Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!: Babies 94 and 95

Thanks a ton to my great friend Vanessa Wood for the "Little Anne" dress. Also thanks for the best wishes on my will definitely be in the wedding. <3
Also thank you one million times over to gibblett06 for "The Brigitte" hair. It's gorgeous, and Amber will definitely be getting a lot of use out of this do...maybe even in this post! And to answer your question, I don't know if I'm blogging after my challenge. :/ We'll see how everything goes!

Someones knocking on the door. And not the usual "Hey, let's chat," kind of knock; No, this knock is filled with urgency and even a twinge of anger."I'm coming I'm coming!" I shout.
I step out into the brisk morning air and a chill runs down my spine. This is the kind of November weather everyone else experiences, but never Sunset Valley. How odd.
The sight of Corbin, glaring so sinfully in my direction on my own porch, sets me off. 

"Corbin, get the hell away!" I shout. "You don't belong here! I told you never to come back!"

"No you didn't!" he screams. I came here to get what's right, what belongs to me." He starts reaching toward my chest, and it's then that I realize my lack of clothing. 

"Get away!" I screech, covering up my exposed breasts with what tiny hands I have, not even making a difference.
"No!" Corbin continues screaming, reaching toward my body again. "I need what's under the-"

"Under the what!" I shout, not even getting two steps back before he reaches out again, locking my wrists in his sweaty palms. "What do you want? What do you need?" I shout, tears falling down my face. "You can't do this, I'm engaged! All you're doing is-"
Corbin finally grows tired of reaching out for me so slowly. He reaches out with both hands this time, grabbing me by my shoulders and forcing a kiss on my shaking lips. With this minor distraction, he finally releases one hand, slams against my chest, and pulls out what resembles a heart. I look down, panicked, expecting blood to be spewing out of my disastrous body...but I don't. It wasn't painful at all-

All of a sudden, James is out on the porch. 
"Amber, what the hell is going on here?!" he shouts, throwing his arms in the air. "And why are you naked?" My hands fall lamely over my exposed body again, but still not doing anything. "And what is HE doing here?"
"You BASTARD!" shouts James. He picks up the flower pot off the ground and throws it all the way to the other side of the street with such power, it's almost unreal. He turns back to Corbin, fuming. "You've done it! You've ruined everything!" shouts James, just moments before lurching forward and tacking Corbin to the ground. 
They fight for only a few moment before both men stand up, the blood magically being drawn out of their skin. They stand only inches from one another's faces, fuming blood red. 

"I'll kill you if it's the last thing I do," Corbin whispers harshly. 

"And I'll-"

"Amber! Amber!" A violent motion starts in my upper body and makes it's way down to my feet until my whole body is shaking in dramatic convulsions. "Amber!" calls a voice. "AMBER! AMBER!"
I'm harshly whipped back into reality with more violent shaking. Even as my eyes start to part open, the shaking doesn't stop and even starts to cause me pain. 

"Stop!" I shout. "Stop, stop, stop!"
"Oh god, I'm so sorry," panics James. "You were just sleeping, and then you started to say things, and I got scared so..." I zone out as James describes [in detail] my entire sleep-talking episode. I'm glad he's there because it gives me a moment to steady my breathing and get a grip on what's going on.

Since I zoned out, I turn back to James and ask, "Wait, what exactly was I saying?" 

"I think I heard you say 'Don't take my heart' and 'Cover me up! Don't let him do it!'" James shudders. "And..."

"And what?" I ask, a sad and curious curtain falling over my face. "...what else did I say?"

"You kept saying Corbins name, Amber," says James steadily. "You told him not to take your heart."
My face drops almost instantly. "Wait...I'm so sorry," I blush.

James doesn't take my coverup quite as much as I would've hoped. "You're not sorry," whispers James. "You're not telling me something. Why were you dreaming of Corbin? I thought you haven't seen him since that one night..."

"Well," I reply, looking down, "James, I-"

"Amber, stop trying to lie!" bursts out James. Since my fiance (for the moment) never has outbursts, especially on me, I am taken aback; a lot. 

"James..." I continue, "I don't know why I was dreaming about that! I can't control my dreams, believe it or not," I snap.
I can see the immediate pain my comment inflicts on him. "Wait, James, I didn't mean-"

He holds up his hand, and looks down. He stays that way for a few seconds but right after he replies. "I know you can't control your dreams," starts James, "And I'm sorry for accusing you like that. I just...I was just scared. I was worried something was happening, I've never seen you like that."

