Sunday, November 20, 2011

Babies 92 and 93: Part 2

BEFORE READING: This is the second part of a two part pregnancy post. If you did not read the first part, you will be severely confused during this post...fair warning. 

Never have I ever been this happy. 

During my entire, pathetic life so far, nothing has ever really gone right. I was pregnant by 16, had an abortion by 17, got kicked out long before I was 18, and then some. Then, there were the good things. I fell in love, I experienced life, and I just lived. But the thing about both good and bad memories is this; if any one of those horrifying memories didn't happen, I wouldn't be the person I am today. Probably no challenge (because I started it because I had to terminate a pregnancy), definitely none of my challenge mom friends, and certainly not James Masons. 

James and I started dating when I got a modeling gig due to my challenge, and then they called in a male model to spice things up. Of course James was that model which led to my challenge, three more babies, and a whole lot of complications. But now, we're engaged! I can't ever remember being this happy, but it's almost never-ending at this point. James makes me the person I want to be, and no one else could do that job better. I love James, I'm getting married to him, and there's nothing you can do about it!
James obviously ends up sleeping over from the night before. The night before was so perfect. Images of the proposal, the ring, and the shallow waters of the ocean keep playing in my mind on repeat. Like I said, I can't remember ever being this happy, and I love it. 

I'm up long before James, but that's only because I'm a mother and it's like clockwork for me. Since I can't fall asleep after being up once, I just lie there and take everything in. James arms find me an hour or so after I'm up and he pulls me in close. In the warmth of his arms, I actually do fall back asleep.
Since it's a Monday, after the hustle and bustle of the kids at 8, it's dead quiet. The toddlers sleep in and so de we, until a little after 9. When we both actually come to awaken, we just lie in the bed holding hands talking. Only small talk about the wedding and how exciting this is, but still. Once we both get to standing up, I finally realize my lack of clothes, and his lack of clothes and laugh.

"Well good morning soon-to-be Mrs. James Masons," grins James.

"And good morning to you too!" I giggle, puckering my lips. "Wow, it's already nine..." I mutter.

"Is that bad?" he asks.

"No, not really," I laugh, "I just have a lot of motherly things to do. Want to stick around?"

"I really wish I could," he sighs while searching for his clothes. "I have to get home and sort through some stuff. Then I have to go to a meeting to work out things for the photo shoot in AP. But it definitely won't be long until I see you again, babe. We're engaged now, there's no excuse!"

"Touche Mr. James, touche."
 After James is gone I wake up all the babies and admire their beauty. They are stunning! Bertha is being especially whiny today so I cuddle her in close and nuzzle her as a dog would do for her puppy. "Why is Bertha so unhappy today?" I smile.

"Me want me time. Me play with blockies?" her huge eyes look up at mine.

"Yes, you can play," I smile. "But play with your brother and sister!"
After setting up Bertha, Gordon, and Justine to play I invite over Vanessa telling her, "I have some GREAT news to share!!" She of course hung up and came straight over, bringing Vi, our other best friend. 

"So, what's the news? How did the little date last night go?" asks Vanessa almost as soon as walking in.

"Well, James and I are done. He told me that he's over this and over me, and that he wants nothing to do with me."

"-Wait, what? HUH?" screeches Vanessa.

"Amber, what the-"

"JUST KIDDING!" I giggle. They both breathe out a sigh of relief and I start laughing. "I'm totally kidding!"
"So then what's the real news?" eggs on Vanessa. 

"Amber, you're making me nervous!" laughs Vi. 

"Well, girls..." I smile, clapping my hands in excitement. "I'M GETTING MARRIED!" 

"'re kidding me! You're definitely lying!" giggles Vanessa. 

"No, it's the truth, I swear! He proposed last night ladies! I'm getting married!"

"Oh my god, Amber! That's phenomenal! Oh wow, look at that rock..." she and Vanessa lean in for a closer look at my ring. 
 And the ring truly is gorgeous, I know that. The girls "ooh" and "aah" as they inspect the ring.

"I don't think I've ever seen something so perfect," declares Vanessa, leaning back. "Remember when we were in Penny's wedding and we spent forever talking about how we thought we would never get married?"

