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Oh Boy!:Baby 64

Thanks SO much to EmEmEmilyEmEm for the Spikey and Suave for Boys-super cute! Much appreciated!
Also thanks a ton to SimGuruPopTart for the Colonial Fashion Dress, I love receiving gifts from the Sims 3 Officials! :)

I guess some habits just never break because even now, at the end of Bleue's childhood, he still has a hard time falling asleep. It's our second night in the new house so I'm still unpacking but I find time to spend with the boys. 
And by boys I mean ALL my boys. With the addition of my new triplet boys that makes SIX baby boys in a row! I know watermelons will be a big part of my next pregnancy! 
It's a fairly late morning for Bleue and I. We're just so beat from unpacking and and getting used to things that it's all weighed down on our sleep schedules. I still haven't even had time to go grocery shopping so month old cereal it is. I soak up the quiet time because just in the other room is five screaming babies who absolutely NEED to age up.
First to age is CHance and Christopher. They are silly young boys who are always looking for a good time. I don't think they could be any more perfect for each other because they are simply the best of friends. They still love their imaginary friends but these days they're more interested in playing with real people.
The triplets are just absolute perfection in my eyes. I can already tell that Henry and Jordan will look JUST like their father while Vincent has my nose and face shape. I want to send a picture of them to James but I'm just too nervous. After what happened at the bistro I don't know what we are-friends or enemies. Instead I just take a picture of them for the house and continue on with the birthdays.
The final birthday boy is Bleue! His looks remind me A LOT of baby seven Andre and he's too adorable! I've loved having Bleue around the house because it makes the triplets easier to care for. But as much as I know I shouldn't mind I'm still hurt when the first thing he does is invite Theresa over. Apparently she aged into a teenager yesterday so that's why Bleue was so persistent to have birthdays today. I'm still hurt but I let him hang out with her and I do my own thing.
There is something of importance that I do need to do though-a few months back someone contacted me about writing an autobiography of my challenge life and I said yes not realizing how little time I ever have. So anyway, there's a DEADLINE and it's approaching in just a few days. With all the kids busy I watch the triplets while I'm working for inspiration. I'm going to need to crank out this book!
While I'm working Chance and Chris are playing an intense game of hopscotch. Hopscotch has turned into a favorite game among my kids. I only allow the competition because hopscotch is such a safe activity. I leave the screen door open throughout the day so listening to them compete is just so funny. 

"Okay, seriously Chris? You can't step on the rock...that's the whole point! You lose!"

"Nah, they changed the rules last week in the official book of hopscotch-you now have to hop on the rock. Trust me bro, I know these things."

And just around the wall is Bleue with his date! The full-windowed study makes a great place for me to spy on my kids but after awhile I start to feel bad so I leave. I go into the kitchen and start unpacking some dishes when Bleue comes in and asks me if Theresa can stay for dinner.

"Of course honey...are you two, ya know, dating yet?"

"That's not your business mom! Just please don't embarrass me with baby stories at dinner. Especially since I saw the video of me in the bath on your blog." He winks and walks out and I start cracking up-my kids spy on me like I do to them!
I make sure that Theresa likes fish and meat before I decide on making salmon for dinner. It's done by Sunset so we all sit down and I start my questioning.

"So Theresa, remember me from when you were a little kid? You and Bleue used to hang out ALL the time."

"Of course Miss.Lights, that was only a week ago! I must say, I love your new home. It's beautiful. And your family is GREAT, especially Bleue." She giggles and I crack a smile.

"Thanks honey! What about your family, what are they like?

She pauses and puts down her fork. 
" family isn't as tight-knit as yours. My parents are not together, my mom sort of left as soon as I was born. My dad and I live across town in a small town house. But it's all good! He just gets lonely sometimes." I take in her story and glance at Bleue, wondering if he knew all this-looks like he didn't. 

"Oh...okay. That's alright, we all have rough times. All I know is that you have made Bleue one happy Sim and I would be happy if you two started dating-"

"-MOM!" cuts off Bleue. I realize that I must have embarrassed him so I shut my mouth and make a motion to Chance and Chris to go to bed. Bleue takes Theresa out to the pond so I hide and watch!
"I'm so sorry about my mom, she always says the wrong thing-"

"-I didn't know that I make you happy. Do I really? Because you make me smile every time you open your mouth."

