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GIRLS NIGHT! :Babies 68, 69, and 70

Thanks a ton to chavette12 for the Lucky Leather Length...super cute!

“Della, you for sure have to come over! The kids want some fun and I want to see you!”

“I just don’t want to intrude! It’s like, 8 at night…don’t your kids have school or something tomorrow?” asks Della.

“Oh shush,” I say. “If your butt isn’t on my porch in twenty minutes then you’re going to get a whooping…okay?”

“Yes ma’am!” she says. “I’ll think of something for us to do on my way over!” And then the phone clicks off. The kids have been complaining all night about how I won’t pay any attention to them because of the new babies. I finally decided to get Della to come over and distract them.
“Oh baby Clarisse!” I coo, picking up Clarissa from her crib. “You have no idea how much mommy loves you!” She’s a ticklish baby so I tickle her feet and she lets out a baby laugh. I love you I say one more time. The door bell rings after a few more minutes and I’m happy to see…it’s Della!

“Della!” I shout with open arms. Seeing her is one of the hardest things since we’re always so busy. “Geez girl, it’s been too long!”

She laughs and leans in. “Okay, so I got an idea on my way over. There are some fireworks in my car…care to light them off?” My mouth drops open.

“YES!” I shout. “They’re completely safe right? That last thing I want to do is hurt one of my kids because that will lead to-“

“-Trust me Amber, they’re AWESOME.” And with that she runs to her truck. I call the kids out and tell them there’s a surprise.
"Okay, good job Amber..." says Della as I light the last of he fireworks. "Did I do it right?!" I ask to the sizzle of the firework. 

"YES! Now RUN!" she calls out. I run back to where she's standing and wait...
"Now cover your ears!" Della shouts. Barely hearing her I just back up and prepare for the big boom. I look over at the kids who are all jumping around in excitement. No one is more excited than little miss Meredith though.
"" says a dazed Meredith. The fireworks go off without a hitch as we all look into the beautiful night sky. "This is like heaven mommy," says Merry. "All we need is more barbie dolls and this would be exactly like heaven..." She drones off as I sling my arm around Della and say, "You done good kid, you done good." She smiles at me as we watch the rest of the them go off. 

Soon after it's way into the night so I hustle the kids into bed. The excitement keeps them up but I make them promise to stay in their rooms. Once done I grab some snacks and come out to talk to Della.
"Hey there Dellerz," I say. She smiles and grabs a chip from the bag I'm holding. "Wasn't that just great? I told you fireworks are fun!" 

"I knew they would be fun!" I protest. "I'm just glad nothing bad happened. But anyway, how ARE you? It's been so long."

"I've been good but you know what would make me better? If we had a girls night out tomorrow night. I figure we could get me, you, Ashley, Vi, and Nessa and we would be all set?" 

