Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Surpise!: Babies 73 and 74

"This outfit is perfect. It says 'I want to talk to you' without screaming 'SLUT'. Bravo," says my witty best friend Vanessa Wood. 

"Well, why thank you." I blush. "But I hope you realize I still don't even want to go to this speed-dating thing you've got your mind set on."

"But WHY? The only way I would let you not go is if you were dating someone...are you dating someone behind my back?!"

"No, no, of course not!" I say. "But what about James. He basically plead his adoration for me the other night. How would he feel if he knew I was going speed-dating? I don't want to ruin what could be a really nice relationship."

"Well are you officially dating him?"


"Has he professed his undying love for you?"


"Well little missy, I think you just answered your own question. Now lets go!"
"Okay crazy kids! I have here a timer that will go off every three minutes. In those three minutes I'll have you talking to a specific person of the oppopsite gender. Hopefully you can find some love or maybe a common interest but the point is-have fun with it! The timer is going!!"

I try my hardest not to roll my eyes but soon a young man is coming up to me.
"Um, hi?" I say. I try my best to avoid awkward social situations, this falling under that category.

"Hi there! My name is Matthew Bexington but you can call me Matt! And you would be?"
"Oh, my name is Amber. Nice to meet you..."

"You too. This is super cool that lonely people can meet other lonely people and just connect. You know?"

"I'm not lonely!" I protest. "To be honest, my best friend dragged me here. I don't really want to be here since I am doing the 100 baby challenge. I have 72 babies! Did you know that? And I have about 7 waiting at home for me but I'm here in this tacky bar..."

"Wait, you're THE Amber Lights? I knew that name sounded familiar but I didn't want to say anything. A couple of my buddie have, uhm, taken part in your challenge."

"That's so cool!" I say. "And you're fine with it?"

"I think it's super cool what you're doing. I know many men think of your challenge differently but I personally think what you're doing is inspiring. I've always wanted a big family. I know your friend dragged you so I won't pressure you into anything, I bet the last thing you want is a boyfriend. But, if the circumstances were any different, I would hope we could've been together."

Now THAT is my guilty point. I do want a relationship, just not with him. "Listen Matt, the thing is-"

"-Okay party people! Your three minutes are up! Move on to the next person at the next number..."
"Hi, I'm only just getting used to this. I'm Amber Lights, I am doing the 100 baby challenge, and am here with my best friend because she is a dork. And you are?"

"Well, that's one hell of an entrance! Okay, well, my name is Andre Hancock, I am a teacher at the Community School For The Gifted, I've had several of your kids in my class, and while I don't agree with what you're doing in your challenge I respect it and am looking forward to chatting with you for the next three minutes."

"Oh, well..."

"Oh, relax. I'm only here because my pestering mother thinks I will never find love. I don't want you to think I'm sharing too much but come on! These speed-dating events are SO tacky and I was just looking to get my mom off my case."

"Hmm...You know what could get your mom off your case? If you participated in my baby challenge. I know you said you don't agree with it but if you respect it enough could you take part?"

"Please?" I plead. "Looking for challenge fathers is such a hassle and I'm hoping to get something good out of tonight. If you want to, stop by my place tomorrow night around 8-ish? The kids will be in bed so we should be set and..."

"Yeah! And so then my dog jumped on my skateboard and rode away! We didn't even know what to do at the moment so I watched him speed down into the street before chasing after him only to fall and roll down my driveway!" says a man by the name of Emmanuel Hart, a photographer and man of many tales. The story of his dog, plus a few others about middle school and his friends have me cracking up the entire three minutes.

"And the best part is that another dog across the street was doing the exact same thing! What a day!" Emmanuel doesn't even bring up the challenge, even when I told him exactly who I am and what I do for a living. He has some street credit with the paparazzi so he promised to put in a good word for me to make them lay off a bit.
Eventually the nigh simmers down to friends talking to friends and lots of drinks being drunk. My only friend here being Vanessa I walk over and giggle. "Find true love yet?"

"Psh, heck yeah! There's a guy here who sky-dives on a daily basis! How cool is that?!"

"That is pretty cool Ness haha!"

"What about you? Finding any love in a small room with lots of awkward people?"
"If you count getting my next challenge dad, then sure."

"Amber! Leave it up to you to turn a night of romantic exploration into handing out business cards for your challenge."

"I don't have business cards," I shoot.

"Okay, my bad. That would be really cool though, huh? My business card would say 'Want a one night stand? Want to have a child? Then be with ME, Vanessa Fey Wood!"

"Oh Ness, you sure are classy."

And before I know it a night I figured to be terrible turns into a laughing fest with my best friend and some really cool guys. 
We take over the bar and give everyone AWESOME drinks. When asked how I got so good with my batrending skills and I just giggle and put my finger up to my mouth and whisper, "It's a secret!"
When the night wraps up Nessa frops me off at home and I ask her to hop out.

