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A Little Relief: Baby's 19 and 20!

Thanks to Cute_Gurl12 for The Innocent Style. It's very pretty!
I am loving my new baby boy but still worried. Will Penny ever find out that my new babe is Brady's? I can just imagine the look on her face if she ever finds out. It would ruin our renewed relationship. But then again, she basically hates me right now. Why does this all have to be so confusing? As always a crying baby interrupted my train of thought.
"It's ok, Shawn. You can relax. Mommy loves you!" Shawn is a cutie. 
I called up everyone I knew. "Hey!" I said to every person. "I'm throwing a birthday bash today for the kids-want to come?" I invited all of the kids fathers and then some of my kids. I debated for a while if I should invite Penny and Brady or not. I soon decided that it would only make things worse if I didn't. My stomach turned at the though of seeing Brady.
"Ugh, growing up? I love being a kid!" Vanessa complained. She was a complainer but always liked the outcome.
"And is Jason ready to grow up?" I cooed.
"Ya, Mama!" he said with a big smile on his face.
I stretched out my arms and thought, Ok, Amber. You have to be completely ready in case this party turns into another fight. I am so ready to defend myself.
I decided to work on my inventing skill while I wait for people to show up. I had never really had a hobby other than having kids so I figured I might as well get one.
I make the best faces when I work :)
As I was working I noticed a familiar face behind me. A wrench?! What is she planning?
Brady came too but ran right by us. Figures, he must be terrified of his wife.
Della walked over and stared him down. I think he got the message!
I walked over to Penny and she immediately took a step back. Wow, that hurts.
"What do you want." she said icily.
"Penny, please forgive me. Everything has been insane recently and all I want is you as a sister again. We can't disconnect again. I won't let it happen, I won't ever let it happen again!"
I spotted Nessa out of the corner of my eye. I could tell that she was watching the conversation intently in case it turned into anything more that just a "chat".
"Whoa, calm down Amber. I don't want to lose us again, but I still need to cool down. What you did was...well, what you did was unacceptable. How could you kiss my husband?"
I took a deep breath. "I don't know...well, he kissed me. And I pulled away automatically I swear! I never wanted to kiss him." I mentally scolded myself. Yeah, Amber. You hated kissing him so much you had a baby with him. I tried as hard as I can not to burst out crying right in front of her.
She still seemed upset. "I just don't get it." she shot out. She seemed to be defeated. "I just don't get why he would choose you over me." I was taken aback.
"Penny! Don't talk like that! It was a one time thing, I swear. You guys can go back together now!" As much as I know Brady is a total and complete jerk I refused to be the reason for the end of their marriage. "Please don't say that." I pleaded.
She stayed silent. I furrowed my brows in thought. "Penny, I have a question for you now." She just stared at me. "Penny...where did your cuts come from?" She paused for a second.
"I fell," she stated. There it is, the lie. 
"You're lying!" I countered. "You're lying to me to keep me from something. Please tell me, I'm your sister. Your flesh and blood. Tell me!" I was getting a bit out of control but how can I help it? She could have a serious issue.
"Umm..." she replied. "Well, I was pregnant." I gasped. She was pregnant...and was cutting herself? 
"WHAT?!" I basically screamed. "How could you put a child at risk like that? something else wrong?"
"Amber..."she stalled.
"No more stalling. Talk to me." I couldn't frolic around this topic anymore; I have to dive right in. 
She came in close to whisper in my ear. "So I was pregnant. Remember when you were fighting with Brady? And I said I was going to the grocery store? Well, I wasn't going to the grocery store. I was at the doctors to find out if I'm pregnant. I had felt nausea the past couple days and needed some answers. It turned out that I was pregnant. I was really happy and wanted to tell Brady. I came home to you two kissing. Before I had gone to the doctor to find out, I had started cutting myself because I figured that Brady was drifting away from  me for a while now. Why would I want my child to be born into a broken household? Tatianna and Junior are enough work. I was in a lot of emotional pain and I just kind of started-it took the pain away that he caused me mentally. It never occurred to me that it hadn't gotten as bad as it did until you brought it up. I'm really sorry. Please forgive me."
I stared at her.
"Oh my gosh, Penelope. How did you not tell me this for so long?" I asked. Then another thought occurred to me. "Wait, Penny...are you still pregnant?" This time she stared at me. 
"No." she replied. I held my breath, waiting for her to elaborate. "The stress that this all caused brought on a miscarriage." I couldn't believe it. She was pregnant, cut herself, and lost the baby? This is all too much.
Instead of saying anything I just hugged her. "I love you," she whispered. "I love you too," I replied. I realized that she still had the cuts but they must just be fading by now. "Are you still cutting yourself?" I asked as we pulled apart. 
"No," she said. "I'm done with that. I need to get over this," she finished. Wow, what a relief. I'm really happy that this is all over and explained. 
"Ok, I'm trusting you here Penny. And I know that Brady didn't do this but if he EVER hurts you, you must tell me. Deal?" I awaited her response. "Deal," she concluded. 
With my newly found happiness I walked over to the girls blowing out their birthday candles. They are such gorgeous girlies!