"I didn't mean to have a nightmare! I swear I'll try harder!" I exclaim. "Please don't leave me!"

"I'm not leaving you," says James with a small chuckle. But the chuckle doesn't give me hope because it's not even 1% of his normal, whole-hearted laugh that I know so well, and closely followed by another frown. "Just get ready or at least put on a shirt, we have guests coming over soon," he says. I suddenly see my typical bra and sweatpants and don't want to be so revealing in front of him. When I look up James is staring at me, but he turns away as soon I look up. "And try to put on a smile, dork." Now I actually get a real laugh out of him and feel slightly better about things.
After he leaves, I only take a few seconds to think before getting into the business of choosing an outfit to wear. I really don't know why James freaked out so badly over me having a bad dream. I know it must be difficult for him to see me having bad dreams, but I don't think that's something big enough to ignite a spark like it did. I also know that James is protective of me, but to this point? To a point where he will flip out about something as small as this? Do I even want t deal with this? And also, what about how I feel about the dream (nightmare)? The only reason I can think I had it is because I have been secretly thinking about Corbin I guess. I know that I have a guilty conscience, but could the fact that I cheated on James two times really be affecting me this much? I had been secretly hoping that I could skip over the part where I confess cheating to James. But no, I won't tell him. Never. (And also, I still think it's weird that I was naked in the dream).

After I'm done getting ready in a simple green top with lace accents, white jeans, and lace up suede boots, I feel ready to tackle this Thanksgiving dinner. Except...I didn't make turkey. I freak out a bit but am happy to find James happily setting down a fully made turkey on the counter in the kitchen. Some guests walk in as I walk out, and James and I immediately get over our little quarrel. 
I'm thrilled to see Penny and Vanessa come in together and start chatting immediately. 

"Girls!" I grin, throwing my arms around both of my wonderful friends. "I'm so happy to see you! I'm so glad you could make it!"

"I wouldn't miss it for anything," smiles Penny. "Yeah totally, not giving up time with my favorite family!" laughs Vanessa.

"Hey, don't forget to chuck some love my way!" says James, and both girls start cracking up. I just smile politely and hook my arm around his. I'm not forgetting this argument no matter how charming he is. 

"So Amber, did you tell Penny about know..."

"Engagement?" I laugh.

"YOU'RE ENGAGED?!" exclaims my sister. "When were you planning on telling me this!"

"I don't know," I smile, "Sometime in the near [or far] future." As she throws a fake punch my way, I start cracking up and shout, "Kidding! Kidding!"
We all smile at the lightness of the conversation, something I desperately needed. But the one thing disturbing me is the man behind us, with his head hanging low and shielding his face from all of us. It must be a friend of James, but I hadn't thought he was inviting anyone to dinner.

"Um, James?" I ask. "Who is that man behind us? I thought you weren't inviting anyone..."

"Are you serious?" laughs James, disbelief crossing his face. He walks over to the man and pulls his shoulders up, saying, "Come on bro, show yourself to the lovely ladies!"
Violet finally makes it to my house, just in time for the mystery guys face to be shown. Woah. He's James's brother. 

"See ladies?" laughs James. "This is my little bro!" Almost on command James gives his brother a light noogie and pushes him around a bit. "He oughta toughen up and find a lady though!"

"James, stop," I say suddenly, wanting him to stop being so rowdy. 

"Amber it's fine!" laughs James, flashing me his delicate eyes. I see in them that he's honestly being fun, so I ignore the annoyance. 
"What a hottie," mutters a mesmerized Vanessa, as we all are clearly are inspecting the relation between their looks. James's brother (whose name is apparently Oliver) gives a dorky smile while James just stands there, grinning like an idiot. It's hard to stay mad at someone so perfect.

I turn away from the boys and take a good look at Vanessa. She is almost drooling over Oliver, and it's clear in both her and Oliver's eyes that they fancy each other.
I flicker my eyes at James once, and he picks up on what I'm implying with ease. James gently pushes his obviously extremely shy brother toward Vanessa while laughing, "Seriously Oliver, talk to her!" Oliver's face brows bright red and I just start cracking up. Vanessa looks around inconspicuously and then tries to walk away when Oliver mans up and says, "Hey Vanessa, right? I'm Oliver, nice to meet you," and pulls her over to the corner. What cuties.

