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Date Night From Hell: Babies 75, 76, and 77

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I don’t know if it’s the most normal thing to spend all night up, drinking coffee, with your ex-boyfriend. Especially when this particular ex happened to break my heart just 10 years before. But when he sat down in my kitchen, his strong body looking so masculine against the beachy walls, I simply couldn’t resist. Not that I gave into lust or anything, I just sat and talked with him. Like a normal person even though inside my heart is skipping a beat every time he looks at me. Gosh, it’s like being a teenager all over again.

“So, Amber…” he says in that deep voice of his. Since I feel like my stomach is in my throat I don’t say a word. He takes it as a hint to just talk. “Been awhile, eh?” he says and sort of laughs to himself. Been awhile? EH? This is too much!

“Oh, yeah, I know…it’s been long.” I stutter.

“Too long, Amber. It’s been way too long.” My heart flips inside my chest but I try to look civil.

“Yes, it’s been too long. Speaking of…how are you even here? I thought you moved to your Grandma’s or something back when we were…” I don’t want to say dating, nor do I want to say teenagers-it just has a bad sound to it. “younger.” I finish.

“Back when we were younger and you got pregnant…I guess we never got to talk about that-“

“-Yeah, because you left before I could say two words to you, let alone announce that I was PREGNANT.” His face twists into a look of pain so I take down my tone. “I mean, it’s totally okay, since we were so young. I guess.”

“Well the only reason I know is because I called your sister Penelope. She explained everything and I’m really sorry to have left. My mom wasn’t going through the best time so sending me away, I guess, was the right choice. But Amber-“

“WAIT,” I say, holding a hand up. “You talked to my SISTER? When did you talk to her?”

“I don’t know, like three months ago?”

“Oh my god,” I mumble to myself. “All this time, I planned her wedding and she didn’t tell me!” Apparently I’m talking loud enough for him to hear me though since he replies with, “I’m sorry. But please don’t get upset…That’s the last thing I want.” A few tears fall down my face and the next thing he does pretty much gives me a heart attack. He reaches over and wipes the single tear from my face, and he pulls his face so close. In a very serious manner he says, “Don’t go crying on me Lights,” and then he pulls away. Just like that!

It takes me a second to wipe my tears before saying, “You’re right, I haven’t seen you in so many years and leave it to me to CRY in the first five minutes. Anyway, it really is good to see you. How did you possibly find me here?”

“It wasn’t really too hard to find you when you’re such a celebrity. I asked the first person in town who you were and they were all ‘Amber Lights, gee, she must have 100 by now!’ and then they easily told me where you live. Simple enough. BUT, 100 of what?”

Now my heart really does get stuck in my chest. What do I say to a man whom I once loved, that I have 74 kids? And that they’re all from different fathers!

“Oh, well, I have um, started…” WHAT CAN I SAY!? “…collecting rocks! Space rocks around town! Everyone is, erm, so excited about it.”

A look of bewilderment shows on his face, but only briefly. He straightens out his looks and says, “Oh. Rocks. Who would’ve known my girl could have changed so much in such a short period of time? I mean, just yesterday-“ although, as he continues to speak, I can’t help but NOT listen. He just called me HIS girl! Like he used to! Here is the man that I thought I would never see again, sitting in my beach-themed kitchen, drinking coffee, and calling me HIS GIRL! I pretty much gag on my coffee and he puts his cup down. “Amber? Are you okay?…”