"Wow, I do remember that!" I laugh. "That was when I was still with that jerk Casey!" We laugh about good old times and I sigh. It's crazy that I can already laugh about my bad relationships.
And so I spend the rest of the day with my girls, relaxing and talking, talking and relaxing. We drink wine out on the back deck all afternoon while the babies play on the deck and I just smile. Wine+fiance+children=happy Amber? I think yes.
The girls finally have to leave to get home around 5 or so, but before leaving Vanessa comes up to me and says, "Amber, you don't look pregnant. Here's the number for a cute guy I was thinking of using in my challenge sometime soon. Call him up so you can keep going girl!"

I pull my bestie in for a hug and reply, "Thanks Nessie. I'm so lucky to have great friends like you."

"Oh, I know you are lucky," laughs Vanessa. "I hope this means that I will be in the wedding, otherwise I would have to crash it!"

I burst out laughing, saying, "Of course you're in the wedding! Now leave so I can have this guy over!" I smile. She grins and walks out the door with Vi. 
As soon as the girls leave I'm put into a great mood, and go ahead and call up this mystery guy right away. Now that I'm engaged, I really could be less interested in the process of woo-hooing with these random men. I'm so close to the end of my challenge that I really don't think it would worth it to mess things up with James over these guys. 

"Hey!" I say once the man picks up his phone. "My name is Amber Lights, I got your number from Vanessa Wood!"

"Oh, okay," says the man in a husky voice. "What do you want?"

"Oh, erm, I was wondering if you take part in baby challenges?" I ask. 

"Yes I do," replies the man, "But I only donate my genes for it. I'm a...vampire." He chuckles.

"Oh, okay. Then that would be much better if I just got an IVF treatment then. Could you please drop of your, uh, man genes by this evening?"

"Yeah, sure," says the man with out much interest. Since he's such a jerk I hang up at the first chance I get. 
He drops off the bottle with a picture of himself included in no time. He's not too bad looking and even has a cute face, so I don't mind that he was so rude anymore. I don't actually get to meet him, but what I do know is that his name is Connor Frio and he's 23. It's good that I still get to know all my challenge dads so well (NOT!).
After I successfully place Connor's genes in my fetus, I go ahead and finish up the kids birthdays. Here is Robert (Bobby) and Nathaniel (Nathan!). These two love video games so much. Every second of the day, if you can't seem to find them anywhere, look no further than the game room. I have mixed feelings about this type of thing. I miss the days when video games weren't quite as big as they are now, and kids played outside rather than in. I remember when I was a kid back in the 90's, it would be a shock if every family on your street wasn't outside throwing around a football or at least enjoying the sun. My goal is to get these two outside for once, but for now they are glued to the tele. 
And then there's Kenza and Mario! Kenza is the most beautiful sim I've ever seen. I know I shouldn't pick favorites, but Kenza is just stunning! Everything from her long, blonde hair to her deep chestnut eyes, all the way to her warm personality makes her such a great person to be around. She has the smarts of an Einstein and the virtues of an angel. Got to love her.
Mario, on the other hand, is just hilarious. He is the most clumsy, rebellious, smart-ass teen you've ever met and I love it. There's not a moment where he won't be cracking jokes or falling's quite the sight!
The family and I end the nice evening off with left overs! Once a week is left overs night, and tonight we each dine out to something different...the girls (Kenza and me) eat some yummy key lime pie while the boys settle for the lovely french toast from the other morning. We all laugh and chat the night away, and I finally announce to them my engagement. They al get really excited and ask a ton of questions, especially Kenza. I will miss this a lot when my challenge is over.
When I wake up this morning, after an entire night of constant sickness and lack of sleep, I wake up to this lovely sight. I get up around 6 and start fuming at the sight of my ruined table. I start yelling but the only kid to run out is sweet Nathan. 

"Mom, what're you-WHERE ARE YOUR CLOTHES?!" His eyes bug out of his head as I become aware of my bra and no shirt.

"Oh, erm, I just-"

"Ew!" he laughs, diving his head into his hands. "Leave, I can't look at...GIRLS!"
EEK! My face twists into an expression of nervousness, but then I just laugh. My son has cooties! 

"Nathan, there's nothing to freak out about!" I laugh. "It's only-" Just as I'm trying to get my son to understand women the front door creaks open and James walks in. Great timing, James. Honestly.
"Wait-what's-" For the first time EVER James is at a loss for words. "What's going on, Amber?" he gestures to my brassiere and gives a nervous laugh. My face grows bright red at how awkward this is.

"We just-erm, I was yelling about the-and then he-and we-oh dear sim god," I blush, now throwing my head into my hands. Nathan starts cracking up as his siblings walk out of their room.

