Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mastering Skills: Baby 27

I cuddled Zack later that evening. He is my Valentines bundle of joy and I just love his pink-red skin. 
I couldn't cuddle him for too long though because my little Darah needed some attention from mommy! And what Darah wants, Darah gets so I tended to her right away. 
The next morning I laughed as I watched the children play with the sprinkler. It's silly how they try to not get hit by the water yet they want to be sprayed at the same time! We had decided the day before that they can have the day to do whatever they want today and then age up this evening. How nice it must be to be able to play in the sun and not worry about turning to dust.
I started to get depressed about being a vampire again so I tried to push away the negative feelings by cleaning-at least cleaning is inside and I don't have to worry about the sun!
I hadn't even noticed the accumulating dirty dishes so I cleaned them up first.
The counter was also extremely dirty so I cleaned it up also!
I also folded the children's laundry that had been sitting in the dryer for a week. The kid's will no longer go without clean clothing!
The toilet had become very dirty because of my pregnancy's side effects and just overall usage. I cleaned it with practiced perfection.
I also took out the overflowing garbage. After I was done doing all the chores in the house I felt a lot better! I can now walk through the house without shivering in disgust at the dirtiness.
After the long cleaning day I came inside to the children playing video games together. Finally, something that I can do with the children! 
When I asked them if I could play with them they said no automatically. I was hurt. 
"Why can't I play games with you kids?" I asked. I couldn't mask the hurt in my voice.
"Because," answered Avery. "It's lame to hang out with your mom!!" 
"Yeah, it's SO lame," Porter chimed in. Carter stayed silent.
"Well, ok then," I stated. I walked away trying not to cry. My children are already in the mind thought of a typical rebel teen. 
Regardless of how I felt, I still ordered the triplets pizza for dinner. Pizza is their favorite food and they wanted it badly to finish off their day of fun. It's very rare for my children to have a day to do whatever they want since there are always things to be done around the house. But since they insisted, I gave in. It was actually nice to have the children doing their own thing for the while day!
I played some tunes for the neighbors and the children as I waited for the pizza delivery man. It hurt me to be outside but who doesn't love pretty music every once in a while?
The pizza came eventually but little Avery beat me to it. As much as she thinks that it's lame to hang around me, I heard her giggle when she beat me to the pizza.
I ate some pizza with the kids and we all laughed at corny jokes that Carter was making up on the spot. 
"Why did the chicken cross the road?" Carter asked us expectantly. 
"Hmmm..." I thought. "To get to the other side?" I guessed.
"Nope!" said Carter, laughing. "To eat the food on the other side!" He gave in to a giggle fit and I cracked up as he rolled around on the floor. Wow, children and their jokes!
"Ma," said Avery in the sweetest voice she could. "May I age into a teen now? I can just picture how I will style my hair and do my makeup...oh please mom? Pretty please!!" she begged. It's truly amazing how your child can treat you like nothing and then act like they totally love you when they want something. I rolled my eyes at her antics. "In a bit, wait for your siblings." I said.
She made a face. "Hmph!" she complained. "I will age up first though!" 
"Okay, darling" I said. When your children complain a lot, just pretend they're right. It's the only way for them to hush!
Before I knew it, my second set of triplets were standing at the birthday cakes and preparing to be teenagers! Avery made her wish first so that she could age up quicker than her brothers. She is quite competitive, she probably gets it from her father.
Before Avery could get any aging completed the same golden light illuminated the foyer once again. Another fire at our house. Maybe it's bad luck here!
I didn't have much time to think before the fire spread through the entire table and started to catch on to the bathroom door. I tried to get the boys to step away but they were insistent on aging up too and just stayed there.
"MOVE NOW!" I screamed at Carter and Porter. "You will get hurt, move now!" I yelled again.
"Mo, Mom!" yelled Porter. "I have to age up before stinking Avery does!" Looks like all the triplets were just as competitive. I wanted to shout some more at them about how stupid they were being but instead I got right to work on putting the fire out.
"Just let me age up!" yelled Carter over the roaring fire. Avery and I continued to panic. 
"Call the fire fighters, Av! And I will grab the fire extinguisher!" 
How had I been dumb enough to not purchase a smoke alarm after the last fire?
I hurriedly sprayed the fire extinguisher on poor Porter. He was literally being eaten by the flames and no way, no how would I let one of my children die today. 
Regardless of the situation, Porter still aged up into a handsome teen. But the fire stayed.
The fire extinguisher had run out of pray between this fire and the previous one so I needed to think fast.
"Run to the shower!" I yelled. "Turn on the shower and put your fire out! Now!" This is a life or death situation and death won't win with me.
Since he aged up and beat Avery he listen to me this time. He quickly turned on the cold water and jumped around as he tried to eliminate the fire. "Ahh! This burns!" he yelled. I tried to calm him down but I would be the exact same in his position. Maybe worse!
Look how big the fire got! This is a picture taken by the helicopters for channel 6 News. Apparently all of Sunset Valley was woken up by the fire trucks and all of the hype from the news channels. Who knew I could create such a mess?
I almost fainted from relief when Porter walked out of the bathroom alive and healthy. Death did not defeat us today and that's the most important thing.
After everything that happened Avery still had to age up. Her brother's aged up already and although Av was mad she accepted the loss. "I will beat you both to young adult hood, you just wait and see!" she said excitedly. 
Avery jumped into her teen years with as much excitement as a child on Christmas. 
"Wooo!!" she yelled.

