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Oh Girl! :Baby 65

Thanks a boat load to RosieHay for the Old Timey Bathing Suit!
Thanks also to Jalo312 (aka Mya Everywhite of the Everywhite Legacy) for the Animal Wall Shelf v.2! Love it! :)
I don't know what it is about weddings but I think I'm pretty good at throwing them together.Bleue aged up right after Charlie was born last night and had no hesitance in proposing to Theresa...she said YES! He wanted his wedding TODAY regardless of school and wanted the current family here...pulling the kids out of school was no biggie so it's time to PARTY! 
 The dork in me comes out as they exchange their cleverly written vows.
Bleue-Theresa Anne Hart, I promise to love you, care for you, and hold you until the day I die. Never will I love another person like I do you. 

Theresa-Bleue Raine Lights, you are the man of my dreams. Just what we've been through so far proves you are triple the man I could have ever wanted and you're the only one for me. I love you baby.
I run inside to grab a spare basket of confetti and USE it! The boys have a grand old time tossing it in the air and making a huge mess of love. "Aww! Congrats you guys, I LOVE you!" I shout. Weddings make me so happy. My heart warms as I think of how perfect they are for each other...soul mates.

-Other Fun Wedding Day Photos-
 What  a fun day! I know the boys are more than happy about staying home from school to dance and party!
Around 2 PM the wedding is long done. Bleue and Theresa ask me to help them move in and I can't help but accept...I wish I could do this for all my kids but I guess PlumBob (God) made every Sim unique for a reason!

"Bleue, I absolutely adore your house and Theresa will have a great life here."

"Thanks mom," he replies. "We bought the cheapest house on the market but with her sewing skills and my business tactics we will be reeling in the money in no time. Thanks for always being there for me mom...I could never thank you enough." I pull my son into a tight hug, making sure he knows I love him.

Before leaving I have one thing I just NEED to say to Theresa.
"Hey Theresa!" I say excitedly. "Before I leave I really must tell you something very important about Bleue..."

Her eyes pop open as as she stares at me. "WHAT?!" I start laughing and fill her in.

"He's a cutie-pie in the bath tub!" I say. She starts cracking up and I smile. "It's really been good to meet you and I couldn't be happier that you're apart of our family...maybe sometime I'll give your dad a ring and chat." She smiles and expresses how much she would love that. I give her a hug and wish bother her and my son a happy time together!
Once home Chris and Chance express how much their brother inspired them, and how badly they want to become teenagers now. They look exactly alike minus the hair and eye color and they still love their imaginary friends. Before they help me with all the other birthdays Chris reminds me to make the dang IF potion. I nod and smile but I have no idea if I have the time to make it.
Charlie is such a cutie-pie and also a replica of his busy father. He gets along very well with the triplets so I give them some time together. They play for about an hour before it's time to age up my other boys-I still can't believe I've had seven in a row!
Left-Vincent, Middle-Henry, Right-Jordan

