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I Don't Know What To Name This Update: Babies 87 and 88

Thanks to  hamst3rs1m for the Freddy Frog Wall Growth Chart. There's never a time when I won't accept lovely gifts! Thanks a ton!!!
"What the hell was that?!" screeches Corbin. Well THAT wasn't the response I had been hoping for. "Why would you come over here and do that? Who do you think you are?" he rants right into my face as my heart falls deeper and deeper into my chest. I had been hoping Corbin would be my prince, saving me from my unwanted romances, but I guess even those only exist in fairytales.

"Corbin, I didn't realize..."

"Didn't realize that you just ruined my relationship? Didn't realize what kind of position you just put me in? Did you not realize that?" As much as he's yelling I can hear the anger draining from his voice, being replaced by confusion.

"What do you mean?" I sputter. "You don't have to tell Liz and I can walk away now. I'll never talk to you again if that's what you want. I didn't realize how much you-"

"It's not about Liz, Amber. You could easily walk away now and she would never have to know. But I don't want to do that, because now I realize-"

"Realize what?" I cut him off.

"-How much I love you." He looks up at me from his previously sunken stance. "I wish you had never kissed me. I'll never get you out of my mind now."
"Wait, WHAT!??" Now it's my turn to be confused. "I thought you hated me! I thought you wanted nothing to do with me!" 

"Of course I want to do with you, Amber. You're the only woman I've ever loved."

"What about Liz?"

"Liz loves me, but I can't love her." He looks down again. "Amber, there's something you should know." I shuffle my feet, wondering if I even want to know what he has to say.

"What?" I whisper.

"Elizabeth has breast cancer. She's dying." I look down, suddenly ashamed of my actions towards her.  "I didn't tell you when you came for dinner because I didn't want to ruin the mood of the night for her; she hates it when people feel bad for her."

"I'm so sorry..." I murmur. "I wish I would have known, I would have never come over tonight and acted like this; I feel disgusting. I'm so, so sorry." I don't think I could ever say sorry enough times to make up for the guilt I feel. I could deal with her being a bitch, but dying is a whole other topic. 

"Don't be sorry, you didn't know," he replies. "But that's why she hated you so much, she thought I was already trying to replace her. She's been so sensitive through this process, but whether you believe me or not she's a truly great woman."

"I completely believe you," I sniffle. Without even noticing I started to cry. Corbin lovingly wipes a tear from my face and smiles, tilting my chin up. 
"Don't cry," he soothes. "You're Amber Essence Lights, you never cry." He pulls me in for a hug, and tells me a bit more about Liz...I still feel terrible. "So as horrible as this is, please stick around. Liz as done all the treatments she can but the doctors have lost all hope; it seems like this will be her last month. I'm going to need someone after this month." I am touched by all that he's saying, but there's always the shadow of James in the background. Without him out of town I probably never would have seen Corbin again, and now that I know all this I don't even know what to do with it. I feel things with Corbin that I've never felt with James, and I've felt things with James that I'll probably never feel with Corbin. It's such a disturbing thought process but my heart is the main leader of my mind today.

"Corbin...I love you." I hadn't been wanting to say that, but once I do I feel immensely better.

"And I love you, Amber. Always remember that.I hope one day I can say that in a much different situation, but for now, please know; I love you and I always have."

With all that being said, I continue to hug Corbin with all my might. I'm not a cheater and I never have been, but with James arriving home soon and Cor so willing to be with me, I may turn into one. James is James, so loving and cute. But Corbin is the man I've always envisioned myself with; strong in the mind, level-headed, and willing to do whatever it takes to make me happy. Then again, James is the only man who has never hurt me, but Corbin is the only man to have made me so happy to hurt. I know I have a bit more time to decide which man I will be with, but right now, being in Corbins warm arms, the answer for me is apparently clear. 
I head home after an hour or so of just standing and soaking in the time with Corbin. Once home though, I realize that it's Sunday and after today the kids will be busy all week. I decide to age everyone up today, but first I take a moment to clean myself up from my previously disheveled state. As I'm smoothing out the last of the wrinkled in my shirt, I look towards the mirror and frown. My long hair is not working anymore. Without a second thought I go into the creaky drawer in the kitchen, and after getting it open grab the scissors; who says I can't give myself a new look?

