Friday, July 15, 2011

A Rare Opportunity: Babies 61, 62, and 63

Thanks so much to Laverty for Ruffled Pajama's, I love them! Much appreciated!
Also thanks to Stephanieewazere for the Little Princess Single Bed-VERY cute :-)
So much has been happening in this crazy excuse for a summer. I've been so stressed out my weight recently that I can't even eat! Most of the time I'm force feeding myself just so that I can ensure a healthy place to grow for the 40 more children I'm supposed to have. Between remodeling, taking care of the kids, dealing with my new house, and trying to please everyone I have been losing myself in the mix. It's hard being a Sim in this day and age.
Chance and Christopher have been the cutest little additions to our family and the triplets have fallen in love with them. Since I have been running around so much recently to and from the doctor, nutritionist to nutritionist they have been the biggest of help. I can't appreciate them more, especially when it comes to them growing up so fast.
Chance is on the left, Chris on the right. My boys are a match made in heaven, or at least that's what the triplets have been saying. I have spent a small amount of alone time with them in the past week and things have been slowing down, so much that I can only hope to have some mommy-son time soon.
Bleu has also aged up into one heck of a cutie-pie. He got to spend a little amount of time with his brothers as toddlers but he still loves spending time with them. I try to be with the kids as much as possible but I always feel like I'm working on the house or trying to get money and can't even have a good time.
This is one example of the work I've been doing, a remodel on the girls bedroom. I've been wanting a fresh style for them and I think I've found it. With this project done I find some decent free time to spend with the family and check on missed calls, emails, and texts.
And so it's not until roughly a week after Chance and Chris are born that I receive the opportunity of a lifetime. "Hello Miss.Lights, this is Coraline Beezma, CEO of SimLife Magazine. We have been searching for the right image for the cover of our July Issue and all of us agree that you have the 'it' factor. We would like to do a spread on your challenge, life, and maybe throw in a few mothering tips. It's quite the offer and one you may never see again, please consider!" We start chatting a bit and she admits that I'll make a pretty nice profit from it and it'll boost my popularity. How can I say no? "Of course I'll do it," I say. "How could I not?"
I get to sleep right after the call because turns out they are on a tight schedule...the shoot is TODAY! I wake my baby boys up with an old tune my mom used to sing. It wakes them both right up and I give them kisses goodbye and let them play, it's still only 5 AM. "Mommy will be downtown for the day kiddo's, don't miss me too much!" They wave goodbye saying, "Bye Mwommy!" 
To go to the studio I didn't feel like wearing much, just a tank and I let my hair down. I curled the front so I could look more presentable but I went there hoping they would do the dirty work of combing my hair. 
Mason Elliot-Well hello, you must be Miss.Lights. I'm Elliot, Mason Elliot, pleased to meet you. 
Amber-You too. 
Mason Elliot-So this, this is your hair? Gah, you no give this type hair to Elliot! I need to chop it off, chop it all. Off. 

His somewhere-else accent is running deep and annoying the hell out of me. I try to keep my thoughts to myself as he makes fake scissor motions around my hair.

"Just a snip here, a snip there, and your hair could be healthy again in no time." he says while pulling out actual scissors and lining it up to my hair. As he's about to cut I scream  "NOOO!!!!" and duck for cover.

He gives me a weird look so I calm myself and try speaking again. "Well, I mean, is it completely necessary for me to have my hair cut off? I've been growing it out and I really like it..."

"If you no cut hair, photo shoot is off. I will not work with this." I start to panic because I want to do this. I even drove all the way to downtown Sunset Valley and payed a babysitter. I know I have to make the choice so I make the one less traveled-"Cut it"
"Wow," is all I can say when I finally pry my eyes open. "So...this is all? This is my hair for the photo-shoot?" I ask. He nods his head and replies, "Yes, you no like? Mason Elliot, myself, is the best cutter in all of Sunset Valley." 

"I love it. Thanks, but can I have a moment to take it in? By...myself?" I ask. He nods his head and says, "Yes, I must set up the props anyways, I'm the photographer too!" 