The triplets are the cutest things I've ever seen! They have aged into truly GREAT kids which is a relief...every since the bullying situation with Mason, Maddox, and Max, I have had an issue with odd numbers. But these boys absolutely do EVERYTHING together.
Although this house is a fresh start for my family I also feel like it's a troublesome start. Things are breaking left and right, more easily than I have babies. I normally wouldn't care but with so many babies going in and out I really need as much family time as possible...darn appliances.
Thankfully, by noon, everything is fixed, clean, and ready to go. The kids have been begging me to take them fishing since we've moved so I take them down to the beach right behind our house. All my boys fish while I get some work done with Charlie. Going from three toddlers to one is very refreshing so I reap the benefits like a good mother.
Around 2 PM the boys lack of fishing skill starts up my competitive side so I grab a fishing rod and join them. "Watch how it's done my boys," I say. They laugh and roll their eyes. "Whatever you say mom..."
I reel my rod out really far and put my game face on. It's a good twenty minutes of trying before I feel a tug and look at my boys. "I bet this one will be a winner!" I reel it in with all my might but what I see at the end of the rod is nothing but disappointing. "A sea sludge?!" I whine. "Ugh!" The boys start cracking up and I push away the negativity. "Oh hush, one day you'll see..." but I start laughing too. Who cares, it's all in good fun!
Chris and Chance received an opportunity from the Science Facility...if they can find TWO Rainbow Gems then they will turn their imaginary friends into humans for free. They got the call at the beach so I told them both to go and look for it since I don't have enough time to make the potion. Only Chance goes looking since Chris needs a fish for school and he's nothing short of unlucky. He spends so much time looking around town, in dumpsters, and over mountains that I have to force him to meet us at dinner later that night.
"I JUST WANT TO DATE MY IMAGINARY FRIEND!" shouts an angry Chance once at dinner. I calm down my son with some age old tricks and sit him down for dinner. "Now you're going to have to relax," I comfort my son. "I will get you the gem some way, some how". I could always promise him to make the potion but a busy mother doesn't need that!
The next morning is something to be excited for, it's the next challenge dad! His name is Rainbow Cleffer and he is trying to be in every challenge he can, mine being the him here. He is a very sweet guy and goes with the flow, especially when it comes to a maniac like me. I sneak him in the back door into my room before the kids wake up. "Todays a busy day," I whisper urgently. "Just hop in the bed!" 
 The romantic connection is there so we speed through and I give him a special thanks after. "Thanks Rainbow! I'm sure our baby will be cute and I'll send you a picture of him or her!" I say before pushing him out the back door. I straighten out my clothes and get started with my day.
Since we went out to dinner last night and money is tight I make the kids some fried eggs on toast for breakfast rather than the diner. While they eat I wake up Charlie from a long nights sleep. As I change his diaper he mutters his first word, a simple "mama". I swoon and shower my baby boy with kisses before starting my day for real.
Although I really don't want to have to make the potion I put a little work into it. I know Chris and Chance have been going head over heels looking for tips on finding the Rainbow Gem online and from neighbors but no such luck. Just in case things don't turn out I need a back up plan.
The triplets take advantage of the treehouse on this sunny day. They are intrigued by how creative they can be and they reap the benefits. Each boy likes to do something different in the house. Jordan loves to climb up and down the ladder and slide on the slide. Vinny likes to use his telescope to scope out the babes on the beach, and Henry likes to just sit there and gaze. "Ahhh, I love the outdoors," he expresses to his brothers. They laugh and say, "Geez bro, how can you just sit there?! Come do something!" They go back and forth before deciding to do their own things.

 The last thing Chris and Chance want to do is hang with their younger, lame, brothers so they take a turn on the water slide. They do some fun slides that finally inspire me to get out of the work area and have some fun! I take off my labcoat and pick up a poor Charlie who has no one to play with.
I take him for a spin on the spring riders, the recently favorite toy among my family. We have a lot of fun but when it comes to an end Charlie decides to be a party-pooper and refuse to get off. "Okay honey, you need to get off now!" I try to grab him but his hands grip the ride. "Uh, I'll get you a lollipop if you get off!" I bribe. He takes it and lifts his arms up but not without a mad face. "Me want lollipop!" he chants. I sigh and grab him one from the top cupboard before sitting him down for his lesson.
 I work with little Charlie for awhile until I can't take it anymore-I'm starving! I heat up the grill and get lost in my thoughts as I flip the hot dogs and look at the beautiful sunset. I guess I'm like my dad in that way...when you have a bad day, grill it away, is what he always said.
The rest of the night is extremely uneventful, filled with blabbering kids, lots of nausea, and one crying baby. I somehow make it through and put the kids to bed early. I myself head to bed early due to the fact that I can barely stand with having to vomit every second.
Today I'm feeling a lot better because first thing in the morning a new baby makes its appearance. I rub my belly, hoping for a healthy pregnancy, and lots of love!
I don't spend too much time admirning the new bump though since there are skills are lessons to be learnt! Little Charlie is in a fabulous mood today which is a blessing. I start teaching him to walk and within a couple hours he picks up the skill and does it himself. I guess the big window in the tots room is inspiring to my babies.
"Okay Charlie, say light bulb! Light. Bulb!" I say. I give him an expectant look and he just stares. 
"Come on Charlie, I know you can do it!" I cheer. His big round eyes look up to me and he whispers, "light bulb". I cheer and clap and swing my baby boy around and around. What a cutie!
 Since Charlie is so good at learning the rest of the day is a mommy day. I take a few cute pictures of my growing baby bump that actually grows now thanks to nutrition pills. When my doctor told me that I might have pregnancy issues because of being underweight I FREAKED. But now that I've gone to several nutritionists and taken pills during pregnancy it's been smooth sailing! 
At the very end of the day I hop on the computer and surf the net. There are so many 100 baby challenges that it's sometimes hard to keep up with but I do it regardless. Something I also check out are wedding details from a good friend Violet Newbie. I am a bridesmaid in her wedding and I can't wait for the big day, August 14!
My belly is quite the sight today. The last day of pregnancy is always a tough one but I love to have fun too. I invite some of my good challenge mother friends over for a good time since the one in my belly won't give me a good time.
They get over and the LAST thing on my mind is work so we pump up the stereo and DANCE! We chat too as we move.
Amber-I'm so glad you guys could's been so busy lately that I am in desperate need of girl time.
Della-Amen! Trying to catch up to your challenge has been HARD but I hope I can do it (laughs) Just kidding!
Vanessa-I've been on a bit of a break from my challenge but I will be back and ready to attack very soon. 
Ashley-I'm still going strong! Haha! 

