Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sneaking Around Won't Get You Anywhere: Babies 39 and 40

Five screaming babies was not in my agenda for the day so I age up the boys right away. Winston is a little charmer! His blonde hair with green streaks pulls you in, and it’s his alert eyes that keep you in. He loves to play with whatever he can get his hands on though he’s not as crazy as his older sisters (Karni, Molly, and Caitlyn). Winston loves his twin brother with all his heart and I know that they will be very close for a long time. 
Roland is also adorable! He inherited my red hair and a variation of Petey’s skin color. The neon green suits his bubbly personality and he doesn’t seem to mind being different so I’m happy for him. He and his brother share the same fun personality and I know that raising these two should be a walk I the park.
After the birthdays I have a smidge of free time so I choose to work on my garden. Keeping up with these plants is harder than I expected but if I set aside some time everyday I know that I can make it work. It will also provide a great income to keep up with this family, so I know that I need to suck it up and work.
“Mommy! Mommy!” interrupts my gardening. I wipe the sweat from my forehead and look over to see an impatient Julia. “Yes?” I ask. “Mom, I made some muffins. I don’t know if they’re any good…will you try them for me?” I want to keep working but my heart tells me to try them. “Sure,” I say.
They are actually pretty good! She made my favorite kind of muffin, banana-nut. She looks at me expectantly. “What do you think mommy?” She eyes me with the sweetest eyes ever. “Fabulous!” I reply. She grins goofily. “Thanks! Tomorrow I’m going to try making red velvet ones…” I can’t help but interject, “Next time tell me before you use any appliances though okay?” “Yeah, of course!” she says. “I’m going to go read some more fashion magazines now, bye mom!” She skips off to her room and I stare after her thinking Wow, that’s one hell of a child I’ve got there.
 The remainder of the night passes in a flurry of five toddlers crying busily cleaning up the house. I hadn’t even realized how messy I’d let my beautiful home get. By the time I’m done as much as I can do and all the kids are in bed it’s well after midnight. I yawn, more than ready for sleep. The last thing I think about before sleep is that I need to age up the girls tomorrow or I might go insane.
The next morning I smile as I snap a picture of Blaze cuddling with Winston. I guess Winston gets along with everyone because Blaze even loves him to death.
 Blaze and I decide to team up and finish teaching the tots skills when we realize that we still don’t have enough people. Julia suggest that we age her up so she can help and I can’t help but say yes-I can use all the help I can get!

Before Julia gets down to work though she picks out her outfit and fixes her hair. She is a beautiful teen! She still has her same wild style that you can’t help but love. She has thinned out a bit from her child years and she is grateful for that fact. I would still love her either way though. She takes about thirty minutes to get fixed up before she announces, “I’m ready to help, hand me a tot!” Blaze and I laugh as we get to work.
The day is more relaxing than I could have ever imagined. The three of us kept the triplets busy while Winston and Roland played with blocks and their super man dolls. While we taught the kids skills we chatted about normal things and I feel like I got to know my kids more than before.

Later I am reading the newspaper simply to keep up with current events when an ad in the corner catches my eye: Bob and Ricky’s Outdoor Furnishing and Construction Co. Give us a call and we’ll re-do your backyard in a day! Guaranteed!
Hmm, I think. A outdoor furnishing company? My backyard has yet to be fully furnished with a patio and such…maybe I should give them a call!
The temptation is great so I pull out my phone and punch in the numbers.

“Hello, Ricky speaking. Can I help you?”
Amber-Hello Ricky! I saw your ad in the newspaper and am actually in need of a new backyard set-up…do you think you’re available to do so?
Ricky-Of course, that’s why we made the business! Do you need your entire backyard to be fixed up?
Amber-Hmm, I think a new patio and a nice fire pit area would be lovely. I bought some new lawn furniture a couple weeks ago so can you use that?
Ricky- Sure, but I’ll add a couple things…

