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Confusion: Baby 32

Thanks SO much to shavette12 for the Riot Grrrl Teen Shirt! It's super cute and I'm excited to use it in my challenge!
And another one, wow, thanks! I LOVE this shirt its so cute!! I love both shirts and I really appreciate you spending your SimPoints on the Light's!
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The twins have ended up as much more of a hassle than expected. Twins and even triplets aren't usually too difficult but are proving to be so now. I shush Patrick with as much love and compassion that I can muster up at 2 AM. "Oh be quiet baby," I whisper. "I'm right here. Mommy's got you."
Today is Saturday. Zack has just started playing football and he loves it. Every chance he gets he's outside playing with the neighborhood kids and trying to convince Cody to play too. Today is bright and beautiful so Zack takes up the opportunity to play some more ball. "MINA!!" bellows Zack throughout the house. Poor Mina looks startled at first but Zack continues. "Hey Mi-Mi! Care to play some ball with your big old brother? I can teach you some cool spin moves and barrel throws..."
"Sure, but how about I learn to pass first?" says the always adorable Mina. "Ok!" replies Zack.  "Let's go!"
While this is going on Cody is tending to the babies. He must've noticed that I was exhausted because when I tried to enter the nursery he scolded me and sent me back to bed, "Mom, you look SO tired! Go to sleep and let me handle the tots." Part of me wonders if he knew what he was signing up for when he said that.
Back outside Mina and Zack made their way to the backyard. Zack starts explaining how to throw the ball for about ten minutes before Mina finally gets fed up and shouts, "Argh, I get it! Now let me try!" Zack laughs at her cockiness and hands her the ball. "Fine, go ahead and try!"
She drops the ball before she even gets a chance to try and throw it. Zack cracks up at her failure before straightening himself out and teaching her some more tips and tricks.
"Ok, so for you this would be the easiest way to throw." Zack says while displaying the form. "Try it!" he says. Mina looks hesitant at first but then mimics her brothers form. 
"Like this?" she asks. "Yes!" says an excited Zack. "Now you can throw like a pro!" Being flattered, Mina flashes a huge grin that would be impossible to conceal. "Thanks Zack!!" 
They stay outside and pass for hours all day. Mina loves football as much as her big bro!
Back in the nursery Cody points his finger as a brilliant idea comes to him. He comes up behind me and asks me a question. "Mom?" he says nervously. "Yes darling?" I ask in a motherly tone. 
Cody- Well, I was wondering if that since Zack and I are aging up soon if we could do something fun before we have to leave....
Amber- And what would that be?
Cody- Well I was wondering if we could...go camping!
Amber- Camping? That would be a lot of work...
Cody-But that's all we want! Will you please think about it Mom?
Amber- (Sighs) Sure...
I smile at Cody and then continue snuggling Ari. "Time to age up my green baby!" I say happily.

Ari is truly a spitting image of his father. And though many would look at this in a negative way,  I look at it in a positive way-an opportunity for my child to become stronger through the challenges he must face. And to be quite honest I find Ari to be quite the cutie! His large and protruding nose is perfectly paired with his gorgeous open eyes and thin lips. And his light green and lucius skin is simply perfect to me. Ari loves to wear this winter hat ALL THE TIME and so I don't even bother with it anymore. But underneath that floppy hat is a full head of blonde hair that the Sim genetics randomly generated. Overall, my little babe is quite the catch!