His mouth drops open and I have to stifle my laughs. "Um YES, Theresa. You're the most beautiful girl in the entire Sunset Valley and I want you to be my girlfriend. Please, will you do me the honor of-"

"YES!!" she jumps up and gives him a huge kiss on the cheek. I can tell it's my turn to get up and inside before they catch me but as I'm walking up the stairs Bleue shouts, "I see you mom" before turning back to Theresa. I duck my head and SPRINT inside!
Chance and Chris go to bed so I put the triplets to sleep and give Bleue some alone time with Theresa. She goes home by 9 since it's a Sunday and Bleue does the dishes. As I'm putting Jordan to sleep I stop in the kitchen and check on my happy camper. 

"Someone looks happy," I say.

"Oh yeah, I'm dating Theresa now but you already know because you were spying again!"

"Hey, I'm a mother-I will NOT leave my son alone with a girl at NIGHT, thank you very much. But I trust you guys now, she's good for you."

He lightens up a bit and smiles. "Thanks ma. I really like her. She's...perfect." 

"She's a keeper," I say. "But if you want to keep her you better get your butt in bed. It's almost ten!" He groans and gets in the shower. I put the last of the babies to sleep and head to bed myself-teen romance is a beautiful thing, isn't it?
My wake-up is around 5 AM this Monday morning. I have an autobiography to type and I'm the only one who can write it. I find it very hard to write about my life so I start with why I started the challenge and went from there-by the time I have to wake the boys up for school I am halfway done!
Bleue is a giddy teenager, excited to see his girlfriend, so getting him up is no big deal. However, waking up two other sleepy children is my life's work. 

"Okay, I'll make you a deal boys-if you get up now I will make you chocolate chip pancakes for the rest of the week. Deal?"

"DEAL!" They hop up and rush to brush their teeth. I've probably made a big mistake but the bus won't wait around forever.
 Thankfully the triplets are being mommy's little angels! I go in to wake them up and they greet me with smiles rather than whining. I get each boy started on potty training and changed for the day. I put them on the back deck with the Child Safety Guard up and take a short shower. It's a beautiful day out, not one to be wasted inside!
I finally get started on my money-making garden before I teach my boys skills. Any challenge mother knows that a nice garden is key to supporting all 100 kids, otherwise...well, no money equals no food so do the math!
The wind starts to pick up and the ocean waves do too. It creates the most peaceful environment I've probably ever experienced and I'm truly happy. Moving back to the beach was a great decision and I'm only realizing that now. With my newfound peace I start teaching Jordy to talk while his brothers play with the xylophones. 
I'm having a really nice relaxing day until Bleue comes home blabbering on his cell phone. 

"Oh my gosh Theresa, I know right? You should've  seen the look on Brett's face when I-"

"Um, hello Bleue," I interject. "Am I interrupting something?"

He quickly says, "I've got to go," to Theresa and hangs up. "Sorry...what's up mom?"

"Well, honey, you've been home for nearly an hour and all you've done is chit-chat on that dang phone! You can do homework or help with the kids now...make your pick!" He groans but he sure needs to learn responsibility! 

"I'll help with the kids," he moans before sulking off to get Vinny.

We spend a good three hours teaching skills to the babies before dinner needs to be made and I'm the only one who is going to do it. I put the boys in their bedroom so I know they're safe but what I see from the older boys is slightly less than terrifying.
They're talking to thin air! I try my best to ignore their actions because to be quite honest, it's CREEPY. But I do hear some snippets from the kitchen.

"OMG, I know right? Remember when we had that tea party with the four of us, me, you, chance, and Betty earlier? That was so fun!"

"Aw Betty, you're so nice! We're, like, best friends!"

Creepy, right? I need to talk to them later about it but perhaps they have imaginary friends? 
I ignore them as best as I can and whip up some sushi for dinner. Christopher is the WORST eater I've ever met and he's messy too!

"Christopher, honey, can you please refrain from eating like that? Get into those habits now and forever hold your peace!" He groans and holds his fork like a human being. 

"Is this what you want? Here ya go MOM!"

As he's ranting the doorbell rings  and I have no idea who it could be...we're not expecting guests.
It turns out to be a man by the name of Corie Camro, the next challenge father. I had invited him over for tomorrow morning but he explains immediately. "Sorry Amber...I'm  a very busy man and I have hectic work hours. I came straight from work if you can't tell my my shirt and tie...can we get this over with? I have a 20 minute dinner break before heading back!"