Look how beautiful she is! She definitely inherited almost all of her looks form her father but that's a good thing! She is truly gorgeous as can be. She loves highschool for so many reasons; the freedom, being able to drive, being able to date boys, and also being able to go in the hot tub! Although Av fits all the traits of a typical rebel teen she is also extremely smart. She is at the top of her class and never fails to impress all of her teachers. She intimidates a lot of guys but that's good! They will just have to work harder for Avery.

And here is the ever-competitive Carter! He decided to keep his buzz cut since it's a lot easier to take care of then long hair for sure! Carter is such a people pleaser and is everyone's best friend. He is such a nice guy and would do anything for me and the rest of our family. He gets decent grades and is still funny as can be with his corny jokes.

Finally, here is Porter! Porter and Carter are best friends. They get along like peanut butter and jelly. Porter is more of a "Why not?" kind of kid- he will do anything if it will make people laugh. He tends to get quite a few detentions for that but I keep him in line.
We all went to sleep that evening with smiles on our faces despite the hectic evening. The triplets are finally teens! It's Sunday today so we all headed out to the diner for our typical Sunday morning breakfast.
We had a really good time! I chatted with my old friends from high school and got all caught up on each other's family lives...I had a lot to tell! I told them about my horrific evening the night before and they listened to me with such intent looks on their faces. It was a really nice morning to just relax and have a good time.
The kids insisted on going to the pool after we ate breakfast. They really wanted to meet their friends there and have some breath holding contest...big surprise there! I finally gave in but I was sad that I couldn't swim with them. When we got to the pool I quickly ran into the bathroom. Looks like I will be watching the kids form afar today!
They all swam together :)
While I was hiding in the bathroom a good looking man walked in. He seemed surprised to see me in the mens bathroom. I guess I forgot to look at the signs when I came in! I took the time to study his looks while he searched for a shower. He has well defined muscles, a tan body, and a buzz cut. How cute! I walked right over to him.
"Hello!" I said enthusiastically. "I'm Amber and I am taking part in the 100 baby challenge. I am looking for new fathers and you fit the bill perfectly. Would you care to take part?" I asked. He gave me a quizzical look.
"Don't worry!" I continued. "You don't have to do anything for the child. I will take complete care of it and all you need to do is help with...well, help with the making of the child. And then you're set free!" He seemed to come to a realization of what I was asking of him.
He leaned away but I gave him a sharp look. That's when he realized that I'm a vampire. 
"Oh, well..."he started. "I guess I could take part. And I don't have to do anything, right?" he asked.
"Nope, nothing!" I said. "It's easy as pie to take part in. And what you get out of it will be a beautiful child so it will all be worth it." I gave him the sweetest look I could conjure up.
"Will you pretty please with a cherry on top take part?" I asked. He gave in.
"Sure," he stumbled out. "Why not?" I smiled. Victory. 
"But before we go to my place, can you please do me a favor?" I asked. 
"Sure?" he wasn't sure what I wanted but he had no control over it.
"Okay," I said. I gently picked up his wrist in the most seductive way I possible could. "What fine muscles you have!" I said. 
"And how delicious your blood smells!" I said right before I took a bite. I was right, it was good. I took a long drink from him. It had been a couple days since my last feeding and I was very weak. I think I took a bit too much from him...but oh well.
"Now, let's go then!" I said happily. He followed me right out the door and to the car. LIke butter in my hands, I thought.
"Let's do this!" I shouted to Daniel.
We cuddled for a bit before getting down to it. I hadn't noticed it before but he has lovely lavender eyes. Lavender is my favorite color.
We smiled at each other after we were finished. "See how easy that was?" I teased. 
He just smiled in return.
Daniel and I cuddled for awhile more. He really knew how to make a girl swoon. We stayed in each others arms for what felt like hours.
I actually started to fall asleep. Daniel watched me while I slept. It was a such a sweet moment. I was awoken by the sound of my children walking in the front door.
"Ma!" called Carter. "It's time to age the little ones up, hurry up!" He made a look of disgust because he knew where I was and what I was doing. 
"Um, ok! Be there in a sec!" I yelled back.
The triplets were engaged in a three way conversation by the time that I got dressed and out of my room. 
"Well," said Avery. "I can understand where you're coming from but I still get better grades then both of yours combined together! So ha, beat that!" Looks like they're up to no good again. I didn't feel like giving the kids an all-out lecture so I just shouted, "Be nice!" as I walked up the stairs.
Cody aged up first!