"What the-" screeches Kenza, while Mario and Robert start literally rolling on the floor with laughter at James' face. 
I rush into my room without another word to get changed. James walks over to the kids as they get together their breakfast and really try to stop laughing so hard. James whispers some funny things to them which I don't doubt is nothing less than incriminating of me. 
Once I get changed into a soft blue off the shoulder button up and a pair of white leggings, I feel ready to start my day. James walks in as I'm brushing out my messy hair and he grins, taking the brush from my hands and placing it on the counter. 

"How many times do I have to tell you your hair looks perfect?" smiles James.

"I don't know," I reply, playing with my bangs. "Maybe fifty more?"

"Ha, you're a funny one," he grins. He takes my hand off of my bangs and pulls me in. My head falls into the familiar position, right up against the beating of his heart. Very quickly, he begins smoothing out the back of my hair with his free hand, saying, "Yes, I really do love your hair." I smile into his chest and reply, "Aye-aye cap'n."
 Even though the kids have school today, Kenza stays a bit later in the morning. She insists on taking some pictures of us in our engaged bliss before I get pregnant again. She only takes a few before I make her get on the bus before it leaves without her. She has one of those older cameras that print the photo right out on a polaroid, so she hands them to me before leaving and gives me a tight hug. "Love you mom!" she shouts as she runs out the door.
Since James apparently has a completely free day we settle on spending it in with the kids. One thing I absolutely adore and respect about James is how tolerant he's always been of my challenge. He doesn't mind helping with babies that aren't his, he doesn't mind not actually being their father, and he especially doesn't mind me giving them more attention than him sometimes. He finds an especially great bond with Justine while I settle for some time with Bertha. Gordon just plays at the block table today.
James and I spend the sunny day outdoors, playing with the kiddo's. He works on Justines musical skills while I teach Bertha how to say different words. Watch the video for a real look at how the day went!
Towards the end of the day, when the sun is beginning to set, I finally get that memorable first kick from the new baby(s). I rub my belly and try to get to know the new additions before they even arrive. As I'm talking to the new babies, Kenza walks out.
"Hey mom," smiles Kenza. "Are you pregnant again?"

"Hey sweets," I reply, "Yes I am. I just felt the first kicks!" 

"That's awesome!" she giggles. "I don't mean to interrupt you, but I have a question..."

"What's up kiddo?" I ask.

"'s about my boyfriend John. Please don't yell at me when I say this, okay mom? Do you swear not to be angry?"

"Okay, well...I'm just gonna say it. John wants to woohoo with me."


"We've only been dating for a week or something, but he really wants to 'do it'. He said all girls do it with him all the time, and now that he met me, he wants to with me. But I mean, you have all the experience with men, so I wanted to girls really do it with guys that soon? Because I never thought that they do!"

"No honey, you're right. I don't know who this John boy is, but he most certainly can't pressure you into doing something like that."

"No, but mom! You don't get it, I really do like him. He's cute, nice, funny, and I'm really flattered that he would want to do something that, erm, big with me already!"
"Kenza, take it from me-I don't think you're going to want to do this. You may be flattered and in love right now, but five years from now, when you hopefully have a husband and it's your wedding night, you might regret not having a first time with someone as special. I had my first time in high school and the boy was sweet and everything, and now ten years later, I definitely regret it. He turned out to be the biggest jerk and caused so much stress in my life, and now that I am engaged to James, I wish I could have saved that first time for him. Obviously that wouldn't have been exactly true because of all the challenge fathers I've been with, but I never felt love for ay of them. Listen, before I start rambling too much, just know this; your first time is something you're going to want to remember forever, and if you decide to go to that point with John, think about whether or not it should really be him. I won't tell you what you can or can't do, but just think about it. Okay?"

"Okay mom," she sighs. 

"And thank you for coming to me with this," I smile. "That means more to me than you could ever imagine."

"Of course mom," she grins, coming in for a hug. "I'll think about what you said!"
"What was that about?" inquires James, coming over to where I'm standing as Kenza walks inside.

"Oh, nothing," I reply, looking down. "Just some girl talk. So do you have anything to do tonight, or do you want to sleepover again?"

"I would love to sleepover," grins James, leaning in. "I don't have the heart to leave you and your pregnant belly." He places one hand on my belly, one on my face, and comes in for a kiss. "I'm sure they'll be beautiful, just like you."
Waking up to James by my side is simply the most reassuring thing ever. We were both up late with the babies last night, until midnight or so, so we treat ourselves to sleeping in. James is much better with children than I would have ever imagined.
Once we're both up at around 10, we kiss (of course). I guess we're still in that "lovey-dovey" stage of engagement that everyone always talks about. I personally love this feeling of having someone always there as a sort of partner-in-crime. 

