Saturday, March 19, 2011

Closure: Baby 33

Thanks to everyone for your continued support and love- I have been really busy lately with life and quite honestly needed a break from the computer. But now I'm back and I'm here for good! So don't leave anytime soon, the story is only just starting.
I tickle Ari and cuddle with my green baby for his last days as a toddler. I also want to delay today-this morning I have a meeting with the Dean of the college Mina wants to go to. It’s called ‘Sims United College for the Gifted’. Mina has passed high school with flying colors and is now depending on me to gather up money or convince the Dean that she is worth it.
  Mina comes up to me, eagerness burning in her eyes. “Okay Mom, now don’t forget to tell him all of my achievements throughout high school such as me being at the top of my class and helping win the big track meet…” She trailed off with all of her achievements. “Yes, yes, I know!” I say. “I wish that you could just come with me and say it yourself!”
Mina- I wish that too! But the Dean told me specifically that he only wants to speak with you. I don’t intend on making a bad first impression and breaking rules already!
Amber- Good point, you’re smarter than I thought!
Mina- (Laughing) Thanks Mom!
I turn around to call the babysitter but Mina stops me for just a few more moments.
Mina- Oh! And don’t forget to wear something nice, it’s a REALLY nice college. Don’t try to look sexy though Mom! Look sophisticated. People already talk enough about your goal of 100 babies…
Amber- (Sighing) Yes I’ve heard the rumors. But as long as you and my other children know that I only intend to love and care for you than it’s alright. I explained this to you when you were a child.
Mina- I know, I was just saying. Okay, now go get dressed. You can’t be late!
I laugh and head to my closet, full of determination.
 I end up choosing this super modern and sleek outfit. While this college is very old fashioned a little research revealed something else-That the college is also well known for producing several technological advancements. So I dressed for the part. As a bonus, I feel beautiful in this outfit
I rub my arms together as I prepare to head into the meeting. I have heard that the Dean named Andy Ferno is a genuinely nice man with a good sense of humor. I shouldn’t be nervous but for some reason this is extremely nerve-wracking. I know how much Mina wants to go to college and if I screw this up she might never forget me. I take a deep breath and walk inside.
 He stands up to greet me and tells me some funny joke to lighten the mood. I feel welcome and comfortable right away, all traces of nervousness leaving my system. Well, almost all nervousness.
 When we get down to the questions about Mina I am completely calm in answering. Mina didn’t believe in me at all and made me flash cards to study on all of her accomplishments. I studied thoroughly so this part doesn’t make me anxious. The part that does make me distressed is when he asks about our family life. “So, are you married to Mina’s father?” I choke. How do I explain this without sounding like a (excuse my language) slut? “Umm…” I stutter. He notices my hesitation right away and backs off. “Oh, are things that bad? We don’t have to talk about this part if you don’t want to. I just like to get a good idea of what kind of household Mina has been growing up in.” 
“No no!” I reply quickly. “Of course I can tell about Mina’s childhood.”
“Okay, good.” He replies steadily.
 It’s about a five-minute story that I delve into. I tell him about Mina’s father Daniel and what a nice man he was. He gets a bit personal at one point and goes, “If he was such a nice man then why aren’t you with him?” I know that I could easily turn down this question for how personal it is but I feel inclined to answer. And the only way to answer honestly is to tell about the challenge. So I do.
 He holds up his hands in shock before lowering them and pulling himself together. “So Ms.Lights, you’re telling me that you are planning on have 100 kids? With different men? That’s quite a goal…does Mina plan to do that also?” I tell him, “Of course not! Mina along with all of my other children strive to become all sorts of things- astronauts, authors, designers, musicians, and some do plan on having families though not quite as large as mine!” He laughs and gives me a genuine smile. “So how many children are you on right now?”
Amber- Well I am at 32 wonderful babes! Mina is my 27th child and I love her to the ends of the earth. That is obviously why I am here today. Mina has passed high school with top honors and all she wants to complete her education career is to go to your fine college.
He debates for a moment before answering. When he does answer a smile fills his face. “Well,” he says. “I am pleased and honored to announce that Mina Lights, your daughter WILL be accepted into The ‘Sims United College for the Gifted’ !!” I stare at him in disbelief.