Patrick inherited almost everything from his father, I can't see myself in him at all except for the infamous teal eyes. Just as with his brother he is gorgeous to me regardless of his unique features.
After the birthday celebrations Cody comes up to me. 
Cody-So mom....have you thought about camping yet? And before you say no right away just remember that this is ALL WE WANT before we move out...
Amber- (sighs) Well it hasn't been much time for me to think things through Cody. But if you really want to....
Amber- .....No. Well yes. Well...I'm not sure! Like I said you haven't given me much thinking time. It would be a lot of work to watch after all of the children and there would be no one to set things up. It would be an effort!
Cody- But a well deserved effort?
Amber- (Smiling) It would be a well deserved effort, you and your brother have outstanding grades. And you're both great children but....
Cody- But what?
Amber- But it will be a lot of work! Fine, for you I will do this. But remember who your favorite mom is okay?
Cody- (Laughing) You got it Ma!
Camping will be A LOT of work but like I told Cody, it's worth it for amazing kids.
And just to prove to me how good they can be Zack and Cody sat in the study and 'read' all day. Every time I look in they are engrossed in different books and not even looking up. It makes me laugh at what lengths my children will go to to get what they want!
Eventually though I pulled Zackary out of the study to help me teach the girls some last skills. Zack has always been a fan of Violet so I let him teach her to walk and talk.
Later that evening I start dinner...hot dogs! Cooking is definitely one of my favorite hobbies.
After we all eat a family dinner and I put the girls and boys to sleep I fall into my bed myself. But the oddest thing happened...a paparazzi actually came in my house and took pictures of me sleeping! Creepy much?
Today is Sunday! And instead of going out to breakfast as usual I wake up super early to get to the grocery store before the kids wake up. I need to buy marshmellows, chocolate, graham crackers, fish (to grill), shower in a can, TENTS, and plus I need to buy all of the normal food that we need. It's never ending!
After a long and torturous shopping trip I come home to 4 screaming toddlers. I make a mental note to age up the girls ASAP, this is getting to be too much to handle. Ari is a loud screamer! When he wants something all he has to do is scream and he knows that someone will be there for him. But I really need to stop so he does grow up to be a spoiled brat.
Patrick is the same way, always whining and screaming! Although, Patrick is just a tad bit better than Ari. But not by much!
After tending to the boys I throw my hands up in exasperation. "GAH! I NEED TO AGE YOU UP!" In a fit of anger I pick Vi out of her crib and bring her to the birthday cakes.

Vi is a gorgeous child, a great mix of tomboy and girly. Violet can't stand doing her hair so she always ends up throwing it in a pony tail every day. And she also has to wear glasses due to her awful vision. She hates them but without them she might as well be blind! As soon as she reaches her teen years we will look into contacts for her.