He's a cutie! He is definitely a vampire (thank goodness!) and got my eyes and hair...and skin. He is a devilish little tot and just loves to make big messes around the house. I have to keep him in a fenced in area most of the time! 
Zack aged up next. 

How adorable! He looks a lot like his father. He got his fathers unique pink-purple hair and red skin. He definitely fits the part of Cupids grandson! Zack loves to make me laugh-when I laugh Zack will crack up too. His laugh is more of a cackle that makes everyone roll around laughing.
Lastly, I aged up my precious Darah!

She's adorable! Her dark black hair and crystal white eyes make her look really powerful and feminine. All of her classmates envy her confidence and strong personality. Even I look up to her for that!
After the birthday festivities, I put Cody to sleep for the evening. Cody is so crazy that he actually got ahold of a pair of scissors and cut all of his hair off! It looked awful and so I had to take him to the barber to get it all buzzed off. Thank goodness he didn't stab himself! I really do need to keep Cody in the play pen all the time now.
I painted the whole night tonight! I got over 1,000 dollars from different paintings I did.
I also painted a portrait of little Zack.
I sipped on my plasma the next morning. As I sat there I realized that it was oddly quiet for the house at 9 AM. I hadn't heard the family at all this morning...After I finished my breakfast I headed upstairs to check on the toddlers.
As I walked by the older kids room I heard Carters obnoxious snoring. Why would the kids still be asleep on a Monday morning?
Ah! I guess I forgot to wake them up...oh no! 
I rushed right in as Porter arose. "What are you doing mom?" he asked.
"Honey it's 9:30! You're missing school! Get dressed quickly and I will call the school."
He nodded in agreement and quickly woke his siblings up.
I couldn't help but notice he scared look on Av's face. She loves school and was really shocked that she over slept.
I quickly called up the school. "Hello," I said. "This is Amber Lights...My children are going to be late for school today due, doctors appointments. They will be in shortly." I hung up the phone quickly. I am an awful lier! I can't believe I made it out of that alive.

After I was done hyperventilating I started to potty train Zack and Cody. Cody put up a fuzz but Zack was very patient with me.
Zack also experienced his first steps! He is such an advanced babe...he is also much more calm than Cody.
I had to stop in the middle of teaching the boys skills because I'm pregnant! I am really excited for this pregnancy...I almost have 30 children!
When the triplets got home they went right to work on their school work. Since they had been late to school today they worked extra hard on their homework to salvage their grades.
After they were done I checked their papers...all good! They resorted to playing video games while I made dinner.
I made autumn salad. We enjoyed a nice meal together and talked about life. It's nice to talk to your kids every once in a while!
After dinner I fed Cody and then put him to sleep along with Zack.

