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Blissful and Balanced: Babies 34, 35, and 36!

Blaze is proving to be quite the genius-And Casey and I’s little angel. Everyday Blaze picks up a new skill whether it’s playing the xylophone or building a pyramid out of blocks, he continues to show brilliant mind capacity. I have hopes of sending him to a school for the gifted rather than public school but the tension between Casey prevents this. I would love Casey’s opinion on such a big decision but it looks like things are going to wait until we patch things up-If we EVER patch things up.
But on a brighter note, Julia has grown into a bright and cheery tot. She loves to play with her teddy bear (named Nancy) and her multiplying Barbie dolls. Sometimes I join in but the Barbie’s perfect life only gets me down. Juls possesses a small patch of bright red hair like my own. I guess the hair department isn’t in favor of her just like her father. Similar to Blaze, I can already see signs of brilliance in Jul. She talks far above her age and has figured out standing all on her own. I have a feeling she will make an impact on this world one day.

 The next morning I decide to take a jog. Working out is one of my favorite things to do when I have a bit of free time away from the family. I am jogging by the beach when I almost run into a man. I halt and I swear my heart stop beating. Right in front of me is a man with the color hair that Casey has. And Casey LOVES to jog…I’m not positive if it is him or not but I turn around and sprint down the road before I can find out. I am not ready to come eye to eye with Casey yet.
I sprint home as fast as my size seven feet can carry me and collapse on the couch once back. Not only was the run home exhausting but at least 95% of the rapid beating of my heart is from MAYBE seeing Casey. Why does thinking that I saw him make me so nervous? Usually when I’m around men I feel comfortable and calm because of what I do. But Casey…the thought of him sends tingles down my spine and shockwaves through my body. I push these thoughts out of my head to the best of my ability and turn to my sleeping babies.
I take Blaze out of his crib. I have BIG plans for this one today…I plan on teaching him to walk and talk so hopefully he does well! If I have extra time afterwards I will start teaching Juls some skills. I just need to keep myself busy in order not to think about certain subjects…

But before I get to any of this I go outside to get the mail and its jam packed full of BILLS! But in the midst of all the money eating madness there is one lone letter from the one and only-MY daughter, the college girl- Mina Lights. I rip it open eagerly and read.

Dear Mom,
College is GREAT! I started a few days ago and I must say it’s better than expected. The people are nice and the classes are pretty easy. Who knew that Triple Advanced Calculus could be such an easy course? But I am signing up for some extra classes down town so don’t worry! Your money won’t go to waste. I have met some awesome people. There’s this one kid Jared who continuously gets in trouble by teachers for doing dumb things yet he’s in all my classes…it’s a mystery to me. I won’t go too into things so I’ll be sure to call you sometime soon. I just figured a letter would be a nice way to talk to you and not waste money on those useless communication devices called phones. Love you mom, stay great.

I smile at the thoughtful and Mina-ish letter. It brings tears to my eyes that she is having so much fun. I’m so happy for her.

I smile at the thoughtful and Mina-ish letter. It brings tears to my eyes that she is having so much fun. I’m so happy for her.

Back inside Blaze is waiting patiently in his chair. I go in to pick up our blessing and I begin teaching him skills.
After school the girls run in-
“I’m ready to age up!” announces Lacey. “I am tired of being a teenager, I want to age up when all the men are strong and hotter.” Violet looks at me and rolls her eyes. “I will age up for her but I don’t really give a –“ I cut her off before she cusses. “We have children in the room!” I say. She laughs and rolls her eyes again. “Oh right! Sorry!” I shrug it off and turn to Blaze again. “Give me ten minutes or so to set up the cakes. Spend that time picking out your young adult outfits.” They cheer and race into their room.
About twenty minutes later the girls stand in front of their birthday cakes to age up!

Violet is dazzling young woman. She has picked up soccer quite well just like her father (Eddie Rosado) and is planning on traveling around the world with him. She is still the relaxed and laid back girl that I raised unlike her over-the-top and loud sister. The girls get along with each other but not as close as they were as children.
Lacey is striking also! Unlike her sister Lacey has not found any joy in sports other than cheering for them. She plans on becoming a model if she can ever get tall enough (Mild height runs in our family). I hope that she can fulfill this dream but if not I’m sure she’ll find something else. Both girls have made me continuously proud and made it through school without any drama caused for me, thank goodness. I am excited to see what these girls make of themselves.
They look alike, but not identical. They both have their fathers cute nose though.