Lacey has aged into quite the beauty! Her vision is not nearly as bad as Violets and this tends to make Vi jealous. But they are best friends till the end which I love to see. Lacey has beautiful open eyes and blonde hair. She is a major girly-girl yet she is calm and sophisticated at the same time. She loves to get dressed up and play dolls with her sister. It's definitely an interesting match!
Since the girls have grown so much they demand food as soon are aged up. 
What can I say? They're growing girls!
After we eat Zack comes up to me. 
Zack- Mom, is it true? Are you REALLY taking us camping?
Amber- Yep! You boys will need to help me a lot but if it's really what you want then I can't say no.
Zack- (Happily) Oh my gosh, you rock mom!!
Amber- I know!
The next morning I go back to the store to exchange the tents for some larger ones and I saw this lovely lawn furniture. I couldn't help but buy it so this is a nice new set up in the backyard.
I should have some great times around the fire pit with the kids!
The boys are still in their phase of being perfect so today they insisted on teaching the boys their skills. We are camping tonight so I'm sure they will be back to normal right after!
The girls insisted on playing on the new trampoline. None of my kids had ever had trampolines so this is an interesting adventure...
One thing that does make me nervous though is when the girls do flips. They curl themselves into tiny balls and turn completely around. It's nerve-wracking to a mother!
The girls especially love to meet mid-air and attempt to high five. From the looks of it they haven't succeeded yet!
And since everyone was busy doing their own thing I decided to invite some friends over and have some fun. Nessa was super busy with her children but Della tells me she has some free time! I go ahead and invite Della over. 
We relax in the hot tub all afternoon. We talk about her Daughter Della Eve's challenge and how things are going with her children. Della Eve named one of her children after me which makes me SO happy! And I told Della about my challenge and the ups and downs that I've faced so far...Della can relate to most of it since she's already completed the challenge and then some!
At around 4 PM I hop out of the tub and call to the children. "Time to go! Grab your bags kids!" They all shuffle inside in a flurry and I smile. After much thinking and debating we all finally agreed to camp on the beach. It should be fun but hopefully the sand won't get on everything.
And so we head out! As soon as we get to the beach I throw down the bags with the tents in them. "Phew, that's quite a heavy load!" I say, exasperated. "So what shall we do first kids?"
Cody- Fish with these great tips I learned from a book...
Lacey and Violet- (Together) Let's play tag!
Ari- (Crying) Me want FOOD!
Patrick- Hehehe (He laughs a lot...)
Amber- How about we try to do it all?
I am a people please MOST of the time so a nice even compromise sounds just about right.
Lacey rushes right over to the first tent she see's. It has a lovely and charming view of the boundless ocean.  "I call dibs on this tent!" declares Lacey. 
The girls delve right into their never ending game of tag. "Tag you're it!!" calls a cocky Violet. 
"Oh yeah?" challenges Lacey. "Now you're it!" 
Just like my triplets these girls are extremely competitive but in a friendly way.
Mina decides to fish with her big brother Cody. "Thanks for showing me how to fish!" says Mina. "You and Zack have taught me SO much!" Cody laughs and shows her some more fishing tips and tricks. "Aren't we the best big brothers ever?" jokes Cody. "Of course you are!" says Mina.
After awhile of hanging out Cody starts up the fire. It takes about 15 minutes to get a full-blown fire going but once it's raging we all gather around the pit. 
Of course the twins sit next to each other. They are both eager to start roasting some marsh mellows and stuffing their faces!
Mina is mommy's little girl so she sits next to me. I teach her some tips on getting the perfect roast for your marsh mellow. Mina is always eager to learn so she soaks up the knowledge happily.
Overall it's a great family evening that I wouldn't trade for the world.
And off to the side the boys happily drink their evening feed. Up to this point they were crying like crazy due to the sand in their diapers...but they're better now!
At around 10 PM all of us head to bed. It's a Sunday night, a school night. But the kids insisted on camping and staying up so a little tiredness might be worth it. 
Although, the boys must've stayed up all night. I kept hearing footballs being thrown all over and voices all evening. I was going to stop them but maybe it's time they learn a lesson! When they are tired tomorrow in school they will realize they need to stop and therefore a lesson shall be learnt!
At 6 AM I wake up to shrills, screams of pain and fear. I look to my right- nothing. Straight forward- Nothing. To my left- A girl struggling in the water. And not just any girl. MY girl. 
"VIOLET!!" I scream as my legs take off under me. I reach the water in a matter of seconds. 
"Violet, can you swim to me?" I ask urgently. She stutters before answering me. "Ummm....I don't know mom! I'm scared, make this go away!" I start to seriously panic. It's way too far out for me to swim. I don't have the physical endurance to swim out and retrieve her myself...the best that would do is capture us both in the crashing waves. With my mind going a mile a minute I just barely hear the footsteps behind me. I don't want to let my eye's off of Vi so I quickly turn around to see a morning jogger...but his muscles are ripping which I take to notice right away. 
"Sir! Sir!" I yell to try and get his attention away from the blaring iPod. "Sir! Can you PLEASE come with me? My daughter...she's out in the ocean....please help!" The man rips out his earbuds and follows me.
By now the sun is rising and we are all standing in a panicked circle, watching the events unfold. Without any thought at all the man jumps in the water and swims out to Vi. He gets hit several times by many waves but I can see the determination in his face. It takes about a minute for him to swim out to her but once he does we all feel immediate relief. He knows what he's doing, Violet will be safe. I let out a sigh of relief just as he picks her up and starts swimming ashore. I have no idea how Violet got that far out but I plan on finding out.

