Wednesday, August 3, 2011

::Babies 66 and 67::

Thanks a TON to QueenLeasha for this amazing outfit...I REALLY love it.
Having a baby girl is more refreshing than kool-aid on a hot day (lame joke alert) and I’m simply loving it. Meredith is everything a mom could want-happy, safe, and QUIET! She’s been maturing dramatically so there is no doubt in my mind about aging her up to her brothers life stage.
When she blows out the last candle and ages I can’t stop looking at her…she’s a natural beauty! I can definitely see her fathers nose, lips, and face on my baby girl which is great! Meredith is a really sweet young girl who is mature beyond her years.
Charlie and Meredith (a.k.a. Merry) hit it off straight away. Merry shows Charlie her girl toys and apparently he likes them! They play dolls all day.
"Charlieeeee," says a young Merry. "Your dolly is my dolly's best fwiend! Come over my house now!"
"NO!" replies Charlie. "They got into fight...remember?!" It clicks for Merry and she says, "Ohhh!" before inviting a different dolly over and continuing their play session.
When my boys Chris and Chance get home from their last day of highschool they whip out two birthday cakes and get to growing up. Each one of them is very good-looking and I know they will have great success in life. They tell me that they're not sure what they want to do for a living but they'll figure it out in time. I smother each boy with hugs and kisses before they finally get up and go...the house is much quieter.
Once they're gone I survey all the damage around the house from having seven boys in a's bad. Clothing everywhere, toys strewn across the house, shoes in front of the door, and worst of all there is several broken objects. Since this house is brand new I really do need to get to upgrading objects. I spend the rest of the day upgrading the kitchen objects.
With my two right-hand men gone and my new love of upgrading objects, I expect the triplets to step in and help. Henry is the only one to do so but with only two babes I don't need much help. "Here you go baby girl!" says the proud big brother, Henry. "Thanks broda!" Merry perks up. 
Before I allow the boys to play at the end of the evening I check their homework. Both Henry and Vinny are doing fine but Jordan is still having issues. I can tell because he's still rubbing his head and working on his final school project when the others are eating dinner. Seeing this, my first reaction is to help him, so I do. His brothers are thankfully supportive and help him with when I have to do other things.
In the morning Charlie decides to sleep in. It's a nice surprise to see Meredith up early, though, and I play with her while silently urging Charlie to wake up. "Mommy, why is broda still sleepin'? Me want to playyy!" I shush her and say, "Brother will be up in a bit!" and he miraculously wakes. I put Merry down with a bottle and wake up her playmate.
"Come on baby boy, your sissy wants to play!" I happily chant. When Meredith was born Charlie was so estactic, and when I aged her to a tot like him, he was so happy he was grinning from ear to ear. He's been a very sweet boy with his new friend so waking up is easy and they start playing straight away.
With a second of free time I head into the brutal summer air and work on my pitiful garden. But it will soon NOT be pitiful since I plan on being much more loyal to it. Starting today I will start attempting to garden more! I get everything watered before playing with my kids is much more pleasing.
Merry and Charlie decide to be extra adorable today and play on the Xylaphone...together!! I sit down and basically construct an orchestra with my babies. Charlie is far more advanced than the basic tot so I know Merry will be sad at the birthday party tonight...thank goodness I have constant babies, so she should be fine!
The rest of the afternoon is pretty basic, with cleaning and going a bit crazy with photo's of the kids. When you've been a mom for so long, all you want to do is snap photo's of your beautiful babies! I have at least ten hung around the house.
Around one I remember that I have a meeting with the next challenge father. All the challenge dads tend to move in together and discuss my cheating on them, a habit I'm not very fond of. Nevertheless, the newest member of this household is one I haven't conceived with yet-a man by the name of Leonardo Franks.
I walk straight up to Leo and hide my face from the other fathers. "Hey nice to meet you." I extend my hand to which he readily shakes. "So nice to meet you! These men were so happy to take me in when I came into town to meet you." he says.
"Oh, wow, about that..." I trail off. "All these men have already taken part in my challenge, and I'm pretty sure they're going to scream 'off with her head'! any second." He laughs a hearty laugh and puts his hand on my shoulder. "You're so funny! If they decide to harm you, I'll save you! Like a prince in shining armor!" He's so jolly it's almost sickening. 
" anyways...shall we go inside?" I ask, but basically plead. 
"Sure thing!" he smiles. We go inside and he makes me a drink. I take the drink but it's some fruity cocktail. "Do you have something different?" I ask. If I'm going to drink, let it be something I want! And what I need right now is straight-up scotch. "Say, do you have, scotch?" I ask. He purs it straight in a glass and I take one big gulp. Ah, the burn. 
"Shall we make a baby?" I say.
I haven't been in a challenge fathers bedroom in a VERY long time. I lay down with a silly smile on my face. As he lies down and fluffs the pillows he turns away. As I am about to ask what's wrong he says in a rush, "A lot of women would never be with me because I'm fat...and hairy. Please don't let me in underwear scare you off!" he pleads. I promise not to run off so we conceive more babies! I'm not in the mood to hang around with all these men who resent me so I head right home with a quick "thank you". 