“I am,” I cough, “Doing just,” I cough again, “just fine! Swell in fact!”
And that is how the rest of the night goes. Other than briefly talking about my pregnancy in the beginning, we don’t even brush on the topic of relationships. I really hope that means he doesn’t have a significant other, which I really don’t think he does, considering he called me HIS girl! I certainly don’t have a boyfriend due to my lack of ability to keep a withstanding relationship. It’s not until 6 AM that the sun starts to peak through the curtains and he has to go unless he wants to see my brood of children. I rush him out the door but on the porch he stops me and stares right at me. My cheeks flush bright red, I can feel it, and he says, “See you later.” His face doesn’t come as close as it did earlier in the night, though I wish it did. And with that he leaves. I made sure to give him my number, but I didn’t ask for his. I sure hope he calls soon or I might go crazy-I’m already missing him.
After he leaves the house is dead-quiet. Other than a slight call for me from the babies room no one else is up so I head in and give them their morning feed. As tired as I am from staying up all night with Corbin I am so energetic from seeing him. I mean, come on! It's Corbin! My mind races just thinking about him. I should have gotten his number, I mutter to myself. What if he never calls me? My heart suddenly drops and the only thing to bring me back is little Lauren. 
"Are you okay mommy?" A sullen look shows on her face so I put down Dwayne and pick her up, saying, "Mommy is just fine sweetie! Oh my, look how big you've gotten!"
And big she has gotten! Her blue eyes are perfectly complimented by her brown hair and unique fashion sense. Her new muse for fashion is anything with cheetah/leapord in it. She's a fiesty one, just like her mom!
Magenta looks more like me every day. She is the first child in my challenge YET to have my hair color, my eye color, my skin tone, my everything...and it's so weird to see! Everytime I look at her I feel like I'm having a flashback to when I was a kid. But boy is she different! Her favorite pattern is zebra print right now and I constantly here arguments between her and her sister. 
Dylan (top) and Dwayne (bottom) are just too cute. Andre must have extremely strong features because both boys easily inherited his nose and eyes. Regardless, I can see a bit of myself in them and they are definitely momma's boys. When I try to leave the room they grab on to my leg and beg me to stay. Got to love kids, huh?
Since more than half of the birthdays are done I decide to finish what I've started. "Come on girls, lets see how you look as tennagers!" I say, walking out the back door. It's so sunny out so I throw on a t shirt and shorts before setting up the cakes. "Okay, let's do this!" I say as the excitement grows.
Little Miss. Reyna is absolute beauty. She looks just like her father, having inherited his nose, lips, and hair. She has an eye for fashion and simply adores being on top of the latest trends. Her younger sisters Lauren and Magenta love looking up to her. Reyna, meanwhile, looks up to and even is an intern for her older fashionita sisters Julia Lights and Ashleigh Lights. She's having a lot of fun with it!
When Kaylee ages up my breath is literally taken away. I can't believe the gorgrous traits she has inherited and how lovely her hair and skintone go together. Kaylee knows how to look good but when it comes down to it she would rather have good friends and good grades than be so focused on fashion. She is a very sweet, young girl who is an inspiration for anyone she meets.
Emily, on the other hand, is not so fond of her looks. I know that she is beautiful, perhaps not the model-type but she is definitely beauitful on the inside. Emily loves hanging out with both of her sisters though she is not as out-going as either one. She would rather spend her night indoors, watching a movie with me than out with boys. And that's alright, I welcome that with open arms!
With everyone grown up, each set of multiples heads off ot do their own thing. The triplets stay indoors to play with their little brothers while Magenta and Lauren giggle and tell secrets in the treehouse. As they're cracking up over something I walk up and shout, "Hey, what do you girl wants for dinner?" After a few moment of them not replying I shout a little louder, "GIRLS, WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR DINNER?" They must hear me this time because they shout back down, "How about some water?" I hear them keep giggling and I look up, trying to figure out what they mean.
"What do you mean-" as I'm questioning their reply a small drop of water lands on my nose. Wiping it off, I think Is there a leak up there? As I'm about to ask them another question another drop of water falls. Followed by another. And another.
 As my body is dripping with water and I am seething I look up. "Ugh, come on girls! Now I'm all wet!" And I am. All I can say is thank goodness I didn't wear a white shirt today! "Mommy! You look so silly, all wet!" 

"Well I'll get you back girls! Some way some how I WILL get you back! But for now let me go get washed off." I decide to not even bother asking what they really want for dinner. They dumped water on me, so they don't even deserve to choose!
I slumber across the backyard and as I'm slowly walking up the steps, Reyna comes and and says, "Whoa, mom, where'd you get the bath?"

"Ha ha, very funny Reyna. Your little sisters did this to me! Can you believe it?"

"Yeah, I can believe it! It's kind of funny!"

Feeling peeved off I move to the left and keep walking inside. She grabs my arm and says, "Wait, Mom, where are you going?"