Authors Note: That is the beginning and end of V and O's budding relationship on my blog, so head on over to her blog to keep up with this duo!
The rest of the family evening is spent relaxing, talking, and drinking wine and laughing-lots of laughing. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday for so many reasons. It's so much less hassle than Christmas time, always has a light air to the day, and brings together the family no matter what. I spend a lot of time allotted especially with my sister, whom I almost never see. Eventually Penelope's husband Chase and their daughter Jeanette show up, all dressed to the nines. Jean is beautiful, and I've had so many kids that I can tell she will look just like her mother. Lucky her.

But eventually, as the evening wears on, we all get tired of standing. Everyone finds a place at the table with some wine and fruit to lighten up the heavy dinner, and James and I take our place in the front of the group. We decided that it would be nice to just talk to everyone as a whole.

"Well," starts James. "A week or so ago-you know what? You all probably know so I'll just spit it out...Amber and I are getting married!" he enthusiastically points to the shining ring on my left hand, grinning. Chase gives James a sympathetic smile, as if to say "Been there, spent that." The gesture makes me smile.

"And," I continue, changing my mute status to a talkative one, "we're not exactly sure about a date for the wedding, nor do we know how many kids we're going to have, what their names will be, and what jobs we have-that's still a work in progress." Thankfully my little schpeel gets a laugh from my small family and friends. 

"Well however many kids you have, I betcha Amber will be a good mother!" laughs Vanessa, and everyone bursts into laughter. 

"Oh really, what gave it away?" I smile. "The 93 children or just my natural motherly glow?"

"Definitely the glow," she chuckles, getting another uproar of smiles from the table.
"Well no child of mine will be cuter than little miss Jeanette," I smile. I come over and give my tiny niece a kiss on the cheek and continue, "Gosh darnit Penny, she's perfect!" Penny is obviously flattered but motions for us to keep talking.

James decides to take back charge, saying, "So yeah, so many things to be thankful for! First off, the safe delivery of Jeanette to the world, my wonderful fiancee standing next to me, and most of all, all of you. Neither Amber nor I would be to this point without you all so...thank you." James gives the warmest smile that even I wouldn't be able to put on. It makes me so happy that I almost jump him and start making out on command. But if having almost 100 kids has taught me something, it s definitely to control my impulses. 

"Let's thank the Sim God we're all here together!" I laugh, pulling everyone up for a group hug. 
Violet just stays back ad video tapes everything, which makes me laugh. Vi has always been a natural documenter, it's what she was made for. Once we're all done hugging it out, I laugh and say, "Who's up for more wine?" Everyone laughs and says, "I" in unison. Got to love family.
After all the wine and turkey last night, I assume I just passed out. I wake up expecting James to be by my side, and I'm slightly disappointed when the warm spot where he usually sleeps is cold as ice. I do notice a note on the pillow though. It reads

Good morning Amber,
Just so you aren't worried, I didn't sleepover because my brothers in town. (I can't let him in my house alone, who knows what he would find!)
But anyway, don't be worried. And oh, nice way to act friendly last night but we seriously need to talk about your dream. I'm not letting it go yet.

Well, what a nice way to wake up (NOT). 
Before I can even get myself worked up, I push away the immediate annoyance and do what I wanted to do today; get pregnant! The thanksgiving-themed father (Though not really) is named Kirby Lee. The only sort of Thanksgiving-theme about him is the orange highlights in his hair, which aren't even natural. But whatever, he's the best I could do. It's not like I could woohoo with a turkey. Well...
NO, we're not going there. But the only thing that really gets to me about this man is when we're having a nice conversation about the increasing amount of llama's in Sunset Valley, he turns to me, signaling to my exposed ring, and says, "Woah, are you married? Why are you here if you have a husband?" and backs away.

"No," I reply. I know I should be flattered when people ask about my supposedly perfect finace, but I'm not. "I have a fiance. Is that alright with you?" The annoyed tinge in my voice is not one I try to hide.

"Wow! I can't believe that bo-zo would let you do this with other men! Sign me up!" 