"ness, you've always been a great friend to me. The best friend I've ever had. At the end of the month I had a bit of extra money after the bill and I wanted to spend it on you. Here's the pair of earrings you've been eyeing at the mall lately." I smile and hand her the box.

"Amber...thank you." She pulls me in for a best friend hug and we part ways. Even a small gift doesn't show the appreciation I have for our friendship...I LUV YOU NESSIE
I'm in a relatively good mood the next morning so I celebrate with my daily glass of OJ on the deck. Sunset Valley offers some of the best views in the world and my house overlooks one of them. I feel as free as I do in the shower so I gulp down the drink and start singing I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. 

"But I won't hesitate no more, no more,
this is our fate,
I'm Yours"

I can't hesitate with my challenge anymore, nor can I hesitate with love. I need to just do it and let life lead me to where I'm meant to be.
I go through my que of happy songs before getting down the real part of being a mother-kids and CLEANING. The toilets, showers, sinks, sheets, clothing, wood...ALL needs to be cleaned thoroughly. I manage to get it all done before the girls are even up for school. I wake them up with a cute jingle my grandmother used to sing to me and move into the toddlers room.
I'm eager to see how the twins look as toddlers so I age them up first thing. As I'm taking the girls outside to their birthday cakes the triplets start whining and shout "WAHHH!" It shows me that they need to grow up too, they're smarty pants. "Okay," I calm them, "You're next!"
I don't think it's possible for Magenta to look anymore like me. If she did we would have to be twins! Both Magenta and her sister love playing with toys but especially the horsies. She is a fun-loving tot with a Jersey-style and adorable features.
Magenta's twin Lauren is also beautiful and not a mini-me. She shares the same style as her sister but slightly toned down. Lauren prefers stylish overalls to a dress any day and is only happy when her hair is up and she can play with the horsie toys.
Left To Right- Reyna, Kaylee, Emily

My triplets like to party! Dancing is their favorite pass time; ballet, point, and their favorite is hip-hop. They really know how to 'break it down' and 'get jiggy'. Of course, if I said either of those terms to them, they would ignore me for the rest of their lives. So for now I'll say they're fantastic dancers and very personable sims.
Since the twins are busy with their horse-dolls and the triplets are playing on their own I spend the remainder of the afternoon propped in front of the tele, watching the news. I don't usually watch the news because of the sad stories and negative energy but today I do. A friend of mine informed me a couple weeks back of a serial rapist in Sunset Valley. The anchormen are covering the most recent attack and I clutch my heart. I need to keep my kids safe and supplying each one with a cell phone is a must. Before long I am shaken with fear so I flip to the Romance channel and soak in some drama.
At precisely 3:30 Mia pounds inside and oggles her sisters all aged up. "Wha-WHAT?!" she says. "MO-O-OM! Let me and Clarisse grow up! We are the older sisters and need to stay that way." Since fighing her is useless I accept and set up two more brithday cakes, rounding out the parties for the day.
Amelia is a faithful one, sticking to the hairstyle that has gotten her through toddler hood, child hood, and now her teen years. She inherited plump cheeks and large eyes like her father. She's a sweetheart and a blessing to this family.
Clarisse is a bit less faithful to old habits and changes her looks once again. She rocks a short cut and a lot of makeup daily, but it looks cute on her. She is very insecure about her weight and is not hesitant in sharing this so I lift her spirits when I can. She is close with her sister and they do everything together.
The night dwindles down to all of us girls chit-chatting about how exciting their new ages will be and how much they love having all sisters. I previously had been cleaning so I plop down on the couch. "Mom," starts up Clarisse. "Have you ever heard of truth or dare? It's all the rage and I wanna play!" I give her a sidelong look. "Truth or dare with your MOM? If you want..."

"Awesome!" she giggles. "Okay mom, truth or dare?"

"Umm...Dare." Why not? I can be crazy.

Her and the girls huddle together and emerge  a minute or so later. 

"Okay mom, we have a dare for you!" 

As she says this Reyna chimes in, giggling, "We dare you to go into your room and change into the craziest clothes you have! And if they're not crazy enough then we get to stay up all night!"

"Okay..." I trail off. I stand up and walk into my bedroom and sort through my closet. A duck sweatshirt was a gag-gift from Nessa to lift my spirits a few months back. For some reason I have a pair of neon green shorts and underneath that I toss on a pair of crazy colored leggings. I polish off the look with a crazy bun and purple lipstick. 
"Oh my gosh," the girls giggle. "You look CRAZY!!"

I bow and thank them. "Thank you, I try to look this crazy all the time!" This gets a few more laughs from them. As the sun starts to set and the moon sets in I get the girls to bed with a glass of milk each. I am working on putting the babies to sleep when I hear a knock at the door. I completely forget about my appearence as I go to answer.