"Where do you think I'm going? To get a change of clothes! Now, if I can please have some privacy honey..."

"Well you better hurry up! You have your date with that guy in a little less than an hour!"


"OH, that's his name? Other than being a fashion queen I also like to know all the gossip. And from a small peak out the window yesterday I know that James asked you out on a date. So I will not let my mother be late to a date with a potential suiter! Well, unless you're being fashionably late. But then again you're a mom and you're not so fashionable. Let's go get you ready!"

She hooks her arm around mine and leads me to my room. Oh boy.
The whole time I'm getting ready I see Reyna behind me just rambling on. I let her be and finish up my makeup. I decided on a black dress with a small belt in the waist. I remember that I wore this dress to dinner with Penny once, when I met her now-husband Chase. 

"-Oh WOW mom, you look HOT!!" she giggles. Calling her sisters in the room she says, "How good does mom look? She is my first successful makeover!"

I get approving nods and looks from the other girls. Living in a house with all girls is quite the experience. 
I'm sitting around for a bit and by the time James shows up it's almost 8. 

"Well look who decided to show up!" I giggle, pulling him in for a hug. He hugs right back, a warm and friendly hug. 

"I'm so sorry Amber, just so freakin' busy with work, my maniac uncle...I'm sorry. But I want to tonight to be special." He gently holds on to my hand, whispering, "Lets go to the Bistro, shall we?" And we both start laughing. 

"Sure thing Romeo."
The drive is short and we don't say much. I'm too lost in my own thoughts and the fact that his hand is wrapped around mine and gently squeezing it. Friends don't do that!

Once at the Bistro he helps me out of the car. I try to sit down but he keeps me up. Ignoring the odd gesture I push my hair to the side and say, "James, you look so handsome! I'm jealous!"

"What, you want to be handsome? Okay Amber, I always knew you were an odd one..."

"Oh shush yourself James." We erupt into a vat of laughter and I'm only brought down by James saying, "If you want me to be quiet we could always do something else..." and he leans in.
"Ummm, no..." I mutter, pushing James away. 

"Amber what is up with you? You kissed me at the pool that one time and you haven't kissed me since! What is UP with you? And don't pretend I'm not a good kisser because we had three kids together and you had no complaint back then."

"Woah, easy there," I reply. "I just...I had garlic earlier. I fogot to brush my teeth...I'm sorry."

"Whatever, Amber." He replies, looking sullen. "But, anyway, I guess I should break out the real reason I'm here. I was thinking the other day and I realized something."
"-I was helping my my brother pick out an engagement ring for his girlfriend the other day. The jewlery was just so nice, I couldn't help thinking you would love something."

"-Wait, James," I say, holding my hand up. "You didn't buy me an engagement ring, did you?" My  chest falls as I stare at him, awaiting an answer.

"Hell no! Of course not!" I can breathe again. "But..." that word kills me.
He hands me the box, prolonging the word "But". 
"...but what?" I say uneasily while untying the bow on the box. 

"Well, see for yourself Amber. Look in the box."

With my heart feeling like it's in my stomach I un tie the last knot and almost laugh when I see another box. I pick up the second box and start unraveling it. Inside is a perfectly sized diamond ring. 

"JAMES!"  I gasp. "You DID buy an engagement ring! I'm not ready to get married!" I am just about to burst into tears when he takes the box and ring, saying, "Amber, it's not an engagement ring. It's a different ring. I think they call it a promise ring?"

Oh no. My heart must be in my shoes by now. 

"So, anyway, Amber; will you take this ring on your finger as a promise to me that you will someday be married to me? I want, and I feel that we could be together for a long time. When I grow old I want you to be the grandma sitting next to me. When I come home from work with something to complain about I want YOU to be the one to listen. I want to have more children with you." That pushes me over the limit.