Then I realize something. “Wait, that’s all? I just tell you about Mina’s childhood and she’s accepted- Just like that?” He laughs and shakes his head. “No of course not! There will be several tests that Mina must pass and I have to speak with the board…I also will be the next father for your children.” I am digesting the information when I come to terms with the last statement. “Wait, WHAT?!” I ask. He looks shy but masks it with confidence. “Yes, I would like to father your next child or children. You said that you’re doing this challenge, correct? And if you’re only on thirty-some children then you must need new fathers. So why not me? I know I’m not the most good-looking guy on the market but can’t I work?”
Before I can answer that I examine his features.
A balding man, probably in his 50’s? He must not be married but he seems like a good enough guy. He has stress-lines all over his face and wrinkles like crazy but in the end he’s probably just overworked. He seems to want to father my child badly so why not give him a chance? I need to get pregnant anyways after this short break I’ve taken from the challenge. “Okay,” I say. “You sir have got yourself a deal.” His smile is enough answer so we hop in my car and head to my bedroom.
 Once there he kisses me. I can’t help but chuckle at the fact that these are the lengths that I must go to for Mina to go to college! He thinks that I’m laughing at something else though. “Am I doing something wrong?” he asks in a worried tone. “No of course not!” I say apologetically. “I was laughing at something else don’t worry. You’re doing fine!” He breaths a sigh of relief.

 I pull the sheets over us as baby 33 is conceived. He is very romantic to me and I appreciate the gestures although my mind floats to another image- Casey’s face. It was a very unexpected image but once it was in my head I couldn’t help but wish that Casey were there instead of this man. I push the thoughts away and continue.

I hug Andy goodbye as the kids walk in the door from school. I usher him out as fast as I can but there’s no getting past Mina. She gives me a weird look as I grip my stomach, the nausea already setting in. She knows what I’ve done and I can sense anger rising in her. So as soon as Andy leaves I break the news.
“MINA!” I say happily. “YOU GOT IN, ON A DISCOUNT!”
She forgets all accusations of the Dean and myself and cheers with me.
Mina- No way no way! How did I get in? Was he impressed by my achievements? Did you wear good clothing like I told you? Does he know about your challenge? AHHH!!!!
I lead her to the couch and sit down to tell her all about the meeting-Leaving out the part about the baby-making of course. By the time I am showing in my pregnancy she will probably be on her way to college anyway.
She stands back up, she is too excited to sit. “So when do I leave?” she asks.
“Well the Dean says that he needs to talk to a few people about it but you’re definitely in! And since I have a discount you will be able to have the full experience!” She smiles at me and I can see all the joy and happiness in the world contained within her. “Mom, thank you so much. You are making my dreams come true and I will pay you back some day for this! I promise!” We hug and chat some more before the birthday cake inevitably makes its way to our table.

As much as I don’t want to see her go she sure is a stunner! She styles her hair with a TON of hairspray so that it won’t budge when she’s trying to work on a project. When she walks into a room she portrays a brilliant and confident young woman-Just the way I’ve raised her. I couldn’t be more proud of my little vampire child. Which is interesting also-I will have no more vampire children from when I was a vampire. Now my vampire days are completely over, none of my children bearing resemblance to those days at all. I can’t help but feel guilty relief at that thought.
I catch Mina just as she is walking out the door. “You didn’t think you could leave without saying goodbye to your old Ma did you?” She laughs and says, “Of course not!” I pull her into a hug and she explains to me what her plan is. “I am going to stay with a friend that lives near the college until I start in a few weeks. I talked to Mr. Ferno and he said that he talked to some people and I am definitely in. So I will take a couple weeks off and call you when I start!” I tell her how proud I am of her and that I believe in her-I truly do. She says a few last words to her sisters before leaving. I watch, proud, as baby 27 walks out the door.

