Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Bump In The Road: Babies 59 and 60

Karl and Kaden have absolutely NO patience whatsoever when it comes to aging up. As soon as Bleue is born they take out the cakes and have a little party of their own, so here they are! They are both VERY handsome in my opinion. Karl wants to be a cop with his brothers Max, Maddox, and Mason, while Kaden wants to become an underwear model! I had to hold in my giggles when he told me but I hope he does well!
Bleue has proven to be quite the hassle for me. I've dealt with some seriously crazy babies throughout the challenge but I think Bleue has to be the most picky and crazy yet. I've only had a couple days with the terrifying titan and I feel like I'm a mother for the first time, with no parenting skills. Bleue will literally cry and shout every night until I get my booty out of bed and take him OUTSIDE. Our new routine is Bleue crying until midnight before I get up and rock him to sleep outside. 
Here is a small video of our crazy evenings spent together...Bleue is certainly one of a kind.
And every night, before I go to sleep, I will play my heart out on the piano. I've recently been getting VERY in touch with my musical side. I never have time but with only triplets and a single baby I have so much more time to be me. As a mother you can forget to care for yourself but once you do you can feel so much better.

One thing that actually does make Bleue happy today is FOOD. Yes, food, I guess there's something similar between all men. He makes a huge mess in the new high chairs I bought but a little soap and water cleans it right up.

With little Bleue eating I have a moment to walk the girls to the bus stop. They love one another very much but I can sense that they subconsciously ignore their sister Carina. I want to say something but before I know it they're off to their last day of elementary school.

I go inside and enjoy my breakfast with one happy Bleue. I've wanted so badly to move recently and even made arrangements with a good friend to create a house for my family and I. But some things went wrong and a couple bumps in the road later I don't have a house. I'm working with some different builders on designing my dream beach house but it will take a bit longer to complete things. 

Authors Note: This is NOTHING against Violet Newbie, the person who was supposed to create my house. Things just weren't working out with the house and we decided it was best if either we start fresh or I just build it. I don't know when Amber might move but hopefully sometime soon.

In the mean time I've been slowly redesigning some rooms in the house. Here is my family room turned from reds and greys to a peachy and calm living area. I'm very happy with the result, although the kids hated giving up the play station for a day while I remodeled. 

I haven't been hitting the town as much as I like to recently so a good day on the town sounds good to me. I pack my bathing suit along with Bleue's but once there my little terror doesn't want to. "Icky, water!" he shouts. "NO!" I wish I could give him swim lessons so young but I decide to just let him put his tiny feet in. So many of my kids stop by the pool and play with my little buddy all day so I have tons of time to myself.
With all this free time I really get to socialize and meet the people around town, especially the men. I meet a young man by the name of Jamal Massri and he is in town for a couple of days, he's from EGYPT! He has a very funny and relaxed attitude, and I'm pulled in because of his unique culture and his interesting stories from back home. We discuss the challenge and he readily agrees. "I've never heard of this before but it sounds promising! I only visit the states once in a blue moon and I would just LOVE to leave my mark. Count me in." I'm so happy to have such a unique father on call and we agree to meet up tomorrow. He's leaving tomorrow night so we arrange to get together in the morning.
After hanging out with Jamal I remember why I came out today-mother son time. I do my best to pull Bleue away from his loving siblings. I take him to the library and he plays with some other tots. I can see he's having fun but I want to spend some time with him too. I pull out a classic tale of Winnie The Pooh from the shelf and he gets sucked into the fun story, so much that he even sucks his thumb! How cute!

I lose track of time so I don't pull into the house until long past four. I am expecting but mainly HOPING that the triplets will be doing their homework but no such luck-they're on the water slide AGAIN! I debate calling them in but their birthday is tonight so they should have some fun :) I cook dinner and keep a close eye on Bleue.

Dinner passes by quickly and before I know MORE of my children are aging up and making me feel old.


My girls are SO cute!! My mouth drops open when they age up and really show their full beauty...who knew I could produce such cute kids? But in all seriousness the girls are truly great people do. Gwen and Maud have thankfully gotten over their childish habits of snubbing after a long talk with Max, Mason, and Maddox at the Fourth of July  party. I'm happy to finally see some peace, and I think the whole household senses it.

Before I know it my grown girls are off to bed and I am left with my night owl of a child, Bleue. I take him out back and rock him to sleep under the moonlight.

I'm sad to wake up to a text from Jamal this morning saying Hey Amber, slight change of plans. There was an unavoidable family emergency back in Egypt and I have to take a flight straight home TONIGHT. I will not be here in the morning (today). If things go well I should be back in Sunset Valley by night time so don't fall asleep too early! Thanks, Jamal. 
Okay, so yet another bump in the road! I shake it off hoping, once again, that Jamal will be here tonight.