"Good morning baby," James whispers, breaking my train of thought. I had been so intent with my thinking that I jump a little at the sound of his voice.

"Eep!" I giggle. "Mornin' to you too babe."

"Want to go out today?" asks James. "We spent the whole day with the kids yesterday so why don't we just get away for the day?"

"James," I say sternly with my hands on my hips, "We can't just take days off from the family like that. I would have to hire a babysitter, make sure they know exactly how to take care of the kids, give them all the proper-"

"-Or," he interrupts, "We could just give them our number and have the day to ourselves. I know you love your kids, in fact, I love your kids, but that doesn't mean you can't take a day off from them. It's not like a huge explosion or some-"

"-That's not funny," I pout. 
"Amber, ease up a little," laughs James. He takes my chin and tilts it up so that I'm looking right into his eyes. "One day to ourselves. Or just the afternoon. Then we'll come home and spend the evening with the kids, okay? I can tell you're stressed, you just need a day, and so do I. Okay babe?"

I stick out my lip, but it's not long before a smile forms on the corner of my lips. "You're right," I say. "I do need a day. Good thing I have you around, otherwise I'd be a boring loon!"

"Very true," he chuckles. 

We decide on a fun day in the sun by the community pool! The community pool is always fun because I get to see kids from earlier in the challenge along with getting a nice tan going. 

"Last one in the pool is a rotten egg!" shouts James, quoting our classic childhoods. 
James is the first one in since I'm pregnant and have to take the ladder, but I'm happy anyways. 

"Hey Ambs, c'mere!" shouts James from the other side of the pool. "I have to show you something!"

I swim over and grin, saying, "What is it-"
Eek! James splashes a vat of water in my face. "Nooo my hair!" I laugh. "My makeup is ruined! Ugh, James!"
I decide to play a little prank on James, so I put a mean expression on my face and say, "James, that's it. The wedding is off. I can't believe you would do that. I hate you!" I start swimming towards the latter and his expression is priceless.
"Amber, baby, please don't do this! I didn't mean to! Don't throw away everything like-"

"I'm kidding!" I start cracking up. 

"Wait, what's so funny?" asks James.

"I'm kidding!" I say again. "I wouldn't actually leave you over a splash of water," I giggle. He catches on and starts laughing too. 

"Well  know what I can beat you at," he grins. "Holding breath contest! Let's go, right now!"
And by surprise, I win! Victory!
"Woooo!" I cheer, smiling like a loon. "You got beat out by the pregnant woman, nice job!" 

"Not fair!" he frowns. 

"How is that not fair?" I ask, honestly confused.

"Because, you're too pretty to be this good at so many things." he swims over and supports my weight underwater, pulling me in for a kiss. "I love you," he smiles, nuzzling in close.

"Love you too," I grin.
Later, James and I get home just in time for the kids to get off the bus. James has to get home and get the guest room ready for when his brother comes in to town, so I let him go. Almost as soon as walking in the door Kenza comes up to me and says, "Hey mom, can I talk to you outside please?"

"Sure hon," I smile. We walk out to the back porch.
"So mom," says Kenza once we're situated out back. "I thought about what you said."

"Well that's good to know," I reply. "And what have you decided to do about John?

"Well..." she prolongs her words. "I saw him today at school. I did what you said and I imagined myself five years from now, looking back, and wondering if I would have wanted to have had my first time with him. And...I realize you were right. I didn't want to."

"Honey!" I gush. "I'm so proud of you!"
"Thanks mom," blushes Kenza. "I'm so glad I got to talk to you about this. It's nice to have a cool mom like you, most of my friends wouldn't have been able to even start that conversation with their parents. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you," she finishes. 

"Honey...I love you." We embrace in a motherly-daughterly fashion. "I think it's time you ad your brother age up, you kids are wise far beyond your years."
Look at these hotties! Kenza only let's me snap a few photo's before she insists on moving out with her brother and starting their lives!
After they leave, the house is a lot more quiet. I spend the rest of the evening with my boys, loving life. :)
 And as usual, I am woken up to the sharp pains of labor coursing through my body. It's a fairly quick labor, and only an hour later I am holding my new blessings!!

Baby 92
Katrina Lights
Baby 93
Thomas Lights

<3 :)


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