No one can say that, and that's why two minutes later I have my hair in a choppy state similar to a few months back. I smile at the new look, and put down the scissors. This is my mini-clean slate.
"WAHHHH!" A single cry comes from the toddlers room and I'm instantly shaken from my sentimental moment. "Mommy!" wails my baby boy. I pick him up and brush the hair off his supple face. "Mwommy, me age up now?" asks Clement, his crystal eyes sparkling up at me. 
"Sure baby," I smile. "Let's have a party!"
Here's Clement and his two lovely sisters, Sereana and Candyce. 
Sereana and Candyce are the best of friends; trying to seperate them is like trying to keep peanut butter and jelly from becoming a sandwhich. It's nearly impossible! Both girls are living and loving their lives, which is all I can ask for, but one thing they sure don't love is their brother.
Clement is a silly boy, and loves to pull pranks; mainly on his sisters. Whoopie cushions, scary pictures, and hair dye is all apart of the cue. It's an odd situation because Clement loves his sisters and a good joke, while they love makeup and perfect things. They're only young, so I'll just have to wait this one out.
Avalynne and Jenette are next! Both girls are stunning beauties and still stuck to their cowgirl passions. Jenette's look is very cute and simple with a little flair, and Ava on the other hand dresses to impress...BOYS. I refuse to ever in my lifetime let her wear this shirt to school, but I don't really mind it at home. The last thing I need is my little girl giving boys the wrong impression...I do that FAR too often.
And then there's Mario and Kenza. Kenza is absolutely perfect, her blonde hair perfectly compliments her lightly tanned skin and auburn eyes. Mario on the other hand is my green-eyed Ginger baby. He is a delightful edition to the family, and adds so many more giggles, love, and joy. Together Mario and Kenza make an awesome pair.
 And lastly, there's always the oldest two kiddo's. Zaden and Lazar are very sad that it's finally their time to pack up and move out, but they take with them endless memories from this family. Late nights watching movies, playing in the sun, and baking in the kitchen are only some of the memories they take with them. Both have become wonderful men, and I'm positive they will thrive and flourish in the world as more than just another one of my babies, and I love them!
With all of the birthdays complete and a bit of time on my hand, I take full advantage and head right on over to the house of a man named Jesse O'Rian. He's a young male sim in his mid-thirties, with no wife and a lot of free time; And when I say a lot, I do mean A LOT.

Inside of his house is endless video games, pictures of movie characters, and books; LOTS of books. The collections of random interests go all the way down the hallway as far as I can see, and it only takes about two seconds for me to want to get out.
"Okay, ready to do this?" I ask, seriously hoping he says yes. Thankfully he is and we head upstairs.
It ends up being a longer day than expected, when I end up grocery shopping for hours after meeting with Jesse, and then stopping by the video game store to get a new game I know the triplets have been egging me for. I don't like to usually give the kids what they want if it's not necessary, but sometimes it feels nice to make them smile like loons. Thankfully, when I get home, the kids are all still up so I treat them to a couple hours of Portal 2 fun. The teens have no interest and just gossip in the background, but the rest of us have a good old time on the X Box all night long.
In the middle of the night, after a long evening of gaming, I wake up, startled by morning sickness. I hop straight out of bed and start sprinting for the bathroom, narrowly missing Bambi and-is that another dog?
"Oh my goodness!" I gasp, leaning down for a better look. Snuggling up against Bambi is a smaller version of her, only with spots. And much, much tinier. The smaller one sort of resembles Cheech. 

