Friday, August 12, 2011

Oh, What a Night: Babies 71 and 72

"MOM!?" shouts Merry, flabbergasted. "What are you wearing!" 

"What do you mean?" I inspect my outfit. There's nothing wrong with it. "I think it's cute!"

"Mom, you look like you're in your twenties-"

"I AM in my twenties! Honey, I may have seventy children but in no way, shape, or form am I old."

"Okay, whatever you say! When is the family coming over?"

"About twenty minutes," I mutter. A lot of my previous kids have been begging to come over and see my new house and bond with their siblings. I finally caved in and scheduled a family party.

Obviously the entire family can't come, but this ia group photo of who could show up. I can't imagine having all 70 babies in my tiny foyer so 13 is a nice number. It's almost surreal having all these beautiful children from different parts in my challenge, standing together. The party is a nice one, filled with laughter, fun, and memories. Each kid basically talks to their twin or triplet but the single births get to know one another. The one person I need to talk to is Lacey.
 "Hey babe, how are you holding up?" I carefully question her. Not too long ago her child passed away and called me in tears. 
"Mom, you wouldn't imagine how difficult it's been. Not having Caroline around makes every day a dark one but I'm holding up. My hubby has gotten me through it, and at least I still have you, my brothers and sisters, and him."
"Aw baby cakes. I've never lost a child and I can't imagine what the past few weeks has been. Just know that you have an army of 70 family members worth of support behind you."
"Thanks mom, I love you." She pulls me in for a tight hug and I can feel her start to cry. I calm her down and we both head back to the party. The rest of the night is less socialable and I get around to talking to my kids. 
I get up way early today to hop on the computer and check up on facebook, blogs, and skype. I get a friend request from James Elliot and after accepting he chats me almost immediately. 
James-Hey Amber
Amber-Hey James....
James-What are you doing tonight?
Amber-Not sure...why?
James-How would you like to go out with me? I figure we can go to the theatre, see a play, go out to dinner...
Amber-I'm not sure what the kids schedules will be like so I'm not sure.
James-Come on...just a movie and dinner. It's not like it'll kill you to go out with me AS FRIENDS
Amber-Ugh! Fine! Pick me up at 7 mister
James- :D Deal
Well then, I think. Guess that's set in stone. I don't know how I feel about going out with James. I know he won't try anything rash, he's like a guy friend rather than a romantically pushy guy. It should be fun.
Before I start thinking too much, a nasty habit of mine, I woork on my garden. My garden at this house is lovely because I can water plants and listen to the ocean waves at the same time. I haven't had time to work on the plants lately, especially with so many multiples, so I take advantage of this time to really get ahead. 
When I walk into the nursery I see both of my tots whining. "MOMMY!" shouts Mia in a forceful tone. "Me age up NOW!!" she whines and shakes the railing of her crib until I pick her up and set her on the floor. 
 "Is that better?" I ask, setting them on the floor. They giggle and shout "YAY!" as sparkles envelop them.
Clarisse and Mia! Clarisse still loves lavender and Mia still loves peach but together they're the Purple-peaches! I've never seen a better match with anyone because Amelia and Clarisse do everything together. Their favorite thing is playing video games! They can't tell me enough how excited they are for the sims 3 pets!
I know you all have already seen this but COME ON! How exciting!!
Reyna, Kaylee, and Em are too cute! Telling them apart is quite easy since they each look so different. Kaylee will surely be a mini-me without the red hair. Reyna and Emily both have very thin lips with I don't get. Each girl is giggly and plaful and that's all I can ever ask for!
With some of the kids aged up I get a spare moment to eat some food. I start thinking about my impending date with James. Was saying yes even worth it? I am so tired of being used and never actually finding someone to be with. I eat my breakfast cereal in silence until some yelling breaks it up.
"AHHH! I WIN!" shouts Mia from the playroom.
"Oh puh-lease," I say, walking in. "I can beat both of you so you'll stop trying to crush eachother!" I grab the remote from the playstation and sit down. "Now start up the game..."
10 minutes, 3 lives, and 2 sodas later Mia succeeds in beating both Clarisse AND me! "Oh gee..." I mutter and look away. "I WONNNN, I WONNN!" Mia giggles in my face. "I beat you mommy!" I was feeling ashamed but now just as giggly as them. "Yeah, yeah, don't get used to it!" Of course I'm only kidding so they both jump on top of me and chant "MOM-MY LOSE-ES!" When I finally come up for air I realize how sunny out it is. "Lets go outside!" I declare.
Mia and Clarisse get straight into a game of hopscotch. 

"Aw, rats! I stepped on the stone again!" pouts Mia.

"Hehehe, looks like you can't win at everything sister!"

"Psh, lets just see how YOU do."
 Mia rips her hair out as she waits for Clarisse to go and...she steps on the stone too.

"Hahaha, looks like neither of us are very good!"

They embrace with a big hug and I look over. "Before you girls get into too much competition why don't you play with your little sisters? They seem lonely.