We talk for ten minutes or so about the odds and ends of this project. He is apparently free this week and is available to come any time. I tell him to come tomorrow since it’s a Sunday and nothing is going on with us. He agree’s and I say, “It’s a date!” We hang up and I am looking forward to having a new backyard set up. 
By now it’s dinner time so I place some unhappy tots in their high chairs and throw some leftovers into a pot of broth and turn on the heat. Stu Surprise should be a good enough meal for the evening. I plan out the rest of the night in my head: Make dinner, age up girls, finish teaching skills, clean up bathrooms, do laundry, repair the dishwasher…Too much! I calm myself with the thought of new outdoor furnishings and I have the power to complete the rest of my chores.
Somehow I manage to age all three girlies up and they’re GORGEOUS! First up is Caitlyn. She still looks exotic and she embraces this factor. She loves to have a deeper skin tone and deeper hair than her brothers and sisters. Although she was a CRAZY tot she has calmed down a bit into a fun-loving child. I am proud of this change in her and appreciate it for what it is.
The change in Cait definitely changed in Molly also. Molly is now calm and cool and definitely knows how to have a good time. Molly is more of a mommy’s girl, she never turns down an opportunity to hang out with me and I LOVE that. Things will most likely change when she becomes a teen but a mother can only hope so much.
Karni is beautiful in her own right. She is the most different out of her sisters and it makes her nervous. She doesn’t like to be different. Karni is shy and more comfortable around her friends and family. She has a guilty conscience for EVERYTHING which has created an eternal crease in her forehead. I worry for her sometimes but I’m hoping it’s just a phase.

Somehow I manage to get everything done and before I know it I’m asleep, dreaming of new furniture and a great patio.
The construction workers come around noon. “Hello!” says the one on the left. “I’m Ricky Bob, we spoke on the phone! I am very excited to make a great backyard set up for you Ms.Lights!” I smile as the one on the right begins to speak. “And I am Bob Ricky. I too am very excited and before you ask YES our names are the same just backwards. Cool coincidence, huh?” he asks. I nod as they continue to explain what they want to do. “So we should be done with all of this by mid to late afternoon. You won’t be disappointed!” says Ricky as they make their way to the backyard. I am allowed to continue my day as normal but I will be sure to check on them.
Throughout the day I work around the house, fixing up appliances and spring-cleaning since spring snuck up on me so quickly! The girls occupy themselves with dolls and the boys play at the table, everyone getting along thankfully.
Blaze also makes the decision to age up. “Mom, you can’t have more kids till I suck it up and move out!” I am very proud of my boy for making the mature decision and I value him more as a young adult now. He is VERY handsome which doesn’t surprise me again because Casey is his father. I haven’t seen Casey for a couple days now but as usual we’re both extremely busy. I wanted Casey to see our son age up but his phone went straight to voicemail. Blaze told me that he wants to be a professional snow boarder. I don’t know where he got this dream from considering we live in one of the sunniest places around…he’s a big dreamer just like his sister Mina (baby 27) who went to college. He wants to move out today so I let him go. I will miss him, a part of Casey that’s around when he can’t be.
Around 2 PM I walk outside to check on Ricky and Bob. They have gotten pretty far and they’re chatting to the side. Ricky is on his phone, which enrages me shortly until I see what they have so far. It’s…breath taking. And they’re not even finished! I walk over to them. “Mhmm,” I growl loudly. Ricky looks up and shoves his phone in his pocket. “Sorry Ms. Lights!”

I giggle. “I’m just kidding, I just wanted to check on how things are going. Good, I presume? From the looks of it you should be done soon!”
Ricky- Yes, we will be done within a couple hours. The furniture trucks will be here soon and then you should be set to go!
Bob- I am really happy with the work so far so I think you will love the finishing product.
Amber- Yes, yes I hope so! I guess I should be going now. Good luck!
I leave and wish them luck for the end of the project. I hope it turns out well!
At 4 PM they call out to me, “Ms. Lights come out, come out! It’s done!” They sound really excited so I get excited along with them. I walk out trying to peek my head around the corner, to get a glimpse of the new area…
My mouth drops open and I clap my hands in glee. It’s GORGEOUS! I had no idea that they were going to lower and raise the ground level, add a beautiful staircase, an outdoor kitchen my DREAM, and even a lovely swing double seat…the view is phenomenal and the furniture exquisite.