I get changed and wake up baby Bleue with some fun! I didn't realize how cute the pattern on his outfit was when I bought it but I went online shopping yesterday and found a romper in the same style. I ordered it and it came in FAST, so today I'm matching my snuggle-buddy! I think it's just too adorable to match my son.

But the dun doesn't last long until Bleue has to go potty, and I am the one who has to help him. I'm pretty sure EVERY challenge mother has found their child making this face on the potty. I must say it's the CUTEST THING EVER! Bleue just gets cuter every second.

Once my baby boy is set up in the living room with some toys and a baby monitor I get to some cleaning I have been ignoring lately. I spend a good hour cleaning but by 11 my back is sore and I need some time with people who talk, not just gurgle and laugh. I go ahead and call up my good friends Vanessa and Violet.

 I lie down but the girls insist upon standing. I introduce them to little Bleue and I think they just about fall in love. They gush for twenty minutes about how perfect his hair with his skin tone is and how cute he is. They play with him for a bit but I think mothering is the last thing on each of our minds. I heat up the hot tub and call them out.

"Thanks Ambs, this is just what I need right now. I'm so busy with wedding planning, keeping up with my business, taking care of Wisdom, and being a human being in general." I lean back and give a small smile. "I know how tough it can get, believe me," I say. "A week ago I was dealing with Penny's wedding, the family, and keeping up a relationship with Casey the Crazy Boyfriend. I'm so glad that's over." I finish. Violet says," Oh right. I'm sorry you had to go through that but I think it's better for your sanity, I can sense you're more relaxed now."

Amber-You can say that again, I'm so glad I helped Penny but weddings are TOO much for me. And I'm over Casey, not a second thought about him!
Vanessa-Glad to hear, for awhile I didn't talk to you at all! Up until a few days ago I don't think you've been on SimBook once. But I prefer you in person better, so I like this :)
Amber-Yeah, me too! It's been so relaxing since the wedding and I'm glad where I am. But Violet, I guess I never told you but WOW, I can't believe you finished your challenge. Congrats. was tough but I have no doubt that both you and Vanessa will finish. Especially with all the error (codes) you've been experiencing lately it's admirable how you keep going.

Amber-Thank you AGAIN, gosh you girls are too sweet! I love this time with you both, we should do this more often. 
Vanessa-Great idea, taco night at your place every Monday!
Violet-Tacos! :D

Soon the girls leave and the house is left to me and this little guy. I find him playing in the toy bin and it takes me several minutes to pry him off it...once I do I start teaching him to walk and he does GREAT. My kids never have issues learning skills which I like!

Before I know it the triplets are home from school and they are looking to relieve stress. I toss the football back and forth with Maud. Despite her girly looks and love for makeup she is really athletic...I don't know where she gets it but I hope it's from her father!

Since Maud has never liked water she excludes her self from the hot tub with Gwen and Carina. They chat about EVERYTHING but I tune out my ears so I don't have to be snoopy.

I haven't spent much time with my girls lately so I try to make it a very family-oriented evening. I decide to take them to the Bistro because I don't have any cash to order a pizza and I sure don't want to cook! I start by sitting with them but after awhile I move...I know all they want to do is talk about the HOT waiter who served them their food!

The last "event" of the night is going to watch the play at the local theatre. It's a play put on by the high school but none of my kids are in it. Maud had tried out for the main part but sadly a girl named Lissa Mauth got the part instead. Maud claims "It's because she's popular and pretty but I don't care!" I know she does but what are you going to do, she's a teenager!

We get home around midnight but hey, who cares? It's a Friday!
I guess Jamal sort of keeps his promise because he pops in at around 8 AM. "Hey Amber," he says before I can greet him. "I'm so sorry about not coming in last night, you see my mom broke her-" I don't want to get into the detail so I plant a huge kiss on his lips and whisper, "Sorry about your mom but I want a baby. Let's go." I don't mean it in a rude way but he grabs my hand and leads me to the bedroom, I guess he likes a woman with a backbone.

 We get things done. Once done I ask him to leave and he accepts, after making out with me for ten minutes.

I go outside and go camera-crazy with us girls. I take many pictures but this one is when all of us aren't watching. I like it because it captures the essence of our crazy family!

We play for awhile but around 2 PM we all head off to do our own things. Maud used to be a really outgoing child but she's really embraced the shy side of things as a teen. Right now she is working on a novel but she won't let anyone, not even me, see it. 

Carina spends her time playing with the cute fish in the tank. She feeds them, watches them, and I think she even talks at some points. "Cute fishy, go swim! Swim with your wifey fishy!" I hear it from my bedroom but I just let her go, oh Carina...