Short I've had my hair short but never like this. My good friend Violet Newbie has hair like this and I wasn't expecting it to come out looking like this. I hope I can work it as well as her because it's one hard look to rock!
As Mason is finishing up with the props I walk over and inspect the area. Not too shabby, there's a blue-walled area and a white-walled area. Each looks really good and I'm excited hair. I'm not used to the breeze on the back of my neck! I hang my head low and avoid eye contazt until Mr.Elliot grabs my hand and shoves me into the dressing room with some clothes. "Put these on!" he shouts. "Don't forget to look FABULOUS!"
The first thing I slip into his a hot pink bikini and swim cover. "You look HOT Amber, do a pose!" I don't know what to do so I randomly place my hand on my head and jut my right leg out. I start to lose balance and Mason buries his face in his palms. 

"Not feeling the outfit, setting, or pose. Go change and let me figure something out." 
I feel like I've disappointed him but I keep confidence on my face.
 He seems to want me to go for a darker style because he hands me five black dresses and some black eyeliner. He has me do a couple more poses but it's still weird for me. "You know what?" he says. "C'mere, just look at this." He calls me over to look at something in his hand.
"This was Emmie Vogue as our April cover girl. Isn't she beautiful?"

"Very," I reply at loss for words.

"Do you see how natural she is? YOU need to look like that Amber. Be yourself, just better-that's what my momma always told me." I try to hide my weird look because as a mother I don't think that's very good advice. He changes me into yet another outfit and I think I've found the modeling side of me.
 The theme is "Momma Cheetah in the Wild!" It's a fun set up and even more fun to take pictures in. I finally tap into the modeling side of things and have a blast while doing it. These are the best of the fifty-some photo's he takes. I assume we're done after the great pictures but he has some other idea's.
"Before you go Miss.Lights, I think we need to get another model in the room to help you along. Perhaps a male model?...Some cute couple photo's wouldn't be too shabby." Couple poses?

"Mr.Elliot, in all respect, I may sleep with all these men but I don't want people reading the magazine to think I have a...boyfriend. I used to but it would confuse my children and be quite inappropriate." 

"Oh Miss.Lights, we will NOT use these for the cover. The model I have in mind is our very best male model and he loves coming in for sample photo's to show clients. Trust me, nothing bad will come of this." I don't want to believe him but I do. "Okay..." I say. "Send him in!"
He walks in and oh my Sim Goodness he's HOT! Apparently he's from Puerto Rico and his name is James Elliot-Mason's nephew. I am crossing my arms while waiting and all of a sudden he comes up behind me, puts his arms around me, and Mason snaps a photo. "A photographers dream, you two are wonderful!" he shouts. I want to turn around but I'm afraid he'll see my full face and recognize me as a challenge mother. I shield my face as best as possible as the photo's keep snapping.
 "Be in love! Be distanced! Be gorgeous! Be PERFECT!" are only some of the things Mason yells at us! We continue to maneuver and pose as he wishes but it gets harder and harder to shield myself. It all comes together when Mason yells the last command.

I guess we're both feeling the same spontaneous way because we both turn around and simply kiss. I think a million and one fireworks are set off as our lips lock. His hand grasps the very tips of the back of my hair and he kisses me until I am pulled away by a flashing light. 

"MASON!" I yell. "Stop taking pictures, this isn't part of it!"

"Oh yes it is, this is GOLD! You two are perfect together, keep doing what you're doing!"

Mason is starting to make me feel really out of place so I stop kissing James but he doesn't feel the same way.
"Wow," he says. "You're...beautiful." I fall into his eyes much deeper then anyone before-not Casey, not any challenge father, and not even my high school boyfriend Corbin. His black hair and deep blue eyes mesmerize me until I can't even speak. 