I walk over to them and I thank them a million times. “Wow..” I breathe. “This is way better than I thought I could ever have done to my otherwise boring backyard. The two levels were a great idea and I didn’t even ask for an outdoor kitchen! But now that I have one I can assure you that we will be eating outside WAY more.”
Bob-So glad to hear that…Can I call you Amber?
Amber-Sure! I was wondering when you would stop calling me Ms. Lights (We all laugh)
They go over the details of the backyard, how much I will have to pay…that’s the part that gets me.
“HOW MUCH!?” I wail. “Erm…” says Ricky. “Two Thousand five hundred?” My heart sinks. “Wow…”
Ricky- There’s a way that you could reduce that price though…

Ricky-Well I’ve figured out throughout the day that you must be the 100 baby challenge mother in town, correct? You’re the one with over 30 kids?
Amber-(Smiling) Yes, that would me I! Why is that relevant?…
Ricky-Well we’re about the same age and to be honest I don’t have a girlfriend or plan on getting married anytime soon. But I would love to know what my kids look like. And if you let me be in your challenge I’ll give you a discount!
Amber-Oh wow, really? Then sure! Want to go in the hot tub now? We can get to know each other before we…ya know. (I notice Bob right there) Bob…
Bob-Oh don’t worry! I’m married with two little children, I should be heading out now anyways. Have fun?
He seems awkward and leaves.

Ricky-So now that it’s just me and you…I can reduce the price to as low at 1,000 if you let me be in your challenge….
I think about it and realize that this isn’t a bad deal at all- a father and a new backyard in one step? Sign me up!
Amber-Sure! So if I could just lead you to the hot tub…
Ricky-ACTUALLY, remember when I was on my phone earlier?
Ricky-Well I was checking out the clubs for tonight, I really know my way around town. The club The Grind is going to be hopping tonight! We can go there if you would like, I’ll show you a REAL night out.
I debate. I had promised Casey not to get to know the fathers well, but at the same time…
Amber-Sure! We’ll go around 7 okay?
Ricky-You got it, be here around then!

When I walk inside I am pleased to see Julia reading a story to the triplets in their bed room, all safe and being educated. I know that Julia will be able to babysit just fine tonight.
I take care of some whining babes and by the time I’m finished and everyone is under control it’s pushing 6 PM. That leaves one more hour to get ready and prepare Julia to baby sit. I plan it out in my head and head to my room to get changed and do my hair…

I get a phone call as I’m getting changed. “Hello?” I ask in a hurry, not bothering to check the caller ID. “Amber!” It’s Casey.
Amber-Hey babe, what’s up? I’m kind of in a hurry…
Casey-Why? Where are you going?
I realize that I shouldn’t have said that. “Oh!” I reply. “Just…doing things. What about you?”
Casey-C’mon, I know you better than that. What are you so busy with?
I can’t lie to him, he knows me too well, even over the phone.
Amber-I’m actually um…going to a club.
Casey-A CLIUB?! You, Amber Lights, going to a club?! Oh, this will be hilarious!
I laugh because I know it’s true. I’m not exactly the clubbing type.
Amber-Yeah…so I really must be going…
Casey-Why don’t I come? I’d love to see this.
Amber-OH! No…
Casey-Why not? You aren’t going with someone else are you?

I don’t know what to say. He knows me so well and I can sense him putting the pieces together. Before he can truly figure it out I say, “Of course you can come! Meet me there I already scheduled a um, taxi.”
He agrees and I feel awful after. I push the feelings away and try to continue getting ready.

“You look HOT mom,” says Julia. She did my hair and my makeup. She put on a lot but I AM going out on the town. I don’t even feel like myself.
“Thanks,” I say. “I’m happy with the dress you picked it suits me well. I hope it’s not too short but…”
“Oh trust me mom it’s PERFECT!! Have fun tonight, I’ll take care of the kiddo’s.”
I smile and hug her goodbye. I wish her luck with the kids and then I’m off.