I have the girls-ahem, WOMEN, do some last minute work for me before they move out. My children need to earn everything they get! So if last minute chores are what it takes, then it shall be that way. I make dinner as they whine and complain. “Would you rather just move out?” I ask. Their faces go straight and they do the chores. That’s what I thought, I think to myself.
I eat dinner with Patrick and he tells me about the bully at his school. When I ask him serious questions about it he trys to shrug it off. “Oh it’s no biggie mom. I think he’s just kidding anyways.” I of course don’t believe this but I let it go for now. 
After a busy evening the girls complete all their chores and I have no choice but to let them leave the nest. I give hugs to each girl and offer them pieces of advice. My advice to Lacey- Don’t get caught up with men. Remember who you are and what YOU want in life. My advice to Violet- Don’t be TOO laid back, care about some things. They each take the advice with open minds and leave with smiles upon their faces.
By the time they leave, the boys and Julia are in bed and asleep, and I have time to think for five seconds I realize how much my emotions are weighing down on me. A bath sounds like a good relaxer so I hop in and enjoy the quiet time. 
Afterwards I head to bed and a lone tear can’t help but trickle down my cheek. The advice I gave Lacey is the advice that I wish I could follow but my heart tells me to take Casey. And even though things may not work out and Casey may not even want me back I can’t go down without trying. But I decide to save this for another day.

The first thing I do this morning is get Blaze on a potty and learning to use it. It doesn’t take much time for him to learn and I am glad to move on with my morning.

I check my phone and I have two new messages. The first one is from a man by the name of Tim Opatz. It reads: Hey Amber, I got your number from my friend Hank…he was in your challenge already. Do you need a father for your next kids? If so meet me at my house at 11 I’ll text you directions
Well that deals with the issue of the next father. Then I check the other message. Hey Amber, it’s me Vi. Want to get together for lunch today at the bistro? I haven’t talked to you in a while…
I reply yes to both messages and head back to the kids. I have a couple hours until I have to go to Tims.

A couple hours pass and I head to Tims.
He greets me at his modern-style mansion and invites me inside.
“Want something to drink?” Tim asks, leading me to the bar. I shake my head no.
“I have children at home but a water would be nice.” He accepts the answer and gets me a water. We sit at the bar area talking for about an hour before I finally say, “So are you ready to make a child or what?” I’ve never been this forward with a challenge father but time is ticking and I need to meet Violet soon. He says, “Of course! Let me show you to the master bedroom.”
We then proceed to make more babies
Afterwards we cuddle and giggle for a little while before I start to feel bad. How can I ever expect to be with Casey if I enjoy being with these other men all the time? As I start to feel ‘dirty’ I put on my clothes and thank Tim for everything. I head to the bistro as fast as I can.
As soon as I get there Violet runs up to me and starts talking right away. “Amber! I haven’t seen you in forever girlie! What’s up?” I debate whether or not I should tell her about Casey. I am about to say that nothing much has been going on when I remember that Vi has dated and is dating right now during her challenge. I decided to tell her.

And so I spend the next thirty minutes telling all about Casey. The color of his hair, how cute his freckles are and how badly I screwed things up. After I’m done she see’s that I’m shaking and says, “Before I reply how about we go get some food? You look starved.” I agree and we head inside.

When we get back out I turn to Violet and say, “I want to be with Casey. I really do but…”
“But what?” inquires Vi. “Well, I just don’t want to try being a perfect girlfriend and being a perfect mother…I can get frustrated really easily and if I have to be perfect all the time…I won’t be able to handle it. And what if he doesn’t like the fact that I’m with all these guys?” So many questions, so little time.
I understand completely where you are coming from and let me tell you its not easy. I know that Joe had a hard time separating the challenge from our relationship. He felt as if I was cheating when he knew from the beginning what I was doing.” She finishes.

“Then did you make things different with A.J.? Do you think Casey can be as good a guy?” I ask.
“A.J. and I have talked about different things to make it easier on both of us. First of all he tries not to be around the challenge dad's before they join the challenge and I make sure the dad's know we are just friends after we have conceived. I know that if you and Casey are meant to be you will make it work. I think Casey is a great guy and I hope you two can make it work.”
“Yeah, those are good points. I just hope I have the guts to follow through with this. And I hope Casey can understand where I’m coming from as far as the challenge is concerned.” I say. 
She continues to speak her wise words. ”Well Casey will also have to understand that your family is just as important to you as he is and he needs to understand that the kids come with a relationship with you. Just make sure that you are both on the same foot, you know?”
“Yes. Thanks so much Vi, I don’t know where I would be without you.”