"You told me to come over, right? Crud, did I come at a bad time?"

"No! Why would you think that?" I laugh.

"Well, I mean, what you're wearing...I can always come tomorrow or something." 

I look down at my clothes and start laughing like a maniac. "Oh, Andre don't mind my clothes! I was playing truth or dare with my kids and they dared me to look like this! It's okay!"

"Oh, ok! It looks cute on you," he smiles and pulls me in.
"Such a gentleman!" I say while hugging Andre tightly. We head inside and it's not long before we're on the bed, getting things done!

I can ensure my pregnancy because the next morning is spent with my head over the toilet. As much as I hate morning sickess, one day after the challenge I will look back and miss the feeling of a new family member. Oh well, I pop in some tylenol and get on with my day.
I walk into the kitchen and Kaylee is scrubbing the dishes and putting them away before school. When she see's me she says, "Hey mommy, I heard you're feeling sick today." She frowns and closes up the dish washer. "So I decided to do the dishes today. Do you feel better now?" I smile and hand her her lunch bag. "Yes I do. Now get on the bus honey!"
 Magenta and Lauren on the other hand are quite fussy this morning. I don't realize why until I slip them into their cooky outfits and they stop whining. Once they have some food in them they are happy again.
Since it's so hot out I take the girls out to play on the deck. As I teach Lauren to talk Magenta sips on another bottle, she's a hungry hungry girl this morning!
Eventually I move on to teaching words to Magenta while Laur busily plays with some toys in the play room. "Now say 'Hello'" I instruct. 
"Meow," she replies. 

"No, not meow," I say. "HELLO"

"Hi mommy."

"No, say 'Hell-o'". I get a little frustrated as she continues to say "Meow."


"Hello mommy." She flashes me a big grin, knowing that she got under my skin. Gee, kids these days!
When the teens walk in the door I put the babies in their arms and ask them to watch the kids for a bit. The heat has gotten to me so I put on my bathing suit and wrap a towel around my waist. After a quick dip in the ocean I lie out on the beach and soak up the sun. The beach is oddly quiet so I relax. I only go home because of my nauseating stomach pain but am sad to leave the beach.
Once back home I slip back into my clothes and throw together special hot dogs that my grandma taught me how to make. It included brown sugar and a special sauce to make the sauce JUST right. As I'm grilling them the kids all gather around and smell, saying "When will dinner be ready?" over and over again. I shoo them away and set the hot plate outside.
As we eat the sun sets. Each girl has something exciting to talk about, whether it's boys, makeup, clothes, or hair. Having all girls is a hassle but having any kids is difficult. I especially enjoy moments like these when I can sit back and smell the roses. Everyone is having such a good time and I don't want it to end so I set up a fire pit and we roast marshmellows!
No words are needed to explain this family-bonding time, only pictures. The night quickly passes and before I know it each girl is asleep in bed and all I can do is smile.
 I have a small baby bump this morning, reminding me that I need to get on with this challenge. Once I shower and freshen up, I put out the kids breakfast cereals and lay down. Though my baby bump isn't that big YET I do enjoy a nice read every once in a while. The twins are sleeping in so I have even more time to relax.
A bit later the girls are up. Heading into their nursery I scoop up Magenta. She leans up, gently placing a hand on me to balance and whispers, "Mommy is pwetty,". She backs off and I grin at her, she knew the perfect thing to say. "You know who is  prettier?" I coo. Pointing a finger towards her I say "You!" and she giggles.
Other than sharing secrets with me the girls don't really want anything to do with me today. Instead of forcing them to learn their skills I let them be and focus on myself. I can't remember the last time I painted or did something fun on my own so I get to work. 
Meanwhile, in the baby room, the tots are playing with some blocks. I had always taken them to be the girly-type but they can build some snazzy structures form the plain blocks that even I oggle at. "Great job!" I urge them in between painting.
 Whether I like it or not I find myself painting the day away. I put the finishing touches on the still life as the teenagers walk in the door. "What do you think?" I ask, eyeing up my painting. "Great job mom!" they say in sync. As soon as it dries I place the photo in my bedroom and put away the easel. The teens call me into the toddlers room to ask me a question.
"Hey mom," mutters Clarisse, texting on her phone while speaking. "Can Mia and I take the girls down to the beach for a little while? We'll work on their skills, I promise," she says. 

" you want to take the triplets too?" I don't want anyone to feel left out.

"No, it's okay. I think they have a study group or something after school anyway. So we can take the babies?"