Xiaomei is so gorgeous I can't even explain it in words. Her black hair perfectly compliments her tanned skin and makeup. She will capture many hearts.

Sky is a true beauty too! She still doesn't care to do her hair so Xiaomei and Linnea take turns braiding it every morning for her.

Linnea is also gorgeous! I love how unique each of the girls are yet so beautiful in the same way.
They sure have a crowed of loving siblings to cheer them on!

Twins time!

Penelope has inherited her fathers fat gene but she doesn't care! She loves the way she is anyways. :)
I forgot to get good pictures of Jason, but this basically sums up his childhood XD
Last but not least, Vanessa. See, I told you that she would end up happy!

She looks a lot like Ashleigh did as a teenager! They share the same "asian" features. Ness has a different kind of style but it makes her happy. I think the pigtails are cute!
There was no time for Shawn to age up at the party which made me very happy-That way if he ended up with Brady's hair color, Penny won't see! I put him to sleep, promising to age him up tomorrow.
Next day...Time to age up my newborn!

For some reason he ended up with reddish hair...that I love! It's adorable!
I didn't have much to do the rest of the day so I started to invent again. I find it quite interesting!
And it seemed the paparazzi did too :) As I worked I started to think about how happy I am now that I've talked to Penny. Sorting things out took a huge weight off of my shoulder. Penny is like half of my heart-I must have her with me at all times.
I guess I was getting a bit sidetracked because all of a sudden the project started to smoke...
I screamed out in pain as I was left to just my bra and undies for protection from the smoke. 
I hopped in the hot tub to get cleaned off.
After I got cleaned off I realized that I missed my darker themed bedroom from the old house...So I decided to re-do my room! Here is the new room.
I walked out into the foyer to see Jason playing with little Shawn. They seem to get along really well!
Potty training Shawn! He's the perfect guy (LOL, Ness ;)
"C'mon, Shawn!" I encourage my tumbling tot. "You can do this, just walk!" I said.
He crumpled back down to the floor. "I can't do it, Mommy," he whimpered. 
"Oh yes you can!! I encouraged. "No son of mine is a quitter."
He stared at me in awe as he took his first steps.
"I told you that you could do it!" I rejoiced as I bounced him in the air. 
As I walked down the steps I heard Penelope talking to me. "Mom," she said. "I picture us all  roasting marsh mellows tonight!" 
"Okay, hun!" I replied. "You got it."
Later that evening I lit up the fire. "Well, here goes nothing!" I said.
The fire lit up right before me and I was amazed by the lights beauty.
It was a very fun evening with the kids.
The next morning I got a call from Logan. "Hey babe!" I shouted over the phone. "How are you?"
"Great, Ma!" he replied. 
"So, how are things going for you? Is the firefighting career treating you?" I missed my Wriner babe so much!
"Actually, Mom. I called for a reason. I have something huge to tell you." I replied right away.
"WHAT HAPPENED!?" I shouted at him. All of my recent stress has made me very defensive.
"Nothing bad, Mom! Well you see, I've been dating this girl Vera. Vera Moore is her full name. We get along really well. And so last night..."
"Last night we were standing in front of our house. By the way, Mom she moved in with me. So anyways I went to the jewelry store earlier with Ashleigh since she's so into fashion and we picked out a ring. I love Vera, Mom. I really do."
"She looked down at me with so much curiosity it was adorable how clueless she was. You can't imagine how beautiful she is, Ma. She's my one and only."
"So I finally pulled the ring out after enough delay..."
"The look on her face told me that she would say yes! I was elated."
"She ran into my arms like I was the only one on the earth. Mom, I feel like the luckiest man on earth. I am so lucky to have found her."
"So anyways," he continued. "I called to see if you would care to come to our wedding tomorrow? It's going to be very private but we want you there to join us." I thought for a moment about what I have to do tomorrow. There's a long list but I pushed it all aside so that I can go. "Of course I'll come, darling!" I said happily. I could hear the relief in his voice. "Thanks, Mom. See you tomorrow?"
