Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Helping Hand: Babies 30 and 31

I decided to change my hair color from a mousy brown to a scarlet red. I did this on a whim when I realized that I still felt part vampire. Every time I look in the mirror I see what I was before and this seemed like a nice change. I'm not sure how long I will keep it this way but for now I am enjoying the refreshing look.
I couldn't help but cringe when I saw the kids drinking plasma right in front of me at the breakfast table. I know I had been a vampire not long ago but it pains me to be reminded of the dark days constantly. All of my children except Lacey and Violet are vampires in my household right now. 
The kids soon left for school and so I picked an enthusiastic Mina out of her crib. She giggles every time she sees me as a human, she's still not used to it. 
I rubbed my neck and yawned as I waited for Mina to eat. I barely got any sleep last night due to three whining baby girls. As a mother of 29 I am SO used to staying up all night with crying babies. But no matter how often you do it, practice doesn't make perfect in this situation. With a few last licks and slurps Mina pushed her bowl forward. "I done!!" she said happily. I sighed and let her out.
 I walked over to the nursery. "Good morning," I said to each baby girlie. I stroked their nonexistent hair and cherished their last few moments as bumbling babies. 

Lacey has the deepest and darkest eyes I've ever seen. The Sim genetics decided to change a bit in the process and leave her with blonde hair. This is my first child to have blonde hair yet! I was so delighted when she aged up to see that she got the coveted hair coloring. Looks aside, Lacey is a very kind soul. Even at this young age she shows signs of a true lady. She always lets her sister go first if they are fighting over toys and never whines like her sisters.
She is mommys little angel <3

