Monday, February 14, 2011

A Very Valentines Day! Baby's 25 and 26

After getting home from the hospital, I went to sleep for the first time since I had become a vampire. Instead of breathing "Z's" I breathed "V's" . Haha!
The next morning I brushed my teeth with practiced moves. I still can't get over my glowing eyes and skin when I look in the mirror but oh well.
I decided to throw Darah, Della, and Mercy a big birthday bash today.
"Are you ready for your sibling's birthday party Porter?" I said happily. 
"Yah, Ma!!" he replied. 
This will be so much fun!! I cheered.
The first one to show up to the party was the one and only Vanessa Wood. I grabbed my guitar since I was planning on playing at the party but Vanessa got in my way.
"Move!!" I said in a joking way. 
"NO!" she replied. "You move for me!" I started cracking up.
I can't fight with Ness for too long! 
"Yeah, back away. That's what I thought," she said, trying not to crack a smile.
I kept on laughing!
"Bite me!" I said jokingly. This time, she backed off.
The party eventually rolled around and so I set up the birthday cakes. I tried to stay outside for the festivities but the sun got the best of me before the girls aged up so we moved everything inside. I must be a bad mother if I have to change around my little girls birthday party.
"Let's try this again!" I said, trying to sound happy.
"You go girls!"

Mercy is just breathtaking! She has a lot of natural beauty that is overlooked since she has such a warm personality too. What an amazing girlie!

Della is just as gorgeous! Her red hair and light makeup compliments her smart  personality. Looks like this set of twins are award winners!
Time for Darah to age up also!

What a cutie Darah aged into! I'm not sure where her black hair comes from exactly but it sure is gorgeous! And thank goodness she is a vampire because I don't know what would have happened if she turned out a human. I don't even know what would have happened.
My stylish young girls hopped right in the hot tub. All of the Light's teens love hot tubs!

 I also noticed Shawn and Brady standing next to each other at the party. They look so much alike!
It seems that Penny thought so too because before I knew it she came over to me to talk. More like yell!
The first thing I noticed was that she still has the cuts...are they taking extra long to heal or she's still cutting...oh no. Before I could ask she started talking. 
She gave me a look of sadness and hurt that seemed to slice through my heart. "Amber..." she started. "Amber, why does Shawn look just like Brady? Why do they have the same hair and color? Please don't tell me that you did haven't, right?" I felt the sudden urge to lie to her and protect her but something about the way she looked at me stopped me from creating a web of lies. 
"Umm..." I muttered, trying to look nonchalant. What could I possibly say? Yeah, well I kind of liked your husband and had a kid with him...yeah, no biggie. I'm not the smartest person ever but I'm pretty sure that would not fly with her. 
"Um..."I continued in my fantastic wording. "I, uh, they look sort of alike I guess. Weird, huh?" I usually didn't have a hard time lying but my little sister knows me far too well.
"Seriously, Amber." she said while getting annoyed. "Don't lie to me." 
"I'm not!" I said, my voice raising. "I, uh, just...Um." I couldn't help but keep getting stuck in my wording. I felt the perspiration break out all over my body. So this is the web of lies I had been trying to avoid. 
"Amber! I knew it..." she trailed off in a disappointed tone. "I just knew it," she muttered. 
"Wait Penelope!" I shouted as she started to turn away. "Stop Penelope! Please don't be was just an um...accident!!" I kept on getting stuck in my words. 
"No, Amber. That is the last straw. I am NOT and I repeat NOT forgiving you on this one! You have gone too far! I...I hate you!" she yelled through the house. There was so much that I wanted to say but her last words really got to me. I must really be an awful sister if one of the sweetest girls in the world says she hates me. Wow, what have I done?
Penny started walking out the door but then turned and started yelling at me again. At first I felt bad but soon enough my uncontrollable anger flared up again. "Just shut up!" I screeched. "Just stop talking!!"
"No!" she yelled back. "You're SO annoying! You just run around and ruin my life. First you hate my husband and now you love him? That makes no sense! How could you possible have a child with him, you slut?!" That hurt.
Before I could help myself I went into my second nature; hunt mode. I crouched down lower and beared my fangs. This is what I live for. And right now my target is Penelope.
"Give me your wrist!" I pressed. Before she could even reply I grabbed her wrist and took a bite. I'm so thirsty and as vulgar as it may seem to do this in front of my children...well, oh well!
She looked around in a haze after I was finished. Good, now take that!
"Now walk away," I ordered her. 
"Okay." she replied. Right after someone experiences a vampire bite they are basically putty in your hands.
As soon as I was done speaking to Penny I walked outside to find Vi playing the guitar. As much as I care about my relationship with Penny I am a vampire right now; human emotions don't seem to affect me as badly. I realize that I should care a lot more...but I just don't. I can't help it.
My turn! How good am I?
Logan played the drums with us!
I also noticed the girls playing around on the bubble machine. What cuties!
While I waited for the sun to set I spent as much time as I could outside working out. The past few pregnancies have been taking up all my time and so I haven't had time to work off the pounds that I've piled up. Now is my time to get back in shape! 
I'm not very good but I picked up my pace in a little time.

