Monday, July 18, 2011

A Surprising Conclusion and a New Start

It's roughly three hours after the birth of my triplets and I am still furious. I can't believe that photographer would have the guts to post those pictures after I specifically told him not to. And if he knows ANYTHING about me he knows I won't let him get away with this-not without revenge at least.
I'm not in any sort of mood to play dumb so I march right up to him when he steps out of his car and don't let him say a word. "Hey Amber, thanks for inviting me out, I-"

"-Stop, YOU listen to ME. Have you been on your Uncle the Photographers personal website recently?"

"" he says, hesitation in his voice.

"Oh REALLY?" I say. "So you haven't happened to see a photo including the two of us KISSING on his site? One with a caption that implies that we're DATING? Please tell me, does any of this ring a a bell for you?" All hints of sarcasm in my voice.


"Knew it, all guys are the same. All they want is to look good for the world and have everyone thinking they're dating the town slut-am I right?"


"AM I RIGHT?" I almost scream. I can see eyes around me at the bistro but I could care less, let them watch.
"'re right. I saw the photo's the morning after we got together know. But I didn't want to say anything because I knew you would act like this! And you may think all us men are the same but don't try to say women aren't either! All women do is rant, scream, and cry if they don't get what they want! And that is EXACTLY what you're doing right now so THANKS for proving my point."

I can't believe he would say all this. When you fight fire with fire NOTHING turns out right.
"Well all MEN do is sit on the couch and tell women what to do! Maybe that's why we whine sometimes, because you men don't do a damn thing!"

"And maybe us MEN sit on the couch because we're so freaking tired of listening to women rant all day! You know what? We're fighting like a married couple and we're not even dating. Just stop Amber, just stop."

I look up into his clear blue eyes for the first time tonight and see what we're doing to each other.
I don't have a single thing to say because you know what? He's right. I barely know the guy and I've already had three kids with him, modeled with him, and am now fighting like a married couple. It's not right. And although I'm at a true loss for words he's not.
He leans in close and gives me a small kiss on the cheek. 

"Amber Lights, you are the craziest, quirkiest, most hilarious and hormonal girl I've ever met and you know what? I think we could be great friends. I'll talk things over with my uncle and get him to delete the photos, and you...give me a call sometime and maybe I'll answer." he gives me a wink, turns around, and walks to his car without turning around once. I stare after him knowing I barely know him but wishing I do.
As much as I want to go home, curl up in my bed, and think about what just happened for the next fifty years that's just not an option because tomorrow morning is MOVING DAY! We leave our home of memories with only a few photos and ceritificates and make our way to the new home built by ME and some construction workers!

I eagerly rush into the house to take a look!
Here is the main entrance, what you see when you first walk in!
The kitchen!
Family Room!
My baby-making bedroom!
The boys room, directly attached the the girls room
Girls room!
Toddlers room! How cute!
Here is the back deck area...very relaxed feel with a GREAT view of the sea
I even had a tree house built for the boys!
And here is a picture of the view from the back deck...gosh, the Sunset Valley beaches never get old. This house is a fresh start for me, no memories of the past.

I get to bed around midnight yet wake up at 5 this next morning. I make some coffee and sip it on my new back deck. James flashes through my mind and the world of possibilities he holds.


  1. Wow the house looks great! Are you thinking of uploading it to the exchange?

  2. Love the house! You make AWESOME houses!

  3. Omg Love this post and LOVE this house :) Nice job

  4. Aww, the house is beautiful! I really like the storyline with James! Very creative! Awesome post!

  5. I think you left a baby on the floor lol

  6. Loved this post :) the house is beautiful! I love the kitchen!

  7. I love the house!!! :)
    Is it on the exchange?

  8. People have already said this but... the house is beautiful! I love the deck the best!

  9. You go through ALOT of houses Amber! :) This is #4 right?


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