And finally Gwen decides to be the angel and she completes Bleue's crash course in walking. She really embraces the motherly side of things which any mom can appreciate.

And finally, I, Amber Litghts, play the piano! Ever since Bleue was born I've been playing as much as I can. Something about the delicate notes the piano creates just makes me happy. Here is a short video of me playing my favorite song.

I finally get out of my "I hate cooking" phase and make a nice meal for my family. Lobster Thermidor makes the cut, it's difficult to make but delicious to EAT! 

Dinner sure is a hit and soon after the girls hit the sack. It's only Saturday but I know between school and our day-to-day activities that the girls can get wiped. The last thing I do before sleep is yes, sickness. I can pretty much guarantee my pregnancy at this point.

It's Sunday so of course our age-old family tradition takes place-eating at the diner. The girls are hesitant at first. "Why in the world would we want to eat in an old, smelly, WEIRD diner?" complained Carina. "That's just gross!" I hate getting sentimental but I wanted the girls to know what the diner means to me. "This diner has been around since I was just a baby. I've never had as close a relationship with my parents as all you kids have with me but this was the one place we always went that made me feel like I meant something to them. I haven't seen my parents in 5 years and I don't know if they're even alive, so please, bear with me and just come. Please." I think the girls have finally listened to me because after I say that they just nod and get in the car. 

 After breakfast I drop the triplets off at the beach with Bleue and take the long ride to me potential new house. This is the house that the new contractors have been working on and I really like it. As beautiful as the outside is, the inside is still  cement and ladders. I would love to move in here but I don't know if I like the layout. The contractors are willing to wait for me to make up my mind but until then I have my house to live in. 

Tell me in the comments below if you think Amber should move in here!

When I get to the beach I see exactly what I expected-Bleue wandering around and the girls giggling and doing something random. I scoop up Bleue and keep an eye on the girls.

Teaching Bleue to talk is like trying to get a cement wall to say Hi to you-impossible. All he does is eat his hand and pick his nose which are two habits I need him to break. "UGH!" I shout after twenty minutes of no progress. "Bleue, STAY HERE, mommy is going to do something that makes her smile!" A bit of an over reaction, yes, but it's how I feel.

I join the party group of fishermans. As soon as I walk over their conversation ends abruptly and I am sad I can't be part of it. But I don't ask questions, I just start up a new topic about the house and we fish for hours.

The only one of us to catch anything ALL DAY is Carina. She captures a small minnow weighing in at 8 oz. Hey, if we get a few more of these we might have a seafood feast on our hands!

It's a sandy, perky, and talkative day but we soon have to go. Right before we leave my new babies make an appearance and yes, I know I am going to have more than one. I guess you can call it a mothers instinct. The little buggers kick like crazy before I start driving.

The rest of the evening is just some fun family time, nothing SUPER interesting. The girls are in bed early because they have school tomorrow so I give Bleue a long bath and it puts him RIGHT to sleep! I guess I've found his relaxer!

My belly is only the slightest bit bigger today but progress is progress. I don't have any back pains yet nor do I have that adorable pregnancy wobble but I presume it will come shortly :)

I'm not feeling in a very working mood so I set up the swings I ordered and start swingin'! I must be on the swing for HOURS before I finally get off.

To cool off of the heat I jump into the pool. Recently I've been a water freak between the beach, local pool, hot tub, and my pool, and I sure am loving it! Sometimes the air conditioning in my house is funky and it will shut off when it wants to. Times like that make me LOVE my pool.

I'm getting a bit impatient with this pregnancy. Not only did I conceive one day late but my belly is hardly growing. Thankfully, throughout the day, my belly gets slightly bigger. I'm usually pretty relaxed in my pregnancies but I'm on a schedule to finish this challenge!

I really want some info on my pregnancy so I invite my good friend/doctor/challenge mother Sky Greene over. She is finishing up teaching her babies some skills so she agree's to come over within the hour. In the mean time I finally get into the working mood and work my magic on my dying plants.

she gets over sooner than I expected and I run up to her as fast as someone can while pregnant. "SO," I say. "This pregnancy is going SO SLOWLY and I'm getting impatient. Is there something wrong with me?" I'm mainly joking but Sky looks at me and takes everything in. "Amber, without even doing test I can tell you why you're not growing quickly. You're simply to skinny. With such little skin and meat on you your babies will grow slowly." I stare at her and make a face. "Are you joking? How can I be too skinny when all I do is pop babies out?" 
"I don't know, stress?" she asks. "Not enough food, too much cardio? You tell me honey because you're the one who needs to put on some weight." I stare at her in shock and take everything in. She leaves to go home but I am upset-how can I be UNDERweight? 