Since it’s a Friday and I don’t have to get up early tomorrow I take my time getting the boys to sleep. Once in bed I stay up for at least an hour debating whether or not Mina’s tuition will cost me more money than expected…so many things could happen at college. So much money that could be spent. I really hope that sending Mina off to college wasn’t a bad decision. I guess only time will tell.
This morning the girls get up at around 7 AM. They plan on aging up later so they want to live their last day as children to the fullest! We also are going to a party. Not a house party but a party at Penny and Brady’s house, my sister and brother in law! Penny came close to finding out about Brady and I’s child before but I temporarily distracted her. I haven’t talked to her since so you can imagine how surprised I was when I got a call to come over and help celebrate their children birthdays. They have twin tots named Junior and Tatianna, my niece and nephew. I am looking forward to being with the family.
The girls started out the day with learning to play a new game I bought called Knubb. Basically, you throw a baton at these statues called Knubbs and whoever knocks them all down first wins! Lacey and Vi aren’t very good but I’m sure with some practice and a lot of free time they could master it!
It looked like a lot of fun so I go out and join them. I squint my eye, looking for the perfect toss. Behind me, Violet gives me some tips.

I fail and the baton falls right in between two knubbs. I laugh off my mistake and keep on practicing. It’s harder than it looks!
 We practice for almost the whole day and right around 1 PM, the girls grow more and more persistent on aging up before their cousins age up. I finally agree and more birthdays are celebrated.

 Lacey is probably one of the peppiest children I’ve had yet! She is a cheerleader and as soon as she walks in to a room everyone is happier. I don’t know why but the way that she always is composed makes everyone adore her. She is also a big hit with the boy population of her school. She has not chosen a specific boyfriend yet but eventually she will decide. She makes me proud everyday to have her as my daughter.

Violet is a bit more scaled back than her sisters wild personality. Vi loves to get dressed up yet is perfectly content in a pair of sweatpants and playing video games. She is popular with the boys at her school though for a different reason-Guys LOVE to hang out with her. Vi has such a flexible personality that she could fit in with any social group. That is why she running for Student President! The elections are in a couple weeks and I’m hoping that she wins! And you also may notice that she no longer wears glasses! She is so happy that I gave in and bought her contacts. Overall, these girls are awesome and I love them so much!!

 I was tending to Blaze when the girls announced that they are ready. “Okay, be there in a few!” I replied. “Put the boys in their car seats and we can head out!” After Blaze’s feeding we pile into the car and head to my sisters house.

Once there Penny tells the girls that they may watch television with the twins while I help her set up the cakes. We are in the kitchen setting up when she turns to me. “Oh, Amber.” She says. At least she’s talking to me. “Penny, I know that we’ve been through so much and that you probably want nothing to do with me but I want you to know that you’re the best sister EVER. And I would never let that go. Can we wipe everything clear, a clean slate?” Her answer shocks me.
“Yes.” I smile and rush over to hug her.
When I pull away from the hug another question tugs at me. “And what about Brady?” I ask. “You do know that I…had a child with him right?” A sad but knowing look crosses her face. “Yes, I know. And that was a long time ago. I guess it took me awhile to get over it and finally divorce Brady. We are no longer married and I have full custody of the children.” I stare at her in shock. “Are you serious?”
Penny- Of course I’m serious. And I couldn’t be happier that I am FINALLY done with that mess of a relationship. I have you as a sister and Jason as a brother, I will make it through.
Amber- (Smiling) Of course! I love you Penny.
Penny- Love you too Ambs. Now lets age up these crazy kids why don’t we?

Junior is a cutie who resembles his father completely. He has clear blue eyes and soft sandy blonde hair. He is a smart and great kid, just the kind of child that Penny raised.