I grin at her and assure her that I will be free and it will be great. "I'm so glad, can't wait!" she shouts out her car before heading home.
Mia and Clarisse grow at an alarming speed into beautiful baby girls. I walk into their nursery to see them grown and begging to come out and play! Mia is such a sweet baby girl and just the sight of her face makes me grin. Clarisse is Mia's dutiful partner in crime, they try to constantly get into things they're not supposed to. I'm only slightly worried about leaving them home with the kids when I go to Girls Night tonight...
As I set the girls up to play my phone starts ringing off the hook. I scramble to answer it and say, "Hullo?" really fast.
Ashley-Ambs, it's Ash. 
Amber-Oh, hey Ashley. What's up?
Ashley-Just calling to let you know that I can make it to Girls Night tonight...what a fun idea! I've been needing to get out of the house anyway! 
Amber-I'm glad since-
Ashley-Stop whining, please honey? UGH! Sorry Amber, America is crying like crazy, gotta go. See you tonight!
And she hangs up. Almost as soon as she clicks off I get two texts-one from Violet and one from a father, Michael Manson. Violets text says-Amber, I can make it tonight. Thanks for inviting me! Kisses, Vi. And the one from Michael says-Hey Amber, it's me, Michael. Come over my place later? I can't get out of the house so that would work better. Thanks, M.
Well that's an nice surprise. I tell them both that I can't wait and put away my phone. I spend too much time on my cell nowadays!
Neither Mia nor Clarisse are ready to start learning skills so my morning is basically taking them on pointless walks around the property line. "Oooo, look at da wata!" says Clarisse, in reference to the ocean. Mia doesn't talk as much as she just stares at all of the sights. After awhile my arms grow tired so I retire to some coffee before getting on with the day.
My pathetic garden of 3 plants needs some tending to. I slip on my gardening gloves and grab a shovel before getting down in the dirt. Mia and Clarisse crawl over and poke at the leaves. Clarisse digs in the dirt and it's not long before she discovers a worm. "EWWW-EYYY!" she whines. I lower her arm and make her release the worm. Mia giggles at her sister and Clarisse starts giggling too after a bit.
Eventually they grow tired of the garden. I take them inside and put up all the proper child-safety precautions. "Now you girls, STAY SAFE," I instruct. They just grab the doll bin and start playing away.
With the girls out of my hair I wash up and settle on checking my email. A lot of people consider email so passe but it is how I keep in touch with most of my kids, challenge fathers, and friends. There's nothing that important except one particular message...not a person I ever expected to hear from.
From: Mason Elliot
To: Amber Lights
Subject: SimLife Magazine, August Edition
It's Mason, the photographer from your photo shoot and main Editor and Chief of SimLife Magazine. I'm pleased to announce that the August Edition is put together and on the shelves of every newstand and store in the area. I am including a photo of the cover and you can look through what they wrote of you from your interview. 
Mason Elliot, Editor SimLife Magazine
P.S. Sorry about the photo on my website, it has been taken down thanks to James. 
My mouth drops open more and more as I look at the picture. This photo is GREAT! I honestly had forgotten about the photo shoot but I'm glad that Mason didn't. I think about the last thing he wrote, about James convincing him to take down the photo's. That was really sweet of him so I shoot him a text saying Hey James, I just heard news from your uncle about the cover. Thanks for everything...-Amber 
It's not long before I'm swept into the world wide web and am upholding at least ten conversations, skyping with my kids, and simaltanously reading blogs. By the time I have a second to check the time I realze that it's pushing 4 PM and I only have 3 hours to meet Michael, get changed, and meet the girls at the club for Girls Night Out. I run down the steps while shoving my dress in my bag. The triplets already know they're babysitting but I shout to Vinny as I'm opening the car, "Make sure they get their feed at 7 and keep them entertained...they aren't exactly the most tame kids." he nods and runs inside, obviously excited about a night alone in the house.
 "hey there mike!" I say, sudging his shoulder. "I'm really happy to be here! You know all of the challenge rules, am I correct? No emotional attatchment, no relationship..."

"Trust me," he says, "There will be NO relationship and that's a promise." I'm slightly hurt by this since so many fathers usualyl fall all over me. "Um..." I continue. 

"Not that I don't like you are anything, from our emails and texts you seem really nice! it's just..."

"What?" I ask. "I don't WANT you to want a relationship but why are you acting so stand-offish?"

"I'm gay, OKAY?!" he almost shouts. 
"Wha-huh?" I question. He clearly doesn't understand my confusion so I rephrase my question and say, "Um, why do you want to be in my challenge then?"

"Because, my mom gets on my case all the time. I'm a closet-gay (shivers). I HATE saying that. But my mom seems to think I'm some sort of social freak and I want to have a child. If I have visible proof that I have a child maybe she'll back off. Now you probably won't even want me in your challenge!"

"Oh, I'm so sorry..." I put my hand on his shoulder and look him in the eyes. "Trust me, I didn't have even close to understanding parents when I was younger. And don't think I won't be in your challenge because your gay...I pride you in it and I'm completely fine with it." Actually, truth is, it is SO weird, yet I can't tell him it's going to be odd for me. The grin that appears on his face after I say this is answer enough as he starts to jump and and down saying "Eeeee!!!"  
Feeling in the moment, I lean in and give him a tight hug followed by a small kiss. As soon as I come back from the embrace though, he staggers back and a look of shock is on him. 
"Did I NOT just admit that I'm crazy gay to you?!" I feel bad but start cracking up, as does he.
"Let's go make a baby then!" I declare.
It's not in the least bit normal, woo-hooing with someone so unexperienced. Our little heart to heart lasted a bit longer than it was supposed to so at 8:00 I'm slipping on my dress and running to the club. "Thanks for everything!" I shout behind me.
I manage to get to the club before the others do so I open up a tab and order our first round of drinks. "Five KTHXBYE's my good sir," I say. He nods and starts up the long process of drink mixing as I take a look at the Grind. It's been awhile since I've been here and I even spot a few of my kids. They wave hi before turning around, probably curious as to why their MOM is at a club!
"Amber!" squeals Della. She runs up and gives me a huge hug. "This is going to be GREAT, I sure need to burn off some stress! Oh geez, this club is PACKED. Lookie there, it's Violet! ANd Nessa! Come dance!" She says everything in a rush as I try to keep up. She runs behind me to the dance floor. Our favorite songs come on and I feel the essence of the club.
"Wooo!" hollers Vi. "This is GREAT!!!" Girls Night would typically be more girl time, chatting and catching up, but it seems that each one of us only wants to party and let off steam. 

