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Moving On Is A Hard Thing To Do: Baby 58

Thanks so much to Jayden Hope for the Tower of Much Knowledge Bookshelf! I love it as I'm sure my kids will too so no worries there :)
And also thanks to TruckerHat for The Alana. This hairstyle is perfect for a mom on the move!
So it's the morning after the wedding and the partying and pain is hitting me full force! I drank, I ate, and I even broke some things (if you know what I mean) so it's not exactly a peachy morning. As I'm sure you know throwing a wedding is no walk in the park but I'd like to think I got through it with no hitches...I would also have to be insane to believe that. But I really think that most of the guests had a good time and HEY-my sister even got married :)
It's a Monday so right now at 9 AM it's just the quiet house and ME! Throughout the wedding process and the days leading up to it I've really let the house go. Every room has laundry baskets filled to the top and cascading over, endless dirty dishes, and not a single bed is made. I think it's safe to say that at least two toilets are broken along with the dish-washer, the hot-tub, and the bath tub. This house is literally falling apart so I may need to start looking at a new house. As an experienced and picky mother this is not a happy sight or process for me so I clean as much as I can before the babies wake up...they decided to sleep in thank goodness but they won't sleep forever.
Carina is such a joy to be around! She is the earliest riser among the three sleepy-heads and she always wakes up giggly. I spend some quality time that the triplets have yet to receive before her sisters wake up. Unlike Carina, Gwen and Maud can be sassy in the morning hours. I put down Carina and force myself to focus on the harder side of being a mother.
Gwen has such a hunger to learn that it's almost inevitable. Once her sisters are woken up the only way to make her quiet it to help her learn! These are her first wobbly steps followed by lots of cheering and even more steps. She's a quick learner and I even start teaching her to talk.
I guess I hadn't realized what an all-day process learning is because I'm still working with Gwen when the girls get home from high school. Seeing that I need help they follow suit and start teaching skills too. I can sense their hidden agenda for helping is that they want to age up yet they don't say a thing. I appreciate it and call the bakery for TWO cakes that should arrive right after dinner.
"Geez mom, how in the world do you take care of so many kids ALL the time?" complains Charlotte. "I've only been helping a lot for a couple hours and I'm dead-tired of it!" I console my poor girl and take a break from teaching. I wrap my arm around her shoulder and give her a peck on the cheek. "Hey, no one said being a mom is easy and some days I want to go crazy. But you know what keeps me going? Every time one of my perfect children smiles my world lights up, and every time you laugh being a mom becomes that much better. It's all worth it to see you all blossom." Char pulls me in for a hug and I see a tear fall down her face. "Aw mom, you're so sweet! I love you too! I don't say it enough but I really do love you!" We hug for a few minutes before I realize dinner won't cook itself! I pry Char off me and give her a good pat on the shoulder. "Now go do your homework!" I say in a classic mom-tone.
I prepare some fresh ground meat burgers and toss them on the grill. "This is only a sneak-peak for the awesome BBQ I am throwing in honor of the Fourth of July!" I tell the kids. "It's going to be the family-party of the century kids, you wait and see!" I add some secret flavoring to the burgers that make them a HUGE hit with the kids. I'm glad they are popular because I'm cooking the feast on the big day!
When I go inside and try to put the burgers down there's a slight bump in the road. "Here ye, here ye my loyal subjects!" shouts Karl. "We are gathered here today to discuss the important events of the evening-what video game shall we play?" he eyes the crowd in a dramatic motion that makes me crack up. While laughing I interject, "Sorry to interrupt Mr.King Karl but these burgers aren't getting any hotter!" His eyes dart to the food and he scrambled off the chair. "FOOD!" he shouts.
While we eat Kaden insists upon standing. "Now," I say in between bites. "Why isn't the chair RIGHT next to you of any use this evening?" He gives me a silly-serious look and says, "Oh mom, you've got SO much to learn. Dinosaurs are too big for chairs! I must stand while I eat this burger!" I make a fake-understanding face and say, "Ohh, right! How could I forget, silly me!" He finishes his burger in one more bite and stomps away saying "RAWRRR!"
After dinner there's not much clean-up time before the cakes arrive and my not-so-baby-girls are standing before them. "Thanks so much mom, I can't wait to grow up and be FAMOUS like you!" I don't mention the negatives of being a celebrity in order to spare her feelings.
So here are the beauties! Claire on the left, Charlotte on the right!
They are very beautiful and just looking at them can make you immensely happy! Claire hates how she looks, she thinks she looks matron-like and she hates how classically pretty her sister is. Regardless though the girls are very sweet, kind, and loving. They are moving into a house by the beach where they intend on starting a seafood restaurant! I'll sure eat there!
Teenage girls are always a noisy addition to any house so once the girls are gone quiet fills the house. The only sounds are the pew-pewing of the boys video game and the hum of the washer. I let them play while I put the girls to sleep but by the time each baby crib is full it's way past the kids bed times. "Time to get to sleep boys, you've got to get up early for school tomorrow!" I tell them. They face the facts and head to bed.