The man swims ashore, Violet in his arms. They are both dripping wet but my daughter is alive and breathing-and on LAND!
I rush up to Vi once the man sets her on the ground. "Oh Vi!" I exclaim. "How did you ever get out that far?" She is still breathing hard but finds a way to reply. "I...I don't know! I was playing tag with Lacey and I thought it would be a good idea to go out in the water. I figured she would never catch me there. And I just got carried out with the waves more and more...oh Mom it was awful!" 
I hug her tight and whisper words of wisdom. Once again, competition has created a near death situation in my family. I really need to sit down with the kids sometime and talk about this.
We talk for a bit as I try to calm her down. At around 8 she remembers that today is a Monday and the kids all have school. "Oh Violet, you don't have to go! You've been through enough today." She declines the offer and states, "No! I wouldn't miss a day of school for anything...I need to see my friends!" With a few last words she darts off to her bike. "Bye Mom!" she calls behind her.
I throw my hands up in defeat. My kids, they never listen!
I pull myself together and turn to the man. "Well, you just saved my daughters life! How can I ever repay you?" He smiles an adorable smile and turns to me, taking me in. "Well...oh wait! You're Amber Lights aren't you?" I chuckle and reply, "Yes! How'd you know?" This time he laughs at me. "Well it's hard not to notice a single mother having 100 kids around town! To be quite honest, it sounds like fun! I'm sure your kids are adorable." I am extremely flattered by his comments. "Wow, " I reply. Those are some of the nicest things a guy has ever said to me. Thanks so much! And so like I said, how can I repay you?"
"Well, I would absolutely LOVE to be in your challenge. I love little kids and I am not planning on getting married anytime soon. But you're a lovely looking lady and I'm sure we would have nice offspring! So what do you say?" I smile and shake his hand. 
"You sir, have got yourself a deal."
I go home and am immediately followed by the man whose name I have just found out- Casey Kinly! He walks in and I greet him with a hug. "You do know that you don't have to come over until later, right?" I say. He nods and replys, "I know! But if you wouldn't mind I would love to get to know your current kids before we create our own!" I tell him that that's alright and he settles down to play with the boys. He seems enchanted by the little tots and I smile. 
Here's Casey up close. Red-brown hair that shapes a perfectly contoured face. Pink, supple lips and navy blue eyes are the cherry's on top of this sundae. We will have BEAUTIFUL kids!
The day passes in a flurry of fun and joy. Before I know it the boys are home and begging me to age up. "Now that we went camping we are ready to take on the world!" declares Zack. 

I loved camping but the scary events that took place just this morning were scarring. I don't know if camping will ever happen again for my family! I am just elated that Violet is ok and all of my children are still alive.
Lacey walks in the door right as the party is taking place. "Woah, woah, WOAH!" she practically yells. "It's not a party unless I'm here! Now, you may continue aging up!" I laugh at her modesty. 

Cody is SO handsome! He grew out his hair because he said it gives him a "sexy look." In fact, Cody is due to be on next months issue of Sexy Chess Players Magazine. He is so honored with the achievement and tries to live up to it everyday! He plans on being the most popular ches player in the world which shouldn't be too difficult...my boys quite the genius!

Not much has changed in Zackary since he was a teen striving for attention. He has the same shaggy hairstyle and witty personality that can win over anyone’s heart. He is currently dating a young girl named Sasha. She is a striking young woman and from the sounds of it Zack loves her with all his heart. So I can expect more grand babies soon!
The boys wave goodbye and blow me kisses as they walk out the door. “Love ya!” I call out as the last of my valentines babes leave my house for good.

 The girls all sit together and do their homework-I’m glad their distracted because in another room I am doing my job of getting to 100 babies.
 And so a baby is conceived! Casey and I take our time getting down to things. He tells me all about his childhood and how he had tons of little siblings. And then how that has fed into his love for children and how he is SO excited to see his precious baby(s). I smile and laugh which I just can’t seem to control around him! He is a really easy person to talk to. I feel like I could trust him with anything so maybe this won’t be the last I will see of Casey.
 Lacey is actually having a bit of a hard time with her school work-especially math. Her homework took her so long tonight that her sisters were eating dinner before she was even halfway through. I may need to look into some tutoring for her.
 I console Ari as he is begging me to stay for the night. “Oh, Ari.” I whisper. “I’ll see you in the morning my precious gem!” I read him and Patrick a few bedtime stories before they are truly ready for sleep. I walk out in the kitchen to Mina aging up.

Mina is a BEAUTIFUL teenager. Her bright white eyes compliment her pale skin, which compliments everything about her! She is a smart and studious young girl who is eager to learn whenever she can. She also has a vicious wild side though-if she gets angry, you better watch out because she will tear right through you! But for the most part it’s smooth sailing with her.
Before I go to sleep I go into the girls room to check on my girlies. Thankfully they are all sound asleep in their own beds this evening, not in danger right next to an ocean. I can now go to sleep relaxed and assured that nothing will happen to my babes.
Today I woke up extra early and started to clean the house. Like I aid before I refuse to let this house get as dirty as it had before and give my children nightmares…that was awful. After I clean I take a well deserved hot shower and start to wake up the kids.
 So I get Ari in his highchair and he eats like a good boy! Although he has a nasty habit of eating with his hands. A habit which I’m working on breaking but it will take some time!
As soon as the boys are done fussing over everything they can I finally get around tot teaching some skills. Ari is first and I am going to teach him to walk!