Ricky pulls up. “Lookin good!” he calls out the window. “Hop in and we’ll go out!” I hop in the car and we go. I feel excited but I can’t help but become nervous about Casey being there too...The Grind is a small club, too small for two guys I’m associated with NOT to see each other. I sigh and prepare myself for the mess I’ve gotten myself in to.
When we get there I have small chit-chat with Ricky. He tells me about how he started his business with Bob and how well things have been going. The conversation comes to a halt when Casey waves and says “Amber! Hey babe!” he sees me talking to another man so I push Ricky away and shout, “Ugh don’t EVER talk to me again!” I then lean in and whisper, “Be inside in a few.” He seems deeply confused but I put on a solid face and walk over to Casey.

“Ugh, disgusting men these days!” I say.
Casey-Um Amber? Who was that man? Was he harassing you, because I can beat him up if he was…
Amber-NO! No, that won’t be necessary. He was just going a little too far for some reason. So good to see you babe.
I give him a hug and we chat for a bit.
Amber-Well boy, I’m thirsty!
Casey-Want me to go get you a drink?
Amber-That would be great! Thanks, see you in a bit.

I rush inside and find Ricky again. “I’m so sorry,” I whisper. “I pushed you away because of um…I am practicing for this acting class where I have to switch moods quickly and stuff. I felt the need to practice on you!” It’s a terrible lie but nonetheless he smiles and says, “That’s fine! So let me teach you some dance moves. First of all, this is the Wood Pecker…” he shows me a cool dance move and I crack up. “I know how to dance,” I interject. “Then let’s do it!” he says, pulling me on to the dance floor.
We dance as a crowd gathers around us. I am happy for this fact since it provides a decent shield from Casey. “You’re pretty good!” he laughs. I thank him and continue dancing. I push away when I see Casey starting to come through the crowd, drink in hand. “I need to go…PEE!” I shout at him through the music. He accepts this and keep dancing. I make my way to Casey.
“Sorry I took so long, you wouldn’t believe how many people are thirsty here.” Says an apologetic Casey. “That’s fine!” I say. I take the drink and gulp it down. “That was GREAT, would you mind getting me another?” My eyes dart around the room and I spot Ricky-he is busy showing off his dance moves to the partiers. “ANOTHER?” asks Casey. “Yes please!” He shrugs and says, “Fine, but I was hoping we could dance…” I grow more impatient. “Yes, AFTER I get some more to drink. Please and thank you!” I usher him away and go back to Ricky.

“Ricky!” I shout through the crowd.
Ricky-Amber, finally! I’m glad to have you back, I was just getting to know the crowd a bit better. They are a fun group of people!
Amber-Yeah, I’m sure! So anyways, the baby thing? Are you ready to try for one yet?
Ricky-Oh why the rush? Let’s enjoy the night out!
Amber- Ugh, okay. (I try not to seem like I’m too upset) Lets dance over in this corner then!
He seems a bit apprehensive but follows.

We move our feet behind a wall conveniently placed in the club. “Why are we dancing here again?” asks Ricky.
Amber-Oh, well that’s another part of the acting class. I need to learn how to dance in corners.
Ricky-That’s odd…
Amber-The teacher is crazy! But I don’t want to break any rules okay?
Ricky-Okay that’s fine!
We dance for only a few moments when I hear the familiar call “Amber!” through the crowd. “One second!” I say to Ricky. He sighs and says, “Is it impossible for you to stay with me for more than a few moments?” I sigh and tell him to stay behind this corner until I get back.

 “Here you go…again,” says Casey. I gulp down the drink again, starting to feel a bit woozy. “Are you sure that’s healthy?” asks Casey. I shrug it off and say, “Probably not! Now let’s dance.” I lead him on to the dance floor.