Meanwhile my little green bundles of joy tinkered on the xylophones. What a perfect afternoon!
 After I worked out I hopped in the hot tub with Vi. We had fun chatting and getting caught up on all the drama in our lives and with the mothers. We also discussed Valentines Day...up until now I hadn't even realized that it was already almost February 14! That means that I've been going strong on my challenge for a month and half so far. I can't believe that time has gone so fast.
That evening I put my blood-sucking buddy to sleep and then spent the rest of the night on the deck...
Playing guitar! I hope I didn't wake up the neighbors :)

The next morning is the kids first day of high school!
Since it hurts for me to go outside i decided to spend the day cleaning the inside of the house. So first I made the beds.
And cleaning out the kids potty training toilets...boy, they sure do know how to  make a mess!
I also decided to mop up the slippery floor!
I sure do have a lot to handle right now!
I took the time to scold little Darah for biting her doll but soon gave in to laughter. How I love my children.
As I gazed down at my children I realized my undying love for them; and then my mind wandered back to my conversation with Violet the night before. Valentines Day is in a couple days and I don't even have a valentine...well I did when I was younger at least...
His name was Corbin Fierik. His last name fit his fiery personality and scarlet red hair that I loved to stroke so much. We were like a match made in heaven; a match made to be.
We had always been amazing friends and that was only proved when he constantly showed up on my porch to just talk to me. It wasn't until we were 15 that I finally realized that he loved me as more than a friend...and I felt the exact same way.
That afternoon I gave him the closest and most personal hug that we had ever shared. Right there on my porch we let everything out and told each other that we love each other. He held my hand so tight I could have cried.  
I wish I could say that it was a smooth sailing relationship and that we stayed together forever but we all know that's not true. One fateful day after a year of dating I gave him a call that changed our life forever. I had just found out that I was 100% pregnant according the doctor. Since i lived in a Catholic household with maniacs for parents this would not go over well. I called Corbin right away and told him everything. Being the amazing guy that he is, he gave me all of the support in the world. But sometimes, love is not enough.
He came right over and walked right into my house.
"Is it true, Amber?" he whispered to me. "Are you really pregnant with our child?"
"Yes." I replied. He seemed excited while I wasn't exactly sure how to feel.
I was about to say something else when I heard my father's thundering footsteps around the corner. I thought that we had been home alone but I guess I was wrong.
"Amber Essence Lights!" he shouted. "Did I just hear what I think I just heard?... ARE YOU PREGNANT? With that disgrace's child?"
"Dad! I'm so sorry... please don;t be mad at me or Corbin! He didn't do anything!"
"Of course he did!" my father shouted. "You wouldn't be pregnant if not for this fool!" 
I started to cry. I couldn't help it.
"Dad..." I shot in between tears. "Please stop!"
"You have disgraced our entire family! How could you do this to the people you love?" he screamed. I kept on crying. I was defenseless against my father.
I tried to fight my own battles but before I could help it , Corbin stepped in. 
"Mr. Lights!" he screamed a little too loud. "I don't understand why you are so mad... Amber and I love each other and a baby is just proof of our love. We can do this together and we WILL survive this crazy world together. I think that you just need to calm down!!" he finished. No one had ever stood up to my father like that.
"You might not want to say that!" I interjected. 
"Don't you DARE get involved in this," hissed Corbin. "You have fought enough of your own battles. This is my turn." I tried to stop him again but I am also defenseless against the one I love most.
