Monday, February 21, 2011

Sweet Freedom: Baby's 28 and 29

Right after I gave birth to Mina Zack looked up at me with curious eyes. He stared down his new sibling before finally realizing that this was no stranger; this is his sister. When he finally came to terms with everything he crawled away to the play bin. 
I put Mina down and walked downstairs. Tonight is a healthy night; I am making complete vegetarian salad for the children! I am a health fanatic and they are forced to comply with my antics. I always laugh at their annoyance for my healthy dinners because in the end it's good for them. 
"Time for dinner!" I yelled to the children from the kitchen. The triplets were in the study doing their homework. They hope to age up really soon so they focus almost all of their energy on their schoolwork. As much as stress I can see this causes them I let them go. They want to age up so much so it's worth some extra stress to make the grade.
The kids hurried to the kitchen. As they ate I noticed that there were a couple packages in the mailbox that read Fragile so I quickly rushed outside to check it out. It turns out that I have received two certificates for mastering my guitar and painting skills! 
I decided to hang them on the wall in the foyer. That way, when people come over they can see what I have achieved! A rush of pride swept over me. These are the first skills that I've mastered!
I walked into the kitchen to check on the kids. Avery rushed right up to me. 
"So, mom..." she said. "I am really excited to age up! I have a B average in school and so does Carter and Porter...I can get that up to an A+ by tomorrow if I do all the extra credit available...which I will do! And then I will have good grades. So can I please age up tomorrow along with my brothers?" she asked. She said everything in a quick moment but I heard everything she said.
"Well..." I said. "I guess so...are you sure you don't want to spend more time in the teen stage? Who knows, you might be able to have some good times!"
"I know..." she replied. "But I am so tired of homework. I really want to get a cool job and make some money! That way I can have fun with everything that I do...please mom?"
Here pleading eyes and tone won me over.
"Sure, honey," I replied. 
She squealed and ran in for a hug. "Thanks so much ma!" she shouted. "I love you!!" She may have faked "I love you's" and hugs before but this one was real. She really does love me!
"Love you too," I whispered back.
After our conversation I hurried upstairs to feed the boys. They happily drank their bottles as they gazed off into space. 
After they finished I cuddled with them for a bit and put them to sleep. Here is Zack loving life in his pink crib. He loves pink for some odd reason...or maybe it's just the fact that his grandfather is Cupid! All I know is that if I place him in any crib other than the pink one he will hiss and growl at me until I switch it. I ALWAYS put him in the pink crib now!
After the boys were fed and in their cribs I took time to relax with Mina. Mina is such a sweetheart, she never cries or whines. She is very calm which is refreshing to a mother of 27.
I played with her for awhile before sleep finally caught up to me. I yawned loudly and put little Mina down to sleep.
Being a vampire, I feel safest and best surrounded in darkness. I wanted to stay close to the toddlers tonight so I headed out on the deck to sleep. It wasn't long before I was pulled into a deep slumber that only worn out moms experience.
In almost no amount of time I slipped into one of my rare dreams as a vampire. In my dream I was walking in Sunset Valley. The scorching sun beat down on me like I used to love. The warmth enveloped me and brought me to a sense of complete calm and relaxation. My skin soaked up the sun with no issues.
Next the image flashed to one that I hadn't experienced in ages. All of a sudden I was playing in a sprinkler in what seemed like my yard. The water hit me sending a cooling flood of emotion through me. It had been so long since I had had a day out in the sun with no issues. I am a vampire now and as much as I missed the heat and the joy of summer...I just couldn't do that anymore. 
The next image was of me in a field of butterflies. I looked around curiously as I studied the monarchs swift moves and gentle gliding. I huffed and puffed as I attempted to catch one...until I finally did. 