Casey-You’re really good at dancing Ambs! Why did I ever doubt your clubbing skills?
Amber-(Laughing) I don’t know, never underestimate a mother!
We crack up and continue to dance, moving our feet to the rhythm. We dance for a while when yet another “Amber!” is called through the crowd. The club is small and these men are WAY too close for comfort. I hear the faint foot steps of Ricky right behind me and the only thing I can think to do is distract Casey.

I pull him in for a kiss and I know that Ricky is right behind me watching. I try my best to shield Casey from seeing him and I think it works.
“Now what did I do to deserve that kiss?” asks Casey.
Amber-Oh, just being yourself of course! Oh gosh, those drinks made me really have to go to the bathroom…
Casey-You’re leaving AGAIN?
Amber-Only for a moment! I can’t control when I do and don’t have to go pee! 

He laughs and I rush into the bathroom for real this time. I need a breather from this jam-packed club. I run into some one I didn’t expect in the bathroom. My good friend Violet Newbie.
“Oh Violet, thank goodness!” I shout in glee.
Violet-Are you okay Ambs?
Amber-I’ve gotten myself into a huge mess. I’ve been running around all night trying to keep everyone happy…
I trail off as I confide everything in Vi.

Violet-That’s one mess you’re in…what can I do to help?
Amber-Well if you wouldn’t mind can you keep Casey busy? I REALLY need to try for a baby with Ricky and I can’t keep them both busy at once.
Violet-Sure. Do you need me to do this right now?
Amber-YES, if you wouldn’t mind. You’re a life saver.

I let Vi go out first to get a hold of Casey. I peek out the door and thankfully she has him engaged in a conversation so I sneak over to Ricky. “Let’s get this over with now and then I’ll party with you the rest of the night. Follow me!”
I pull him into the elevator and as the door shuts I am elated to see Casey busily chatting with Vi, probably about building and furnishing and such. I have never woo-hooed in an elevator before and it was an interesting experience to say the least. Apparently Ricky knew what he was doing though and lead the way. I was happy to hear the chime and be pregnant with the next baby or babies as I walked out of the elevator. What I wasn’t happy to see was Casey standing right there.
My hand covers my mouth as I nervously glance at Ricky. He has no idea what’s going on but I do. And it’s not good.

“Casey! Casey! Listen to me!” I shout. He is trying to make his way out of the club.
Casey-What? What could you possibly say? If all you wanted to do was come to the club tonight with another man then you should’ve just told me! You let me make a fool of myself!
Amber-But it’s not like that! (I signal for Ricky to walk away and he does)
Casey-Oh yeah? Then what’s it like?

Amber-Um…well he’s a father in the challenge! And all he wanted to do was take me to the club to show me a good time and to conceive. I could’ve said no but I he promised a deal on the construction bill and he seemed nice enough…
Casey-So that’s your excuse? A discount on a bill? Really? Even I though you could think of something better than that.
Amber-But it’s the truth! Why won’t you listen to me? I love you!
He seems taken back that I said those three words and he softens a bit. But the anger is still there.
Casey-Whatever, get your facts straight and we’ll talk when I’m cooled down.

I take that as a good sign, or at least a better sign than him never wanting to talk to me again. He leaves the club and I see Ricky leave too. Violet walks over to me.

“I’m sorry Amber. I tried to keep him busy but he insisted on finding you and he heard a ruckus from the elevator…I didn’t want to sound bossy and tell him no. I ruined things.”
Amber-No, no. Vi you helped me and I guess I deserved to have this all blow up in my face. Don’t blame it on yourself.
Violet-I just want you to know that I feel awful. I have to get home to my kids but call me sometime and tell me how things go, okay?
I force a smile on my face and say bye. I realize that Ricky drove me here and he’s gone. I guess I have to walk home, it’ll be an opportunity for me to think things through.