And when I get home, it's not much better. The boys aren't even home from school, so a birthday party is out of the picture. Charlie wants to grow up so I promise him to do that. First, though, I start upgrading the bathrooms. It comes to a quick end with the shower breaking, so I set up the birthday cakes. Time for a party!
Vincent is quite the cutie! Out of all the boys he looks most like me, due to his nose. Vinny is a very boy and my pride! He loves playing lacrosse and is already captain for the team. I swear he spends every waking moment working out of throwing his lacrosse ball against the side of the house.
Henry has the art of styling hair down pat. His previously long hair is now gelled to the max and looking good! His looks bore almost complete accuracy to his father James. It's almost scary how much they look alike. But other than looks, Henry is a very sweet boy who loves not only lacrosse but soccer too!
And then there' Jordan! I'd like to say that he's outgrown his disability to learn, but no such luck. He still have his problems with certain subjects, such as math, so he is constantly working instead of having fun. I'd really love to see him strive and I know he is on his way to that.
And then, finally, my not so little boy Charlie. He is a very excitable and fun little boy. He constantly brings excitement into the household and lifts everyones spirits. Something he does seem to miss though is his baby sister being the same age as him. That's something I'm going to have to look into since they love each other so much.
Since it's Friday, and the kids have worked tirelessly all week, I get up extra early to make chocolate-banana pancakes for the kids. I have a good time in the silence, it's almost surreal for the house to be this quiet. Soon there is groaning from the boys room so I know they're up. I set the table and call them out. "Special breakfast boys, get changed and come out!" 
As soon as all four of my boys are dressed and on the way to school, I wake up Merry. She is my little sunshine, bringing light into a boy-filled motherhood. "You're mommy's special girl," I whisper. "You are my miracle baby." All she can do is giggle and laugh so I get started with her skills immediately.
"Okay, so, this is the POTTY," I instruct. "Just sit here and go pee-pee! Just like in your diaper!" She nods but the look of determination on her face is what tells me she will do this right. "Go Merry!" I chant "You go girl!"
And she does it...with much determination in her face. As soon as she's done I help her wash her hands and then I look at her. My baby girl, growing up before my eyes. She sure needs to learn her skills if she will age up with Charlie. "Come on baby," I say, "Let's go to the beach for some fun in the sun!"
And this is why I love single births. The fact that a busy mother of 65, like myself, can take time out of the day to go to the beach for some fun on a weekday. Meredith turns out to be a stellar walker and picks it up fast. It's not until around 3 that some things happen.
The first is that my next baby makes an appearance in the form of a kick! I pull up from my speaking lesson with Merry and rub my stomach. I can't wait to see these little buggers. As I'm rubbing my belly I look into the water and see a shark swimming so close to shore. There are no shark warnings around the beach so I scoop up Meredith and start heading home.
And when I get home, ironically, I turn on Shark Week on the Discovery channel. I love watching sharks on TV, just not actually seeing them. I soon flip off the television and work on some more of Merediths skills. Oh motherhood, how I enjoy thee.
Instead of lazing around I take Meredith for a pre-dinner walk. She was starting to fuss so I put her in the stroller and walked her around the central area. I don't think I get out enough because there are many neat things around town. It eventually is dinner time so I turn around and head home. The breeze starts to pick up and it drizzles. Merry finds this more than entertaining, splashing around in puddles. I practically have to drag her in.
The rest of the evening is spent by cleaning out the fridge. I practically don't breathe as I clean out week-old sushi and milk. Once it gets very late and the boys are in bed there is one-or more like two-people who can't sleep. Meredith and I. So instead of lying bored in bed I bring Merry into the foyer and we work on her words. She surprisingly finishes up talking to the point where all she needs to learn is walking. We both end up asleep in bed around 1 AM.
My belly doesn't do much but swell a bit over night, but what can I expect? I'm still taking these darn humongous pills and trying to produce healthy children. Every pregnancy since the the doctors visit has been emotional, thought I may not express it verbally. I take my daily pill and wash it down before drinking some coffee and watching the news.
As I'm busy cleaning out the toddlers room Vanessa Wood, my good friend calls. 
Vanessa-Amber, how are you?
Amber-Good...I have a lot to get done this morning. Um, how are you?
Vanessa-Good. I'm not one to beat around the bush so let me just say it-in a couple weeks there will be a big, um, event, that I want to go to but I want to bring you for support.
Amber-What are you talking about? Of course I'll go, if you need support, but what is this event?
Vanessa-So that is a definite yes from you?
Amber-I guess?...what are you talking about??
Vanessa-GREAT! In a couple weeks there is a speed-dating marathon that I want YOU to accompany me too. Regardless of our challenge we are both still young and HOT! And the fact that-
Amber-What the-
Vanessa-we're nearing the end of our challenges and I feel like you still haven't gotten over, uhm, Casey yet. 
Amber-WHAT!?! Of course I have!!
Vanessa-I don't think so, but...whatever. So you're definitely coming?
Amber-Um, about that-
Vanessa-GREAT! I'll text you the details!