"BYE!" and they spring out the door, one baby in their arms. I don't know why they want to hang out with their sisters so bad but I let them go. I can trust them and I know it.
Turns out the triplets DID have a study group so I relax and read until they get home. When they get home I see thatthey're trying to burn off some stress from school so I load up the video games and shout, "Try and beat me!" Well, as usual, they are successful in beating me. They start giggling and chattering after an hour or so and that's when I know they're feeling stress-free again like they should.
Since they're having so much fun I sneak out of the play room and prepare mac n' cheese for dinner. As the sky grows darker and the girls go to sleep I start to wonder what the heck Mia and Clarisse are doing. A quick look off the back deck shows that they are on the beach with some boys...when they get home an hour or so later they explain what they were doing as follows:
Both Mia and Clarisse had been crushing on two guys (Darren and Max) from their class. Without much to talk about they each broke the ice with the boys talking about how cute their little sisters are. Since the boys are both family-oriented  they easily agreed to hang out on the condition that they got to meet their little sisters. Regardless, they were elated when they got them to come hang out with them at the beach. They brought the girls with them and it wasn't long before they were flirting up a storm and each got their first kiss!
The night ended with each girl cuddled close to their guy and their little sisters. When the girls express to me how much they love them I can believe them. You can completely judge a huy by how he acts around kids and thankfully, my little girls have found amazing people to share the rest of their lives with. The next morning they age up and move in with their now-fiance's.
Here they are-grown up, and ready to move out. They are fully in love with the men they are with and fully intend on having a brood of children. Clarisse is still unfavorable of her weight and swears that she will work it off. Mia is still a swettie-pie and so lovable to everyone. The four of them will make it so far, I'm sure of it. With a tight hug and a peck on the cheek they are out the door and moving on!
I'm having twins AGAIN, I'm sure of it. I  have been a multiples magnet the past few pregnancies and I would be lying if I said I didn't prefer it. As I'm getting closer to the end of my challenge all I want is to finish up and watch my children grow and thrive.
I receive an early phone call and the caller ID clearly states it's James. I brace myself for the call and flip open my phone. "Hey there," I chirp.

"Hey to you too. Want to go out?"

"Go out?

"Yeah, like the park? This time I am intentionally asking you out on a date, let's just make that clear. But after all the fun we had last time I figure you willl say yes." I can imagine him winking on the other side of the phone and the thought makes me burst out laughing.

"Sure James, you cowboy casanova. I'll go on a day-date with you."

"Awesome, I'll pick you up in fifteen minutes."

He hangs up and comes over. I hop in the car as he turns up the music and holds my hand.
We get out of the car and he leads me into the park. I slip my hand out of his and just smile.
"So, James, nice to see you. How are you?"

"Good...and yourself? From the looks of it you've been in a good enough mood to get knocked up again."

"Oh be quiet." If any other guy had said that I would've slapped them silly, but James is James. 

"But seriously, you look great. I remember when you were pregnant with my little buggers! Good times."
In a swift move that surprises even me he reaches down and touches my stomach. "Wow, the babies are moving," he mutters. I put my hand on top of his and lead his hand to all the spots where the babies like to move around. He looks up to me  and grabs my face in his hands. "Amber you're beautiful," he whispers. "I've never wanted to kiss someone as much as I do you in my life." As he's leaning in I shy away and look down. "Not now James, I'm not in the mood." I can see the disappointment in his eyes. "Well, let's at least have some fun," he says.
And we do have fun. I swing on the swingset reminding me of my harsh but true childhood. Eventually James sits on the swing next to me and we lazily chat about random things, shying away from any topics involving a relationship. I know shying away from the kiss discouraged him but I'm swollen from my pregnancy and no man wants to kiss that. 
I eventually have him drive me home. As I'm heading in the house he grabs my hand and says, "Amber, I just want you to know that I have so many feelings for you that I can't even put it into words. Please meet me for dinner at the Bistro tomorrow night and I promise you won't be disappointed. Okay?" I slowly nod my head and he gives me a peck on the cheek. "Thanks. Have a great day..." he shows some hesitance and mutters "bye" before hopping back in his car.
Feeling high on emotion I spend the rest of the lazy afternoon cleaning and watching TV simaltaneously. When the triplets arrive home I'm not in much mood to play so I head into my bedroom to wait for labor to set in.
 And labor I go into. At a little past 10 I am welcoming to the world TWO new babies..
Baby 73
Dwayne Lights
Baby 74
Dylan Lights
Atfer the birth of the boys I'm feeling tried but with too much on my plate. Planning on staying up for awhile I put on some coffee. As it's brewing there's a knock at the door. Still high on emotion I shout, "It's too late, no one's home," to the person outside. A male voice bellows, "Amber," and I am surprised. I can't believe that James would show up this late at night. "Oh shut up James, it's too late." Out of curiousity I just open the door and to my surprise it's not the silly, goofy James I know standing there.
It's Corbin. Corbin Fierik.


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