I've never had someone try to have a baby with me during a dinner break at work...there's a first time for everything! "Sure," I say. I lead him into the bedroom while asking Bleue to do up the dishes. He see's the man and sizes him up before saying, "Yeah, sure."
He's not a very romantic man, I can just tell by his plain PJ's and lack of romantic suave. I get through it and thank him after right before he changes and rushes out the door. "Thanks Amber, so busy, got to go!" I laugh and lock the door behind him. It's late by now so I'm about to head to bed when the phone rings. I yawn but make my way over to pick it up.
"Hello?" I say sleepily.
"Mom? It's Lacey. There's something I need to tell you."
Lacey-My daughter Caroline...she passed away. (sniffles) About an hour ago I put her asleep and twenty minutes ago I went to check on her and she just wasn't breathing. 
She starts sobbing over the phone and my heart stops beating. I never got a chance to make my way over to meet Caroline but Lacey always sent pictures...oh my gosh.
Amber-Okay honey, calm the hospital and see what they can do.
Lacey-I already did! Jeremy (her husband) is at the hospital with her now but there's no saving her...(cries more) She's gone.

I spend hours talking to my baby girl, wishing I could hold her like I once did. By midnight I'm too tired to do this anymore and I know she needs some sleep to relax. I tell her to try to sleep because she'll need her rest for the funeral tomorrow. Lacey tells me not to come, she just wants it to be between her and Jeremy. I completely understand so I tell my baby girl goodbye and finally head to bed. Why does this have to happen?
I get up extra early this morning to keep my pancakes promise to Chance and Chris and have some quiet time. The pain is still in my chest from the phone call last night and I can only imagine how Lacey is feeling right now. I wake up each one of my babies with special care, reaping the benefits of having a health and happy family no matter how crazy they can be. After they're woken up it's still early so I watch some old family home videos and remember older days in the challenge. I give Lacey a quick call and of course she is up, preparing for the private funeral. She still doesn't want me to come but I make sure she knows I love her before hanging up.
My baby boys have been spending too much time in the sun recently so I decide to keep them inside today. I work with Jordan on his skills while Henry and Vinny watch the Kidz Channel-they ADORE SpongeBob.
I really don't get up to much today except family time and some cleaning. As I go into the boys room to make their beds afterschool I see them doing more weird things-today they're having pillow fights with the air. This HAS to be a phase so I let them be.
After an uneventful day I'm happy that Bleue wants to talk to me. He asks me to teach him some good meals to make and when I ask him why he gets stuck. "Um, well don't tell anyone....but I think Theresa is the one. I want to start learning how to live on my own so that I can be a good husband one day."

"Wow, you know she's the one already?" I ask in disbelief. 

"Yeah mom, now can you teach me to make food? I'm clueless!"

Despite my unanswered questions I help him prepare a tasty autumn salad because I don't want to burn down my new house. He thanks me after but I still want my questions answered!
As I'm cleaning up dinner I see Chance messing around with the camera. He puts on a serious face and makes his voice a stereotypical reporters voice.
"Hello Sunset Valley! This is me, Chance Lights, reporting live on the scene of a new house. Is the house nice, or is it lame? We'll find out in just a moment folks, stay tuned!" He puts the camera down for a second and I don't even want to take the camera away anymore...he's just having TOO much fun!
As I'm giggling at Chance Chris pops up out of nowhere and says, "Hey mom, I have a proposal."

"Sorry hun, that's not legal!" I say jokingly. He's young so he doesn't get it so I ask him to move on. 

"Anyway..." he says. "I have a BEST imaginary friend and I would like her to turn into a human when I grow up so we can live happily ever after together. Can you make a potion so that she can grow into a young adult with me one day?"
I guess this is the reason Chris and Chance have been so non-social lately so I agree but still...this is VERY odd.