Tatianna (Tati) looks like both of her parents, a pretty equal mix. She gets along great with her brother and loves to play outside. She is best friends with all of her many cousins and loves having such a big family. I feel like a second mother to her and I told her that if she ever needs me for anything just to come over. She is just how Penny was as a child- Calm and cool, funny and utterly brilliant. Yet so silly and goofy at the same time. I love my niece and nephew so much!
And now that I've talked about things with Penny I feel as though I have closure.

Eventually, a couple hours later, the entire house is asleep. A serene and tranquil feeling sweeps across the house, pulling us all into a nice sleep.

When I wake up I see that Blaze has gotten bigger and older overnight! I smile as I admire Casey and I’s child.

Blaze is so cute. He has random black hair, random blue eyes, yet I see both Casey and I in him. He is a crazy little boy who will eat and ruin anything and everything. But when you try to scold him he looks up at you, as if wondering ‘what did I do?’. And one can’t help but forgive him. He must have a Super-Adorable trait, probably from Casey’s side (:
Little Ari also grew up! He looks just like his father and I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing. Like I said when he was a tot, everything that his appearance will put him through will only make him stronger. But if anyone tries’s to insult my son they just wait until I get involved.

 Patrick looks just like his father also! I don’t see me at all in these boys. I hope that both of my fun-loving boys can find some happiness in this tough situation. Both of them enjoy playing outside and being with the family. They also love video games (Like typical boys). I am so happy with them both!

I hop on the computer to check my email when I come across the most recent one-From Casey Kinly!! It was only sent last night so I automatically open it up and read it eagerly.

I am showing off some of my sculptures and paintings (Yeah, I paint) at the Art Museum tomorrow! I am allowed to bring one friend so I’ve chosen you. Care to join me? If so, meet me at the museum at 3 PM.
Hope to see you there!
P.S. Where something nice ;)

I cover my mouth, trying to contain the huge smile beneath it. A night with Casey? Sign me up! Casey is one of the funniest people I know and the way to my heart is through humor. I can’t wait!

When I walk outside I come across the children engrossed in yet another game of Gnubb. The teams are--- 
 Ari and Violet
 Patrick and Lacey

I run out excitedly to watch the match. Violet and Ari are in the lead by one Gnubb. I watch anxiously as Violet tosses the baton, hurling towards the last Gnubb…

And she hits it! Lacey opens her mouth in shock that she lost to her sister. But her peppy side comes out soon enough. She congratulates Ari and Vi before stomping inside. We all laugh at her grumpiness and set up for another game. This game should take us to about 2 PM, and then I can start getting ready for the night with Casey!
After a long game I finally go inside to get ready for the night. I shower, straighten my hair and throw it in a ponytail. Then I apply light makeup, followed by the drawn out process of getting my pregnant belly into a dress. By four I am ready to go. 

When I get there I go upstairs to see Casey standing next to a toilet sculpture. He is talking to a few people, probably about is work. Once I work my way through the crowd and he sees me he meets me halfway. “Hey Amber!” he says happily. “So glad to see you! How’s our son?”
Amber-Great! He’s grown up to be quite handsome; you should come over and see him sometime.
Casey-That would be great! So this is my sculpture.
Amber-That toilet?
Casey- Yep! I love to sculpt everyday things…what do you think?
Amber- (Laughing) I love it! I love the way you curved the seat.
I laugh harder and so does he until we’re out of breath.

Leaning in, he whispers, “It’s a little crowded in here. Want to go somewhere quieter?” I agree because it is extremely crowded. “But don’t you have to be here for your sculptures?” I ask. “Yes,” he replies. “Wouldn’t be the first time I broke a rule. Let’s go!” I grin at his daring and we leave together. Once outside he turns to me.

“So where do you want to go, Ms. Lights?” he asks playfully.