Violet is a true beauty. She wears her hair in high pigtails with light pink ribbon. It's a tedious style to keep up with but it makes her happy so I continue to do it everyday. Violet is a bit of a nag...but that's to be expected. She is a baby, she's not fully mature. I accept her personality but I sure as heck hope she grows out of this phase soon.
Today was a nice relaxation day with the girls. Each girl as their own hobbies. Mina loves to nearly strangle the teddy bear, Vi likes to play me tunes on the xylophone, and baby Lacey likes to show me different shapes on the blocks activity. They are each special in their own ways which makes me love them even more. 
I decided to dance the day away. I had a great time, shaking my booty. 
Towards the end of the day I finally got around to teaching Mina how to talk. She didn't like learning to speak at first but she eventually came around. She started with words like "Moma" and "sista" and by the end she was reciting full sentences.
The twins find their joy in the dollhouse. They always find a way to make interesting stories twisted plot lines to the basic dolls life. 
Darah has started a hard core work out plan. As soon as she gets home from school she works out until late that night. I keep meaning to have a talk with her but I always get sidetracked.
Meanwhile, Cody has started a hard core schoolwork plan. He does his homework and projects from the time he gets home until I force him to go to sleep that night. 
At around six PM I started dinner tonight. The boys wanted burgers but Darah requested a healthy salad. I laughed at the fact that she's just like me in terms of meals. I am so indecisive so I simply flipped a coin...salad wins!
As I cooked and baked for the children I couldn't help but notice my three girlies at the block table. They get along so well that I will probably end up aging them up together from now on. 
Aren't they just adorable together?
Darah has started giving me piano lessons. She's become quite good at piano by teaching herself. She practically begged me to let her teach me so I finally gave in. 
I am hoping  to get good enough to play a sweet lullaby for the children !
At around 11 PM I was practicing a new song on the piano. I finally decided to wrap things up and head to bed when I heard a silent voice from the family room. "Now, lunge! And lunge! Come on ladies, keep on burning those calories! Lunge again!" I couldn't help but laugh and then frown that Darah is still awake. 
At first I pulled away and made a face at the rotten smell radiating off of my daughter. I took a moment to straighten myself out and focus on the issue. 
"Yes Mom?" she said coyly. I tried to ignore her pestering tone. 
"Darah it's time for you to get to sleep." I said sternly. "It's WAY passed your bed time and you're going to be tired tomorrow. I need you to get in your bed now." I don't want to sound too ill-tempered but she needs to be aware of who's boss around here.
"No, Mom!" she grumbled. "I need to get skinny so Johnny will like me. I will NOT go to sleep now. Let me stay up for one more hour! Please?" She gave me a pleading look. I was starting to fall for her innocent act when I got ahold of myself. 
"Absolutely not," I shoot back. "You are way too young to fall into the habits that too many young girls do. You have nice curves and you don't need to try to make yourself skinny for a boy. If Johnny really likes you than he will come to you himself. And he probably will! You need to act yourself and win him over with your award-winning charm and vivacious personality. I won't ever let you become a skinny-obsessed girl. Can't you see that you are too good for that kind of thing?" I wanted to say more but I don't want Darah to feel like she can't talk to me. She was thoughtful for a moment, processing what I said. 
"Well I just want him to like me..." she said awkwardly. I sighed at her teenage concerns and began to put together the nicest reply.
"Please just listen to me. You are gorgeous and a fabulous piano player...maybe you should play him a song! If that doesn't win him over then I don't know what will!" A smile started to spread across her face like I've never seen before. "You really think so?" she barely whispered. 
"Of course." I replied.
She came in for a sweaty hug. 
"Okay, Ma" she mumbled into my shoulder. I couldn't help but grin at the victory. 
"Now get to bed!" I said jokingly. She started laughing and I did too. 
"Seriously though, get to bed." She stopped laughing and gave me another hug. 
"Love you mom! Goodnight!" I kissed her goodnight. I can just imagine what's going through her head right now. She 's probably thinking about all of the songs she could play for Johnny.
With a hug and a kiss I was off to bed.
The next morning I woke up to a nice hot shower. As soon as I got out I smelt a foul stench...coming from the toilet! I grabbed the toilet bowl cleaner straight away and got down to cleaning. No way I can have these germs clogging up my house. 
There are some stinky toilets that I don't mind though. I finished teaching Mina to go potty this morning so she should be all set and ready to go for childhood. Mina is a brilliant learner, she soaks in knowledge as easily as I have children. 
Today a strange looking man came to my door. I looked out the window and all I see is a green man with purple face paint and a huge nose! A potential father perhaps? I put on my cutest look and strode outside.
"Um...hello?" I asked. 
"Hello!" exclaimed the man. "My name will be Jiggy McSpoimalot and I am here to take part in your challenge! Your challenge to 100 babys...am I correct?" he has an english sounding accent so his words came out sounding like --Ello! My name will be Jiggy McSpoimalot and I am ere to take a parrrrrt in your 100 baby chall-henge!-- It's a cute accent :)
"Ohhh," I exclaimed. "You're here to take part in the challenge! Well you sure do have a lot of interesting features...you'd be perfect! Are you aware of the challenge rules? No love, no commitment, just woohoo and a child!" I feel bad saying the words but they are the rules. 
"Of course I understand!" he said joyfully. "I have never been taken seriously because of my... peculiar features. I would just love to have my own little child to carry on my genetics. My father would be so proud!" I started giggling at his accent and dreams of pleasing his father. 
"I am so glad that you decided to contact me, I am always glad to be a helping hand!"
"Thanks Amber," he replied. We chatted for another ten minutes or so before I asked the awaited question.
"Well..." I said. "Ready to get to it??" I don't want to sound too forward but there's work to be done around the house and I need to get pregnant ASAP. 
"Sure," he replied. "I thought you'd never ask!"
I giggled and we made our way to the hot tub.
And the rest is history! We had a great time cuddling and kissing. He had to leave soon but it was fun while it lasted!
One of the bonuses to living on a cliff over the ocean is the view. The sun was setting and I love to watch sunsets so I headed outside to watch the most lovely time of day. If I were still a vampire I would be starting to feel the beginnings of my nightly vigor but right now-as a human-all I feel is pure merriment at the setting sun.
Mixed in with the feelings of joy is also weariness. If one of my children were to ever accidently fall on this side of the yard...i can't even fathom how badly that would hurt. I really should get some fences up here very soon.