I shake my head in disbelief, not believing what I'm hearing. "Excuse me? My fiance is not a bo-zo you jerk!"

I start to storm off, thankfully already having woohooed with the man. But if I could take it back, I know I would.
After leaving I realize the grumbling in my stomach. I pass the diner on my way home anyway, so I decide to stop in and have a good talk with the chef who is a good friend of mine. His name is Big Al' for so many reasons, but mainly for his big heart. I lay my situation with James on to him thick, and he gives me pointless advice. But really, it feels nice to have a good conversation with someone who isn't so directly intwined in my complicated life. I leave feeling happy, and full; very full.
When I get home I almost scream at the stray dog standing on my back porch. "Eeek!" I shout, jumping backwards for protection. But it turns out the dog is really sweet, and extremely hungry. I take him out front and set out a bowl of water and a full bowl of food. Once the dog has had its fill, I pet it and make sure it knows it is welcome back any time. I hate seeing strays, it makes me so sick that dogs have to live like that. I love when I can do things to help them out.
Since these kids aren't going to age themselves up, I go ahead and set up birthday cakes for everyone after helping the homeless dog. It's been so long since I've had vampire kids that I'm almost surprised when the twins grow up, sporting glowing eyes, sparkling skin, and eternal life. Katrina has the exact same eyes I had when I was a vampire ages ago, so I guess she must have my real eye color underneath. Despite her vamp status, she's a really sweet tot with a love for life, and a passion for dolls.
Thomas too! He has my same clear blue eyes, and shares the same glowing skin as his sister. One thing that I absolutely adore about my new baby boy is that he is not happy unless he is in his two-piece suit. It's most definitely the cutest thing I've ever seen a little kid where.
Since it's a Friday I have no option but to age up the triplets and wait for the oldest twins to get home. So here I present to you the jokester Gordon, the princess Justine, and the lovely tomboy Bertha. All three never really care what they wear, how they look, or what others think. Each triplet is extremely unique and different from one another.
Justine takes an immediate liking to the bird, while her siblings take a liking to the television and sitting on the couch. When Justine asks if she can play with Marble our bird, I tell her she can as long as she cleans out the cage, refills the bowl, and washes her hands before and after. She's not happy about this, but she wants to play with animals so badly that she gives in.
"Oh, well hello there little birdie!" smiles Justine after dutifully cleaning out his cage. "I hope you like your new clean cage."
"And, um, I hope you like your home in our house," she continues. "Because we love having you here. You're so colorful and fun to have around!" 

"Colorful!" sqwauks Marble. "Colorful and Fun! Marble is colorful and fun!"
Justine falters for a second or two before realizing what just happened. "!" she giggles. "Bertha! Gor! Look how cool this is!" She says something again and Marble automatically repeats her. Gordon and Bertha stare in awe at the amazing creature and start clapping and cheering. "Make her say more!" laughs Bertha. "Do it do it!!"
 Meanwhile, in the back bathroom, I am battling a sopping wet Bambi. I swear she literally tries to make my life a living hell, and then later that night, love me so much. Dogs are SO hormonal.
Finally, by the time the triplets have calmed down and I am done dripping wet, Robert and Nathan get home from Junior High School. "Ready to move on to real high school?" I ask, and they both reply "YES" without hesitation.

So, here they are! They are still the pranking and silly boys that I know so well, and they stick to their lifestyles to this day. Got to love em'!
The last thing we do for the evening is cook up some home made pasta and have a long conversation that runs far past bedtime. Well, good thing it's Friday!!
It's a beautiful Saturday morning. I am absolutely thrilled when I notice a slight bump protruding off my belly upon waking up. I am so happy that I get dressed right away and head straight into the tots room. Usually I don't wake up the toddlers until later, but why not? I'm pregnant, time to celebrate!

I wake up Thomas with ease, and it's actually Katrina who gives me heat for waking her up. Usually, it's the other way around. Thankfully though, I use my honed mothering skills to put her in a great mood again!
I end up staying in the nursery far longer than I was hoping and planning to, so Nathan takes the initiative to cook breakfast for the family. He mixes waffle batter like a pro and chucks the dish into the oven, hoping and praying, that it comes out looking semi-good.
And it does! The waffles emit a yummy and syrup-y smell that pulls even the sleepiest Lights' kids out of their slumber. I cross my arms and grin at my boy. 