"This is so fun!" I shout to Vanessa over the music. 
Huh?" she hollers back, cupping her ear.

"I said, THIS IS FUN!"

"Ohh, I like Mrs.Gunn too!" she says before dancing away. Mrs.Gunn is the nice lady down at the super market but NOT who I was referring too.
 The rest of the night follows the same habit of no-speaking. To be quite honest the music is too loud, the food too good, and the people too crazy! I go crazy with pictures, only because the club lights offer some AMAZING shots. I get around to dancing with every one of my best friends and Droppin it low like Rio (VANESSA!). Before any of us know it it's 3 AM and the bouncers are 'nicely' escorting us out. Before we leave though I grab Della and say goodbye.
"That was an AWESOME Girls Night Amber...thanks a ton for putting this together."

"Anytime Dells. I wish we had had time to get some group shots but the music was too loud to say fact, this quiet is kinf of weird!"

"C'mon, that's the best thing about clubs! Anyway, I guess I should be getting home. Like you girls I have kids waiting there! See ya Ambs" She pulls me in for a hug before leaving with the rest of the moms. 
Before I can finally leave I grab my NON-alcoholic drink and drink it down fastt. SUGAR RUSH! It gives me the energy I need to safely drive home. 
Once home I'm still energized. The house is quiet and there is a note on the fridge reminding me that Charlie and Merry need cookies for Foods Day tomorrow. I take out the cookie dough and make several batches of sugar, chocolate-chip, and raisin cookies. I don't end up going to sleep until 6 AM but trust me, I sure am tired by then.
Ugh, what did I EAT last night? I wonder aloud. I have broken out all over my skin, probably due to the fact that I ate about a million sweets the night before. I clear some skin rejuvanator on my skin and pull my hair into a braid. It is then that I start to feel like myself again. 
I make my way into the kitchen and am immediately struck with tons of dirty breakfast plates. A look out the window reveals a fully-risen sun and it is then that I look at the's past noon! I shudder at the fact that I wasted the day away sleeping. I moan with morning sickness and clean up the dirty plates.
I start cleaning up some messes from the evening before when the sound of little stomping feet sound throught the house. "What the..." I mutter before turning to see my beautiful baby girls walking! They have to hold hands to keep support, but walking nonetheless! "Big bro show me how to walk-y!" they shout playfully. I guess the boys did a better job then I had thought! I scoop up Mia and hu her tightly. "You're a little walking angel, huh?" I say.
 With nothing much to do for the rest of the day I put away the cleaning supplies and bring the girls outside. I feel the need to reward them for being such good babies to their brothers last night with a bit of fun. Mia rides the horse-y while Clarisse prefers the space ship. Each girl has a great time and it takes up the remainder of our afternoon. I guess I missed the boys coming home in the mix because they're calling me inside to see something.
Left-Vincent Middle-Jordan Right-Henry
"Pretty good-looking, eh mom?" says Jordan. He continues to explain that babysitting the girls made them realize what love they have for child care. They plan on opening their own DayCare in town abd that's what their matching shirts are for. "Feel free to stop by ANY time with my cute little siblings," says Henry. I am happy with their decision and give each boy a tight hug before they leave and enter the real world.
Charlie and Meredith are up all night long chatting aimlessly after the boys leave.
Charlie-It's so quiet without Henry, Vinny, and Jordy around. I miss them.
Merry-Oh don't complain, you still have me, mommy, Mia, and Clarisse! And soon we'll be aging into TEENAGERS and we won't need our big brothers then. 
Charlie-But what if, like, I get stuck in a locker? Or no one likes me? 
Merry-Well you already know I like you! And the whole locker thing is a myth, don't sweat it.
Charlie-Thanks sis. Where would I be without you?
Merry-In a very bad place (smiles)
 Baby Bump Alert!! My belly is growing fast and I wouldn't be surprised if I had multiples inside there! Clarisse and Mia are tired this morning so I let them sleep in. I go for a walk to use the time up along the paths of Sunset Valley. 
Once back the babes still aren't up. With nothing left to do I whip out my laptop and find a comfy spot on the deck to work on my novel. I'm not getting far with it nor is there a title, so one can't really call it a a novel quite yet. I use some of my past experiences to write the beginning since as one of my favorite authors said, "Write what you know"-well I seem to know a lot for my young age.