"See you tomorrow," I concluded.
I hung up the phone feeling like the proudest Mom on the face of the planet. My first child to get married! This is huge!
The next day I picked up Shawn and made my way to the wedding. Shawn would enjoy some time with his half-brother!
Vera and I chatted for a bit before the wedding. She's quite nice!
I watched the wedding with intense curiosity. I also fell in love with Vera's dress. It's gorgeous!
I watched them exchange rings. They are a gorgeous pair.
This is Logan's dorky smile ;)
This is the kiss that seals the marriage off. I can't get over how perfect they are together. Being the dorky mom that I am I bawled right in front of them. I congratulated them and then soon left. Their wedding reminded me that I have to have another baby soon!
I decided to go to the swimming pool. I've had luck finding fathers there before, why not now?
I walked into the bathroom to go to the bathroom when I spotted a nice looking red-head.
"Hello!" I said. "I'm Amber Lights and I'm doing the 100 baby challenge. I am looking for my next to be the one?" I playfully teased him.
He looked shocked. "Sorry if I'm too forward..." I continued.
"Of course I'll be in your challenge!" he exclaimed. "I was going to approach you but I'm glad you approached me. I'm kind of shy, " he admitted.
"It's ok," I consoled him. "Care to go to my house?" I asked him.
"Sure!" he said enthusiastically.
We tried tried to leave but an enthusiastic fan of mine demanded my autograph.
So we drove to my place! I looked at him but he refused to look at me. He really is shy.
Look how cute he is! :P
We cuddled for a bit after. I sighed in joy; It's about time I caught a break.
He strutted away happily.
I woke up to the always-delightful bout of vomit.
I told Jason about his new sibling over dinner that evening.
I also created my first invention! A robot dog!
I played blocks with Shawn all day but soon got tired of having to be super hyper with him.
I resided to painting.
Baby bump day 1.
I decided to invite over Logan and my new daughter-in-law for a nice home cooked meal tonight. I want to see how they're doing!
The first thing I noticed when she came over was her rubbing her belly...
I felt her belly...she's pregnant! She's glowing in her pregnancy.
And she felt mine! It was a really cute moment.
I made dinner for everyone; of course the pregnant ladies ate first!
It was a nice family dinner; Logan kept exclaiming how happy he was to be home for a family dinner once again.
Afterwards we all went out to the fire pit and roasted marsh mellows. Delicious! Vera and I gushed about our pregnancy's the entire time and everyone seemed to get tired of us. Soon everyone went inside to play video games but Vera and I talked for another hour.
Aren't they perfect together?
That evening I cheered in joy. Tonight was so perfect!
I woke up to the alarm sounding that evening.
All of the kids woke up but the burglar jumped up and down in panic. Haha, we got him!
It was a really intense battle to watch...
And the police won! Hurray!
We were all sleepy :)
I was freaking out, but very relieved that we won the battle! No stolen good for the Lights!
The officer was happy too :)
Baby bump day 2.
I made a delicious breakfast for the whole family the next morning.
We enjoyed it and then my sweet daughter helped me ready the house for the next child.
I cleaned the toilet.

The children and I played video games for the rest of the day while I waited for labor.
It finally came!
The girls freaked out about me. "Oh, relax!" I shooed them away. "I'll be back in a little!" I said nonchalantly.

This is everyone that showed up for the birth. I was especially happy about Penny coming. This just proves that we are best buddies once again!
Andre strummed his guitar very loudly. I could hear him playing all the way in my hospital room. His lovely tunes calmed me down.
It turned into a dance party!
 Welcome Della Lights.
And welcome Mercy Lights. I love you both!
<3 :)

Thanks for reading this post!! I have been working hard on this all day and really hope that you enjoyed this. You can download Amber here. You can gift the children and I some new gadgets and gizmos here. Thanks a ton! <3


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