I hang up and rub my temples. Vanessa tends to get us into all-too-ridiculous situations. This, being another one of her schemes, is bound to end up a big mess. 
It's a Saturday, so not wanting to ruin the mood, I take the kids to the library (which totally ruins the mood in their perspective). Jordan boo's my idea but gets over it while Henry and Vinny just whisper. Ignoring their plea's to leave I look at the bright side-it's the weekend!
Merry wants to play so I take her in the kids room. "Hello there, I'm Mister Bear! Hello there Meredith!" She giggles like a maniac and replies, "You no mister mommy! You a missy!" I laugh and say, "I sure am honey!"
Charlie sits and plays by his sailboat all day...alone. He does NOT have an Imaginary Friend as far as I know but he isn't exactly the socialite of the year. When I ask him about it he simply says, "I like to be alone." That's it! I just leave him alone so he won't feel like there's no love.
Meanwhile, on the second floor, Jordan is actually trying to get something done. That is until his brothers come and whisper about something. 
"Yeah, so I figure we can place it there..." whispers Henry. "Okay, seriously?" asks Jordan, closing his book. "I actually want to pass a class this semester. Can't you guys go whisper about whatever you're up to some where else?" His brothers react to the rude undertone by saying, "Ugh, you're such a spazz! Dude, you should help us!" They then proceed to explain their aster scheme. "Well, okay..." agrees Jordan. 
 I see the boys whispering and so I come out of the play room for a moment to discuss the rest of the day. As I walk out I start talking when Henry says, "Oh mom, you look so uncomfortable! Pregnant women, especially of your age, shouldn't be standing so long! Come sit, RIGHT in this chair..." As much as I didn't appreciate the first comment I sit down anyway.
"AGHH!" I yelp as I sit down to the sound of a whoopee cushion! "What the heck boys?" I question before their looks make me errupt into a fit of laughter. It's a simple prank, and though many people (paparazzi) saw me, whatever! I ignore it and sit down again. "Anyway," I say, "This library isn't doing too much for my tan! Want to head to the pool?" And boy do they ever! We head right there.
Charlie still isn't socializing but he sure has a knack for fishing. "Weee, look mom! I caught a pool toy!" The amazing feat, in his mind, is quite ridiculous. In order to spare his feelings I give him a tight nod and say, "Good job son. Keep it up." I should mother of the year, huh?
 The triplets get involved in some serious breathing contests to which I ignore. As long as they're not drowning it's all good, but I can't help but overhear some of their remarks. 
"Oh come ON Henry! You totally scammed me! I heard you come up for breath!" whined Vinny. 
"That's NOTHING compared to the fact that you are a freakin aqua-man or something! You've been hiding it all this time!" shouts back Henry. Jordan politely stays out of it and says, "Can we please have some FUN?"
I don't feel like swimming so I put my hard work into Meredith. Walking is the only thing left to learn. I'm sad but very happy when she finally walks more than 10 feet without falling and stubbornly announces "Me age up NOW!" I let her grow up early and she is a beauty! Charlie is more than relieved, I can see it in his face, to have a good friend his age. That should clear up the socialization issue.
Oh belly! My stomach is definitely agreeing with the pills this pregnancy since my stomach has grown to major proportions. I'm estactic about this considering is just HAS to be a double or triple birth at this point. 
I check the mail to see I've received a GIFT! Except, once opened, it's not exactly a gift, just an overly-wrapped copy of my auto-biography. I sigh since I had hoped it would be from a potential suiter, is it so wrong of me to want love? I place the book on the kitchen counter and head outside to get my mind off things. 
We all go on the slip n' slide except for myself. Instead I sit on the porch and start working on another novel. Writing is a hobby I've had for a long time though I haven't exactly had time for it. The kids are clearly having a good time on the slide until I start to get impatient and head inside. Dancing is known to cause labor so I dance away!
And it works! Welcome to the world...
Baby 66
Amelia Lights
Baby 67
Clarisse Lights

<3 :)


  1. A scheme? Really? Maybe it's for your own good <3 LOVELY post. I love Meredith! Geez girl, stop having so many cute kids!

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  3. Hey Amberr :]
    Loved the post. Meredith's gorgeous.
    Quick questions:
    Could you name one of your Girls Emily Rae or Yuki?
    Do you use CC at all? If so what do you use?

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    I love the summery mood of the post! <3
    Could you possibley put Rosebud and her twin on the exchange? I checked but I'm not sure if they're on there? Ignore me if I'm being an idiot... :P
    Congratz for two more girls!! And I love the triplets!!
    I didn't know you could get sharks in sunset valley! :O

  6. I love Merry! She's pretty cute and downright adorable! I love Sim toddlers. Can't wait to witness the speed dating thing!

  7. So I've been luring for a while, and I feel like I should actually say hi :) And I love your challenge. Well, back to lurking :D


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