"AHHH!" giggle Reyna and Emily. I look over and laugh at how scared they get. I for one am teaching Kaylee to walk and appreciate the help in distracting her sisters.
"Yay Kaylee, you're walking!" I shout. I giv eher a big hug and kiss on the cheek and say, "Who's mommy's little learning girl? Who is she?!"

"Me! Me mommy!" she giggles. I put her back down and look at the clock. "Oh gee..." I mutter. It's almost 4. At four I have an IVF treatment for my next baby since the father lives in China full time. Thankfully the teens walk in the door and I leave them in charge.
The sperm is coming from an Asian man by the name of Guang Dong, a Chinese business man.  The IVF treatment is quick and nothing much to write about. The needles hurt though.
After rushing home from the doctors office I rush inside only to throw on an old dress of mine and put on a bit of makeup before James is knocking at the door. "Coming!" I shout, rushing out of my room. "Hey James..." I say. "New haircut?"

"You know I'm a model so I do what they tell me...straight hair it is."


"Thanks, same to you. You look beautiful, as always."

"Oh, thank you." I mutter. 

"So shall we go out? There's a 7:30 showing of Transformers!"

"Transformers? I was thinking we could see something like The Help?" I say it as a joke.

"The Help? A chick flick? I guess if that's what you want..."

He's compromising with me?! "No, no, I'm just kidding. Transformers it is. Lets go!"
James and I turn out to have a really nice time watching the movie. We spend most of the movie talking about our lives and different things never coming back to romance, boyfriends, or my challenge. I can't express enough how nice it is to go out and NOT talk about my challenge. Just being in someones presence that has nothing to do with my challenge life is amazing. 
It's lnog after nine when the movie is over. We step out of the theatre and I thank him for everything. "This has been a lot of fun James, thanks for taking me out. I really needed this."

"You're leaving already? The night has barely started!"

"You know I have kids at home to take care of..."

"You must have a babysitter right?"


"Then have them babysit a bit longer." He grabs my hand in his. "I want to spend more time with you. Please?" The sudden gesture is a bit of a surprise. I worm my hands out of his and sigh. 

"Fine, okay, I'll text Charlie and Merry to ask them to put the kids to bed. You so owe me."

"I'll make it up to you tonight! What do you want to do? Name anything."

"Umm...I don't know," I giggle. I can't remember the last time someone let me choose what to do."

"Then how about I pick?"


"Let's go to the pool. It's really hot out!"

"Sure, but one problem. I don't have a suit!"

"No problem, you don't need a suit." He winks and calls over a cab. 
Thankfully, once to the pool, it's only us. I must have misinterpretted his plan because James only sheds his clothing down to his jeans and jumps in. "Oh geez, I thought you were going to strip James!" He starts cracking up and pull shis head underwater. Once up he says, "I'm not stripping but are you coming in?" I sigh and think. I could go in with my bra and under-shorts but that could be too much...I decide on my bra. "Okay, um, be right in. Look away!" He laughs even harder at this and says, "Okay, okay. I'm not looking".
I shed my clothes and hop in. "Okay," I say hesitantly. "You can turn around now."
I can see him eyeing me and checking me out. I pull my bra straps closer together and almost regret the decision. But then there's always the fact that I'm half-naked in a pool with a guy I'm not even dating. BUT we have can see the awkward situation.
We're swimming for about an hour. I stay towards the wall, trying to cover myself up. If paparazzi saw me they would have a field day with this situation. Our conversations are actually NOT awkward, believe it or not-most of them centering around how funny it is that we're sort of skinny dipping together at midnight. I guess it is a funny situation considering who I'm with.
Once out of the pool James immediately offers me a towel. I resist the urge to say yes since skinny dipping is such a thrill and I don't want to lose my appeal. "Yeah me neither," hey says. "Towels aren't needed for this hot evening." he winks at me and comes closer. Rubbing my arms to warm me up he comes closer looks into my eyes. His lips graze my forehead, then slowly make their way to my lips. With no hesitance he kisses me. 
The last thing I want to do is ruin things so I don't pull away. I don't think a man has liked me for me since Casey...and even those days were short-lived. We're only kissing for five minutes and periodically coming up for air when I pull away, stroke his cheek with my hand, and leave. I just wrap a towel around myself and leave. Why? I don't know, it just feels right and I can avoid any talking with this plan.
I guess I sleep in a lot the next morning because next thing I know I'm being shaken awake by a crabby Meredith. "Mom! Mo-o-o-om! Wake up mom! Gah!" I finally wake up uncover the sheets-I'm still in my bra. "Ugh, mom! Can't you put on some clothes?" As she says this she sits on my bed and starts chatting.

"Oh relax honey, I'm your mom."

"Yeah, hence the ew part. But anyway, where WERE you all last night? I wanted to go to a party but Charlie said I had to stay."

"Yeah, you did have to stay. And I was...out. I don't even know what to call it. But I think it's safe to call it a date."

"YOU went on a DATE? Who would date a mother of seventy?!"

"We're not dating...yet. I think. I don't know! It's so confusing. Just don't be expecting him to be your step-dad, that's all I can say." 

"Okay, whatever you say mom...anyway, we're starved-can you make some pancakes?"