I get up extremely early this Tuesday morning, a tradition among most moms out there. 5 AM is my wake up call so I take my time to make the bed, take a shower, get changed, fix my hair, do my much work into being a mom! Fixing my hair is definitely the hardest part of all. I remember when my kids cut my hair and I was SO MAD. But it was much easier to deal with and now that it's almost down to my waist a long ponytail is the best I can do! I make a mental note to get a haircut some time this hair is ridiculous!
I start off the morning with some intense laundry-doing. I piled up all of the laundry in the mud room yesterday but forgot to actually DO the loads. I'm now fixing my mistake and taking a good half an hour to get each load in. I really need to start a laundry schedule or maybe have the kids take turns because this is too much for me to handle!
After my long battle with the washer I'm feeling lazy so I hop on the computer. The first thing on my mind is check my email. The first message is from a challenge dad named July Fourth. I crack up at the irony and arrange to meet him later today. The second message is from my friend Vanessa Wood asking to hang out some time soon. After that most of the messages are more fathers, junk emails, and some fans of mine. Once my inbox is cleared I get down to what I really need to do: find a new house to live in! This house is becoming too much to handle with things breaking and such that I think it's time to just start fresh. It also doesn't help that all I see is Casey in every place. I don't see any suitable homes on the market so I go ahead and send my good friend Violet Newbie and email requesting a house. She built me my current house that I adore and there's no doubt in my mind she can hit a home run with it again. Once I hit send I start to feel some calm and can FINALLY go wake the girls up.
Maud is being cranky today! She's no morning person but it seems today there is just so happiness with her. I spend short amounts of time with Carina and Gwen in order to make Maud feel better but she will have none of it. "No, me no want potty! FOOD! Wahhh!" She cries and whines the entire time I'm with her and it makes me upset. "Oh stop it Maud! Be a good girl and listen to mommy!" I smile and the only thing she can say is "NO!" I set her up with some food but she tosses it to the side and bangs on the floor. I don't know what to do and that's coming from a mother of 57. The best I can think of is give her lots and lots of attention.
 I attempt to teach my poor Maud her skills and it quiets her for the most part. I hate that she's being so difficult but who ever said being a mom is easy?
On the other hand Carina and Gwen are having a GREAT day. They hate hearing their sister whine so they stay in their room all day building blocks and talking in baby language.
Carina-Look sissy, I can EAT my block! YUM
Gwen-I can build my blocks! Yayyyy
Carina-Can I have your blocky Gwenny?
Gwen-No! My block, get your own!
Carina's face crinkles into never-ending sobs before Gwen gets over it. "Here, take me blocky sis. But give it back!" Carina claps and uses her new block while Gwen pouts. Oh children :)
Once Maud has all her skills learned and Gwen and Carina are no longer fighting my day becomes that much easier. It's 1 PM by now so the boys will be home soon. I can't believe how I've spent the day away so I try to make some use of it by clean, clean, cleaning! When I move I want this house to be spotless and ready for the next owner. 
Once the boys get home my day has become a lazy one. Between cleaning and controlling Mauds hissy fits it's been no walk in the park! I text July Fourth and tell him to meet me at the park later-I SO need to get out of the house. I head into my room for a nap and tell Kaden and Karl to do their homework and watch the babies...they ignore that, of course. I can hear the slamming of pillows for about 30 minutes before I fall asleep and I'm too tired to do anything about it!
I may look blissful in sleep but in reality it's a very stressful for me. I dream of Casey. In my dream we're in a garden and he approaches me saying, "You should have never broken it off, you love me. You know all you want is me." I tried to reply but he put his finger to my lips and said, "Don't speak, just love." He reached in to kiss me and then I woke up, bringing us back to now.