"Corbin Fierik!" yelled my father. "You shouldn't ever speak to an adult like that, especially in their own home! You get off my property right now or I will make you myself. GET AWAY NOW OR I WILL HELP YOU OUT. NOW GO!" He kept screaming. I could tell that Corbin wanted to say more but was trying to hold it back.
"All I have to say is this," said Corbin while trying to calm down. "You better have a nice life because things will NEVER be the same now." 
With that, he walked out.
I ran out after the one that I had loves so much for so long. 
"What are you going to do now?" I asked, tears in my eyes.
"Oh, Amber." he whispered. "I love you, I always have. I always will. Please don't forget me. I love you." he said again. 
"Are you leaving?" I asked. 
"Well I'm not wanted here anymore so I must go. I love you so much Amber...please don't forget the memories we have together. Please don't forget us."
With those last words I watched the man I loved so much fall right out of my fingers. And I didn't even try to stop him.
 I shuddered as I tried to shake myself out of the day dream. I hadn't even realized how much I missed Corbin until now...he was my one and only love. Not even Brady could fulfill the love I had for Corbin. And he just left.
I ended up getting the baby aborted since Corbin left me and then before that my parents had disowned me. It was pretty rough after Corbin left...but here I am with 24 beautiful children even though I would trade it in at a moment's notice to have Corbin back. I don't even know where he is now. 
I tried to get over the sad day dream by finishing cleaning the house. I cleaned the toilet to get my mind off things.
I also overheard a conversation between my cute little girlies. 
"Hey Dells!" said Mercy cheerfully.
"Hey Mercy!" said Della happily. "Can you believe that Dylan asked me out at school today? He's just SO yummy!"
"I'm so happy for you!" said Mercy. Then her tone took a turn for the sad. 
"What's wrong, Mercy?" asked Della. "Are you alright? You just got really pale, you look like you saw a ghost!"
"I don't know..." said Mercy. "I just kind of like Dylan too. But he asked you out so it doesn't even matter."
"Of course it matters!" said Della. "I always care about how you feel...what if I don't go out with him? I had my eye on James anyway." 
"Aw, don't do that for me!" said Mercy. "You don't have to do that for me..."
"But I want to!" said Della. "You're my sister, I would just off the ends of the earth for you. I won't date Dylan and you won't date" 
Mercy tried to hide her silly school girl smile. "Deal. I love ya sis." 
The girls hugged it out and I sighed. At least there is some love and happiness in the air today!
Time for the triplets birthdays! Here is the sweet Avery aging up!

Isn't she just gorgeous?! She has pin-straight black hair (from her father), turquoise skin (from her father), and turquoise eyes (from her father). She is her father's little angel!
I grabbed Porter so that he could also age up but a bright orange light illuminated my face very quickly...I though it was a vampire thing at first...before I spotted the fire!
It erupted right underneath all of the cakes and quickly flared into a bigger mess.
I quickly put Porter down in the other room to avoid him being hurt.
The kid's started freaking out so I ran right over and shot out orders. "Mercy, call the fire department! Shawn, grab the extra fire hydrant and help my tame this fire please!!"
We all rushed into action.
"Be careful!" I yelled to Shawn as we put out the fire. "Don't get too close!" We worked together in perfect sync until we didn't even need the fire department anymore.
I put out the last little flame.
The charred remains :(
We all looked at each other in surprise; this is the first time that a fire has ever erupted in the Light's household.
I forgot to tell the fire fighter's that my son and I put out the fire...oh well!
I decided to continue with the celebrations as soon as they firefighters left.