"Wait a minute..." I speak outloud, putting the pieces together. This must be Bambi's puppy! And the father must have been Cheech! I'm a little shocked at first, but the feeling is closely followed by excitement; a new puppy!!
"AW!!" I beam, looking down at the cutie pie. Bambi moves when I come closer to lay down in her bed. She yawns loudly so she must be tired from child birth;welcome to the club Bambi, welcome to the club.

Anyways, I take a close look at the new addition and start grinning like a loon. "Puppy! Oh puppy!" I call. I take a closer look and see that Bambi had one baby girl. I start petting her but soon she troops over to Bambi and cuddles in close. I sigh and head back to bed to get some sleep.
In the morning I'm still heavily dealing with nausea, so I take things slow and take a long, warm shower. When I get out and am passing through the hall I look down to see Bambi with not one but TWO babies total; did she give birth to multiples last night?!
"Bambi! Oh my god!" I gasp. I would have been able to deal with one new dog but TWO? That adds so much more work! 
I lean down and Bambi sneaks out of her puppies grasps. They keep sleeping but my baby girl rolls on her back, tongue falling out of her mouth. I rub her belly, behind her ear, and along her back. It almost looks like she's smiling as she lies there. I know she must be extremely tired after  a birth that I didn't even assist her with. I give her one last rub and while she flipping over the puppy I didn't meet wakes up and thumps over to me-and when I say thump, I DO mean thump.
Thump thump thump!
Bambi's baby (that is clearly a boy, if you know what I mean) is a cutie! The sound of his paws make a thumping noise as he waddles over to me and starts jumping on my leg. I smile, easing him off my new boots, and into my arms.
"You're so cute!" I gush. I feel like a little kid on Christmas as I do this, but you know what? I like Christmas!
"Now, if only I knew what to name you," I say out loud, technically not to anyone. "Jesse? Matt? Too basic." I continue thinking out loud when I think about how she ran over to me-Thumper! The rabbit!
"You're definitely a Thumper," I smile. I rub Thumper behind the ear. "Definitely a Thumper," I conclude, putting him down. Now to name to the other one!
Keeping with the Bambi theme, it only takes me a minute or so to come up with the name Flower for this little one. She is a girl and named after the skunk in Bambi, while Thumper is named after the rabbit in Bambi. Both names are very well suited for their thump-y and flower-y personalities, and overall I am very satisfied with the names.

Side Note: Thanks to a blogger named Letitia who commented on my "Puppies??" post on ambertalks for the idea to name the pups after more Bambi characters...very clever and it didn't even cross my mind! Thank you so much!
After what feels like an eternity of gushing over the new additions, I finally get around to my real babies; the people who make this challenge possible! Kenza is awake first so I pick her up and put her in her clothes. Her sweet little face is intoxicating and I spend a little just soaking it in. I've had several epiphanies during my challenge about how close I am to finishing, how I should appreciate what I have now, and so on and so forth. But looking down at Kenza makes me just want to cry. I only have 12 babies to go after this pregnancy, and once those twelve are done, grown, and moved out, what will I have? James? Corbin? Neither of them are secured, and now that I think of it, neither am I. Kenza sweetly wipes the tears from my eyes and says, "Mommy, why you cwying?" her face folds into a frown as she searches for a reason as to why I'm crying. It breaks my heart. 

"Mommy is fine," I whisper. "Mommy is just fine."
Mario on the other hand is in a VERY sour mood today. He is angry, crying, and about to explode it seems like. "WAHHHHH!" he wails. He chokes out sobs as I try to figure out what he could possibly want. I check his diaper, clothes, and even his eyes but after a while I get frustrated too and just put him down with a bottle. That should do.
And as little funny as this should be, I can't help but bursting into laughter when Flower gently plays with Kenza and Mario gets pummeled by Thumper. Thankfully they're still puppies, and their nails are not sharp nor are they teething yet, so it's all fine and even Kenza gets a good laugh out of it.
 Eventually the puppies sort themselves out, and the tots find a random chew toy of theirs to play with, and I finally get some free time-well, sort of.