High on emotion I sputter, "James, I don't know what you were thinking when you brought me here. Maybe you thought you would get in my pants with this ring but that is NOT happening. I am not ready for marriage nor am I ready to pledge myself to someone." I drop the box and unstrap my heals while continuing, "And I do NOT take this ring." Trying to stay strong I turn around and holding nothing but my shoes I start the bare-footed walk home. It's not until halfway that I give into the tears. And boy, do they come strong.
"Ugh," I moan upon waking the next morning. I'm stretching my arms and legs when I remember why I spent half the night crying last night. I mutter a curse or two before flopping back on my pillows. James didn't propse (supposedly) but he does want me to promise myself to him. For marriage. "Noooo...." I moan again, facing down on my pillows. I know I overreacted last night but James and I aren't even dating. You would think a man would have the decency to invite a girl on more than just two dates before shoving a ring in her face. But just leave it to James to completely screw this up. Or maybe I screwed things up.
Thankfully a minor distraction is quickly provided. A berry sim by the name of Berry Splash is soon knocking on my door and we do the dirty so I can be pregnant with more babies. I've always been facinated with berry sims because of their sweet hair, skin, eyes, etc. and Berry is simply wonderful. He is complete with lavender hair coloring, a soft mint green skin tone, and crystal clear blue eyes. I can't wait to see what my new babies look like.

Sadly, Berry soon has to go. To keep distracting myself I pull out my old training post. I went through a brief phase in high school where I wanted to be a Shang Hei matrial artist...that phase was quickly dismissed when I realized how bad I am at fighting. But today, since I'm so angry, I take it out again and start throwing slaps and kicks. I easily miss each one.
 "Hiiiiii YA!" I shout the classic line as more kicks are propelled at the wooden post. Miss after miss, I continue to fail. Finally yet another distraction is thrown my way; the one and only...Reyna.
"Geez mom, are you training for a martial arts tournament?" she says while giggling. 

"No. I'm just trying to...get out some anger." I reply, thrusting another punch. Surprisingly, this one makes the post falter for a moment before turning around and smacking me in the face.

"Take it easy there. Anyway, why are you so angry? No offense but I could hear you crying from my room all night."

"Umm..." I mutter, wiping my face. "Just...."

"Don't lie to me mom. Aunt Vanessa stopped by last night and told us to make sure you were okay after your date. Her words exactly were 'You mother likes to, erm, lie about her feelings. Don't let her get away without telling you how the date went.' You've known Aunt Nessa for a long time, so what's the sitch?"

Vanessa, I seethe. "I'll be completely honest with you then." She pulls over a chair from the outdoor table and I sit on the wood deck, telling her all about the date. 
"Holy cow mom, I didn't know you got around so much." she says in reply to the situation.

"Yeah, and it doesn't help that..." I almost tell her about Corbin but I decide to keep it to myself. He will be my little secret for now...or my and Penny's little secret. Because she's known about him for THREE MONTHS. Oh, Corbin I think. I still can't believe he's here in Sunset Valley. I can't help but think how much I would love to be in his arms right now...

"Well, i guess you're not going to finish that sentence," giggles Reyna. "Thanks for telling me about James mom, it's good to know you trust me like that. I love you."

"I love you too, sweets," I reply. She walks back inside to hang with her sisters and I suddenly don't have the urge to kick or punch anything anymore. 
Instead I spend the day submerged in our rarely used sprinkler. It's over 100 degrees out and we are all reaping the benefits in living in such a beachy area. (Although fall is coming up and it will become chillier) I get so many pictures I can't even count but here are a few of my favorites.
 Everyone hangs with the family all day and we have so much fun together. My mind is so away from James OR Corbin all day that I almost forget about them. Almost. 
And before the day can truly be over the girls brother Joe Lights (baby 10) stops by to hang with the family. It's lovely to see one of the original challenge babies and see how they're doing. Overall it's a fun, family filled day that I wouldn't give up for anything. 
"Baby bump!" I can't help but squeal. Any challenge mom knows of that fantastic feeling you get when you feel the first kick and know that you're that much closer to seeing new babies. And this time around, they're not just any babies...they're berry babies!
Breaking me away from my trance are the ever-lovely Dylan and Dwayne. "Hehe, look mommy!" giggles Dylan. "Me no need fork!" Not that I would even trust them with forks at this age. "Oh, very clever baby." I mutter, while wiping up excess food and giving them some milk. They drink greedily until there's nothing but a drop of milk left. 
"Oh you little stinker," I say in a silly voice. "There's a thing called a potty! Let's go see if you know how to use it!" Well, with my luck, he doesn't. I spend the rest of my Monday morning teaching the boys how to walk, talk, and most important of all; go to the bathroom properly!
It's frustrating as hell but by the time the teens are home I'd like to think I've made some progress. 
Kaylee has a school project. Since she's in her last year of schooling her teacher has requested that she and her sisters, plus their classmates, interview someone who they aspire to be like. While Reyna is interviewing her fashion-phenomenan sister Ashleigh and Emily is interviewing a local baseball player, Kaylee is interviewing me. "Okay..." I say hesitantly. "What's the first question?"