I also start teaching Patrick to walk. By the time I get around to it though it’s a bright and beautiful day outside so I take him out to learn. He picks up the skill fast and is showing off to his brother in no time. Ari still needs to master his steps.
After school, at around 2 PM, Mina walks up to me. “Mom, can I ask you something?” she asks. “Sure!” I reply.

Mina- So I have a question…I know that you’re doing the 100 baby challenge and I know that it’s what you want but…I REALLY want to go to college and get a higher education. And I know that money must be tight due to so many siblings but I would LOVE to go to college.

Amber-Well I understand where you’re coming from…but we might not have the money to do that right now.

Mina- Yes but I want to become an artist and I can’t learn how to paint like Vincent Van Gogh in public high school! (She frowns a big frown)

Amber- …It’s not in my control but I’ll see what I can do.

Mina- Ugh, fine! But find out soon so I can talk to my principal about a letter of recommendation. (She stomps away)
 Once she’s gone I sigh. I wish I could send all of my children to college but there’s always the money issue…and the issue of siblings getting jealous of one another. I can see that this is what Mina really wants but money would be tight if I payed for her college. I just don’t know what to do.
 But even with my mind abuzz with these thoughts I head inside and start dinner. My first priority is my children but why does that priority have to be so demanding and expensive? My thoughts get lost in the tossing and turning of the salad and we all sit down for dinner.

I call the children to the table and they all sit down, eagerly awaiting food. I always have my kids say their thanks at dinner time so they are aware of how fortunate they are. We go around the table and when we get to Violet we all see her eating her dinner. I scold her and we all laugh about it-but we finally move on. After thanks are said we enjoy a nice tossed salad that I lovingly prepared for them.
That evening we all enjoy a fun round of monopoly, there FAVORITE game. After we play the kids all get ready for bed and I put the boys to bed. I surround them with my love and they finally fall asleep, beautiful angels sleeping soundlessly.
I’m getting ready for bed when I notice it-the small bump on my stomach, the first sign of new life. I caress my stomach, imagining what Casey and I’s children will look like. Casey was one of the nicest men I’ve ever met and not easily forgotten.
I am really looking forward to having a child with him.
The first thing I do this morning is the laundry that has been piling up for at least a week now. I have a tendency to forget things like this among all my other responsibilities. I silently creep in and out of the rooms as to not wake the children-then I would have a lot more to deal with than just laundry.
 By the time I’m done that plus hopping in the shower the kids are up! I enjoy a talkative breakfast with Mina before starting my day.

I start teaching Patrick to talk- he’s pretty good until we get to the s words. He has the cutest lisp in the world!
 After awhile though I get tired of the stuffy house and I head outside for a nice swim. The pool is refreshing on my tightened muscles and the slight breeze makes me tingle. It’s a lovely afternoon for a swim and I take advantage of that to the fullest.

And when I got bored of that I head over to the bar in the yard. I’ve heard from many people that mixology is a great pass time and especially handy for girls night out. But of course the drinks aren’t alcoholic-I would never want that around the children. The first move I attempt is tossing the can up and catching it behind me….

I miss the catch by a foot! But I pick myself up quickly.
 I can’t avoid the embarrassment in my eyes though. I know no one is watching but still…I can’t stand not being good at certain things.
 I make my first drink and sip it with fear burning in my heart…

And it tastes AWFUL! I spit up the awful concoction as soon as it hits my tongue. YUCK!

