Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Lights' Family Wedding!

Today is the day! Penelope is getting married and we are all more than excited about the festivities. Since hosting a wedding in your own house is difficult times one-hundred I set up "Bridal Camp" in the study which includes five bridesmaids running around the study trying to get ready. I ordered as much wedding-appropriate makeup as possible so I could help Penny save money in that department but somehow there still aren't enough colors. The girls have been here for about an hour at this point and getting ready is no easy chore.
I try to ignore the girls pestering complains about makeup and focus on Penny. "I'm having MAJOR second thoughts about my dress Ambs...I don't think it flatters me like I thought it did a week ago!" I try my hardest not to roll my eyes. "Really Penn? I think it looks even BETTER than it did last are a beautiful bride." She gives me a warm smile and hugs me. "Thanks Amber. I'm so nervous to get re-married, I don't want to mess things up like I did with Brady...we both know how that ended." 
Amber-That was not one bit your fault. Brady was the one who hurt you, Brady was the one who cheated on you, and Brady is the one to this very day who let you go. Don't you dare blame yourself for what happened with him.
Penny-I'll try but I'm still nervous.
She seems to space off for a moment before realizing something. "Holy crap!" she calls out. I give her a suspicious look and say, "Um Penny? Everything alright there?" She smiles a bit but I can see the worry in her eyes. "What's wrong?" I press. "I have no one to walk me down the aisle," she whispers. The death of our parents was difficult although I wasn't even there. Penny was and I can tell she's had a hard time dealing with it. "Oh geez, I guess I forgot about that ONE detail...who could walk you down?" I ask. She looks clueless but guesses, "Myself? I could walk solo...that could be....interesting." It pains me to see her so sad. 
Amber-No...what about...our BROTHER?
Penelope-Jason? You know he's got mental issues.
Amber-Yeah but so what? He's under your care, am I correct?
Penelope-Yes but that doesn't mean he's capable of not doing something wrong! I love Jason but I want this wedding to go PERFECT. 
Amber-It would mean so much to Jason. I haven't seen him in YEARS. 
 Penelope-I really don't know if this is a good idea. Could we even get him charged out of the hospital soon enough?
Amber-If someone can make it happen WE can. 
Amber-Look at it this way sis, you could walk down with your brother that you love or alone. Which do you want?

She doesn't reply but we both know the answer-it's Jason. I rush out of the room for only a moment to recruit some old friends of mine who are at the party to go discharge Jason from the hospital. I ask someone I trust and know well because this is my brother we're talking about. I would go myself but there's too much to be done here. Once they're gone I go about helping the bridesmaids AGAIN. Penny is still shaken with nervousness so she grabs something to drink from the bar and chats with some girls.

While Penny is chatting it up with the other bridesmaids I notice Vanessa ruffling through the clothing rack aimlessly. When I saw Vanessa was part of the bridal party at first I was shocked. But after Penny explained to me how close they are after planning my birthday party together I understand. "Are you doing alright there Ness?" I question. She gives a small smile and replies, "Yeah I'm fine, just a bit sad. I don't know if I'll ever get to be in the position that Penny is in-only a couple children which is easy and about to get married...After the challenge who knows if anyone will love me like Chase loves Penelope? It's just a shame to think about." I give Nessa a pat on the back and a tight hug. "Vanessa, you're great. I have no doubt in my mind that you will find a man one day. At least you're not me who can't even get her boyfriend to accompany her to a wedding! What a mess that is." I say sadly. Now she's the one consoling me. 
Vanessa-Casey is great but if he wants to be a jerk let him. He will miss what he could have had.
Amber-I don't know if we're broken up yet...I don't know what will happen when I next see him
Vanessa-Do what you need to do girl.
The conversation with Ness only ties more knots in my stomach on top of the wedding stress. At this point my stomach is a quadruple tied knot of worry, stress, fear, and anticipation around Casey AND the wedding. It doesn't help that Ivana Groove (the girl who insulted me at the bachelorette party) is feeling sick and it makes her complain more. "Uhh Amber, I think the wine you have here is bad I don't feel too good..." she holds on to her stomach and sprints for the bathroom. She comes back and says, "I think you ordered bad wine...I knew you were out to get me!" I gasp and quickly get off the phone with the florists. "No, I would never! You must have a bad stomach!" I insist. I did not and would not give out bad wine on purpose. "Yes you did you moronic BIT-" I am about to take a verbal beating when Penny screams. 