"Well, the worksheet has a few questions we HAVE to ask and then we can make up a few of our own. So the first one is this; 'What do you do for a living?'"

"Hmm...simple enough," I mutter ."I guess it's fair to say I'm a mother for a living."

"Okay..." she says as she scribbles what I'm saying. "Next question; Do you enjoy your job? Would you reccomend it to the person interviewing you?'"

"Oh, gee...erm, yes. But not now. I mean, don't get pregnant now. There's always other ways you can profess your love. I have loved being a mother but there is no way in hell I would let you kids have your own kids this young! I mean I know teen pregnancy is up because of those stupid MTV shows but don't you dare go and get knocked-"

"-MOM!" she shouts, horrified. "I'm not pregnant. Nor do I plan on it! The question is just asking if you enjoy being a mother. Geez!"

"Oh, um. Yes, I do. Being a mother is a very fulfilling 'job'. And honey? You didn't write down the other things I said...right?"

"No, I didn't." She says while scribbling out a paragraph. Guess she did.
"This is the last required question. 'Is your job difficult?'"

"Oh heck yes!" I laugh. "You kids have given me the ride of a lifetime. But I would never give any of this up. Ever. You kids are my life." I lean over and give her shoulders a little squeeze."

"Haha, okay question. I made this one up myself. 'What song can you relate most to your lifetime?'"

Woah, good question. "Erm...probably...." I stutter. "Help by the Beatles."


"Because first of all, I love the Beatles. And second of all, believe it or not, your mom is always in need of some help."

"That's it?"

"Yes honey, that's it. Help! I need somebody! Help-not just anybody. Help! You know I need someone. Heeelpppp!" She falls back laughing as I break out in song. I get odd looks from the other kids so I laugh and say, "It's an interview! I swear!" And they go back to what they're doing.
"Okay, last question," says Kay once we've calmed down. "Why did you start the challenge, a.k.a. your job?"

"Oh, this will be easy. I've answered this in several interviews. I wanted to have 100 beautiful blessings-"

"-No mom. I've heard the interviews and I know that's not the reason. Well, at least I think. Mom, you're so fiesty that I know you would've never started the challenge if something life-altering didn't happen to spark your interest. Please answer honestly."

"Honey, I'm telling the truth-"

"-And it'll be off the record. I swear." The look she gives me tells me to not even try to lie. So, in a very hushed tone, I tell her all about how I got pregnant as a teenager with Corbins child. I even tell her about the abortion and why I started the challenge. Afterwards she gives me a sweet look and says, "Oh, mom...thank you. I've always known theres a different reason then the stereotypical crap you feed the media."

"Hey, watch your language."

"Yeah, yeah." We fall into a nice quietness when I realize how late it's gotten. Against my will I stand up and stretch, saying, "You better get to bed, love." She nods her head and gives me a hug. "You too mom. You need sleep too." And I actually do go to sleep. Feeling rather good, if I must say.
My belly is rather small for being pregnant for 24 sim-hours. I am worried I am falling back into my condition of not being able to support a pregnancy. I send Sky Greene, my doctor and friend, a text asking her to come over later. 
In the meantime I fill my day with lots of child care and PEEING! Pregnancy has some crazy symptoms, and thankfully, I don't experience most of them. Today though, I am visiting the little girls room almost every half hour to which the boys just giggle to.
Once sky comes my day becomes more serious as I question my rare condition. 

"Sky, thank goodness you could make it. Remember the condition you told me about, about my body not having enough fat to carry my children?"

"Of course. How many days are you into your pregnancy?"

"One and a half."