I clasped my hand smoothly around the majestic creature. I had never been successful in catching a butterfly so I was at a peak of joy at finally being successful. I smiled in delight as I studied the creature up close. What a fine animal! I started focusing so intently on the colors of the monarch that I started to come back into consciousness and out of my deep slumber.
I stood up and covered my mouth in shock at what I had just dreamt. I had been way into what dreams meant when I was a child and I still remember the reasons for dreaming certain things...apparently when you dream of something that vividly and it's something you wish just means that it's time that you gave into it. I had finally started convincing myself that I could stay a vampire and live like one forever but perhaps not? As I debated the issue I realized that I can't do this alone. I called several of my good friends but the only one that was willing to come over at 11:30 PM was Violet Newbie.
I rushed right downstairs as Vi walked on to my property. "Amber?" she asked out of the darkness. "I can't see anything..." she said in frustration. That's right, humans don't have night vision like vampires. I sighed and turned on the porch light. "Use this light and guide yourself inside," I called to Vi.
We got together inside. "So what is it that is so urgent at midnight on a Tuesday Amber?" she asked. I could sense some annoyance from her but overall concern for me. I took a deep breath and explained in detail what I had dreamt and how I felt about converting back. I told her how scared I was to possibly turn back...and how badly I wanted to be human again at the same time.  After I finished telling her everything she gave me a long and lingering look before rubbing her temples. "Oh, Amber," she sighed. "I don't know what to tell you..." she said. "I've never been a vampire so I don't know the temptations but it sounds to me like you REALLY want to change back. If I were you...If I were you, I would convert back. You should experience what it's like to be human again before you decided how you want to spend the rest of your life." I looked at her as her input sank in. She wanted me to convert back, or at least for a little.
"Whatever you want to do though," she added on. I really do miss the warmth of the sun though...that dream had felt so real. I remember how disappointed I had been when I woke up from it. Disappointed at the fact that it was midnight and I was still a vampire rather than it being noon and me in the sun as a human. I must've stood there for ten minutes before I turned back to Vi. It took me a moment to gather the will power to say it but I finally did. 
"Let's go buy some Vampire-B-Gone," I barely whispered to her. 
She smiled at me and declared that she needed to look up directions to the science faculty. "We will leave soon, just give me a moment," she said. 
It took us about 20 minutes in all to find directions and direct ourselves to the science building at 1 am. I decided to drive since I can still see far better than any human in this darkness. I swear I shook the entire drive there. 
When we got there Vi gave me a tight hug. "Amber, I really must be going back to my children now. But I really wish you luck with this process and I'm glad I came to see you. I look forward to seeing you back as a healthy human and we will hang at the pool once you're back, ok?" I smiled at her promise as we pulled apart. "Thanks so much Vi..." I started. "I don't even ant to know what kind of emotional wreck I would be right now if not for your advice and help."
"Anytime!" she said as she walked away. "Good luck!" I smiled at what a good friend she is. 
With newfound encouragement and hope I turned to the buildings doors and opened them up. I can do this, I can do this! I chanted to myself the while walk in. It was about 10 minutes to buy the potion and as soon as I had it I walked right out and headed home. 
As soon as I got home I pulled out the mixture and stared it down. I can drink you and I will be human again, I thought. I can do this! I chanted again. With a sweeping motion and a boatload of guts I took a long swig of the tasted pretty nasty but I kept on drinking until it was empty.
"Be gone!" I shoute. I might have woken the children up but oh well. "Be gone!" I shouted again. I couldn't help it! A rush of strength and control swept over me...but this time it wasn't an evil strength and control. It was a natural feeling that I had missed so dearly.
Within moments my skin started to tingle...and then everything just stopped. Something was definitely different.