"Um, sure honey. Give me some time since I've never made potions before. But I'll get to it."
He thanks me before running into his room to tell Chance all about it. I rub my neck and sigh-KIDS, what can you do?
I spend the rest of the night, sadly, creating potions. By midnight I still don't have the correct one but I go to bed anyway. I hate disappointing my kids and I will work until I can see if imaginary friends are real.
I'm VERY excited this morning because my new baby has decided to make an appearance! I have a feeling this will be a smooth pregnancy but with that being said, I knock on wood-never bad to be safe!
 I haven't had much time to test out new things around the house so I bring the boys out to the spring riders. I just brought the ones from the old house to save money and thankfully they still work. They each get ten minutes on the riders and even then they don't have enough time. Regardless though, it's a great picture-taking session so I snap away and fall even more in love with my baby boys!
By the time all the boys are out of the riders, into the house, and eating lunch it's past noon and the day is slipping by. I swear, when I'm pregnant EVERYTHING goes faster. After lunch I'm feeling silly so I take Jordan on the back deck for some special mommy-son time. Jordy has been developing slowly and it's really weighing down on his physical growth. If he can't walk or talk he simply can't become a child, school would be even harder then. I spend a few more hours trying to teach him some new words and a little progression is made. 
When Bleue gets homes I here a slam of the front door ALL the way from the back deck. I start to walk in the house and as I do I see him slamming his keys, shoes, and jacket on the floor. He stomps into the study and loads up a game I don't like called APB (a shooting/driving game). 
Amber-Hey was your day?
Bleue-TERRIBLE, just like everything else on this earth (shoots in game).
Amber-Do you want to talk about it honey? I can understand, my high school years were more than dramatic.
Bleue-NO, but since you are going to prod until I tell you something then SURE! I saw Theresa flirting with Billy, the quarterback for the football team at school today! I should've known it was too good to be true-the hottest girl at school dating ME, the loser. 
 Amber-I get how you feel honey but PLEASE don't take it out fake-shooting some people online, you know how that makes me feel...
He gets up and shoves the chair in. 
Bleue-Fine then! I'll just sit in my room and not say a word because that's what I should do! You know mom, not every one of your kids will be perfect! Maybe you are just as bad as everyone around town says!

He gets close to my face and stomps to his room. Bleue has always been my right hand man and I don't like that I can't make him feel better with a hug like I used to. 
He stomps into the kitchen and starts tinkering with the sink rather than going to his room and I stare out-he's setting up a trap for ME! What he said stung and now he's trying to sabotage me!
Amber-BLEUE RAINE LIGHTS! What in the world are you doing?
Bleue-Setting up what you deserve to get, you NEVER understand how I feel! You're the worst mom...EVER!
Amber-Bleue, don't you realize what you're doing? What if I went up to the sink and fell into your trap? What if something happened to me let alone the baby I'm carrying? All this stress is not good for the baby...please stop honey PLEASE.
I beg him as tears start rolling down my face-call it hormones or call it dramatic but no matter what you think the tears are there. Bleue eases back and looks at me, taking in all the stress he causes me. "Mom, I'm so..." he starts. I look at him, pleading him, to say something right but he's so stubborn he just can't. "I'm going to my room." And with that he leaves.
The rest of the night is very quiet, Chance and Chris can obviously tell something dramatic went down and I know it won't be long until they're begging Bleue for details. Bleue decides to try and make an effort because during family time (or awkward time for that matter) he tries helping my out with Jordan because he knows his slow development. I don't know how he does because I don't want to say anything to make Bleue even more mad at me. Chance and Chris of course dress up and with their hair covered I can only tell them apart from their eye color.

By 10 we all head to bed without another word and I'm up until midnight with stress. I eventually fall asleep but it's a rocky nights sleep.
I have my daily coffee-on-the-deck ritual this morning when an unlikely guest appears. 
"Hey mom," he says quietly. "Last night was...horrendous. I wasn't right at all to say those things to you, I hope you know I love you."

"Of course!" I reply. "I know you're upset with Theresa's actions but when a girl flirts with a boy it's usually just a fad. Can you do me a favor and try talking things out with her today? You two are VERY good together and it would crush me if you broke up."
"...okay mom. I will. Just know that I really am sorry for everything, I was terrible to you last night."

I bring him in for a hug and right before he leaves for school he says, "and hey, I wouldn't want anything to happen to my soon-to-be step brother or sis!"

I'm glad that he's decided to do the mature thing because to be honest I was worried our relationship was damaged forever. But now I know that he was just upset and I am a good mom again! Hurrah! :)
It's an extremely hot day on the Sunset Valley beaches today so the sprinkler it is! It's not as fun with toddlers because all they want to do is sit and not go near the water. I'm laughing alone by myself for awhile before I hear a car pull up and of course the one person I've been nervous to see again jumps out.
"Amber!" declares James. "Greta to see ya! A hot day, isn't it? I was on my way to the beach but I saw you out here alone! Care if I join ya?" he says before taking off his shirt and jumping in. His muscles, oh my gosh, his MUSCLES! I take sneak peaks at his six-pack whenever he turns away and I keep giggling like a middle-school girl. 
Amber-Um, James? Why are you at my house after what happened the other night?
James-Didn't I already explain? I was going to the beach but your house is right here and I figured 'why not visit a friend'?

We're FRIENDS? This guy must be the leader of mixed signals because I have NO idea what that means.