They make me crack up as we dance. Having babies in this challenge is important but having friends is even more important. 
I ask Della and Askley to leave around four since the kids are coming home and the last thing they want to see is a partying mom. I do ask Vanessa to stay though, since I need to talk to her about some things.
"Vanessa, when are you going to continue your challenge?" I plead. We are planning on being the next two challenge moms to complete our challenges and we want to finish together. 

"I promise I'm working on it Ambs, it just gets so hard sometimes. You know what I mean. Sometimes I just want to sit back and enjoy the kids I have, not just rush into having more. "

"I get it...I feel the same way," I reply. I give her the details on some feelings I've been having recently about my challenge and she gives me the hard truth.

"Amber, in order to do this challenge you need to actually enjoy it. Are you enjoying this or are you doing it because you feel like you HAVE to?" At first I want to reply Of course I want to do it! but once I start thinking I realize that I sometimes don't.

"I guess not..." I say. "Sometimes I love this challenge and sometimes it grows old but I think I've figured it out. Thank you so much," I say. I give her a tight hug and make sure she knows how much she means to me.
"Anytime Ambs, you're my best friend." she says before reaching down to my belly. "But in the mean time you've got this little bugger to root for you, I hope it's a girl!" I can't help but agree after having SEVEN baby boys in a row. I really need a girl to freshen things up...literally and theoretically.
Vanessa finally goes, and call me a nerd, but all I want to do is sit and read my pregnancy books. I am determined to make this a good one after conferring with Nessa. What she said is so true...sometimes I really don't enjoy writing my challenge blog and sometimes I want to strangle sims for the things it puts me through.  

-Authors Note-
But in the end all I want is to complete this challenge and keep playing Amber. Thank you all for continually supporting me as I make it through this <3
 And reading is about the most interesting thing I do for the next 24 hours since I'm up bright and early for a birth...of a baby GIRL! Finally! Welcome to the world...
Baby 65
Meredith Lights

<3 :)

Thanks for reading! I felt like this post was a bit rushed but after slacking for almost a week I just wanted it OUT! I hope you decently enjoyed this, and if you did, leave a comment-positive feedback feeds an authors soul :)


  1. Great post :) Bleue will always be my favorite. I don't think the post was rushed at all, finally a girl!

    Stay Strong :)

  2. <3 Amazing as always Amber!
    See what I did there? ;D
    Okay, well. Yup. I'm just proud of myself for making second comment!! Haha

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  4. Awesome post as always. I love reading your blog! You inspire me to do a baby challenge but I'm honestly not sure how to get it started.

  5. Great Post Amber.
    No the post was not rushed, it was just right..
    Congrats on your new bundle of joy Meredith Lights. 8-)

  6. Yay! A girl!! <3
    I love Bleu!! He's so sweet :)
    I don't think the post was rushed!
    I love Amber's new hair! It really suits her
    I hope the teenager's imaginary friends can be made real before the grow up! I haven't been able to make the potion yet though! :( It's really hard
    Great post!!

  7. hghsims97, thank you! Writing Bleue's story was a nice thing to do. I loved him but many more babies to come!
    Sky, congrats, second comment XD Thanks for reading, glad to have you back girlie!
    Thank you Carter, I <3 her new hair!
    Orchid, thank you so much for reading and especially should try writing a blog, blogs are FUN!
    Melleasha, THANKS! I love your blog too, keep going strong!
    Tinkaaaaaaaaa, :D I FINALLY made the potion after having Amber work at the inventing station night after night instead of sleeping...amen for max motives, huh? :-)

  8. Wow, this was a great post! I loved the wedding in the beginning! The pictures were awesome! Yay, finally a girl! I think I'll use Rainbow in my challenge some day....

  9. Awesome post as usual! The wedding was gorgeous! I really like the part about struggling with the challenge. Having just started one myself after just silently reading everyone's for so long, I can appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into it now...they don't call it a challenge for nothing! LOL It's obvious how much work you put into it though. I hope you choose to continue!

  10. awww I was hoping for twins or triplets so we could see the different babies that came from that father lol

  11. love it, i havent posted in a while :( so your fine we will always be here to support you ambs! <3 xxx

  12. I always use the testingcheatsenabled cheat! I can't live without it!!
    How long did it take to get the potion? I might try again....
    Do you think you could put Rosebud and her twin on the exchange? I really love those two! :)
    :D I'll type this up on the next post as well! Not sure if you check it twice! <3 keep up the good work!


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