I rushed right to the bathroom and felt my face. Normal! Everything looks good as can be and I feel great too! I can't get over my former glowing face back to being a fleshy tan and pink color. I must've spent an hour in the bathroom just getting used to the feeling on ME again. I walked out feeling like a new person.
The first thing I did was run upstairs and hold Mina. It's different to hold your child as a vampire and then as a human. As a vampire Mina felt weightless compared to my super strength. Now as a human again I can feel the small weight that she possesses. It's an entirely different experience.
Next I went over to the boys. Zack stared up at me in shock. He had only ever known me as a vampire so actual flesh and skin must be shocking to him! I went over and played with him until he felt safe with me again.
A grumble started to grow in my stomach. At first it was low but it quickly rose into a loud scream for food. Solid food. I smiled at the idea. I rushed downstairs in time to eat breakfast with the children.
"Oh my gosh, Ma!" screeched Avery as she ran out the door. "Are you human again? This is amazing!" she said happily. "Are you human for good? Are you really back or am I dreaming? Did someone force you to convert back? Do you even want to be back? When did you change? How did you change?" I started to zone out as she threw tons and tons of questions at me. "
"Av, I'll talk to you later. Get to school now!" She sighed and hurried out the door. "Don't forget, I'm aging up tonight!" she yelled as she ran out the door.
After fighting my way through Avery I finally sat down with my bowl of cereal. I took careful bites, enjoying each flavorful crunch. It was nice to actually enjoy the food I am eating. 
Darah looked like she wanted to ask me a ton of questions but she's smart and knew exactly what happened. She did ask me one question though. "Um, mom?" she asked.
"Yes Darah?" I replied.
She seemed hesitant for a moment before spitting out the question. "Now that you're human again...does that mean that I am bad? Am I bad to be a vampire?" It's a fair enough question.
"Of course not. I changed back because I love and care for you all but you are my little vampire baby and I love you to the ends of the earth. You will never be 'bad' because of your vampire roots. It will only make you stronger. I will talk to you more later but right now you need to get to school!"
As soon as she left I finished up my breakfast and did the dishes. I am finally starting to get used to being human again. I love the feeling of warm skin against my palm. Most humans don't realize what they have until it's gone-I realize that now.
I picked up the house a bit and whipped out my phone. Dawn Turner,a fellow challenge mom, had told me about a famous soccer player named Eddie Rosado who is in town. She gave me his phone number and so I invited him over. We can't technically conceive until this evening when the triplets are moved out but we could hang out for the the sun!
He came over quickly. He has nice and defined muscles and hot pink and black hair. His eyes are a light salmon pink that makes me swoon. He's so cute! As soon as he go there we started cracking jokes and I must have laughed for ten minutes straight. He has an award winning personality and a nice body. What more could I ask for? Our personality's went perfectly together and it wasn't long until we were flirting.
"Oh, Eddie, " I said happily. "You are amazing."
"Same to you!" he said right back. "Now care to get the work done?..." he asked. 
"Well actually, we can't conceive until my triplets age up this evening...but if you would care to hang out with me until then it could all work out!"
"Sure!" he said enthusiastically. He is such a good sport!
"But we can do...other things if you want while we wait," I said seductively.
"Sure, I wou-" I cut him off with a kiss. "Now, please come inside!" I said.
He smiled and joined me.
We ended up hanging around the backyard and the hot tub all day. It was a really fun time but before I knew it, the triplets were home from school and begging to age up!
"C'mon, Eddie!" I said.
I set up three perfectly baked cakes in a row as the kids walked in the door. They all smiled when they noticed the cakes. Avery ran right up to the middle one and claimed it as hers. "I will beat you boys!" she hissed. I should've scolded her but she can have these little goals if she wishes.
Av of course blew out the candles first. "Ha, I'm winning!" she said, victorious. Carter and Porter honestly don't care about beating their sister to young adult hood as much as they did to teen hood. They play along though. "Oh no!" said Carter fakely.
 The sparkles enveloped her in no time.