The rest of the night progresses slowly while I contemplate what to do about my "weight problem". I get my mind off things by spending some time watching TV with the girls but I still can't get over it.

When I wake up I still see a tiny belly on my body. I'm just so confused, there are PLENTY of challenge moms with tinier bods then mine and my stomach feels over-crowded and smushed. It's a very uncomfortable thing if you can imagine.

 Bleue is being sweet for some reason today and it makes my swirling mind smile for a second. I scoop my little terror out of his crib and chat with him all day. Babies have some VERY interesting things to say.

But before I can help it I am push, push, pushing through TWO labors to give birth to TWO gorgeous babies!

Baby 59
Chance Lights
Baby 60

I hug my new baby boys and wonder, will this weight issue control the rest of my challenge? A tear drops down my face as I think of having to stop.

<3 :)

60 kiddies, WOOOP WOOP! Thanks for reading!!

"Never underestimate the power of encouragement"

And before I finish...I know tons of people who read my blog dont leave comments but today I'm going to ask you to leave one, even the smallest-I would like to know who actually reads. This is just a small field test :D


  1. hey ambs! can you make a tour of the house from the inside? i cant vote just on the outside it self :)

  2. Amber !! This is an incredible post :) I hope the weight issue doesn't cause problems. Your children are beautiful :D! Keep up the great work! 40 more!

  3. I loved this post and it came out so soon! There were so many great ideas. The weight issue was a new one. I haven't read anything like that. It does make sense and I hope Amber can figure something out. I don't want her to have to stop the challenge!! Also, with the house, I already love it. The huge deck on top would be super great for parties and playing. Although we can't see the inside I'm sure with your decorating style, it'll be fabulous. :D Congratulations on sixty kids!!! The father was an interesting topic in this post too. It was neat how the challenge had to be paused for a bit while Jamal went back to Egypt. I hope his mother is okay! Sorry for the long comment. :)

  4. 40 more girl! Your weight...gee I've never had that problem but I'm not exactly the smallest mom out there! :P GREAT post, your writing skills are increasing with every new post and I would be lying if I said I wasn't jealous! Send some followers over to my blog :) I'll catch back up with you and YES! TACO NIGHT! Every Monday ;)

    Much love,

  5. I liked the house :D Bleue is sooooo cute too!

  6. I love, love, loved the post! And I agree with Anonymous, I would like a tour of the inside of the house before I cast my vote :)

  7. I'm sorry I had to be the one who says your under-weight!!! Don't stress to much!! <3 60 already?!!! Dang Girl! how am I supposed to catch up to you now??!! <3 Sky

  8. OH! and PS. I read your blog!!! And I like what I see of the house so far, it looks promising. And I love the back porch. Okay, I'll wait until the next post to post more comments :D

  9. Ahmahgah, the picture of Chance is adorable... looks like he's playing with Amber's hair! <33

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  11. I, personally, love the house and think Amber should move into it.

    Adorable, twin boys! I have more catching up to do now, but I'm okay, as long as Della doesn't pass me up!

    Btw, eat lots of ice cream and cake. :D

  12. Aw, thank you for the kind comments everyone! This means a lot to me, thanks again!

  13. Loved the videos! :) the piano video was awesome! hehe that is my favorite piano symphonies! ^-^ and I love the house! 60 babies... :O how does that girl do it!??
    Love the update!<33

  14. GREAT POST!! The house looks great from the outside but I agree with the others I need too see the inside!! And is that Happy at the Bistro??

  15. the outside is beautiful but need to see inside love your post

  16. Yay!! Maud and Gwen are so pwettyyy!! Maybe they're so close 'cause I inspired the names?
    Could you put your current house on the exchange? Cause I love how you've decorated it and everything!
    I like the house, but I think we need to see the inside!
    60!! WOOO!! Well Done!! And so quickly too! :D
    Obviously I read!! :)

  17. I don't know if you remember, but a while ago I asked you if I could use Zack Lights as well as his brother in my 100 Baby Challenge. Well, I did use them. If you want to take a look I'll leave you a link to both of the posts. Thanks so much, I had so much fun having them in my game!! Can't wait for your next post.



  18. Well i guess i'll comment then :) I don't have an account but my names Halle and I love your blog! The thing I like most is the little videos you put up. They make me smile :)

    Stay Strong,

  19. Hi, Amber! I love these blogs! They help me get trough my 100 baby challenge. I even went so far as to name a baby after you, she is beautiful, like you. :)

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    P.S. I've left 2 comments on your blog b4 now

  25. Hello Amber! Years later and your blog is still being read! :p :)


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