As long as I've had both Bambi and our blue-gold macaw Marble, I have not yet played with him at all. He's been a big hit with the kids ever since we got him but I've personally not spent any time with him. As soon as I make the decision to play with my bird I almost regret it because of the dirt accumulated around his extra large cage/play pen. The kids adore feeding and playing with him, but I guess cleaning is not on that list of "fun".
I slowly and dutifully clean the cage, and afterwards I actually follow up with my original plan of playing with him. "Oooo, Marble wanna play? Marble wanna play?!" I ask. To my surprise and utter-shock, Marble replies, saying, "Marble wanna play! Marble wanna play!" in a high, eery voice. I guess the kids have also been teaching him to talk! 

"Erm, okay..." I hesitate, holding out my arm for him to hop on to. He does and I spend the rest of the day just playing with him. What fun!
And as the day goes on, the kids all eventually get home from school. The teenage girls have a field day with the newly-discovered puppies while the triplets do their homework and take turns playing Portal 2 some more. I just keep playing with Marble.
Right before I make the family some autumn salad for an early dinner, I am blessed with the first kick from the new baby(s). I am so thrilled to have more on the way, but I flash back to my moment with Kenza earlier. I really need to start appreciating these last few pregnancies before I'm done for awhile. I need to start being grateful for all the fortune I've had in my lifetime. 
I wrap dinner up quickly and put the teens in charge so I can "run some errands", a.k.a. see Corbin. It's been a couple days since I found everything out and now that I'm pregnant it won't be long until I'm showing. Considering the fact that he doesn't even know I'm pregnant, I decided it would be best to see him tonight before he could tell I am carrying.

When I called him, I really wanted to get out of the house so I invited him to the pool-pretty random, I'm aware, but it seems pretty likely the paparazzi won't show up here. When I reach the pool, my feet can't help but take off at the site of his tall, muscular body.
When he sees me coming, he starts walking towards me and we meet in the middle. When we come as close as four little feet, we both stare at each other, 100% aware of what cheaters we are, before we collapse into one anothers arms a second later.

"Amber..." mutters Corbin into my shoulder, as he embraces me. "You're look beautiful."

Yeah, because of my pregnancy, I think to myself. I smile into his shoulder and reply, "Only because I'm with you." 

"No," replies Corbin, pulling back and looking me straight in the eyes. "You're beautiful. You've always been." 

My heart soars at these words. James is never like this, he's always joking or looking for a crazy time. And as good as that is, Corbin just...I don't know. Corbin is just Corbin, and I love it.
"So how have you been?" asks Corbin, smiling like a loon.

"I've been doing great," I reply, swinging my arms back and forth. "How about you?"

"Oh, just great. I've been thinking about you."

When he says this I'm shocked. He's not even mentioning Liz, and only talking about me. It's sweet, but shouldn't he be more interested by Liz's illness?

" anyway, how's Liz?" I ask.

"Oh, she's great. Doing just fine."

"Wait, what?!" I sputter.

"Wha-OH, you mean about her cancer? Um, she's fine! Gettin' a bit better with each day, you know?"

"Yeah.." I'm slightly shocked by the way he's acting. "That's good. Is she at home right now?"

"Y-yup!" he replies. "She's napping."

"Well that's good...I hope she feels better."
He pulls me in for a tender kiss, lingering on my lips for moment afterward. I accept the romantic gesture, but after the odd exchange between us I start to lose a bit of the appeal. The way he talked about Liz kind of annoyed me. I pull away from his embrace and look down. 

" would you feel about taking this back to your house or something?" Corbin flashes me a half smile and pulls my head up from it's sunken state. 

"" I reply. "I need to get home to-"

"To who? Oh damn, are you still dating James?"

"No. I mean yes. Yes, I am but that's not why, I just-just, no." 