I tell her I'll be out in a moment, once I freshen up and call my best friend. i need to talk about this to someone who knows more about dating then my daughter.
"So wait, let me get this straight," says Vanessa. "You, Amber Essence Lights, went out with a challenge father who you sort-of-possibly like and kissed him HALF-NAKED?!"

"Well if you put it that way..."

"Amber! I thought there is no love in the baby challenge. It never works out. Look at Casey for example."

"Ness, don't bring up Casey..."

"Okay, I'm sorry for that. Listen Amber, if you want to be all frisky with a challenge dad no ones stopping you but remember this: the challenge will always get in the way. Okay? I don't want to see you being so hurt again, it crushed me. Just be safe...alright?"

"Alright. Thanks Nessa."

"Anytime Ambs. Call me later but I gotta go. Bye!"
 We eat a big breakfast of banana pancakes and milk. Once the kids are stuffed I wake up the triplets and place them outside and continue to work on my novel. Before long my family is urging me to come on the slip n' slide with them so, being a dutiful mom, I do. It ends up being a lot of fun and getting my mind off James and how good he looks without a top...
Anyway, getting off of that, Emily hasn't been receiving much attention from anyone lately so I go ahead and make her the star of my day. Luckily she's in a good enough mood to not only learn to walk, but to also master talking too. All that is left is potty training for each girl and they are ready to grow up!

Meredith and Charlie have left their amazing personalities with the Lights and will never be forgotten. Charlie has gone on to pursue a career in the medical field while Merry prefers to donate her money to charity that she makes from modeling. She's a true beauty and it was no problem for James to set off her modeling career for her. 

If you would like to download either one of these kids, head into the "Kids" section of my blog found at the top. In there you will find a photo and link of each child in the challenge. It's still a work in progress so you may not find your favorites from the middle of the challenge, though you can find over twenty of the first kids and the most recent ones too. Go ahead and click away!
Today is a good day, I think to myself. The sun is shining, the pancakes are cooking, and I am pregnant! Every pregnancy gets better and makes me feel so overwhelmed with love. Family makes the heart grow fonder I guess.
"So," I say to my girls. "It's Sunday and we have the whole day ahead of us. What shall we do?"

"Hmm..." mutters Clarisse between bites. "We were researching butterflies in class the other day. They are most known to be found in the park...can we go there?!"

"The park? I would have to hire a sitter..."

"No we can leave my sisters with Henry, Vinny, and Jordy! Oh pretty please mommy!"

"Okay, whatever you want sweets."

I get straight to calling up the boys and making sure I can drop the girls off. They insist on doing a house-call and coming here to baby sit so I say convienient!
On my walk out the door Mia surprises me with the camera and takes a picture. "Oh mommy, you look so pretty with my new baby siblings!" she gushes. What a proud big sister.
Once at the park each girls eyes fill up with excitement. "So much to do!" giggles Mia. "And so much learning too! Let's play chess!" chimes in Clarisse. 
It's a match of the minds but in the end Clarisse wins and is not the least bit hesitant to shove it in Mia's face. "Hehe, I win! You may win video games but I succeed at being smart!!"
Before anything starts to happen I say, "Oh girls, no need to argue! Lets do some other things!"
Something neither girl is very good at is fishing. Mia falls a lot while Clarisse can't even attempt to catch a fish. "Ah-ha! Don't you girls see? You both are good at your own individual things but in the end, you're equal. Can't you just love your sister?" I look from Mia to Clarisse and back again. They slowly put down their rods and embrace. That's about as much fishing as we'll be getting done so I send them on a mission to find me some seeds for my garden. Once a little plastic baggy is full of seeds I go on a field day with photo's. They're so picture-perfect!
 I am SO in love with each of these pictures.
 The day is soon over so we finish it off with a nice picnic dinner of hotdogs and the rare treat SODA. We laugh and giggle until we can't anymore. I think a girls day was waiting to happen and I know both girls are very happy about it. "Thanks so much mommy," they say at the end of the day. "You ROCK!" Those are the two nicest words I've heard in awhile.
My bump is so big! After gushing about if for an hour and taking tons of photo's I realize how much it is weighing me down. "Hmm..." I mutter, turning on the TV. A great show Saved By The Bell is on so I spend two hours being wrapped into the dramatic lives of Zack, Kelly, Lisa, Screech, Slater, and Jesse. 
 When I finally get around to potty training the girls it's not even worth is water breaks!! I push, push, PUSH to get out some more babies!
Baby 71
Lauren Lights
Baby 72
Magenta Lights
Eight baby girls in a row? Oh no...

<3 :)



  1. great story! :) you have beautiful kids!

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  5. I loved it as always, just when I think you can't get better... YOU DO! Keep it up girl!

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    Girls - Chelsie/Chelsea
    - Natalianna
    - Cherena
    - Emily
    - Ziba
    - Annalise
    - Saffron
    - Vira
    - Allisa
    - Georgia
    - Katy
    - Keri
    - Anna
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    - Amethyst
    - Stella
    - Annastasia
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    - Xenyon
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    - Quartz
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