I walk home, ashamed, sad, and more terrified than I have ever been in my life. Why do I feel the need to lose every guy who ever cares for me? I’m just hoping he ever talks to me again at this point.
The next morning I wake up feeling the full effects of drinking and pain weighing down on the heart. Believe it or not, last night was a Sunday and the kid’s are at school today. I have the house to my self other than the boys and I feel like vomiting-hopefully due to pregnancy. I throw on an easy outfit and pull my hair up, plus I remove my previously heavy make up before heading outside to my new outdoor kitchen. I settle on a brunch of pancakes since I woke up so late. Thankfully Julia had the courtesy of dressing and feeding the boys so I bring them out too.
Of course with my luck the pancakes burn so I’m forced to settle on cereal. At this point anything tastes good so I gobble it down with much happiness. I am enjoying the fresh air so I decide to spend the day with the boys outside.
 It’s a relaxing day and I find it easy to think with the gentle breeze and giggling of my sons. I can almost forget about what I did to Casey but it always comes back whenever I feel nausea from the pregnancy. I don’t know why I thought that I could pull off that stunt from last night but somehow I thought I could-and I of course failed.
One thing that doesn’t fail to make me smile is the sight of my boys together. They are so handsome it hurts my eyes! And they are so fun and bright that it’s next to impossible to be depressed around them. They are the light of my day.
Another bright part of my day is that the fish tank I ordered finally came in. I think that bringing some animals or sea life into the house could be good for the children to become educated. We are way too busy for any animals so some fish sound just about right. I stock the tank with minnows, goldfish, and even a couple jelly fish. I’m hoping that I can remember to feed them everyday!
At dinner time we all sit at the table and say our prayers. We eat a filling meal of Goopy Cabonara and then we’re all off to bed. I guess Casey decided not to show up today so hopefully he will tomorrow.
The babies wake up crying REALLY early this morning. I’m not in the mood to get up for them but leaving them to cry is almost as worse. I’m hoping that something good will happen today such as Casey coming over to talk? He promised me that he would and he is not the type of man to go back on his word. The babies finally stop crying and I go back to sleep. I don’t know how but I fall asleep right away and I don’t wake up again until 11:30 AM! It’s not like me to sleep in like this and the weirder part is that I woke up due to the doorbell ringing like crazy. I don’t want to answer it but I hear, “Amber, I know you’re in there so open up.” It’s Casey. I look terrible but I rush to the door.

“Oh Casey!” I shout, flinging my arms in the air. “Thank goodness you decided to talk to me.”
Casey-I said I would, and now I am.
The bitterness in his voice hits me hard. I clasp my hands together, begging for his forgiveness.
Amber-Casey, I don’t know what I was thinking. I had already planned on going to the club when you called and the father for these babies wanted to show me a night on the town. I didn’t want to say no so I just said yes. I had NO IDEA that things would happen like they did and I want you to know how sorry I am. Please forgive me, I can’t let a great guy like you, my BOYFRIEND, slip right of my fingers.
Casey-And I don’t want to let you go either. I was a tad bit drunk, I’m not going to lie. And my actions were uncalled for. You were doing this challenge when I met you which I accept. Hell, I even took part in your challenge! I was just hurt that you felt the need to sneak around with that man-you can tell me anything you know.
Amber-I know and I’m sorry

 He gives me a tight hug and whispers, “It’s alright.” Then he does something that shocks me even more than him forgiving me. He rubs my belly and says, “I’m sure these babes will be beautiful just like their mother.” He looks up at me and I kiss him with all my might. “I love you,” he whispers. “I love you too,” I say. No three words had ever sounded so right.
We spend the rest of the day together. I show him the new backyard area not mentioning that the man at the club built it. He tells me that he loves it and I’m glad. Then we relax together on the double seat in the backyard, simply enjoying one another’s presence. Casey and I have had our fair share of ups and downs in the past weeks we’ve been dating but the fact that we have made it through everything makes me love him even more.
At the tail end of the day we play with the boys. I think he has finally gotten over me doing the challenge and is now trying to prove to me how supportive he can be. We have a great time and eventually the older kid’s come home. Julia insists that she is done with being a teen and is ready to age up and pursue her fashion designer dreams. I disagree but I don’t want to let my daughter down.
Julia is a fabulous young adult. She is still into baking and fashion, an odd mix, I know. She plans on being like her favorite Chef Rachel Ray-She wants her own show where she cooks and gives fashion lessons in between. It’s a big dream but one I know she can achieve. I am sad to see her go but she does and I will miss her!
Not much happens for the rest of the night-Casey has to go home for some reason and I show off how good I am at cooking. My kids all watch me in envy and I keep chopping.
I also thankfully remember to feed the fish and tend the garden. I am not doing well with remembering to do that.
My belly is HUGE today so I take the initiative to assign myself bed rest. My back is killing me, my feet are swollen and I have a head ache that just won’t go away. I wish Casey could be here to calm me but I texted him and he still hasn’t answered.
But before I do I take the time to put in a load of laundry. When the babes come out they are going to need fresh clothing! The kid’s are at school and the boys are chill as always so today is going to be a good day.
The boys join me in watching TV and overall it’s a fun bonding day.
At the end of the day a bath is just what the doctor ordered and I feel like I can make it to the end of this pregnancy. I make and easy dinner and play a board game with the triplets towards the end of the evening before…
 LABOR! It's a quick and easy labor, rare but refreshing. After a solid three hours of pushing I give birth to...
Liberty Lights
Rudy Lights