"WHAT HAPPENED?!" I shout before reaching her and seeing the damage. "Holy...oh my gosh. What happened?" I question. She sighs and buries her face in her hands. "I don't know...I was just drinking the wine and it spilled...all over my dress. I can't believe I did this," she complains. I am about to reply when Ivana decides to instead. "Actually, Amber probably planned that because she's not your maid of honor," she states. "She made me sick with the wine so it wouldn't surprise me if she did this to you." I am so offended but Penny replies before I can. "There's no way that's possible, I was by myself..." she says before she keeps crying. "Well, it's more likely than not," she says rudely before stomping off to the other side of the small room.
"Okay Penny, you need to relax," I say. 
"Need to relax?" she says, almost screaming. "Nothing is going right! A bridesmaid is puking her guts out, my dress it stained, and I have not a single person I WANT to walk me down the freakin aisle! This is turning out HORRIBLY!! Maybe we're not meant to be...I can't DO THIS anymore!!" she starts bawling her eyes out. 
I'm not good with crying unless it's from a baby so the best I can do is pat her on the shoulder. "I wish we had another dress for you to wear..." I mumble. She looks up at me and says, "My wedding is in less than thirty minutes there's NO WAY I can go out there looking like this!" She bursts into more and more tears. The other bridesmaids look like they want to do something but they all hold off until I'm done. "Wait Penn...stop crying. Please?" She wipes her eyes but keeps shedding silent tears. "Why?" I think how I will word this because I don't even know if it's true. "When mom, ya know, passed away did she leave you anything?" She thinks for a moment and replies, "She left me a bin of items that I haven't had the heart to look through yet. Why? You're confusing me Ambs."

"Penny...I may just have an idea" I say happily.
With a few calls and some detective work I find my way to the box from my mom. I am on the phone with Penny's neighbor who we both gave permission to go inside and she is staring in the bin. "Is there anything...white in the box?" I ask. The neighbor pauses while she searches and I hear a faint "Aha!" I ask her if it's there and she gives me some good news. "YES! The dress is here...need me to bring it over?" I ask to PLEASE bring it over and I can finally breath. As long as the dress is pretty enough Penny should be just fine.

I tell Penny what has happened and she is excited. "Are you serious Amber? The dress is in the box?" I assure her that it is and she can hardly contain her joy. "Oh my gosh! That's great...I faintly remember what it looks like but I remember loving it in the photo's as a kid.
We toss the ruined dress to the side and Penny slips into the REAL crowd pleaser. She gasps once she sees herself in it and claps happily. "Oh my gosh..." she barely whispers. "This dress is perfect." She didn't have this reaction to her original dress and I'm so happy she is happier with this one. "Yay, I'm SO glad you like it girlie!" I cheer. "Mom would be so proud of you if she were here," I say. She starts to tear up and I make the final announcement.

"Don't cry sis, lets get you married!"
The flower girls start things off. Maud, Gwen, and Carina made the cut because they are utterly adorable and very calm and sweet. I aged them up a day or two after they were born so that they could take place in the wedding today. They do a great job as they try to drop petals as best as they can. Maud (to the right) gets tired after awhile and simply dumps the flowers on the ground and crawls away. Gwen (middle) and Carina (left) take their careful time to lie down each petal precisely. After the drawn out first group the wedding finally moves on :)
Us bridesmaids start our walk down the aisle and as I'm walking past the back pew I gasp. "What the hell Casey, when did you get here?!" I screech in whisper. The sight of his face after our recent fight it startling to me and I hadn't prepared myself for this. "I'm here to see the wedding, Chase is my friend!" I gasp. "Are you serious?" I whisper back. "Of course I am!" he replies. "But you better get moving because the rest of the bridal party is lined up." I take note and rush forward to the wedding. I keep my eye on Casey the whole time.
Finally the main beauty walks down the aisle. Although she was not so happy about not having someone to walk her down the aisle before she is perfectly happy with Jason. Jason decided that he wanted to wear swim-wear so no one tried to stop him. It shows the true dynamics of immediate family and it makes me crack up to see my little brother and sister so jolly.
Penelope and Chase together are so...perfect. As a bridesmaid from the sideline I am gawking at their beauty as a couple. 
We are gathered here today to witness a marriage
Marriage is a bond that should not be broken.
Penelope and Chase do you take one another
to have and to hold
to love and respect and cherish
through sickness and in health
until death do you part?