She stands up and pulls me into a hug.
“Anytime Amber. Have a safe ride home and call me soon.”
We finish up chatting and I do exactly that. Because now I have a plan. And I plan on putting it into action.
This morning the babes are screaming for me more than usual. I race into the nursery to see that a bit more potty training may be needed for both of them. After I change their diapers and they calm down a bit I am ready to face today’s busy schedule. Age up Ari and Patrick, age up Blaze, do the laundry, clean the toilets, talk to Casey. Yes, TALK to him! I texted Casey this morning and asked him to come over around 5. I plan on making a nice dinner and setting it up outside for some alone time to discuss how this is going to work. I hope it works out well.
I look in the fridge to see what is available to make- NOTHING. I guess in the flurry of activity grocery shopping must have skipped my mind. I sigh and am about to cancel the plans when I see a checkered picnic blanket lying by the door. “Aha!” I say. I shall set up a picnic in the backyard. It will not be nearly as nice as I had planned for this to be so hopefully Casey won’t mind.
A Few Hours Pass
“So Casey,” I say as he sits down. “This isn’t nearly as nice as I had planned on it being but I got so caught up in the day and the kids that it skipped my mind. I hope this doesn’t make you hate me more and-“ he cuts off my rush of words. “Hate you?” he asks. “Why would I hate you?” I stare at him in disbelief. “Because I rejected you when you tried to kiss me! That was such a mean thing for me to do… I’m actually surprised that you came here. I’m just hoping that we can talk things out.”
“Talk about what?” asks Casey. “You don’t like me and you’re busy with your challenge. I have no reason to get mad over that. It’s your choice.” Now I’m really shocked-he doesn’t think I like him?! We stand up, too into things to sit.

“Casey!” I say. “Are you saying that I don’t like you? Of course I like you! I wouldn’t have let you kiss me if I didn’t like you.” Now he stares at me in shock. “Then why did you push me away? And then tell me NO WAY afterwards? What kind of message do you think that sends me?” I blush at my stupid actions. “I was just being a mom-or what I thought was a mom. I thought that all I ever should think about is my kids but now I’m realizing that even I deserve some happiness. And I want to be happy with you.”
I’m expecting another long answer and a lot more fighting but instead he does what I least expect-but what I should of expected. He kisses me. And you know the difference from last time? I DON’T push away.
After we kiss I fall into his toned arms and sigh. He strokes my hair with as much love as when my mom did as a child and it feels simply right. I stifle a yawn. “Are you tired?” he asks with concern. “Yes, but we can talk.” He looks at his watch and says, “Oh no it’s 10 o’ clock. You look exhausted.” He grabs my elbow and leads me to my bed. On my way in I notice that the boys aged up but am too tired to reply. I guess the emotional stress has just added up to exhaustion. I fall into my bed.

All I hear is the clicking of lights and Casey soft footsteps out to the living room. I want to protest but sleep overcomes me and I am out in a minute.

When I get up this morning I take a few seconds to remember the events of last night-And the glorious outcome. I don’t think I could have ever imagined it playing out better than it did. I am about to get up when I feel the presence of another person in the room. I am about to grab the nearest item-a table lamp when I notice something…it’s just Casey.

“Phew, Casey! You almost gave me a heart attack!” He smiles and gives me a good morning kiss. I would ask why he slept over when we haven’t even talked things through yet but I don’t want to fight it. I want to embrace the bliss. He goes into the kitchen and I hear the click of a coffee maker turning on. With a smile on my face I shed my clothes and hop into the shower.

We sit across from each other and sip the delicious coffee that he made. A silly grin spreads across his face, probably at the bewilderment that we’re on speaking terms again. It’s contagious and I laugh. “Casey, this feels so…right.” He nods his head and takes another sip. “That’s how I’ve felt since I met you,” he says.
I take the conversation towards a serious side. “But we need to talk about some things…” I say. “First of all, you need to understand that I am not giving up this challenge even for a guy like you. I promise that once I conceive a child with a challenge father there is no more to be done by me. And you don’t ever have to talk to them.” He seems pained by the thought of me with so many men but the look disappears almost as soon as it came. “You got it,” he says. “Are you pregnant right now?” he asks. I look down at my stomach and sure enough there’s a bump. “Yep,” I say. That same pained look comes and leaves.

“What about living arrangements? I’m not looking to move in but can I stay over like I did last night?” I laugh and say, “Of course! I’m sure my children will love you as much as I do. In fact, Violet (My Violet) loves you already for saving her life. She would have drowned without you!” He registers the recent memory. “Oh yes. That was scary, I’m glad she’s all right.” I nod and we both finish our coffee. “Now I have to go wake up the tots, want to help?” He jumps up. “I can FINALLY meet Blaze!” We head into the nursery and work together-as it should be.

And I also forgot to show you the boys teen pictures! They both have aged into the men that I wanted them to become. They both certainly have their unique looks but it only makes me love them more. They both love sports and video games and GIRLS. They are your typical teenage boys and I’m perfectly fine with that.

I start cleaning the house but soon enough the pains of pregnancy come full force and I have no choice but to relax for the day. Casey joins me on the couch and we watch two comedy’s in a row. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in years!

Eventually I get tired again (Pregnancy symptoms) so Casey puts his arm around me and we stay there for what feels like a life time-And yet I would rather be no where else. 
We also team up and help the tots with their skills before we age up Blaze. Of course Casey plays with his son-OUR son and I can see the light in his eyes.

