Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Baby? Baby #8

 "And how does Andre like the new house?" I cooed.
Time for your birthday! He sure had support from his siblings (:
Why such a long face? :P I don't really understand where it came from, but hopefully he grows into it!
Andre's profile.
Oh! And by the way I decided on this hairstyle. I ended up with 2 votes for the ponytail one, and 6 votes for this one!
And this is my last outfit change for a while! It's even maternity-approved, so that's always a bonus.
First family meal, though Ebony and Connie couldn't sit! LOL
Gosh, all this room for the kids is so refreshing. I don't think I'll be moving any time soon!
LOL Face #1
Haha, I dream about all things kids 24/7!
Saturday was kind of a "do whatever you want" day, so I taught Tommy how to walk...
Kat painted...
Connie played on the new playground...
And Ebony had that boy Michael over again.
I even saw them kissing! I couldn't help but feel protective over my daughter, but I left her alone.
It was a long day and I was super-tired but I knew I had to tend to my loving family!
"Good night, baby!" I said to Tommy. "Mommy wuvs you!"
"You too, Andre" I cooed.
The girls settled in for a movie while I put the young ones to sleep. Sorry, Kat's ears are blocking the picture! (:
The next morning, I went out to get the paper and was creeped up the Grim Reaper!
I was really scared!
"What are you doing here, Grim?!" I practically shouted. "You're not here for...a death, are you?" I couldn't even fathom it.
"I wish!" he said confidently. "But, no."
"Then what are you here for?" I asked nervously.
"Well, you see," he said. "I am not the most well liked person around here. Everyone thinks that I only bring death and I want to prove that I can bring life too..."
"So you want to be in my challenge," I concluded.
"Well, yes," he replied. "And it's also New Years Eve and I'm related to Father Time, so I figured I'd be the nice guy that I can be, and save him a trip. Plus, I need to pass on my genes to the next generation and not many people are willing to help me with that."
I couldn't imagine the Grim Reaper being a decent guy, but I took his word for it and kissed him.
"Are you ready?" I mumbled into is ear.
"Of course," he replied simply.
So we preceded to make baby 8!
And I just figured I'd show you Grim in his PJ's. Adorable! :P
Right after though, it was time to celebrate  Kat and Ebony's birthday! Will I cry as much over them leaving?
LOL Face #2
I checked out my beautiful daughters.
Kat was still my gorgeous little bunny,
And Ebony my non-bunny daughter!
Before the girls left, they wanted to help celebrate Connies birthday too, so I didn't stop them.
Connie turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself! She has very high cheekbones.
She even loves to help out with the kids. So even though I lost 2 helping teenagers, I gained another so it was okay.
I woke up that night to vomit...
MORE vomit...
And even more vomit!
And as the doting mother, I cleaned up the toilet after.
Connie's first day of highschool! I wonder how she'll take it...
While she was at school, I took the time to teach Tommy
and Tulip to talk so that they could age up later tonight!
Looks like somebody's pregnant! 
Later that night, it was birthday time again!
So here's the surprised-looking Tommy,
and the precious Tulip aging up!


And Tulip. They both go their fathers face shape, and Tommy got my teal eye color. He's my only kid so far to inherit my eye color!
Spot the differences...not many! They might be the most identical boy-girl twins ever in  the game!
Baby bump day 1.
Connie got off the bus with a boy girls sure do get around!
"Good night, Andre" I whispered. "Mommy loves you."
I was just getting into bed when I heard the alarm go off...
"Oh no!" I yelped as the police officer ran in. I wasn't worried about waking up the kids with my screams since the fire alarm had to have woken them up regardless!
The cop and the robber got into a huge fight right in the middle of the foyer...
(Tommy was too cool for it) (:
And the robber won!
He ran away, with no mark on his record ):
The police officer came up to me afterwards. "It seems..." she said slowly, "that the robber has gotten away."
"Yeah, I know," I said sarcastically. I knew it wasn't nice, but she should've done her job better! By the way, I love her face in this picture XD
Baby bump day 2!
I talked on the phone for a bit but then...
It was time! I decided to have a home birth for the sake of Andre.
This is my belly right before birth, by the way!
One more push and...
And I present to you the newest boy in the family, Happy Lights! I named him Happy so that  he never thinks that since his father is the Grim Reaper, that he has to be like him too.
I love you!
(: <3

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