Amber-Ohh, that makes sense...okay. Well as long as you're here you might as well meet your babies, we had THREE!
James-THREE?! Are these them right here?
Amber-Yup, on the left is Jordan, the middle is Henry, and the right is your nose-picking son Vinny!
James-Oh WOW, they look just like me! This is so cool to have kids! Was labor tough with these buggers?
Amber-(cracking up) Oh yeah, but they all are!
He gives me a thumbs up and a pat on the shoulder. "You done good Amber, you've done good." I keep laughing, everything he says is so ridiculous! I am feeling a bit odd so I change into my pregnancy clothing but he just stays in his suit. We talk for a good hour about random things before I really need to ask him to leave. I don't know what it is about him but his presence is too much for me to deal with. I ask him to leave and he says, "Huh? Okay...give me a ring sometime." I'm not really sure if I've offended him but all I know for sure is that I'm glad to have the house to myself. The last thing I need is more man drama!
To keep my mind off things the rest of the day is skills, skills, skills! These babies aren't going to teach themselves to talk!
-Bleue's POV-
I tried talking to Theresa today about five million times-after class, during class, at her locker, at lunch, and I could never get her alone. Her best friend Tracey or Billy were always around her leaving me no time. But there's somewhere that I know I can get her alone-the house. I come straight home from school and the first thing I do is shoot her a text to come over. She comes within minutes so I pull her inside and my dork of a mom gives me a wink.
Bleue-Theresa, I need you to tell me something.
Theresa-Anything Bleue
Bleue-Why were you hanging around and FLIRTING with Billy yesterday? I saw you two after school at his locker. 
Theresa-Oh...well if you must know I WASN'T flirting with him, he moved in down the street and my dad wants me to get to know him. I swear, my dad is forcing me to do all this.
Bleue-So you're telling me there's NO romantic connection? 
Theresa-Actually I think he likes me but I SWEAR I don't like him. I would never, he's not my type. 
I grab her hands with a small amount of confidence behind me and she takes it. 
Bleue-Oh...well if you like me that much will you do me the honor of going to the prom with me tomorrow night? I hear it's the social event of the season...
Theresa-I would LOVE to-
Bleue--So I'll pick you up at 7?
Theresa-BUT Billy already asked me!
Bleue-You're kidding me.

I drop her hands and start laughing at what a fool I am. I knew dating a hot thing like her was too good to be true. As I'm turning away and grabs my hand and turns me around.
Theresa-But I said no to him. You're the one I want to go with. I love you Bleue and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Is this really happening? I feel like I should propose or SOMETHING but my mom would kill me. Instead I run into the kitchen and grab a piece of string. I tie it around her ring finger and say,  "We're in no place to be engaged but take this as a promise ring, a promise that we will one day be married. I love you so much Theresa and I wouldn't ever be as happy with anyone else."
My mom walks in and clears her throat as we start to kiss. 
"OH, mom..." I say. "Theresa," I whisper. "I'll call you later...night babe." I slip her a peck on the cheek and turn to my mom.
"Hey ma! How was your day?"

-Ambers POV-
I can't help but grin as Bleue tells me all about the misunderstanding and how pumped he is for prom. As a mother there's only two things I will ever want for my children-health and happiness. The rest of the night is lots of talk about tuxes and corsages along with some idea's for limos. In the middle of everything, of course, labor strikes and I fall into my second nature.
A two hour labor is all it takes to pump out this child and I'm delighted to see yet another boy! Seven in a row!
Baby 64
Charlie Lights

<3 :)


  1. Aw, no problem! I'm glad you like my gift. Can't wait for the next post! :)

  2. Bleue is such a sweet kid (poor Theresa). I hope they end up together. Also, will something happen between Amber and James??? :D

  3. Thanks everyone! :-)
    Catlover-Poor Theresa? LOL! And I don't know if something will happen between them, I don't plan ahead on these things...I'll see where the game takes me! Haha!

  4. Awww, I love this post! The triplets are adorable...I love Bleue & Amber's relationship, it's cute! Also, Bleue and Theresa are adorable together! Hope they end up together as well! Awesome job as always!

  5. Hello :) your challenge is soo cute :) I love Bleue he is soo adorable please check out our new legacy!

  6. Hey :) I was wondering how you set up your tabs? I was trying to fiqure mine out and just can't so I'd fiqure i would ask :)


  7. I hope the masculine streak starts fading soon, i like it when you have some boys and some girls, but i love your kids either way :):):)

  8. fyi its HALF sibling not step sibling theres a difference(i know your done with the post but a step sibling is when a person already has a kid and the person marries the husband or wife and THATS a step-brother or sister an half sibling is when the mom or dad is part of the baby making process so this baby is going to be the brothers HALF sibling


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