"AHH!" I scream. I take in my surroundings and wipe my lips. I glance at the clock and it's pushing 6:30...I'm late to meet July! I grab my keys, call the babysitter and run out the door.
I pull up as the sun starts to set. I eye up July and I'm not going to lie...I like what I see. His skin, hair, clothing...everything radiates independence and it hot bothers me! "Hello there Mr.Fourth of July," I say seductively. He looks down and then smiles saying, "And hello to you too Ms.Lights. What a lovely evening to conceive a child, don't you think?" I laugh and look deep into his ice-y eyes. "The loveliest."
He pulls me in and plants a soft kiss on my lips. I'm not going to lie, it's quite the experience. I haven't kissed someone other than Casey since we've been together...well, maybe once or twice but I've really tried to keep things strictly business with the fathers. And now that it's over it just seems weird to be kissing and being cute-sy with these men. Out of habit I shy away and he can easily sense my reluctance.
He backs up and I lean in. "Are you okay Amber? You seem...shy. Aren't you used to this?" I give a small smile and try my best to make sense of reluctance. "Nah, I'm fine." I say. "I'm just, um, tired. But I promise you're doing EVERYTHING right." He looks into my eyes-"Are you POSITIVE you want to keep going? I can come by any other time if you're not feeling it." His niceness overcomes me and all I want to do is plant a huge smooch on him.
"Now believe me July, I like you. Lets do this."
He cracks a smile, wraps his arm around me, and leads me to the car.
And boy do we get things done! Kaden is napping in my bed so we resort to the shower, something I've only done once before. Afterwards July leaves but asks for picture updates on our baby!
I find Karl in the tub on a "submarine adventure". I just peak my head in the door and give him his privacy though...when I take a completely appropriate picture of him in the tub he yelps and says, "Yo mom, watch it!" I laugh and leave.
The babysitter put both Maud and Carina to bed while I was out but Gwen is still up. She's the cutest thing, I love her to bits. I don't know where her and Carina got their blonde hair and blue eyes but it sure is adorable!
Before FINALLY going to sleep I also read a bed time story to Maud. I had thought she was asleep but I guess not since she's still up and whining. "And so this is why 2 plus 2 is 4!" I say enthusiastically. She replies but slunking off to sleep. Finally, bed here I come!
Birthdays are awaiting my family as soon as they wake up! Here is the ever-lovely Karl as a teen. He still loves his buzz cut and sloppy look that makes him HIM. He loves to play football, baseball, and lacrosse and when he's not playing sports he prefers to hang with the family. He adores helping with the kids and hey-I'm not complaining!
Kaden is still Karl's opposite with his full head of hair and more snippy, cocky attitude. Kade can be frustrating at times because he seems to think he's the BEST. He is a football player and always trying to outshine Karl. It's a sad sight to see but Karl doesn't seem to mind. "Oh yeah mom, he'll get over it in time!" I love his positive outlook towards his brother.
 Since the boys are between schools right now they have one day off before starting up HIGHSCHOOL. Since there's three babies and three of us we kick off the day with some learning! I have wanted to spend more time with Carina so I take her, Kaden bravely takes whiny Maud, and Karl hangs out with Gwen the cutie. Her blonde hair and blue eyes make me proud every time I look at her!
It takes a huge portion of the day but the girls FINALLY learn all their skills form talking to walking, potty training to manners they learn it all! With their skills learnt and birthdays looming around the hour I put the boys in charge and check my piling email inbox. More fathers, spam, challenge moms, fans, and...VIOLET WITH HOUSE NEWS!

From: Violet Newbie
To: Amber Lights
Subject: HOUSE!

Amber!! Hey...I got your house request and I am more than happy to be of service, AJ and I will get to work ASAP. With little Wisdom we can hardly find the time! :) But thank you for the request, I'm excited to not only have my wedding approaching but also finish your house in time for your 60th baby. Can't wait, hope you like it!!!

The cute email makes me smile and become anxious for a new home! Violet really knows how to crank out a house so I could be moving in a matter of days!