Porter is just so good looking! His shiny brown hair compliments his vibrant skin tone. He catches everyone's eyes that he passes!
And finally Carter!

Just amazing! He cut off his hair since it always got in his eyes. I love this look on him just as much though!
After the celebrations, Mercy came up to me. "Hey Mom..." she started. "I was just wondering if I could age up tomorrow and move out with Della and Shawn. We all get along and would love to live that okay with you mom?" She asked. 
I looked down at her with pride for just coming out and asking me.
"Umm..." I replied. "Of course! You do have good grades in school right?" 
"Of course, Ma!" she said happily. "So that's a yes?"
"Of course that a yes!" I said.
That evening I decided to practice my guitar. I'm already a level nine! Hopefully I will be able to step outside without burning up one day so that I can play my beautiful tunes for all of Sunset Valley.
When I got bored I started painting too. I am getting pretty good at that also!
The next morning I cuddled my little Darah with pride. What a cute little vampire! I thought. 
A short while later I got a call from a man by the name on Joey Valentine. He claimed that he wants to be in my challenge so I didn't argue and went right over!
"Hey Joey!" I said happily. "I'm Amber but you probably already know that..."
"Yes I do!" he said excitedly. "I love you and your challenge and would love to be in...even though you're a vampire," he said uneasily. 
"Yes, but I'm a nice vampire!" I said.
"I bet you are!" he said in a flirty tone. "So as you can see, I am a little different than a lot of other men...My name is Joey Valentine. I am Cupid's son that he had with a woman named Mira Valentine. She gave birth to me and I got her pink skin and pink hair. I got my father's angel wings but sadly not his ability to make other people fall in love. But that's okay! I can still make a beautiful child with you."
"Oh wow!" I said. "You're Cupid's son? That's awesome!"
"Yup!" he replied. "The one and only." He flashed me a grin that made my heart melt. 
"So.." he said. "Want to get to some baby making?" I laughed at how forward he is. "Did I say something wrong?" he asked. 
"No! Of course not!" I said. "It's just that we can't try for a babe until my three oldest move that okay with you? We can get together late this eveing if you want."
"Okay, that sounds great!" he said, leaning in. "I can't wait," he whispered. 
"Me neither," I replied back in the most seductive tone I could. 
"But first..." I said. "First, I'm thirsty." I couldn't help myself. His blood pulled me in until I had no choice but to take some.
I could tell that it hurt him but since I could basically control him after it didn't really matter.
I pulled him in for one last embrace before I left to go home and hang out with precious Darah.
I ran home as fast as I could as to avoid the deathly sun.
I started potty training my little vampy babe as soon as I got home. She is very cooperative!
 I also started teaching her to walk! She's quite good!
The kids got home from school soon enough and basically knocked me down at the door to get in. They want to age up so badly!
And here they are preparing to leave me once and for all!

Not only is Mercy insanely gorgeous, but she also looks a lot like me! She chose my old hairstyle in honor of me and my challenge. She is truly gorgeous and I know she will make it far in this crazy world.

Della is so beautiful! Her red hair perfectly compliments her fair skin and light makeup that she still loves to wear. She is also going to make it very far in this world! She plans on becoming a doctor.

Finally, here is Shawn! He cut off all of his hair like Carter did but I also like it more this way! It makes him look more grown up and I am very proud of him.
He plans on becoming a big leaguer in baseball; his favorite sport!
Shawn called the Real Estate Agent and made the final arrangements for the move. 
The girls waved goodbye in sync. "I love you mom!" they said happily. "We will miss you but we will not disappoint you, I swear!" 
I just smiled at my gorgeous young girlies.
This trio will make it far :)
That evening I invited the attractive Joey over to make the next babes for the challenge! The hearts on his wings and clothing make me crack a smile and giggle like a young girl every time I see him.
We relaxed in the hot tub before getting down to making the next kids. 
Don't you just love his heart tattoo? :P

After he left I went back to the usual...I painted and strummed all night long.
The next morning I sipped on the regular; plasma. The kids ate breakfast around me. They still get weirded out that I'm a vampire but I think they are starting to get over it.
I talked and played with Darah all day long. We get along like peanut butter and jelly! I guess all vampires get along :)
I also remembered that Vera had invited me over to see little Dina age up into a gorgeous young child. I of course rushed right over to see the celebrations! How cute!
She is a beauty! She seems to have gotten her mother's nose, father's hair, and father's skin tone. She is so gorgeous it hurts XD
As much as I wanted to stay and talk for awhile, I still had to get home. I started to teach Darah how to talk. She's pretty fluent in English and Vampiric!