"Oh, I see. Here, take this pill and you should be fine."
"ACK!" I instinctively shout. "That pill is so much bigger than the previous ones! Why such a sudden growth spurt?!"

"Your condition is getting worse, Amber. Have you had any recent stress that could have effected your eating habits? Your weight seems to fluctuate during stressful or busy times."

"" I lie. 

"Amber, I'm your friend, not just your doctor. Tell me what's going on."

And so I do. It seems that every day more and more people are finding out secrets about my life. Reyna, Kaylee, Sky, and most likely Vanessa soon enough.

"Just don't tell anyone..." I say shyly.

"I won't. But you seriously need to take this pill. I won't leave until you do, Amber."
"This is gonna hurt..." I mutter. I can tell pure terror is on my face as I swallow the monster pill, but Sky's laughing makes it easier. 
Once in my mouth my cheeks fill up and I gag. "Swallow, Amber. Swallow!" she urges. With one last painful gulp the pill goes down surprisingly easy. "See? That wasn't too bad." she giggles.

"Easy for you to say!" I laugh. I spend the rest of the afternoon with my good friend as we easily chat about basic topics. She's always been an easy person to talk to so I enjoy the down time.

Once she leaves the sun is setting. I settle in for a late afternoon marathon of Bay Watch, an old favorite show of mine. "Oh, David Hasselhoff," I giggle, while settling in with a bowl of popcorn. "Ohhhh, David."
 Thankfully the pill worked. Around 5 AM the next morning I wake up to pains. The ever-so-familiar labor pains, that is.

Baby 75
Sarah Lights
Baby 76
Spencer Lights
Baby 77
Brendon Lights

<3 :)

Thanks for reading. Thankfully, I'm not longer sick and you should expect a series of posts within the next week. Probably 2 or even 3! If you are experiencing/experienced hurricane Irene so far please stay safe. It's going on in my state right now! 


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    p.s. I hope your safe! Sorry the thought just occured to me out of all this excitment!

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  4. Thanks everyone...
    HGH, Haha James seems to be the apple of many readers eyes. Several people have left posts on my FB wall rather than a comment and everyone seems to be team James. Who knew? :-P

    Bri, Thank you a lot. I will stay safe, just for you. xD


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  8. Thanks everyone....

    Tinka, you think both guys are annoying? Oh gee, I didn't mean them to come off as that.


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  12. Liana, thank you for reading. Yes, Brendon is the only one but I'm sure he'll be beautiful.

    Paisley, thanks for reading the update. Haha, team James. That'll become a term xD

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    Kaley, no hard feelings. :-P As I was writing it I honestly noticed that too, but i was hoping other people wouldn't notice xD But yeah, I am aware of this and it's too late to change it soo...I think I'll just stick with what I wrote here hhaha.

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  23. Thanks Paisley. And thank you also renak, I am currently unaware of how long it will be until I post again. I am not even sure of where my challenge stands :(

  24. (I know this is my 3rd comment but i had to say something). Please don't quit your challenge! Your one of the most amazing writers ever! You inspired me to start my legacy and I would be so sad to see your blog go. I can understand how your feeling becuase half the time I don't want to blog. lol. Please don't quit!


  25. Oh wow, awesome post, as usual! I'm just getting caught up on a lot of the blogs I follow...but this entry was awesome! Amber's life is certainly full of crazy, bless her heart! I might have to use Berry Splash in my challenge...he's interesting! I will give ya' a shout out if I do! Anyway, I loved reading this entry! The interview was probably my favorite! Amber's rambling makes me LOL all over the place!

  26. Hi I love your baby challenge I've been lurking it, and it inspired me to start my own and, I was just wondering what site you use to upload picture. :mrgreen:

  27. Hi! I have yet to comment on here and have read all posts up to this one. After I got to the latest post I was going to comment how awesome your posts are and suggest the name Sarah, which is my name. :) I'm looking forward to see how things go with Corbin! I'm rooting for him lol. Keep up the good work!

  28. The baby's name relate to Panic! at the Disco, correct? :D

  29. Looove this one! I love your new kids ! Espcially my nmae is Sarah too ! I cant wait to see what "i" look like jkjk.


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