But I eventually got tired of awful drinks so I came inside and started teaching Ari to talk.
And then later that evening we all sit down for yet another family dinner. I was talking with Mina when I couldn’t help but think that we look NOTHING alike. Can you see any resemblance at all?
Afterwards I notice that it is a gorgeous evening, the sun is setting and the clouds are hanging low. I call the girls outside for a warm sunset at the fire pit- I enjoy having a house full of girls. It’s quite an adventure!
I rub my belly as the fire warms me up. This baby will be here SOON. And as much as I can’t wait to see my new child I also don’t like how the pregnancy’s pass in the blink of an eye. I wish that the pregnancy’s would go slower so that I can enjoy more quality time with my unborn children. It’s just that sometimes my kids grow up too fast and I miss them all the time. I remember when I first held baby Ashleigh in my arms, the deep emotion that I felt for her tiny soul. I will have 100 moments like those but what about when it’s over?
I mentally slap myself when I start getting teary-eyed. I have many more pregnancys and babies to come so no need to cry now! I wipe my tears and head inside.
Tonight at 3:26 AM on the dot I hear a loud screeching coming from the main foyer. I sigh and take my big belly out to the commotion.
I walk into the endings of a fight between a robber and a burglar! I cheer on the cop as the robber falls to the ground and is hand cuffed.
But when I look outside and see a miserable look on his face I can’t help but feel sadness. He must have had some reason to try and rob us. He must have money issues or someone in his family dying. I am a compassionate person and it pains me to see people like this. Without thinking I walk outside.
I undo his cuffs as fast as my swollen fingers go and he is set free in a matter of seconds. He turns around and gives me a grateful look.
Robber- Oh thank you so much! I promise I will never rob your house again and I will put in a good word for you in the robbers community!
I just nod and tell him to leave. I don’t know what kind of trouble I can get into for this but I can’t help it.
The cop drives away, a disgusted look on her face. “I can’t believe you, an avid member of the community, would do something like this! You have set another criminal free, destined another family to be robbed. Way to go, Ms. Lights.” She shakes her head at me and goes.
I head inside for a shower to try and shake off the bad feeling I have. I feel a lot better but part of me can’t help but think I will get into some sort of trouble for this.
As soon as I get out of the shower I get a call from---Casey! I say hi and we chat for a little before he asks me out. To breakfast, not a date! I say yes and we agree to meet at the diner soon. I hope to get home in time to take care of the tots considering it’s still only a Thursday.
He picks me up like a gentlemen and we head out to the diner, one of my favorite places to go. Once we’re there he asks me about everything baby- how is the baby doing, I he/she growing okay, is the baby kicking a lot- The usual questions. I smile and laugh more than I think I ever have and it’s a really great time.
Afterwards we sit on a bench and chat for what seems like hours. But by the time we’re done it’s only 9. I attempt to leave but he comes up to me.
Casey-You’re looking pretty big…are you due soon?
Amber- Yes! I am due today in fact!
Casey- That’s great! Is there any way that I could come over and hang out with you and your kids until birth? I want to be there from the moment your water breaks to the first breath that our child takes.

I notice that he is taking this a bit too far but I can’t help but say yes.
“Sure!” I say. “I would love that!”
Once we get to my place he pulls me into a tight embrace- A little too close for comfort if you ask me. I pull away and get him distracted right away. He seems to want a relationship out of this but it could never work- I’m a challenge mother! I would be too busy with my children all the time. It'd all too confusing. He takes the distractions with ease and soon I am off and about in the house doing my own thing.
 I go out to the main room and I start to dance! I hear dancing induces labor so I want labor ASAP so Casey will leave…he makes me uncomfortable since I’m not used to any guy in the challenge so far actually caring for me. I also hear that woohoo induces labor but if I went there again Casey would receive mixed signals and I want to keep things clear cut- NO RELATIONSHIP. Although, he is pretty cute….
I get my mind off things and start some new dance moves I learned.

But labor inevitably comes! I clap my hands as Casey startes freaking out and scrambling around for things. “Must…go….HOSPITAL!” he says, panic stricken. I laugh as he guides me towards the car. He is panicking more than me and I’M the one in labor!
And so, on the 8th of March at 4:47 PM I walk into the local hospital a proud mother of 31 gorgeous children.
 And at 6:10 on March 8th I walk out of the hospital a proud mother of 32.
Welcome to the world,
Blaze Lights
(Thanks to Alex T. !)

Thanks so much for reading! This post was so long, I know…I hope it wasn’t too long for your taste. It’s just that once I get into the game the idea’s come to me by the hundreds and before I know it I have a post ! :P I hope that it didn’t take TOO long for this post to come out and I hope it was worth the wait! I wish you all a nice day, and happy simming ! J


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