Before I knew it the kids got home and Carter and Avery got right to work. I think Porter was playing video games but it's ok. He was working really hard in school so he deserved it!
I decided to cook some home made sushi for the family for dinner that evening.
I even ate some with the children! We got all caught up on how school is going and how they like their class mates.
After dinner I happily did the dishes. I was so grateful for a nice evening with the children; and no drama! I still miss Corbin so much...and Valentines day is in a couple days. I decided that even though I am not with Corbin now, just the memory of him can be enough for him to be my valentine. In fact, I'm due on Valentines day!
The next morning I woke up to a baby bump. Yay, more babes!
I ended up spending the entire day talking and giggling with Darah. She's a moma's girl for sure!
As I felt my baby bump later that day I realized something...The father for this  baby was human. That means that there is a 50% chance that it will be a vampire...but if the new baby(s) turn out to be a human then that will mean that the children will always be in trouble form the Vampire Council...Let's just hope that the babies are vampires! That way my kids won't be in danger...but on the chance that they turn out to be humans...a LOT of work will be ahead of me.
That evening I cooked a nice meal of hot macaroni for the family.
Baby bump day 1.
That evening I went to sleep dreaming of my soon to be kids...and the wonderful life they will hopefully have!
As I took a shower the next morning I tried to wash away all of my worries. These children will always be safe! I will never let anything happen to them if they turn out to be human! How could I have over looked such an obvious factor?
"Good morning baby!" I said happily. "And how are you today?" I asked my vampire babe.
"Good, Mah!" she screeched.
I fed her a bottle.
As she drank her bottle I stared out the window in memory. I remember when I could watch the sunset as I waited for the children to wake up on a sunny morning. When I could swim for fun and not care about the shining sun to ruin my party. I remember when I could do as I wish and not be scolded by the community. I remember when I could be myself. Maybe being a vampire is not for me. I'm just not cut out for it. But I can't worry about that right now; I am awaiting new babies in my family.
Baby bump day 2.
I watched television with Darah all day long today. I was feeling lazy with my big belly.
When we got bored we watched the fishies until...
I'm still not 100% with these vampire births so I went to the hospital again.
Sky was my panic crowd today!
And so welcome to the world my first Valentine's baby Zack Lights.
 And welcome to the world my second valentines baby Cody Lights!
These are my valentines babes! Happy Valentines Day to all! <3

Be mine, Corbin. I love you to the ends of the earth. Where are you now?


  1. Great post! I really like the father being the son of cupid. That was really creative. I hope the new babies are vampires! I can't wait for your next post. Keep on going!

  2. LOVED your post! I loved the whole Valentine's day feel. :) <3 Nice, we do I always Panic??


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    it doesn't feel right!

  5. Amber this post was awsome and so sad! , i hope you find corbin one day and live hapily ever after! <3 xxx

  6. Not your best work :-( I left disappointed. It was to long and you crammed the whole pregnancy into the end of the post. Sorry

    1. i think she wanted to get this out for valentines day! its a special day! uh of course she did it made since because it fit the theme! v

  7. Good Job! Thank you for sending me a picture to use in my slideshow!

  8. I like the valentines day theme. A lot happened in one post though... It felt a little crammed. Keep working hard ajd i hope you find Corbin some day!

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  11. Great post! ^_^ If their father is the son of cupid, you know what that means? That means Aphrodite, the goddess of Love is their great grandmother. ^_^ Aphrodite was Cupid's mommy! :D

    ~Dawn Turner

  12. awww! you're sooo good at posting! maybe Corbin should be the last complete the challenge with true love?
    keep posting! :)


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