"You're not too bad yourself," is all I can get out.
 "Alright, alright, that's enough kids. Let her be James, I have to finish her solo photo's along with her family ones. James backs off and gives me one last, flirtatious look before walking to the food table. I am so taken away that I don't even notice when my tots waddle in the door. "What the?..." I ask. Mason gives me a pat on the shoulder and says, "We want your kids here too! Now get ready for some photo's!" I grab Chance and Chris and the light goes off again! I am really happy with the pictures and even happier about my boys being here. After another good half hour it's sadly time to go but I have to talk to James first.
Amber-Okay, so James, I'm sorry about the kiss. He said to be spontaneous and so I just did what I...felt. 
James-All you did was what I wanted to do since I first saw your face ten minutes before that-kiss you, be with you, love you. 
James-Is there an issue with that?
Amber-Well James, do you know who I am?
James-Your name is Amber Essence Lights, am I correct?
Amber-Yes, you're right. And do you know what I do for a living?
Amber-I am trying to have 100 babies with different men.
James-...oh. Um, that's okay? I'm not looking for a long-term relationship, I just want someone to be with while I'm in Sunset Valley. And heck, I'll sleep with you too!
Amber-I'm no slut James! I want to have 100 kids because I love family and I love to raise them to be unique! I will not just sleep with you because you've got nothing better to do. When we kissed I felt sparks, now you're just acting like a typical man-greedy and only wants a woman's body.
James-Whoa, wait, that's not true...
Amber-Oh really, then you want to sleep with me, call me once or twice, and then leave? Because that's how all the fathers are so I could care less. I just thought you could be more.
James-I can be more, hell, I AM more! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that to upset you so bad. I'm sorry, Amber. I am.
Amber-Fine then. So you want to be in the challenge?
James-As long as you won't be upset...
Amber-It's settled then. Meet me at my house at 9 PM tonight, I'll text you the address.

The car ride home is the longest I've ever had because of Chance and Chris whining in the back. I wipe my forehead to try and get rid of this headache they've caused and just make it home. Thankfully, we finally get home, but I don't see what I want-what I see is my three awesome teen girls aged into young women. I thought that they would stay for at least another couple days. When I ask them they just shrug it off and say, "We didn't know where you were so we took over. Sorry mom." I'm really upset to see them go, especially since they move out right away.
Once they go it's just Bleue and I. He wants to play video games so I join him and we talk.
"Um mom? Why do you suddenly look just like me but in girl version?" I laugh and push my hair off to the side. "I went to a photo shoot today honey. They wanted to cut my hair so I let them and now I look like you! But I think it's meant to be because we're matching just like we did when you were a tot!"

We play for about an hour before I put Bleue at the dining table with some dinner and fill the tub for him. He takes his bath and the babies fall asleep right away from their tiring day. Everyone but me is in bed just in time for James to show up.
I lead him straight to the bed with no real formal introduction and he starts to shy away. "James, we can't do this if you're four feet away. Come closer."

"I just...I've never tried to get a new girl I met pregnant before...not on the first time at least. Sorry." He starts to inch closer and I give him a huge kiss and I can tell he's getting into it. He leans back and I'm laying on top of him when he pulls away again. 
"Okay, what is it NOW?" I say, slightly irritated.

"I just want you to know, before we do this, that I'm sorry about earlier. You're not mad about it...are you?"

"Of course not! But now I'm starting to because I need to get pregnant and I'm tired. Please James, please. I'm not mad." He lift up my neck and kisses it once, twice, three times. A small smile curls up from his mouth and I know he's ready.
We dive under the covers, more than prepared to conceive this child.

A shower is the first thing I need this morning. I lather the shampoo in my hair and the shortness is still shocking, even after 24 hours. 
 Chance and Chris are just CRAZY morning tots. Waking them up is no walk in the park, it's not even a walk in the bad side of's worse. I am sore from holding my poses so long yesterday so I don't do much with the boys. I'm feeling nauseous so once their set up with breakfast and some toys I set myself up for mommy-time.
I start "mommy-time" by hanging out in the new makeup area of the girls bedroom. I designed their room the way that I had always wanted mine. Sitting in front of their glam mirror, four rooms away from the babies, is quite relaxing. I take the time to carefully apply some eye shadow and a light lipgloss. I spend an hour fixing and pushing my hair different ways before I finally decide-I like it! I am interrupted by some nausea and then I'm not as into the makeup mood.
With nothing to do I'm feeling in the dangerous mood (darn mood swings!) so I grab a detonator and run outside! The kids have been leaving their toys everywhere and I'm too uneasy to clean so why not have a little fun? I click the red button and I sprint to the wall as the countdown starts.