"Oh...are you sure?" He leans in close, tugging at the bottom of my shirt. "Are you," he tugs again, "absolutely sure?" I frown and pull my shirt back up. 

"Yes. I have to go now."

I get out of being with Corbin and have a really, really quiet ride home. Just to think. I can't even begin to wrap my head around why Corbin would act so happy about Liz's sickness, and so easily put so much effort into flirting with me. I would like to think that he's still good enough a man to not put so much effort into loving me when he has a dying wife at home for gods sakes. I'm so confused and it's honestly giving me a headache. Maybe I should give Liz a call, or would that be too forward? I swerve off the road for a second. Maybe I'm getting to worked up about this. I push away all the thoughts and focus on driving home safely.
 In the morning I am proud to say I have a growing baby bump. My belly is bulging in satisfaction to more babies. I've been pregnant so many times that I easily figure out that I am due tomorrow. Better enjoy this last day of pregnancy!
To get the day off to a good start I eat a fabulous breakfast of frosted flakes while watching the sunrise; life doesn't get much better than this, does it?
After I spend a good amount of time outside, soaking in all the gorgeousness of Sunset Valley, I come inside to a giggly and bouncy Mario. Kenza is surprisingly still sleeping so I spend a good amount of time with Mario!

"Mario, do you see this? It's-it's-THE CLAW!" I put emphases on the W in claw to sound like the aliens from Toy Story, his favorite movie.

"Eeeee!" giggles Mario, truly mesmerized by my crunched up hand. "Da claw!" 
I guess Mario's newfound happy attitude is doing him pretty good, because while I settle down to teach Kenza how to walk he plays with little Flower. I guess Thumper is just a destructive little thing while his sister is a flowery ball of happiness.
I spend all day outside with the kids, and when the older kids get home I finally have partners in crime. Jenette offers to help teach the kids their skills while Avalynne is happy just yapping on her phone. But I can understand, this evening is their last night as teenagers before they age up and make room for more kiddo's!

Jenette and I spend a nice afternoon together, talking, teaching skills, and really catching up on things. It's been all about the puppies and the tots lately, making no time for alone time with the girls. She tells me all about her crush Tommy, and how he is aging up tonight too. I encourage her to invite him out later and her face lights up at the idea-I know she wants to.
Once the sun starts to set, I start cooking the girls last family meal. By request, I make key lime pie, and all time Lights family favorite. Every once in a while I like to make fun desserts and random things for dinner to just shake things up a bit. As I bake their last meal, Avalynne actually does something productive and works on her homework with Sereana while the rest of the siblings play Portal 2.
 Jenette (top) and Avalynne (bottom) are absolutely stunning grown women. Jenette has always dealt with weight issues in her lifetime, but when it comes down to it, weight doesn't matter; she is a great woman with an amazing personality, inspiring passion for life, and a burning need to love everyone she meets. Her adoring personality is a great match for her best friend/sister Avalynne. Avalynne is more of a tomboy now that she's older, believe it or not. And she had no hesitance in buying a ranch for her and her sister to move into, and start their own farm. Go girl power!
In the morning, I am slightly disappointed when Bambi wakes me up by first licking my face, then when she realized that wasn't working, barking in my face. At 5 AM. Oh, joy.