 ”Well,” I say, pretending to ponder this question. “How about we go get some food?” I ask. “I didn’t get a chance to eat with the children all around.”
“Of course!” he says. “Let’s go, to the Bistro perhaps? It’s on me.”
I feel bad taking his money but I don’t refuse. With Mina in college I can use every discount possible. “Sure,” I say teasingly.
We eat outside in the usual warm weather, talking about everything that comes to mind. We start out talking casually but his inviting personality soon wraps around me. I tell him about everything I’ve ever been through. I even tell him about Brady and what a mess that was. I tell him about my high school boyfriend Corbin and he tells me about his high schools days. At one point in the conversation we don’t even know what we’re talking about so we erupt into a mountain of laughter. By the time we’re done I feel like I know his life story, and I feel like I’ve bared my soul. He doesn’t even comment on the fact that I’m pregnant.
He drives me home but before he truly does leave we engage into another long conversation. This one lasts for about thirty minutes before my kids spot me and surround me. I tell them that I will be inside in a moment and they quiet down. Like when I was a teenager he stands there, gazing into my eyes. I try not to fall into his but I can’t help but subdue to his hotness.

Within seconds, before I have a chance to stop it, his hands are cupping my face. He pulls me in, separating any space between us. My head tells me NO but my heart screams YES! We melt into eachothers arms for about five seconds before I make the decision- To pull away.

“No Casey.” I say sternly. “I can’t be in a relationship, don’t you see?” It takes all of my power not to cry.
“I thought you wanted that..” he says, hurt written all over his face.
Amber- Why would I want that? I can’t date, I’ve said this before! Other mom’s can date but I would eventually put you before my children. I can’t let that happen! Don’t you see?
Casey- I just- I thought that- I don’t know. I thought that I could make it work.
Amber- No, it could never work.
I say the words a lot harsher and louder than I expected. He turns away and I try to get him back.

“Casey! Wait!” I screech. He takes one last look at me and gets in his car. If this is for good, I just don’t know. As he drives away I break into endless tears. How can I care so much about a challenge father? Just when I receive closure for one thing, another issue will occur. What did I do to deserve this?

The tears eventually fade into nothingness as I sleep it away. But then again, there’s always the next day.

The next morning I am taking care of Blaze when I lose it. “Why can’t I be with Casey? He’s funny and he’s nice, and he treats me how I want to be treated. But no, I can’t have time to date because that would be selfish! Why, why, WHY!?” I scream. Blaze looks up at me, terrified. His face reminds me of why I am doing this challenge and it calms me down-but only a little bit. I start ranting again to myself. After a few minutes of crying and whining-By ME, not the baby for once-I finally relax. I finish taking care of Blaze and saunter off towards the shower.
Something comforting is the fact that my belly is HUGE and I am bound to pop anytime today. I am eating watermelons in the hopes for a girl.
I get my mind off things by cleaning around the house. Today is a school day so I won’t have kids all in my face. Some alone time is just what the doctor ordered.

Several times throughout the day I stare at the computer screen, salivating over Casey’s username. And at other moments I stare at my contact list on the letter C, his name right there yet so far away. He probably doesn’t even want to talk to me so it wouldn’t do anything to call.
Music is the sole reason I get through the day and so I let it take me away to another place…
UNTIL MY WATER BREAKS! I don’t want to go to the hospital due to the fact that little Blaze is home and the rest of the family will be home soon. I also don’t want to risk seeing Casey out and about town so I settle on a home birth.
After a fair amount of pushing and stuggling I welcome a new life into this world…
Julia Lights
This is for you Jul! We've both been through a lot this past week and I want you to know that no matter what, in trouble or not in trouble, angry poet or nice poet, I am here for you. Love ya!!

<3 (:

Thanks so much for reading! And I'm really sorry about the distance between the pictures, I am trying to fix it but it's a glitch on doesn't appear that way in blogspot editor and it drives me INSANE! If you know how to fix this please tell me! I'm going crazy at this point.
Come back soon!


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