"Thanks Nate," I smile. "You could be a chef one day!"

"I wouldn't go that far!" he chuckles.
As we're all chomping down a the great meal, the kids are absolutely loaded with questions and excitement. "So mommy," starts Justine.

"So Justine," I laugh, mocking her tone. She gives me a straight face and continues.

"So mom, Bertha, Gor, and I all were playing with Marble yesterday when...when...she talked!"

"Well, she is a parrot hun!" I laugh. 
"Obviously mommy," says Justine, putting on her sweetest smile. "So we were wondering if by any chance we could adopt another pet!"

"Honey..." I start.

"No! Mom, before you say no just know that we would take complete care of the new pet, and still take care of the others. We fill the dog and bird food bowls every night, we take them for walks, and we clean their cages! I mean, come on! You know we're responsible enough!" 

I groan, but put on a smile at my kids. They're not lying. They really do take great care of the pets when I am too busy to, and they deserve another. "Fine," I say. "But if you neglect it, back to the Pet Shop it goes!"
The final decision is to get a lizard. Lizards are fun and kinky, and I haven't seen any of my friends get their kids a lizard yet. It will be a learning experience! 
When we first get the gecko and put it in its cage, Justine immediately goes over and starts putting food in his bowl and wiping the glass. "See mom?" she laughs. "I'm already hard at work!" Such a suck-up! :)
The girls both love each of the small pets separately, but they are very curious about how they will act around one another.

"Here Marble! Look at Pyro, our new gecko!" giggles Bertha. The girls decided to name the gecko Pyro because whenever he comes near Berthas hair he turns flaming red.
All of a sudden Marble spreads her huge wings out and freaks out. Every time the girls lower her closer to Pyro, she gets spooked! 

"Woah woah, Marble! Chill out!" exclaims Justine. "You're scaring me!"

"Aw, don't be afraid!" coos Bertha, tickling Pyro on the back. 
While the girls are experimenting with mixing animal breeds, I just roll my eyes and snap some pictures of my lovely boys. Nathan and Robert are happy to give up their Saturday to help out with their little sister and brother. Well, okay, I did promise them we could go to the beach later if they did, but still! At least they're helping!

Gordon personally has no interest in playing with small animals, and is more into taking the dogs on walks. I don't let my kids walk alone in town so I go on a walk along the beach and back with him. He walks Bambi and I carry Flower since she is far too small to be on a leash. We grabs some ice cream and chomp along the way.
When we get back from the long walk and both of us are tired and sweaty, I have Gordon head inside. I on the other hand need to call my fiance and get the dish on why he hasn't called or texted me in a few days.

The phone rings for what feels like forever, and I am happy when the line crackle and his voice comes on.

"James, thank-"

"-Hi, you've reached the voicemail of James Masons," starts up the message box. Oh. So he's not answering.
I'm pretty upset and I almost don't leave a voicemail, but I have to. "Hey James..." I start once the automated lady says to leave a message. "Erm, I don't know what you've been up to, but, um, I'd like to talk. I know you want to talk and..." my voice trails off as I get lost in thought. Suddenly it's a minute later and the automated lady comes back on saying that the message has been sent. I'm upset that I didn't get to finish my message, but I shake it off. James is probably in a meeting or something.
To let off some steam I join the triplets in an intense game of Wii Sports Resort sky-diving before we have to go to the beach for some family time. 
 The rest of the evening is wonderful. The kids and I spend a long evening on the shores of our long-time favorite beach, spending time together and relaxing. We all roast marshmellows than having a proper dinner, and afterwards when a chill picks up, we warm up. All of us warm up our exposed hands while silly Gordon has a good time trying to get a toasty bottom side. "Mmmm, nice and warm!" he giggles.
I would have expected nice dreams to flood my mind tonight, considering what a family-oriented day I had. But the dreams, or more so nightmares, that come to me are worse than the one I had when James was here. 

My first nightmare is an awful, bloody mess. In it Corbin follows through with the promise he made in the other dream to kill James. But instead of him killing him, when he's pulling up the knife, I dive in front and take the knife in my eye. A warm, wet liquid which I assume is my blood trickles down my face. As I fall back into consciencness after the night terror, Corbin comes up to me and whispers right into my ear, "Bare all, or bare nothing" and kisses me. I don't even understand it, but when I wake up I notice that the warm liquid on my face was my own tears.