I painted and played guitar all night...I still love that I can gain skills faster a vampire. It's pretty sweet!
I ended up mastering the painting skill. I'm so happy since I worked so hard for this!
I also mastered the guitar skill! Now I can play my tunes for the world with mastered skills.
Before I knew it it was morning time and I had to put my guitar away for the day. Playing the guitar is one of my main ways that I keep stress down. I love when the sweet tunes of the guitar fill my ears and I am taken away to another world...
Baby bump day 1.
I finally got around to all of the dirty laundry that had accumulated in the kids room. It smelled so bad! I sprayed some sweet spray after I started the laundry load. Ahh, that's better!
I happily took care of the boys this morning. Cody has finally learned that he will get to roam around on his own if he just listens to he listens to me now.
I also tended to Zack! Zack is still mommy's best friend :)
Cody had his first steps today!
This afternoon, Darah had her niece Dina over. They get along really well and love to hang out all the time!
Of course Avery worked really hard on her homework this afternoon. She refuses to hand in anything unless it's perfect. 
This evening the family all ate together along with Dina. I was too busy searching for some plasma or blood that I didn't get to sit down with everyone. By the time I got back the table was already cleared and everyone was getting ready for bed. Being a vampire is really starting to weigh down on my family life. I love being a vampire...yet I loved being human. It's such a difficult decision.
I sighed and waddled to the kids room.
I put the kids to sleep...and by the way, this is my baby bump day 2!
I didn't really have any skills to practice tonight so I decided to work on my dance moves. I hope that I can someday be as good a dancer as Violet Newbie!
Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I can't give it all I got! It felt good to dance and let everything out-stress about money, family, being a all doesn't matter when I'm dancing.
I can fist pump like there's no tomorrow!
By sunrise I had adapted all new and awesome dance moves! I heard Darah walk out. She just stared at me. "Um, mom?" she asked. "What are you doing dancing this early?" I laughed.
"I'm dancing for fun! Join me!"
She looked wary but decided to join me. 
"So just shake your arms and booty like this," I instructed. 
"Like this?" she asked.
"Yes!" I replied. "You're really good at this!" She smiled and kept dancing.
We danced together for about an hour before she had to get ready for school. In that time though, I taught her some of my own dance moves. She picked them up fairly fast and started dancing like a pro!
I eventually had to go in and drink some plasma and get out of the sun. I ate breakfast with the children this morning. Darah kept on bragging to her older siblings about how good she's gotten at dancing. I smiled at her new obsession.
Since Carter is such a nice kid he even took out the trash without me asking.
I was due to give birth anytime today so I took things nice and slow. I finished up teaching the boys how to walk and started teaching them to talk.
I also realized that Zack is brilliant! It's difficult for him to be in the sun so he goes outside and plays in the toy smart!
I was about to give Zack and Cody a lesson on playing nicely with each other when my water broke!
I decided to have a home birth since I am becoming pretty familiar with giving birth to vampire babies.
I watched the boys play while I gave birth...lets just say, I'm good at multi-tasking.
I was just about to give birth when the teenagers got home from school. They came up and strated freaking out. 
"Go do your homework!" I shouted. "Please leave, you don't need to see this!" They readily agreed and left.
Shortly after they left I relaxed and...gave birth! Welcome to the world,
Mina Lights

Thanks for reading, commenting, and being as awesome as you are! I hope that my posts aren't too long...I am working on making them balanced. I really hope you all enjoyed this post and if you did, please leave a comment and tell me your thoughts! If you would like to download Amber and such, check back on previous posts to get those links. Thanks so much for reading and I love you all!


  1. this was awsome amber :)<3 xx i like the length of your posts! i could read them all day!
    love mell xx

  2. Awesome Job! You come up wish such cute names and your's are not to long they are just right!

  3. Great post! I hope little Mina turns out to be a vampire. One question, how do you get the messages and actions to show up in the screenshot? An example of this in your post is when Amber was mastering the two skills, painting and guitar. I've tried to look up how to do that but I have never succeded.

  4. @Catlover800- Great question! Every computer is different but on mine there is a button on the keyboard that says "Print Screen". If you click that button and then go into the Paint tool and click Ctrl+V your screen should show up...but like I said every computer is different. You might want to try looking up "Printscreen" on might find some helpful tips there...Good luck and thanks for reading!

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  6. WONDERFUL!!!! I feel bad for momma Ambs :(

    P.S GAHHHH Sloww Downnn!!!!

    P.S.S I don't really mean that. Don't slow down. I gotta speed up! Goal of triplets.... starting today..... Once I get home..... Tomorrow....

    P.S.S.S (Last One) I was the deleted comment... oppsies daisy :DD just if you were wondering... Wrong account

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  8. I love how the twins names are Zack and Cody, just like The Suite Life of Zack and Cody TV show, haha. :)

    1. i didnt even get that until i saw your comment!

  9. I started up a 100 baby challenge rainbowcy and I already have 6 kids 1 red girl, 1 pink girl, 1 blue boy and the rest are white. The pink girl is very confusing... Her dad was green and on top of that she's blonde so she looks kind of strange... She is still very cute though


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