Thanks SO much for reading! I enjoyed writing this post, probably my favorite to write so far believe it or not. I hope you enjoyed reading it and if you did leave a comment! Comments keep me going forward and they are greatly appreciated. Have a sim-tastic day!

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  2. @Love100-That week is already over, that was last post :P Besides, Julia did my makeup-not me!

  3. I just had an elevator baby too-Great post!

  4. I loved the whole thing at the dance club with the going back and forth between the two men. It made me laugh! Great work! :D

  5. I love reading your challenge! I get sucked into it really easy and hope that I don't have anything to do so I can read it! :)

  6. WOW Casey is so understanding. I love your back yard what a creative idea Ricky and Bob had. I also have to comment that the names you pick go PERFECTLY with the last name lights! Keep going girl!

  7. I actually think your posts have lost quality since Casey showed up.
    For starters it is highley unrealistic for him to be so understanding of her doing a 100 baby challenge. Also, the whole lovey dovey part of it seems unrealistic. The baby challenge itself is unrealistic enough and I think you need everything you can get just to make it vaguely believable
    Also we get much less information on the children involved. And seeing as the aim of this challenge is to have 100 children I think the blog should be focused on them.
    I liked it when Amber was a vampire!
    You are a very good writer and you shouldn't waste your talents on something as cliched as a love story within the challenge

    1. some guys are understanding and THIS IS THE SIMS 3 NOT REAL LIFE!

  8. @Anon I'm not a great fan of the love story either but the bog would get very repetative if it was all a bout the kids, and I think it's still realistic enough with Casey involved because the story isn't over-the-top and melodramatic. Anyway it's SIMS!! It's a computer game so it isn't meant to be realistic!!
    I LOVED the update!! :):) Keep up the good work!

  9. @anon-I understand where you're coming from in a readers perspective and i'm sorry that you're not enjoying the blog
    @tinka-thanks for understanding-its hard to alwyas focus on the children, amber has a life too :P the children are still there. and thanks for the compliment, im sorry u arent enjoying casey either but im glad u stilll like the quality of the posts.

  10. Teen Julia has wonderful clothes! Love the post, by the way =D

  11. What an awesome post! I loved it. :D I laughed alot hehe. :) <3

  12. Hey, just wanted to say that I just started reading your blog and I really enjoy it! You have a lot of really creative ideas...and I DO like introducing Casey into the storyline. There are so many different directions you could go with it! Everybody knows that our lives get more and more complicated when we bring men into them! LOL
    I look forward to reading your next posts.

  13. Could you perhaps put baby 25, Zack Lights, onto the exchange? I was wondering if I could use him in my challenge. I hope it's okay!
    Can't wait for the next post! :D

  14. @Catlover- He already is on the exchange!

  15. Ooops! Sorry I didn't see him. Thanks a bunch! :D

  16. Your posts are turning out amazing! I get really sucked into the plot and Casey is great! But... How did it happen that you ate a banana-nut muffin?


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