Avery aged into a blossoming young woman! She wears her hair in a short bob that fits her personality perfectly. She plans on becoming the "best lawyer in sunset valley" and I support her in that! I wouldn't ever doubt her abilities to get what she wants. Her skin is still a lovely teal color that compliments her teal eyes and black hair. 

Carter aged up next. He decided to switch things up and put a cool design on his buzz cut. He said that it makes him look bad and he likes the look a lot. I think that he is a hunk! He's really good looking and will surely have no issues finding a suitable wife for himself. He told me that he hopes to have a bis family. I told him to call me when I can come and see my grandchildren!

Finally, Porter aged up. He kept his hair from high school. He is also handsome! Him and his brother still get along really well. They also still plot against their sister! But it's all in good fun...I hope! Porter graduated high school with decent grades. He is such a clown that it never really occurred to him that he might actually have to work. But he did end up passing so he's alright in my book. Porter plans on delving in to the music industry. "I will be the best drummer ever!" he had told me. I told him to try his best and see where that gets him.
I looked at my triplets. Avery looked scared to move out on her own and Carter started sniffling. 
I hugged Av in an attempt to calm her down. "You will do fine!" I encouraged her. "You are the strongest girl I have ever will make it far. I pinky promise." She cracked a small smile at me and turned towards her brothers. "Are we ready to go?" she asked them.
Porter is more that happy to be moving so he was already on the phone when Avery asked when they will leave. "Okay, great..." said Porter. "Awesome! We'll be there in a bit!" He turned around excitedly. "We are moving up to the mountains!" he shouted. "Let's go!" With one last smile from all of the children they walked out of the front door for the last time. "I love you!" I shouted to them.
After they left I had to direct all of my attention towards Darah. She needed some help with her homework. She has some issues in math but is a pretty decent student overall.
We finished fairly quickly. Once we were finished I put together another healthy meal for her. She looked disappointed when she saw what I had made. "Oh, shush. It's good for you!" I said.
We ate together and then I hurried outside to Eddie.
"Sorry for the long wait!" I said apologetically. 
"It's alright!" he said.
He kissed me tenderly before we got to work. 
New baby(s) soon!
After we finished I asked him to go home so that I could put the kids to sleep. He agreed and bid me farewell. "It was good spending time with you!" he said. "Maybe I can give you some soccer lessons some time," he said jokingly. I laughed and headed inside.
I tucked Cody in as usual with a good night kiss and struggle to leave him alone. After a good 25 minutes of reading him stories and singing him lullabies he finally feel asleep.
I then made my way over to Darahs room. She told me that she had been having nightmares recently and is scared to sleep alone. I of course promised her a mommy-daughter sleepover tonight. She said that she doesn't remember her nightmares exactly so I don't really know what's going on in them.
She woke up from yet another nightmare around midnight. She was screaming her head off so I turned on all the lights and told her to lay down and tell me about it. She crossed her legs and went into a very long story about how in her dream a vampire that  looks a lot like me was going around our house and biting everyone. I couldn't help but wonder if that was a true statement. Next she told me that the vampire that looks like me started to dirty everything in the house up. I asked her why this was so scary considering she is a vampire also. She told me that since the vampire looked a lot like me it scared her. And that the dirtiness got so bad that the entire house started to reek of blood and dirt. And then next in the dream the entire house burned down from a large fire created by birthday cakes. All of this related to real life. I couldn't help but think that this house is also stressing me out. All of the things she dreamt were true. After she finished telling me about the dream I turned and faced her. "Darah, do you feel like this is too much to handle outside of the nightmares? Do you feel like this house is stressful in real life?" She was thoughtful for a moment before replying. "Yes." She gave me a simple answer but it was enough.
We talked for a few more moments before I told her to get back to sleep. I tucked her in and kissed her forehead. "Sweet dreams!" I told her. Now that I know what her nightmares consist of I know what I have to do. It's a rash decision but it could cure her sleepless nights and provide a fresh start that I desperately need. We need to move.
I went back to sleep thinking about the long day I will have tomorrow, searching for a new house suitable for a challenge mother like me. The next morning I ate my cereal quickly, excited to get on the phone and computer to find the perfect house. 
I spent 3/4's of the day searching for a house with no luck and a little more time teaching the boys to talk. Once they knew how to talk I hopped back on the computer again to search once again. I was on the computer for no more than ten minutes before I was interrupted by a call.
It's Violet! I answered right away. "Hey Vi!" I said into the phone. "What's up?"
"Oh not much..." she replied. "What're you up to?" she asked. 
I sighed. "I'm actually looking for a new house to move into! I am having no luck but hopefully I can find one soon." She was quick to reply.
"You're looking for a new house? I have actually just wrapped up a construction project that I've been doing in my free time. I got so carried away I ended up building a house! With a few adjustments and tweaks the house could perfectly fit you and your family..." A smile spread across my face as I realized what she was implying. "You mean you could personalize a house for my family? Vi, that would be amazing!" I shrieked. 
"Of course!" she said. "I can have everything done by this afternoon if you wish..." 
"That would be perfect!" I said giddily. "You would really do that for me?"
"Of course!" she replied again. "If you will be moving in today than I must be going to start the renovations. See you soon!!" I hung up the phone. That was easier than I thought!
I relaxed for a bit until Darah got off the bus. I rushed outside to her. "Darah! Pack up your clothing and items...we are moving! You will no longer have nightmares!" She nodded and ran upstairs to her room. I figured she wouldn't have an issue with moving.
With one final call and a bit of packing we were out on the road. It would be a 10 minute drive at most to the new house on the cliff's. I sold all of our furniture to help pay for the house except for one certificates for mastering my skills.
We arrived sooner than expected. I rushed right up to the house, taking in it's beauty. 
-family room-
(The kitchen and the family room are connected)
-laundry room-
-boys room-
-boys bathroom-
-girls room-
-girls bathroom-
-my bedroom-
-my bathroom-
-other outside area-
The lovely Violet Newbie built this house for me! You can download the house and check out other awesome items she makes here. You can check out her awesome blog here.
Almost as soon as we moved in Darah started begging me to age up. I gave in and hurried over to the grocery store to purchase some cakes. I decided to age up Mina also.