As soon as I got inside I was overwhelmed with Ms. Little Mina begging me to age up. She couldn't blow out the candles fast enough and before I knew it my sweet little babe blossomed into an elegant young lady. She wears her hair in perfectly symmetrical braids with purple ties that fits her sophisticated yet frivolous personality. Mina is a smart and witty young girl that always has a reply to anything you say. She loves to feel in charge and makes an excellent team leader on any occasion. 
After the celebrations I gathered all of the laundry from around the house and piled it together for my first load of laundry in the new abode. It was an exciting moment for a neat freak like me. After the laundry was disposed into the wash I turned some knobs and sighed a deep sigh. Finally, some peace around here! 
 After that I put the girls to bed. It took me a little while to get Lacey to stop whining but once I did she was asleep within moments. Violet was easy going and went to sleep right away. With one last loving glance I flicked off the lights and relocated to my bed. I myself was out in a matter of seconds.
Vi and Lace played dolls for most of the next day. It wasn't until around noon that I finally broke up the party and got down to business. Lacey needs to learn to walk!
She's a quick learner! Lacey started walking in no time at all.
As soon as Darah got home she grabbed a birthday cake out of the fridge and set it on the table. "I am SO ready to age up!" she said excitedly. I nodded and encouraged her. "Oh and one thing..." she said. "Yes?" I replied. "Well I took your advice...." I took a moment to think of what advice before I realized- the advice to play a song for Johnny. "And?" I pressed.
 "So I invited him into the music teachers room to work on an assignment...he thought that that's all I wanted and said yes. He was in home ec so I felt bad for tearing him away from cooking... (laughs) So anyways, as soon as we got there I told him that I wanted him to listen to a song that I wrote. He said sure so I led him over to the big grand piano at the front of the room...
"I started playing a song that I've been working on for a couple of weeks. It's a song about love and triumph and how some people are meant to be...I sang with it, by the way. I was really really nervous, Ma. You can't even imagine how nervous I was...but I did it anyway. After I finished the song it took all of my courage to turn around and look at him...but I'm so glad I did. I caught him off guard, apparently he got so into the song that he forgot where he was for a moment. As soon as he came out of his little daze he smiled at me and I swear my heart melted. 
"As soon as I got up I tried to walk away but he grabbed my arm. Not a mean grab, just a friendly 'stay here' grab. I gathered all my courage and turned to him full on. He leaned in in a cute way but I instinctively backed off. He grabbed my arm again and pulled me closer, eliminating any space between us. I swear my heart was beating a mile a minute.
"And so...we kissed! Mom, I got my first kiss! I was so happy at that moment that I had forgotten where I was too. After the kiss he gave me a goofy smile and asked me the most precious words I've ever hear heard. 'Will you be my girlfriend?' I of course said yes after about a minute of squealing. So guess what mom? I HAVE A FLIPPIN BOYFRIEND NOW! I am so happy! And now I want to age up so we can move in together and plan our wedding...we even started naming our children! Johnny is....perfect." She let out a deep sigh mingled with longing. 
"Then lets age you up!" I said happily. I am SO glad that Darah has found love...especially through something she loves-music. 

She decided to switch her hairstyle in for a short and wavy do-one that suits her. Darah is still such a sweet soul. But now she's a sweet soul with a boyfriend! I can see in her eyes how much she loves him...they make such a cute couple! Darah told me that Johnny and her are going away for their wedding. But she promised me pictures so pictures I shall get!
I hugged my first vampire baby goodbye with a tinge of sadness. Although I am WAY over my vampire days that doesn't mean that I am over my four vampire children! 
"Goodbye Darah, may you and Johnny achieve all of your highest hopes and wishes. I love you." I started to tear up and Darah wiped them away."Oh don't cry Ma!" she said. "I will visit you and my soon-to-be 99 siblings very soon. I love you!" We exchanged a few more words tinged with sadness before she finally had to go. I watched her walk out the door with such pain that I hadn't felt since Ashleigh moved out. 
When my only vegetarian left I decided to make cheeseburgers. We haven't had any in a while due to Darahs refusal to consume meat so maybe this will pick up my spirits a bit. As I was chopping away I felt the first stir of life inside me. I rubbed my stomach in glee and whispered, "Ahh, new babys." :)
After dinner I couldn't help but smell the awful stench that the twins were shedding. With a deep breath and outstretched arms I snagged the girls from the living room and got them in the bath tub. They were hesitant at first to the water but soon gave into the fun and foamy play area. They squealed in delight but were brought down again when I brought out the soap. "Oh hush," I told them. "No need to make this harder than it needs to be."
To make Lacey smile I gave her a toy horse. She pretended that the horsy was swimming in a giant pond and needed to get out soon. Lace is the more imaginative of the two.
Violet simply peered over the edge of the tub the entire time. She smiled but I could see the longing in her eyes-longing for more room to play and wide open spaces. 
Hey, no one ever said first baths are easy!
After they were done I dried them off with new fluffy towels that I bought. They both cheered in delight when I finally released their fresh bodies to the family room. 
I started potty training Vi a bit too. She picked up on the skill fast and was an experienced pottier in no time!
I was planning on purchasing some new floral decorations for the house today when I realized that we are low on funds. I called up the baby sitter, kissed my girlies, and grabbed my guitar. Time to go to the theatre! If I can make some money here today then we should be set for a little while. 
I quickly formed a crowd and made some serious cash. Some of my children came down to see me play which I appreciated dearly.
Kira came too, looking beautiful as always. She danced for a while with different guys, she really makes her way around!

When I eventually got home the boys practically demanded that I age them up. Zack aged up first into an attractive young man. He wears his pink-red hair in a messy style that he has to style every morning. It may look effortless, but trust me it's not! Zack is still an easy-going guy who loves to hang out with his younger siblings.