Once my email is cleared I have a moment to take in my baby girls beauty. From left to right it's Gwen, Carina, and Maud. They are very silly and very individual girlies and they get along GREAT. Maud is still the complainer but it's some what contained now. Carina sometimes tells me about how she feels like an outcast to her sisters but most of the time she gets over it and hangs with them. Lastly, Gwen is the "popular girl" of the three-she's always willing to do something crazy and have a GOOD TIME!
They fall into the habits of most of m children straight games! All I hear is the clicks and weezes from the gaming machine all day while I click away on my computer. With no babies in the household there's a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders and it's nice to have legitimate free time. I get taken away talking to Violet about my house and IMing with my challenge mom friends. Hanging out is hard so SimBook (FaceBook) is our number one source for keeping up :)
Kade and Karl decide to be ANGELS and work on my fail of a garden for me. I haven't had time recently to keep up because of triplets but they are really picking it up. I also think it may be due to the fact that their Welcome To High School Dance is tonight and I still haven't given them permission to go. As I finish up on the computer I give them my blessing and set up the water slide...time to have some fun!
 The water slide is probably my FAVORITE invention ever...I love that rush you get while sliding and being sprayed by the fun! I think the kids like it too because we spend a good hour splashing around.
Maud and Gwen  aren't fans of the water so they reside to the spring riders, leaving Carina out. I spend some time with Carina on the slide but there's worry in her voice. "Oh no, what if they don't like me?!" she stresses. I pull her off to the side and tell her about when my other triplets Maddox, Mason, and Max were kids and Max got picked on. I tell her how he talked to his brothers and made everything okay and now they live together and work together too. I don't think this situation is nearly as bad at the boys was but just in case I talk to Gwen and Maud a bit too.
In the middle of my turbo-mothering session a visitor pops by, my daughter, Violet Lights! I give her a huge hug and we chat it up. She claims she stopped by just to stop by since it's been a while. "Wow mom, you really haven't changed at all! Still being a mother I see!" She cracks me up and seeing such a familiar face is sweet...and painful. Violet is the reason I met Casey, she was drowning in the ocean during a family camping trip and Casey happened to be jogging by. He sprinted to the beach, SAVED my daughters life, and there began our romance. It's hard to dislike Casey when I remember things like this that he's done. Hard to hate a life-saver.
Violet soon leaves, pain in her trace, and the boys head off to their DANCE! 
With just the girls and I in the house it's a party! No toddlers whining is VERY rare indeed so I reap the benefits of fun. I order some pizza and try to get the girls to interact all together. Thankfully they're in a group-mood and they hang out with no bumps in the road. We watch a movie late into the night and eat pizza galore and when the boys finally get home from their dance I call it a night. 
 And here's the items of the evening! Karl's cockiness must have gotten him somewhere because he was nominated Dance King and apparently danced like a king too. From what I hear Karls night was a bit more toned down and he even got the guts to ask his crush Esther to dance...she turned him down. But Karl told me "It's okay! I impressed the rest of the ladies with my sweet moves!" I'm glad he still has that positive outlook!
And so the pregnancy begins! My bmp is hardly here when I wake up but after a couple pregnancy tests I can assure you I'm expecting! I haven't gotten that pregnant wobble yet nor has the baby kicked but I'm excited for that moment. 
Once the kids are at school I have the house to myself for the first time since my very FIRST pregnancy. No babies, no kids, no noise, how refreshing! I do something very video games and relax on the couch. I always am lazy on the last day of my pregnancy but there's always babies to be fed and skills to teach where as now I literally have NOTHING to do. I start to gain major skill in the video games that my kids love.
After a while the video games give me a head ache and I crave the great outdoors. Since I have all this free time I head the the bookstore and purchase a few pregnancy books. I haven't read one since my first pregnancy. All these things are so nice to do!
After reading I'm feeling sleepy so I head to the beach to work on my tan! I forgot my bathing suit so I stat under an umbrella but I let my legs get some color! I fall asleep for 25 minutes and when I wake up I take a walk around the beach.
 The sound of the waves does a lot to make me feel relaxed. I think it's safe to say that a lot of my recent stress has been due to the split with Casey. Since my triplets grew up yesterday I've had a lot of time to just think and I've come to a conclusion-once I move I will be SO over Casey and start fresh in a new house with out memories of him. And hey, what if I find new love?
But as relaxed as I am I am still pregnant! The spa sounds perfect so I head over for a 2 hour massage. I very rarely do things for myself or spend money on myself and it's sure a treat.
On my way out I run into a great friend and fellow challenge mom Sky Greene. We've been spending a lot of time together recently due to dire circumstances (Read about here)
She's also my doctor so I go ahead and request the gender of my new baby. She takes her time to check out my belly and we talk about other things before I find out...
I'm having a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!
I take a long walk home and by the time I reach my soon to be former house I see the most pleasant of sights-kids working on school work! Carina works in the study because she finds her siblings "difficult to work with and really annoying". I let her be and start dinner while they continue to work.
We have a GREAT family night. With no babies video games are our number one option and I really show my kids up! "Geez ma, when did you get so good?!" the boys complain. I shake it off and say, "I've had some free time!" I know they're jealous of my skill!
Today is the big BBQ! The guest list consists of any one of my 57 kids who have time to stop by and some challenge mom friends too. I plan on taking a huge group photo of everyone and make it really fun and festive! I am also happy due to the fact that I'm due to give birth TODAY! Much later in the day but before tomorrow I should have another blessing!
The party is set to start at 11 so from 9 to the start time we all hang out together outside and talk. I've been having lots of family time recently and I don't want it to stop! The sun beats down on us as we all chitter-chatter about the days festivities!
The first guest to arrive is actually my first child Ashleigh Lights. Seeing her is like seeing a ghost it's been so long! And guess what? SHE'S PREGNANT! We appear to be at the same place in our pregnancies and we have a ball going back and forth trading baby names, discussing the woes of pregnancy, and listening to the little monsters. Guests start to fill in soon after so we start the day but WOW, it sure is good to see my baby girl :)