Darah aged up wonderfully! She is the sweetest girl in the universe. She helps me with the kids and dinner all the time! She loves to help me clean and does so without me asking. In terms of school, she's gotten a lot better at math thanks to a helpful mom :P She averages an A in school and that's all I can ask for. She's a lovely teen!

Mina is also gorgeous! She looks a lot like Darah did as a toddler...and that's not a bad thing! She is also a sweet little girl who loves her older brothers. Her older brothers love to play with her every chance they get. She is also best buddies with Darah,. Darah always takes care of Mina without me asking. It always ends up as me focusing all of my attention on Zack and Cody but as long as Mi-Mi has a buddy it's ok! 
I ate some cake with Darah after the celebrations. There's nothing like breaking in a new house with a good old fashioned birthday party!
After we relaxed for a bit I put the cake away did the dishes. Darah put Mina to sleep and I put the boys to sleep. 
A new addition to this house that I've never had before is a dish washer! It makes doing the dishes a lot easier for me!
After all of the children were put to sleep, Darah and I gathered in the family room to watch a movie together. We ended up renting a romantic comedy called "No Strings Attached" that made both of us crack up! By the time the movie was over it was close to midnight so I ushered her off to bed. As soon as I stood up I got  a surprise.
The first signs of a new life growing inside of me were starting to show. It won't be long!
Darah went to sleep in her new room. She chose a bed in the far corner which suits her private personality. She fell asleep very soon.
I too went to sleep in my brand new bedroom. I am no longer a vampire but I still love darker themed bedrooms. Vi designed my room to perfection.
In the morning I woke up and made my bed. This house will be different, this house will stay clean!
I took a nice long shower and walked out to my new spiffy kitchen.  As much as I love darker colors, I adore my new kitchen. The atmosphere is one of joy and happiness; just what someone needs while they cook and clean!
Darah and I ate together. She told me about her sleep last night; no nightmares! She also clued me in on the boy she likes at school and how she wants to ask him to the girls choice dance. I encouraged her to do it!
Another new addition to this house is high chairs! My children will no longer eat on the floor. They will eat in chairs like civilized tots!
And of course Darah tended to Mi-Mi this morning. Mina loves it when the tickle monster comes for a visit :P
After the children were settled I gathered everyone up for some birthday celebrations. Cody insisted on aging up first!

He's adorable! He is a fairly serious child; he loves to play chess and debate theories on life and space. He believes that being lazy is like death and always finds something to busy himself with. He is quite a hassle to take care of.
Zack is next!