But what's even worse is when I roll over to pet her and see little bugs hopping all along her fur and on to my bed, and then back to her. As a complete neat freak, I absolutely freak out hop out of bed shouting, "Bambi! Oh my god, ewww!" I make her come down the floor, and before I even bathe her, I put her in a play pen and get a quick shower. Then I will give her a flea bath.
Oh, and here's the baby bump. I'm making some fabulous progress in this pregnancy, which I LOVE!! Cheers to more babies!
So anyway, after getting a quick shower and starting to look decent, I finally let Bambi out of the dreaded pen and pick her up. I wince as I pick her up, and hold her a foot in front of me the entire way to the bathroom. I mutter, "Ewww!!" about every five seconds.
Once in the tub, I put  a special flea shampoo that I had purchased when I first got her. The store owner told me I would have to get it, because all dogs get flea's as easy as 1,2, 3. Boy, was he right!
 After the flea bath is done and long out of my mind, I go ahead and clean the tub that Bambi dirtied. I feel like I barely clean anymore, but that's partially because of my lovely children who just love making my life easier by cleaning periodically. After I clean the tub, along with scrubbing down every other bathroom in the house, I place some extra dog beds I purchased and toys around the house and fill the food bowls. Can't let my THREE dogs go hungry!
After I feel like I've gained some control in my life, I finish off the bustling morning with a good, solid workout. The cardio workout feels amazing, but apparently exercise causes labor because...I have TWO new babies!!
Baby 87
Robert Lights
Baby 88
Nathaniel Lights

<3 :)

Thanks for reading! I never leave notes at the end of my posts anymore, so why not? :) Hey everyone, how are you? I hope you all are well, and I really hope you enjoyed this post. I was slightly disappointed when Bambi gave birth to the puppies in this post, I hadn't realized how short the pregnancy for dogs is. It's legit, like, one day long. Has any one else been frustrated by this? But, anyways, I really hope you liked this post, and if you did, please take a moment to leave a comment. I know people are always asking for comments, but I don't think a lot of people realize how much comments truly mean to an author like me. I'm not writing books, I'm not making money; this is all free, and all for you, so please just reward me with a comment...I love you guys! <333


  1. I love the puppies!! They're so cute and the Bambi theme fit them perfectly!

    Poor Amber - this whole Corbin thing seems to be messing everything up. I feel kind of bad for Elizabeth, dying of cancer. :(

    Great post... only 12 more to go!

  2. Thank you so much Catlover! I know, I love the Bambi theme too <333

    The Corbin situation is very difficult, but like a said a month or so ago, in time everyones true colors will be revealed. Just wait.. ;)
    Thanks for reading!

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  3. I was wrong. Amber is a cheater. Corbin, Corbin, wherefore art thou Corbin?! Oh, hiding from James.

    Lovely post. I love the puppies! SO CUTE! <3 Keep up the GREAT work girl <3

  4. Those kids are ADORABLE! and the puppies... AWWWW Can't wait for TWELVE MORE BABIES!!!

  5. Cheating, cheating, cheating. Hmmmmm. Do the right thing, Amber :3 >_> Although I do admit...I have a thing for little flings like that.
    @.@ Puppppppppppiessssssss are cuuuuuuuuute.
    Great job :)
    12 more! You can do it!

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  7. Amber, cheating, what!?! I do have a soft side for Corbin, and poor Liz, I feel bad that she has breast cancer :( Amber is stuck in a tough situation here...
    BAMBI!! Ohmygosh, Cheech and Bambi make the most adorable puppies! And great name choice, Flower and Thumper <3
    Fantastic Job, you amaze me :)
    ~Bri~ <3

  8. So many comments, thanks a ton everyone!

    Vanessa, yes, Amber is a cheater atm. Thank you so much for reading.

    Minda, thank you! <3333 The puppies are adorable, I know. :) And yeah, gotta love Ambers kids!

    wellslegacy, I know, cheating. Amber is cheating. Everyone reprimand her. -.-

    Annu, yes, Ava looks like mama Lights! I know, it hasn't quite hit me how close I am to finishing yet. But I know when it does I will be very, very sad. :'(

    And finally, thanks Bri! Your comments always make me smile. <333 :) Yeah, I have a soft side for Corbin too. And yes, breast cancer, it sucks :( Thank you sooo much for reading!!!!!!!1

    Keep commenting!

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  12. Thanks Sarah! It's sad, but Amber may continue with a story after the challenge...who knows?? :D

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  13. Love your blog! When you reach 100, do another challenge please? Maybe work on one of your children to make them do the challenge! ;)


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