 It's SO much fun to see the explosion! I cover my ears but grin like a maniac at what I'm doing. Why is myself, a mother of sixty, blowing up her childrens toys? I don't know!
A small pile of scrap is left but after cleaning it up I am full of my mood swings and my babe finally makes an appearance! I can't wait to have more bustling babes around the house since I only have three right now.
I head to check on the babies and apparently the boom must've scared them because they're crying up a storm! I calm them by playing blocks with them and applauding every five seconds. "Oh wow, what a great castle! Oh my gosh, you can make a pyramid, yay Chris!" It's real mother-son time!
I start to feel a little lonely without my "twin" Bleue home. I wander around the house until three o' clock finally rolls around and my son is home! He wants to play catch with a football so I grab our newest one and show him the ropes. 

"Okay son, so you're going to have to hold the football with you're middle finger right above the laces and grip it tightly. Reach back and throw it as hard as you can!" I show him my perception of a throw and I nail him right in the chest. "Oh my gosh, are you okay?!" I scream. He holds his hand up and says, "It's...okay mom. I'll be...fine." He gives me a small smile and we both start cracking up.
He continues to shield himself from every ball so I give up and suggest something a little less on-contact. He's wanted to learn an instrument so I bring him inside and grab a couple from the storage room!
Baby Bleue tries his hand at the bass while I rock out on the drums. "C'mon son, play that bass like there's no tomorrow!" I yell over my drumming. He plucks it like crazy and he finally gets the hang of it! 

"Ph my gosh, I'm playing the bass mom! Ahhh! I love music!"
His little freak out means a lot to me and I'm glad he's finally found his niche. I show him some beats on the drums and he loves that too. I think Bleue could be a potential musician, how I love my kiddo's!

We eat some leftovers for dinner and play some video games after. I love spending one on one time with my kids, it makes me feel almost like a normal mom. Little Bleue still loves his baths so he takes a long one and then goes to bed with a warm glass of milk and a cookie :) 
Here is a short video I managed to capture of my boy in the tub...he would kill me if he knew I am putting this up!
Chris and Chance are just so darn busy doing their own thing that it's a twenty minute process to pull them away from one another. They are devious little boys who love little girls toys and always make me smile. I give them their warm milk too, minus the cookie and they go right to sleep. I toss on my PJ's and drink a glass of water before going to sleep myself.
 Waking up is not the usual hassle that it is and I even have a smile on my face despite my impending doom. This morning I have to take a pill the size of my face and I hate taking any pills...I know, that's weird because so many pills are involved with pregnancy but I truly hate them. I take a look at my face before washing down the huge pill with some water. I hope it does it's job of keeping my baby healthy. To get my mind off things I make Bleue a rare week day breakfast.
When we sit down I ask my little buddy for all the details on his social life. "So Bleue, are there any GIRLS in the picture?" 

"-MOM!" he cuts me off. "Why do you have to be so snoopy, it's none of your business!" I give a small smile and nod my head. "Okay," I say. "It's your life, don't let your old mom butt in..."

He says "Good" and starts eating again but after a few minutes he perks up. "Well, since you're so intent on learning who I like I'll tell you! Her name is Theresa, her hair is the perfect shade of brown, and she is the cutest girl in the third grade. Okay? Tell a soul and I'll never talk to you again!" I motion my lips being zipped shut and smile inside-moms always know how to get the details.
With nothing better to do on this typical Friday morning I get a jump start on my little nuggests potty training. Chance and Chris poo like pros and even smile while working. I start to think I could spend the day with them but they whip out their little dolls before I can get a word in.
These odd dolls that my kids have been getting are really starting to creep me out...I mean come on, Aunt Berta? I don't have on of those AND the kids act as if the dolls are real. It's frustrating times one million to a mom like me to be rejected for a doll. But nonetheless I let them go and have yet another mommy day.
My plants have been basically screaming for water in the past weeks but business has just taken over my life. Since I finally have time to get down the nitty-gritty of gardening I do...and only two plants are left after. WOW, what a pathetic garden.
I start to feel extreme loneliness and of course Mr.Laundry Gnome is around. I find myself talking to him as the day goes on. "-and so then I got REALLY mad at Casey and it's like, really? You're cheating on me? I mean COME ON!  And not just that but my babies cry ALL the time! Sometimes I want to shove a sock in their mouth and call it a day!" I let my heart and soul completely ramble to an intimate object for hours. I end up feeling like a loser who is getting a sun burn so I hop in the pool.
Swimming relieves some stress but not all. I text my friend Vanessa to come over later to hang out because even though I feel happy I'm still very unhappy. Ness always makes me smile so one text later we are set up to hang out.
As I wait for her and Bleue to come I lay out in the shade and take a long nap. Chance and Chris couldn't give a care about their mom, as long as they have their toys so I let them be. It's not until four o' clock that everyone comes home and I have a surprise.
Bleue brings Theresa home! He quickly introduces me to her saying, "Mom, this is Theresa. Theresa, this is my mom. Bye mom!" And they skip away to the backyard. As they're going to play I pull Nessa aside and whisper in her ear, "That's the girl Bleue has a crush on! Aren't they just TOO cute?!" 