The main event of the party is the group photo. Now obviously I don't have the entire family here which I sure wish I did but I love everyone who came. We figure the family in the household right now should stand around me and everyone else just fills in. I don't really want to be in the middle but they insist that I, their good old mother, stands in the center. We have Vanessa Wood take the family photo because she happened to stop by for some fun!

 So here are the two best photo's I think.
The rest of the party consists of family fun in the sun and lots of grilling! I mainly cover the grill because I only trust myself with it. Everyone else finds fun in the water slide and sprinkler and the rest DANCE! I am unable to snap the pictures since I'm too busy grilling but believe me it's a fun day!
And at the end of the night, right before I go to bed, I go into labor. I go to the hospital for the first time in a while and give birth to a beautiful baby boy...

Baby 58
Bleue Lights

Thank you so much for reading...right after I took the big family pictures at the Fourth of July Party I tried to save and in swooped ERROR CODE 12. In an attempt to try to fix this I actually deleted Ambers entire town, family, and life. I quickly recreated her family as best as I could and that's why there are not many pictures along with the party nor many towards the end of the post. Please bear with me as I try to recover from this :) Thank you


"Never underestimate the power of your encouragement"


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  2. Carter, if you look closely, you can see the differences. :D

    I love the idea of the Fourth of July father. He's so colorful!

  3. I loved it :) can't wait to see your new house ambs Xxx love is girlie!!!<3

  4. Oh no!! You deleted her whole town!! :O Are all of her past kids gone?
    *feels bad for you*
    I love how relaxed this update is! :) It's lovely to have some drama but if you get too much it can be over-whelming, which is why it's lovely to have a quiet one every now and then- like this!! :)
    I also love Amber's hair, the plaited one? Where dya get it? :D

  5. Awww, I love the family photo! They are so precious! I hope you have luck getting your game back in shape! Save Errors are the WORST!

  6. Thank you everyone...
    Tinka, YES I deleted her entire family tree all of her kids and family tree is GONE. But today, like 20 minutes ago, Della Wriner told me to check in my recycle bin on my com. to see if the save files went there and you know what?...THEY'RE THERE :D It took me back to when Amber had Charlotte and Claire as kids and Kaden and Karl as toddlers and she's pregnant with the triplets. So I gave birth to the triplets again, gave birth to Bleue again, and my game, family tree, and kids are BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I'm so happy hehehe

    Cassie, I know right?! but now I'm happy again!!!

  7. Yay!! You got them back!! Well done! I would have been in TEARS if I'd lost the whole game!! Specially seeing as you'd got so far in the challenge!! :)
    And it must have taken ages to play it all over again!!
    Thanks to Della!! :D

  8. Great GREAT post Amber!! I really enjoyed reading this :) your kids are gorgeous!

  9. Ooooh, I can't wait to see the house! I'm sorry to here about your game. :( My game isn't doing so well either.


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