normal people. And how was your day?"
He was so lying. "Andre! How can you lie to your mother, right to her face? Didn't I raise you better than that!? Why don't you have respect for me OR your brother?"
"MOM!" he screamed back. "Why do you always have to be in my business? You're so annoying!" That stung.
Andre was starting to scare me. "Andre...can we please talk like adults? And your little brother doesn't want to be in the middle of this. Please."
"No." he said, standing back. "I can't stand you, mom! You are always in my business, telling me what to do, yelling at me! You never stop!" And on that he turned on his foot. "Oh, and by the way I was at the theatre playing guitar to get some money for you to pay the bills." He left on those words up to his room.
My motherly instincts over ruled my conscience, so I walked right up to his room after him. "Andre...I'm sorry, babe. Please don't be mad at me sweets. I love you."
He looked up at me like the child he just was. "I'm sorry too mom. I didn't mean a lot of what I said..." 
Instead of replying I just hugged him. We didn't talk anymore, but I couldn't help but wonder if he actually meant what he said. Was I a bad mother? Was I undeserving of this challenge? I couldn't fathom stopping it but what if I was undeserving? 
The next morning I watched my kids get on the bus through the kitchen window. I had to make sure my boys stayed on track!
And then I spotted Jay! He was so cute in his Ed Hardy shirt.
I invited him in and we started talking right away. "So, Jay I guess you know why you're here..."
"Yeah, I do!" he said laughing. 
"Well, lets not wasted time!" I said enthusiastically. We leaned in closer, eliminating space between us.
So we cuddled...
And conceived baby 11! Baby 11 would be here soon(:
Afterwards I took the time to teach Brayden to walk. His first steps! Aw!
Then the usual vomit...
followed by more vomit! The joys of pregnancy!
I captured this cute picture on Saturday. I feel like it was a good representation of our family currently. 
Jay had a party later (hehe, della!) and we talked for a while. He even felt my tummy! He would be a great father to many more babies one day.
Baby bump day 1.
The boys played at the swing set on Sunday. It was a fun day!
Baby bump day 2!
I had just fed Joe his morning bottle when the labor pains came rushing back. "OOH!" I shouted. I was going to have a home birth for the sake of the twins.
I crossed my eyes in pain. Hee-hee-hoo. I did the breathing exercises  that I had learned at Parenting 101. Two more pushes and five screams of mercy later, I gave birth to...
Another boy! I named him Logan at his grandma Della's request. There is now another Wriner crawling the earth!
<3 (:

Thank you so much for reading! I really hope you enjoyed this post. If you would like to gift the children and I something, please click here. If you like Amber, you can download her here.  Thanks for reading, and a new post should be out very soon, so keep checking back!


  1. Great post Amber... I can't wait to see Logan age up!

  2. love the story haha
    it's interesting...
    I wonder if amber will ever find love....


  3. In the end you should make it so that Amber falls in love and marries. :)

  4. My 9 year old cousin is also called Logan xx


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