"Oh yeah! I'm sure they'll be the hottest couple in town girl!" I start cracking up and am sad. But I brush it off and realize how lucky I am to have my family here and safe, my best friend by my side. 
 But best friends aren't always the best of friends! We decide to go for a little competition since my kids want NOTHING to do with me tonight. The hopscotch court is free so we try our hand at it...I miserably fail which is probably what Vanessa wants considering we're always competing in something. My hormones take charge so I'm upset at her at first but after a minute I realize this is how we always are ad I'm fine. We continue to play while my son is being a little cowboy casanova!
Bleue-So Theresa, wasn't recess crazy today? Miss.Maggie wouldn't stop yelling at us! 
Theresa-Yeah, especially Billy! Billy is SO cute, I don't see how anyone can yell at him!

He starts to get a sad look on his face. I know that all he wants is to be Theresa's one and only, even at this young age. 
Bleue-You know're really nice.
Theresa-Oh I know! My mommy tells me I am like an angel but better! Thanks Bleue!
Bleue-Yeah, for sure...I don't really know how to say this but-
Theresa-And back to Billy he's just like SO funny, isn't he? 
Bleue-Um, yeah? But like I was saying-
Theresa-I'm SO glad to have a guy friend like you to talk to! 
Theresa has to go home shortly after considering she's only 8 and I send a sad Bleue off to bed. Vanessa and I stay up and hang out, just talking. I feel like we only ever hang out in group situations so it's nice to have some one on one time, everyone needs some of that. She coo's over my upcoming babies and SWEARS they will be triplets. I guess I'll see!
Hold Sim-baby-Jesus! I guess that darn nutrition pill worked because my belly is full and glowing this morning. I rub and love my big belly because I never thought I would be able to have my babies grow normally again but...the pill actually works! It will be a pain to swallow it every time but I'll get over it, I'm in it for the children.
With my newfound happiness and bigger than life belly I get to work on some typical last day activities-outdoors, family time, babies. I play in the sprinkler with Bleue because to be quite honest it is burning hot outside and the AC is on another funk. Bleue is obviously still upset over Theresa so it's nice to finally get a smile out of him. He giggles and laughs like the little muscle-man I know and love.
Afterwards we're in the mood for some serious Saturday morning cartoon-watching and that's what we do! I have to shush him many times during the episodes of my old favorites Tom and Jerry but eventually he catches on-NO TALKING! 
Bleue gets bored after a while and plays with his younger brother Chance. Peek-a-boo is a favorite game and they go to town! The little faces they make are the cherry on top of a great day and I smile like a fool.
Since I'm an impatient lass I go ahead and heat up the dance floor with my moves! Dancing induces labor and labor is just what I need. It's a couple hours but by noon I am welcoming THREE new guests of honor...
Baby 61
Henry Lights
Baby 62
Jordan Lights
Baby 63
Vincent Lights
Wow, more boys!

As I'm rocking Henry Bleue shouts my name louder than I've ever heard anyone before. I rush into the study to see why he's screaming and confusion all over his face?

"" he says. I shout out one loud cuss and whip out my phone-I have some calls to make.


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  4. Thanks ToNay, I wanted to give the readers something to look forward to :) It's the right thing to do considering how late I was with this post!
    And thanks to you too Catlover! The blowing up her kids toys was something I've been wanting to do for awhile and I could SO see a real life preggo mother doing that :D
    And thanks also to Cassie! I figured the photo shoot would be something fun since Amber doesn't get to do her own thing very often...I like the maternity dress too, I could put it on the exchange if you want?

  5. Wow!! That's gotta be one of your best posts yet!! I loved the blowing up her kids toys! And the little rant at James!! Specially seeing as it's only natural for guys to assume Amber's a slut!
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