After writing for a little while I figure the girls are bound to be up by now. A walk into the nursery reveals them giggling and playing in their cribs. "Well it's about time you girls wake up!" I say cheerfully. They giggle and hold on to their cribs. "Mommy!" they squeal. 
 Clarisse and I spend the day learning new words and playing. Mia plays on her own but it seems to be what she wants so I let her be. Before I realize it time has flown by and Charlie is home from school. Meredith is at a study group because of her D- grade. I'm sad that she's not doing well but I know a little extra effort will put her back on to. Charlie, on the other hand, is doing quite fine in school and doesn't have to attend the study group. He's more interested in my pregnancy. "Whoa!" he yelps. "Your tummy...MOVED! Is that normal?" I laugh and look at him. "Yes baby boy, you used to move as much as this when you were in my tummy!" He looks perplexed and keeps asking questions, one after the other.
With Charlie egging me to let him age up the only thing I can do is distract him uintil Meredith is home. I pop in some home videos and show him footage of his older siblings. He takes a liking to the fun footage and falls into it. After a little while of this Meredith walks in, drop her book bag on the floor, and takes out the birthday cakes. "Let me age. Now!" She says.
 Meredith immediately expresses how unhappy she is with her looks. "Gosh mom! Why do I have to be the one with weird hair, weird skin, and a weird perosnality?!" she basically shouts. I tell her slowly that she is very unique and that's something she should be proud of. She accepts it before going to sleep. Charlie on the other hand is perfectly content with his looks and just carries on with the evening.
Holy belly! It's the last day of my pregnancy and I think someone could see it from all the way across Sunset Valley! I wish Charlie could see it before school but I wake just a bit too late. I guess he'll have to wait for when his new siblings are actually here!
In the afternoon I get a call from a fellow challenge mother, Sky Greene. She says she just popped in to say hi and see how I am doing. Like many other friends of mine I never see, we end up chatting for hours about challenge life and of course BABIES. She's going strong through her challenge and who doesn't like a little extra support? Check out her blog at Leave her a comment saying that Amber sent you! Support is the best thing you can give an author :)
Talking for so long can really wear a girl out so I spend the remainder of my day watching the Romace channel and a live volleyball game. It's a rather chilly day out anyway so I don't mind spending it indoors.
 Late into the afternoon contractions hit me HARD and I go into labor.
Baby 68
Emily Lights
Baby 69
Kaylee Lights
Baby 70
Reyna Lights

<3 :)

THANKS SO MUCH FOR READING!! I was being serious about checking out sky's blog, she really does a GREAT job. If you're looking for another great challenge also check out Trust me, you won't regret checking out these blogs :) Thank you all so much for your continued support, it truly keeps me going. Now that I'm finally heading into the big numbers of the challenge your thoughts mean more to me then ever. You're all so great <3


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  3. I'll check it out hgh, and thanks Ava.
    TINKA!!-You haven't commented yet but I want to let you know that I tried to upload Rosebud and Poppy after the birth of the triplets but then my game crashed...I am going to get them up tonight (I don't know what your time zone is BUT tonight for me is like 9hours at most) so keep checkking back in the kids section...thanks!

  4. Great post! I love how Vincent, Jordan,and Henry are going to open a daycare. That's so sweet and very unexpected! Congrats on triplets! I love the name Kaylee.

  5. Emily :D Like my real name!
    Meredith looks a LOT like you. :D

  6. Thank you CatLover, Orchid, and Yuki. The Daycare idea was a new one and Amber will most definitely be dropping her kids off there next time she wants to go partying! Hahaha. And I know Yuki, Meredith is a mommy's girl, both mentally and physically ;)

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    If the triplets make a daycare thingy then we'll be seeing them lloootts! :D I love those three
    And yay for Poppy and Rosebud! Thanks! <3

  9. ToNay, LOL. That is Ambers son Bleue Lights, I have various pictures of different kids throughout the house. hahaha

    Tinka, yeah, I'm in America. I didn't get to upload Poppy and Rosebud but I SWEAR I'm opening up sims now so that when you get back from your holiday they will be there!!!!!!

  10. Another great post Amber…

    I am glad that while EA has made it impossible for me to play, my favorite blogs are able to!! Reading this helped cure the boredom and desire to play sims when I can't!

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