In the second night terror, which comes to me shortly after the first, I am even more confused. In this dream I am naked once again and Corbin is trying to stab me and kiss me again. He holds my heart in his hand the entire time he saunters toward me, and right before the knife is to plunge into my heart, James comes out of no where. He sprints up to us and instead of saving me, he helps Corbin brutally murder me. I wake up from this terror in gushing tears, my heart pounding, my body shaking. 
 Considering that the dreams scare me beyond belief, I don't even bother going back to sleep. I'm up around 4 AM and quickly busy myself with nutrition pills and cleaning. The nutrition pills are to ensure that my child has a safe environment to grow in, and also to calm my nerves. But when the pills don't do a single damn thing to calm me, I settle for getting dressed and cleaning everything in the house.
When the hours thankfully go by and it's sunny out, the kids get up. I quietly make them a breakfast of french toast, fruit and milk, and place it all on the table. I feel miserable and absolutely terrified, so I skip out on breakfast. I let the kids eat and decide to pay a visit to our new family pet Pyro the gecko.
I cuddle and play with Pyro, but I don't understand the kids' fascination in him. He doesn't have cute fur to pet, he doesn't make any noises, and he certainly doesn't offer any input when I try to voice what's going on in my life. After a few dozen minutes of trying to get something out of this stupid gecko, I put it back in its cage and sigh. No help here.
 As the day wears on I grow tired of wondering what these dreams could possibly mean, and busy myself with seeing what the kids are up to. My camera has always been something to hide behind so I take joy in photographing my children's simple lives. 
While Gordon and Justine are having an easy Sunday with their little siblings, I am pleased to see Bertha hard at work. She spends the day in the study playing chess. She tells me that in order to get the high school she needs to be more evolved than everyone else, and I just let her go on like that. Nothing wrong with an overachiever.
Robert and Nathan on the other hand can't stand staying inside as easily as their younger brothers and sisters. They take to tossing around the football outside. Both boys are okay with the football, but they help each other improve slowly, and then eventually move on to overhand throwing a couple times.
With the kids busy doing their own thing I eventually fall back into my habit of sitting and worrying, and nothing else. I sit at the kitchen table for hours on end, just thinking. I don't understand these dreams. The only things that I can put together and slightly understand is that in every dream I've had so far Corbin tries to seduce me, and James gets mad. That's of course the simplified version, but it's the only repeating pattern. I could possibly have a guilty conscience. I was never planning on coming clean about cheating on James, but maybe it's the only thing that will make the dreams go away. So I try to call James again. And once again, he doesn't answer. That's annoying.
The fact that James still isn't answering is a major setback. I need to get this off my chest, and now, before it turns my life into a living hell. I really don't know how James will respond, but before I can think of all the possible ways he could hate me, I just get the family together to spend time together. We settle on watching TV together on the back porch before Nathan and Robert age up to make room for the babies. We watch TBS and Family Guy is on, so at least the dirty humor can sidetrack me.
As a cute little ending to the evening, Robert and Nathaniel age up wonderfully. Both boys look and act mature, which sure is an improvement over their teen and child years! They plan on finding a career in the football career and I will support them! (Even if they're not that good!)
And of course, nigh time falls. Instead of sleeping and reliving those awful dreams I stay up, staring at my ceiling, waiting for labor. Thankfully I get a 4 AM labor and have something to occupy my time.
Baby 94
Maysilee Lights
Baby 95
Effina Lights
After the girls births, I try so hard to get back to sleep. But I absolutely can't. I know I will never get another good nights rest if I don't first get ahold of James, and then try to come clean with him. It's the only way.

With shaking fingers I dial the familiar number of my fiance. I hadn't been expecting him to answer, but he does, and I don't know what to say. "Um.." I start, clearly savoring the sound of James's breathing. It may be the last time he ever talks to me again. "James, I need to tell you something."


  1. Holy hell o_o scary dreams!
    I am glad that she's going to tell him tho..or at least, I hope she'll go through with it. Secrets like that could just continue to gnaw at her insides x.x James is a nice guy, and they deserve a happy and healthy relationship <3
    And of course! Super fun Thanksgiving! I hope you had a great one!
    Great post, dear!