Zack trimmed his wildly colorful hair to almost nothing. He likes to have it all under control. Zack is the more outgoing of the two. He loves sports (especially lacrosse) and loves to be lazy at the same time. You have an equal chance finding him in front of the t.v. or outside any day.
After the celebrations and some delicious cake the kids and I all headed to the sprinkler area for some good fun in the beating sun. Being able to be outside, in the sun, without getting burned is such a sweet freedom that I will never take for granted again. And although all the children in the house are vampires right now the sun doesn't affect them very much. When you're growing up as a vampire your powers aren't fully developed...and neither are the defects off vampirism.
After a while I retreated to teaching Mina how to walk! She is a natural. It was very convenient to teach her skills in a fenced in yard as the kids play. Once again, from the brilliant mind of Violet!
When the kids got bored of water they went inside into the study. Cody convinced Zack to join him in a game of chess. Zack would have said no but he made Cody promise to try video games later. The shook on it and Cody gave lessons to Zack on logic.
Darah found solace in the piano. She was extremely good and playing beautiful music through the house in no time! I found myself swaying to her lovely music as I did the daily chores and cooked meals.
I decided to switch things up this evening and make salmon...for the first time! Violet is aware of my past with fires so she placed fire alarms EVERYWHERE.
She knows me too well XD
We all ate together at the picnic table outside. We had a nice long conversation about how boring chess is and how much fun video games are! Zack started to explain all of his confusing games to us...Cody blatantly got up and left!
Zack and Cody had their first rest in the boys room tonight. They chose the beds right across from each other since they are extremely close! They end up talking most of the night most times and I have to force them to sleep!
I stayed up to watch t.v. tonight and eventually went to bed around 11 PM.
The next morning is Sunday so our family ritual took place! I got all of the children up and dressed by 8 AM to go to the diner. 
We had a great time. I saw several of my children who carry on this tradition also. We all chatted and met their new siblings. We talked about my days as a vampire...and how those days are over!
When we got home the kids insisted on trying out the new pool. I agreed and so we swam for at least two hours before getting out. 
This was the perfect opportunity for Zack to show Cody some fun! I think Cody ended up enjoying himself a bit!
Darah found fun in the dollhouse placed in the living room. She loves to make up stories about the dolls lives. I sense a future author!
I strummed my guitar in the kitchen. I played some of my favorite songs from back in the day and swayed along to the rhythm.
Darah found some interest in the guitar and begged me to let her play it. I agreed after some persistent nagging and decided to play with Mina while I waited for labor.
The kids and I settled in for dinner around 6 PM. I made Goopy Cabonara tonight, one of their favorite meals.
I was just about to put Mina to bed...when labor struck!!
I set  Mina down and prepared for my first non-vampire birth in a while. I huffed and puffed and eventually out came two gorgeous and HUMAN babes!
Violet Lights (Named after a wonderful builder and friend)
Lacey Lights!
My first newborns in my new home :)

Thanks for reading!! I am glad that Amber is back to normal and she can stop having vampire babies! :P I hope that you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it...and I hope you like the new house too! Violet did an amazing job, so leave her nice compliments on it in the comments area :) You can download Amber here. And you can gift the children and I some items here. I always enjoy new items! Thanks SO much for reading and have a great day! <3


  1. I loved this post! :) Cannot wait to see how the babies age up! The house is beautiful, bravo Violet! :)

    Keep up the wonderful posts Amber :)

  2. I have to say thank you CatherineBell for the bravo LOL and now to Amber:

    I love seeing you in the house, I'm so glad you like it. I'm glad that Violet could help you out with changing back to human, the house, AND naming your precious little girl after me! and wow thanks for linking my blog :)

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  11. @Anonymous-Wow! I didn't catch that thanks so much for letting me know.
    @Alix-Yes! I take name suggestions and I appreciate yours!
    And thanks a ton to everyone else!

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  13. @Tinka-The children are not all on the exchange, it's a work in progress :P I will have them all up eventually though! I will let you all know on the blog when that happens :) And thanks a otn for reading! I'm glad that you're enjoying the challenge and buckle up for a ton more Lights' adventures !

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