His birthday eventually rolls around and we celebrate as proud parents as our son becomes a child.
Meanwhile, Blaze has aged up. He is so perfect to me that it pains me. Just the thought that Casey helped create him warms my heart to the very center. Blaze is a player- He loves sports, video games, and girls. He is almost exactly like Ari and Patrick but Blaze is more outward about his personality. He is also very brilliant but he tries to hide it since it makes him seem like a ‘nerd’. I will need to talk about this some time with him.
When the boys get home from school they bombard Casey with questions. “Why are here? Why did you kiss my mom last night? Are you one of my siblings fathers? Are you and my mom dating?” The questions fly out of Patrick and Ari’s mouths. I expect Casey to get angry but he answers each and every question calmly. I walk away because I had the temptation to scold the boys.
As I prepare dinner I can’t help but crack up at the sight of Casey playing video games with my three sons. It makes me smile that he is willing to do anything to make me happy. 
We all sit down to eat my lovely dinner of PB&J. The boys share funny stories about school and we all get along really well. I almost wish that I could trap this moment in a box and come back to it whenever life gets hectic. I have my boyfriend, my family, my friends, and my challenge. What more could a girl ask for?
After dinner when the boys are all settled in for their nightly TV program I stand outside with Casey. He grabs my hand and kisses me on my forehead, neck, and lips. “I have to go home tonight but I’ll call you tomorrow, all right babe?” I grin at the word babe. He kisses me on the cheek and says goodnight. I go inside to spend some time with the family. Maybe this could work.
I wake up and admire my bump. I am very pleased with the growth of these babes and how healthy they are. I may have extreme side effects due to them but when they join our family it will all be worth it. 

It's Saturday and at the kiddo's request I am making my famous blueberry pancakes! I mix and flip with practiced perfection and I have a feeling that today will be a good day.

 Things around the house continuously break so I take this time to fix them. The boys have been put to work (by me of course) so I don't have any of the usual distractions. Julia is a good little girl and happily plays with her dolls. I make a mental note to buy her a special treat for being such a good girl, along with getting some items for the boys too.
Once their chores are done they have the rest of the day to do whatever they want. They take full advantage of the pool and the cool refresher it offers. Meanwhile, I sit inside on the couch, just where my babes want me to be. I am due today and I don't want to risk hurting my unborn children by doing things that could risk their health. I am perfectly happy watching them swim form the inside.
Eventually Julia needs me and I change her diaper and she giggles at the word 'poop'. I know it's something that Casey would laugh at but I surprise myself by NOT wishing that he was there. It would be nice but I am enjoying this alone time with the kids. 

I secretly pray that I won't have to wait much longer for birth. My belly has gotten extremely large this pregnancy and I want these kiddie's OUT. But before I can think about it any longer a familiar number floats across my phone screen- Casey. I answer and head into the family room.
He asks me how my day was and I reply with the same old, same old. He interrupted my alone time with the family and all I want is to go back to Jul. We are chatting about Casey's high school reunion that is coming up when I scream.
Casey- AMBER! Are you alright?! 
Amber- (Panting) AHH! There's more than one in there for sure..
Casey- Huh?
Amber- I'm in labor! 
Casey- AH! Want me to come over?
Amber- No, I'm alright. I am going to have a quiet home birth no need to rush over! I do have to go though...bye!
Casey- Bye babe. Talk to you soon, let me know how things go!
I hang up and focus on getting these children out.
 I breath heavy as the new babies attempt to make their appearance in the world. The kids are freaking out around me so I head into my room to have a little privacy.
 I push until I feel the babies coming..and then they're here!
Karni Lights
Named after a great friend and fellow simmer
Caitlyn Lights
Named after another great friend-I wouldn't be able to have made it through some times without you
Molly Lights
Completing the trifecta is a child named after yet another friend. I am happy to have three baby girls named after three great friends of mine
Love you girlies!

<3 :)

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you liked this post, a great deal of effort was put into it. If you enjoyed it, leave a comment? I love hearing how you feel about the posts, story lines, where you want the story to go-Your thoughts and concerns are always in the back of my mind. I hope you enjoyed and I will post again soon!


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  2. I wanted to PERSONALLY thank you for naming one of your 100 little blessings after me. Casey is a CATCH and good luck with your challenge :)

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  6. @Sims Fan/Molly- Thanks, I'm looking forward to how Casey and Amber unfold-it's her first male interest since high school, it should be interesting!
    @Angel-Thanks! They are named after awesome people :)
    @Love100-Thanks and me too! Only time will tell...
    @Elle- Thanks again! I love them too so hopefully things work out :)

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    I know it's quite impertinent but could you get a CBox - like Harmony and Doylegirl have? Cause most people prefer to talk on there



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