  2. Thanks for reading Sonny!! :)

    Scary dreams, ah yes...I am glad she's going to tell him too. At first I was just going to have Amber never tell him, but then I realized that it's impossible for someone to live a good life with a secret like that hanging over them. James is a nice guy :)


    Keep commenting!

    SUCH a good update!! Woooowwwww you're an amazing writer :D You've improved so much since the beginning!! and I've followed you the whole way :)
    I'm going to miss Amber so much if you stop blogging! :O You should do a legacy with her sister :D
    And I haven't been able to comment for aaages!! There's been some sort of glitch on your site!! :O
    But wooooowwww!! I loved the scary dreams!! Specially the blood/tears bit! That was amazing :D So cleverrrr
    Awesome update! I love your writing so much! :D
    *is jelous*
    Haha hopefully it'll let be comment this time! *fingers crossed*


  4. OH MY GOD TINKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tinka, Tinka,'s been so long since you've commented!

    I don't know what type of glitch is on my site, but sorry that you haven't been able to comment. :( It might be easier for you to comment if you got a Blogger account or something and didn't just go anon...maybe, I don't know. Blogger is surely famous for being glitchy so whatevs! But it's so good to hear from you!!

    Thanks for saying I'm a good writer! That's so sweet! I have improved beyond belief since the beginning, I feel like now I actually have something interesting. xD

    I'm going to miss Amber too, but who knows? I still have no clue what I'm going to do with blogging after the challenge, but I'm very open to suggestions. Something with Amber's sister would be interesting...

    The scary dreams were something that I decided would be the best way to get Amber to admit to cheating.
    Thank you for liking my writing so much, it makes me so happy that you are so nice. :') Thanks for the comment and if you ever have issues commenting again, either write on my facebook wall or post a comment on my sims 3 page!!

  5. Ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyy riooooooo.

    Those dreams are so freaking vivid. >_> AND SHE'S TELLING HIM!! JAMES BE UNDERSTANDING PLEASE :(

    I think this was your best post yet, keep writing...especially after the challenge!

    V A N E S S A

  6. First-you are such a good writer. Second- when you are on baby 100, do not end the blog please!!! Surprise everyone, and decide on to do something which will continue the blog pretttyyy please!:)Love your posts!:)

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  8. Awww, comments. :3

    Thanks for reading Ness! Yes, very vivid dreams!

    Thanks so much secretbauty! Thanks for saying I'm a good writer, that means so much to me...and maybe I'll do something after the challenge. :') Time will tell!

    Thanks Anneliis!! And maybe James and Amber WILL be together forever, you never knowwwww

    Keep commenting!

    its gonna be so amazing i can't wait to see what james says
    i really love your blog <3 <3
    this post was amazing and BTW
    i loved the stray dog he was so cute ^_^

  10. Oh no, those dreams are FREAKY!!! I hope they go away!

    Only FIVE babies away from finishing, you're so far! I wanna know what James says... great post!

    ~Catlover800 aka Calista Smith

  11. Ahh cliff hanger! I wanna know if Amber goes through with it and how James will react! Oh also the dreams are freaky! I hate having that happen in real life. There's a website that has a dream dictionary if that can play into the next post. I love going onto that website. I loved the post and how far you've come from the beginning!

  12. I was wondering why the hell Amber was half naked at the beginning of the post... Thank gosh you explained that it's a dream! o.O

    Oliver looks EXACTLY like James, apart from the eyes. It's creepy.

    I love the kids in this post, and all the family moments... You're so close to finishing, enjoy these last few posts! :D

  13. Thanks for all the comments ladies!! You made me smile so bright when I woke up to these this morning. ^_^

    Violet, neither can I!! As always, I haven't even thought and/or planned what James will say. Thanks for loving my blog, and I really liked this post too. :')

    Calista, I know the dreams are freaky!!! I can't wait to finish the challengeeeee!!

    Sarah, yes, cliffhanger! Hehe! I will def check out that site. Thank you. :-)

    Destiny, thanks. I think Oliver looks a lot like James apart from the eyes, nose, and skin tone. I don't find them to be IDENTICAL. I'm so excited to be done!!!

    Keep commenting!

  14. I actually found the dreams entertaining. ._. But I know that if I had one like that, I'd totally freak out. I can't wait to see how James reacts!

  15. Oh my gosh! Loved the post, like always!


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