"I do"
Afterwards everyone heads to the after party 10-feet away. There is cake and tables so everyone eats and hits the dance floor! I want so badly to join but I can't get over the ceremony. Penelope and Chase are so in love and anyone in their right mind can see it from a mile away. I've been receiving so much guidance on Casey recently from friends and it's more than overwhelming. I love Casey and there's no doubt in my mind about that. But a part of me needs to let go and move on to a love like my sister now has. It needs to be done.
Casey is off to the side and I approach him with worry. "Hey Amber," he says clearly aware of our most recent fight. "Hi Casey," I reply. So good so far, eh? As much as I want to avoid what needs to be done I need to get to it. "Hey Case-" I start saying. He interjects, "-About the other day-oh, what do you want to say?" I want to insist that he tell me what he needs to say but I know that if I do I won't be able to go through with this.

"Casey, we've been dating for SEVERAL months now. I love you with all my heart and that will never change but we've both been hurt and we both have relationship issues. My sister is now happily married and I want to be able to experience what she has. I have experienced that with you but things aren't getting any better. I love you so much..."

"Are you breaking up with me?" he asks.
"Yes I am," I say. Getting those three words out feel like the hardest thing I've ever had to do and it eats at me until he replies. 

"You're serious? Amber, if you love me so much then why in the world are you breaking it off with me?"

"I want to be HAPPY Casey...all the time I just want to be eternally happy with the guy I'm with. Like I said I LOVE YOU but we're just not meant to be. Can you please accept this and can we be friends?"  I say, practically begging. Surprisingly he tells me what I want to hear.

"I love you too Amber...I'll never get over you," he says. I pull him into a tight hug and a single tear drops down my face. I can hear him silently crying and I hug him tighter. "You'll always have a place in my heart," I whisper.

I turn around before this turns into a huge bawling-fest. I'm happy to see the photographer snapping photo's of Penny partying with my kids! (By the way, yes, Kaden and Karl did age up...Karl is on the left, Kaden on the right) "Hey, is there any room for your good old mom?" I say to the kids. They all laugh and make room for me. Penny dances to the other side of the party and gives me a wink as she goes.
I hop in for a couple photo's too. The kids dance like crazy to every song that comes on. A lot of the guests have made their way out of the party so we changed the station to a kids one and they all dance to their favorite single "Who Says" by Selena Gomez.
Before the party can truly end I talk things out with Ivana. She completely apologizes for everything she said to me and even admits that she doesn't think I'm a slut. "I actually think what you're doing is so cute...I wish I could have so many great kids and I really look up to you Amber, I have since I saw you at Penny's sleepover as kids." She also confesses that the reason she was so moody was because...she's pregnant! I make sure to wish her the best of luck and I wipe away all of the hard feelings.
So, this is it! Congrats to the happy couple!

<3 :)

Yay, I'm so glad they're finally married! Thanks a ton for reading and (hopefully) bearing with this different form of post. I did the X-Large pictures so you wouldn't miss out on a single thing on the big day! This was a dry-run of any future weddings I have to write... (wink wink!!) :D Thanks so much!!

"Never underestimate the power of your encouragement" 


  1. WOW, Weddings are hard to write and you sure showed your true writing skills by pulling this off. I was sad to see Casey go but he was holding you back from experiencing so much more in life. I didn't expect to see myself in the bridal party but thank you! I was so excited! Congratulations to the happy couple <3 BTW, Love your moms dress ;)

  2. I agree with Vanessa. I've never written about a wedding as well as this before. Wonderful! It's sad about Amber and Casey. I hope she finds someone who can make her happy. I can't wait to see what happens to Amber over the course of time. I hope she gets another boyfriend or gets Casey back. Even though I didn't like Casey in the last post, I hope he comes back. Again, great job and I can't wait to read the next post!

  3. AGREED.
    BOTH Nessa and Ambs will find soul-mates. I'm 100% sure of it. :D Keep going, Girlie. <3


  4. When I saw that Ivana was throwing up, I knew she was pregnant... I just thought that it might have been Casey's baby and I was going to punch a hole through the screen. But then I saw none of that and I was happy! The breakup was sad but totally sweet. <3

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  10. That was really good! :) And the triplets grew up so pretty!! As did the green kids! <3
    I'm glad you broke up with Casey! Hopefully you'll be able to re-start it when the challenge is over! :) Or the guy you were in love with as a teen

  11. Thanks everyone! And anonymous, the reason I started this blog was to learn about myself as an author and fine tune myself :)

  12. Great post! So glad Penny's big day went without a hitch :)


  13. Amber! That was beautiful. I've never written about a wedding and you did it perfectly. I loved it! I'm also glad to see Casey is out of Amber's life. Now she can move on and be truely happy. Another great post. :)

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