 Cody has aged into a striking lad with deep brown hair, bright blue eyes, and the most beautiful glowing skin I've ever seen. He still loves to play chess and keep up with his schoolwork but he's become a bit more laid back. It's actually really surprising how Zack and Cody maintain a good relationship as they do. You would think that the laid-back slacker and the tensed smarty pants wouldn't get along....yet they do. I am glad that two of my children have bonded so easily. 
I was cleaning up dinner that night when I heard Mina's silent breathing behind me. 
"Is there something you need honey?" I asked as I put away the food. Once the food was all cleaned up I turned to face my silent daughter. "Are you alright?" I asked hesitantly. This is very unlike Mina to be quiet.
"Well, Mom...I was just wondering why you always have different men over. And why do I always have new siblings? Why do I have 28 brothers and sisters where as most of my class mates only have 2 or 3? It's all so confusing..." she trailed off. I sighed. 
"Well, Mina. I am doing this thing called the '100 baby challenge'. My goal is to have 100 babies for you to play with and hang out with. Right now I have 29 children including you, my precious angel. One day I will have 100 unique and wonderful children just like you. In fact, I'm pregnant with new siblings right now!" I said.
"Does that mean that you don't love me then? Why do you need 100 kids when I am right here? Don't I make you happy enough?" a sad look started to spread over her face as she weighed my influences to do the challenge. "Of course not!" I said. "You are absolutely wonderful and I love you to the ends of the earth. But, if I can have great children like you why not populate an entire town with my sweet children?"
"I guess you're right..." she muttered. "So you still love me?" she asked, hope glittering in her eyes.
"Of course I still love you angel. You mean so much to me. You are more than just a baby in this challenge. You are my smart, talented, and sweet daughter that I love. Remember that." I watched as a grin spread over her tiny face. "I love you too mom!" she said, happy again. "May I, um, feel my new sibling?" 
I grabbed her hand and placed it on my stomach.
"Can you feel it moving?" I asked.  As much as I hate calling my babies 'its' I am honestly not sure of the gender at the moment. "I can feel it moving!" Mina said giddiliy. "Was I like this as a baby?" I smile and reply. "Yes, you were just like this. Isn't it amazing to experience new life?" I asked. She nodded her head in agreement and started babbling to my womb. 
We chatted for a bit longer and then finally carried on with our evening. I am glad that Mina came to me with her questions instead of asking other people. I am aware of many mothers and other people thinking that I am a slut because of what I do. But it's not for the pleasure that I do this, it's for the joy of bringing new life into the world. I am so glad that Mina can fully understand that now.
As we finished up our conversation I realized that the t.v. is broken. My boys love their video games so I got to fixing it straight away. Mom to the rescue!
Afterwards I fed the girls their nightly feeding. Lacey LOVES her feedings, anything you give to her she eats right away. This habit often leads to crying and whining but we get over it soon enough.
Once the girls were in their cribs they refused to fall asleep! I ended up reading 'Humpty Dumpty' for about an hour. The girls finally fell asleep around midnight. I groggily put away the dreadful book and stalked off to sleep.
The next morning I put on my ear buds and my workout outfit. It's a lovely morning and so I will take advantage of it to the fullest. A nice walk through the mountain seemed like a good idea so I went ahead and enjoyed the fresh air and solitude.  
I went home after and took a long, hot, and well deserved shower. I scrubbed my dry skin and shampooed my hair to the nines. 
Then I had to clean the toilet. 
I watched television and relaxed all day. I love the last day of the pregnancy when I am on bed rest (well, really couch rest) and can sit around and be lazy. 
But I also got around to teaching Violet to walk. Like most of her siblings, she's a pro.
It wasn't until late that evening that the familiar pains of new life came full force. The boys started freaking out but I quickly hushed them so that I could focus on having this baby.
The boys decided to play video games while I went through child birth.
And this was a quick labor! Within an hour I was holding my new babes...
Patrick Lights
Ari Lights.

Welcome to the world boys! 

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  6. @Sims Fan- Yes, the boys will inherit many of their fathers features! I am looking forward to their looks very much
    @CatherineBell-Me neither!
    @Putri Air-Thanks Leah! I appreciate your comments :)
    @Annonymous- I know, that was a mistake by me :P I thought of that as soon as I got the pictures but hopefully you can overlook that
    @Alix-I used the cheat moveobjects on and moved them there!
    Thank you all SO much for reading and commenting.

  7. Great post! I thought Mina was really cute when she was asking about the challenge. There were definitely some deep moments there.


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  10. @Stephanie-I get most of my custom content from thesimsresource.com. It's one of the only sites I trust and understand how to use. I'm glad that you're enjoying the blog...I hope you continue to enjoy it as I get farther into this challenge!
    @Melody Allison- Thanks a ton for the name suggestions, I'll keep them in mind. Thanks also for the fathers too! And I'm not sure if I will get a chance to put you in my game but if I have time I will!
    Thanks to everyone who is supporting Amber and I through this challenge :)

  11. Hi Amber your blog has inspired me to set up my own and i am going to try for a 120 baby challange so the fun lasts longer and can i ask you how do you get the pictures from the game to the blog Pixie is my sims name

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