Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ah, So There Is Some Truth In All This Madness: Babies 89, 90, and 91

"MOMMY!" bellows what sounds like Sereana. The yelping is coming from outside and it only takes me two seconds to sprint out to the kids.

"Wh-wha-what happened?" I shout as I flee down the front steps. 

"Bambi is fighting with another dog!" shouts a very excited Clement. "It's so funny!" I roll my eyes and rush over the dogs-yup, they sure are fighting.
A stray dog is barking ridiculously loud at my baby, and I don't even know what to do! I think about reaching down to seperate them, but before I even have to make a decision, the stray growls one last time and starts fleeing our yard.

"Yeah, and don't come back!" I shout. I don't even know what happened, but Bambi looks fine and the kids are still shaking with confusion. I answer a few questions but then my phone rings.
Caller ID is turning into my enemy, because it clearly shows: Incoming Call From James Baby<3. Oh, dear god. 

"Hello?" I answer, shushing the kids talking. When they won't be quiet I tell them to go inside with a harsh whisper.

"Amber, still being a mom, huh?" laughs James from the other side of the line. I'm surprised when I feel my heart soar at the sound of his voice; huh, wasn't expecting that. 

"James," I actually smile at the feel of his name coming off my lips. "Hey, how are you?"

"I'm doing great, honestly. Apaloosa Plains is really beautiful and the people I'm working with are beyond nice. Everything is going so well."

"Well, good to hear," I say slowly. "Sounds likes a good time."

"Trust me, it is. But only one thing is missing...I wish you were here baby."
Oh god, oh god, oh god! I surprise myself yet again when I actually feel guilt as he says this. In the past few weeks or so that James has been gone, I have actually begun to believe that I could live a life with Corbin and have no regrets. But, then again, I am myself, the most complicated sim known to man.

"Yeah..." I mutter. "I miss you too." I actually mean that. I do miss James.

"That's so good to hear," replies James. "Now I know you're not cheating on me or something!" he laughs. My heart stops and the beating is so loud I can actually hear it racking through my ear drums. My breathing starts to pick up, faster than a cheetah on steroids. 

"Are you okay?"

"-what?" I reply absentmindedly. 

"Are. You. Oh. Kay?" he slows his sentence down, pronunciating each syllable. 

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine," I reply. "Just too dang busy!" I throw in a laugh at the end to reassure him I'm fine.
"Okay. Well I really just wanted to call and check in, and make sure you're doing okay. Oh, and before I forget to ask, how is your challenge going?"

How thoughtful, I think to myself. "It's going really well. I'm only twelve babies away from accomplishing my goal and I'm getting more anxious every day. After these twelve, who will I have? Who will be with me everyday? It's making me so nervous, just thinking about it."

"You'll have me," says James. "We could be together after the challenge, don't you think? Or is this just a temporary thing?" I can tell he's joking, but I really don't want to give him any reason to doubt our relationship at this point.

"Erm, absolutely," I say. "Most definitely."

"Well that's good to know," he replies.

"And James?" I ask. "When will you be back home?" I don't know how I am expecting him to answer, but for some reason my heart clenches up anyways. 

"Ah, I was waiting for you to ask. One week, baby. Only one week."

ONE WEEK?! That is FAR too soon for me to get my crap together and figure out what I'm going to do about everything...oh no.
"That's-that's perfect James," I manage to get out. "I've got to go, but talk soon!"

"Okay baby, tell the kids I say hi. I'll be counting down the you." 

"Yup! Okay, bye!" I try to sound as cheery as possible before hanging up the phone and collapsing on the ground. Why me?
I situate myself into an Indian-style way of sitting and just think. There is no doubt in my mind that James would be absolutely horrified if he knew what I've been up to, and I don't think any amount of begging would make him forgive me. Thank goodness he's not home YET, and I don't have to deal with this quite yet. But still, if I would really care that much about losing James, I need to find some closure. I remember when I saw Corbin the other night, I pondered the idea of visiting Elizabeth, his sick fiancee. Maybe seeing her would give me some closure and help me make my decision. That's definitely a possibility in the coming days. 
 As soon as I finally make some progress in my little think session, I am interrupted by a father at my doorstep. He walks up, but when he sees me on the ground sitting, he backs up a bit.

"Hiya, I'm Horace Hinson and I'm here to take part in your challenge. But if this is a bad time, I'll come back another da-"

"-perfect timing," I interrupt, standing up and dusting off my shorts. "I'm Amber, very pleased to meet you." Horace turns out to be a very nice gentleman and we actually have a good conversation before we get things done and he leaves. He's the last thing on my checklist before the end of the night, and after he leaves I snuggle up in my sheets and drift off to complete oblivion. 
Like mother like daughter, huh? This morning Thumper takes over the daily job of Bambi to wake me up long before I plan. Thumper hops on to my bed with a, well, thump and starts barking and whimpering in my face. When I lean up he's happily sitting there, tongue out of mouth, and starts nuzzling me. Having three dogs, one bird, and 88 kids of my own has it's fair share of ups and downs, but I love it all at the end of the day.
As with every day, I hop in this shower right away. I wash off all the yucky dog-germs and think; the shower is always my favorite place to get things in order for myself. Having a nights sleep in between my idea to visit Liz has made all the difference, and when I wake up I am positive that I am going to go through with it. One week goes by far faster than I would like, and it's going to be better for me to get this over with now rather than later...when both men are here. 
Because of getting awoken by Bambi, I'm up in plenty of time with the kiddo's. I make light conversation with them as they eat and I pack their lunches. Their favorite topic to discuss is definitely the new puppies that have populated our household, and the close second is aging up. We decide they will grow up this evening, but for now they should just enjoy their childhood.
After the kids leave for school, I decide it would be best to get this little meeting over with this morning. At first I'm hesitant to even do this, and because of the fact that she's sick, would I even want to talk to someone in that state and make her go out? But I have a plan in mind, and that's all I need to get the phonebook out. I find her number in as little as two minutes and I walk outside to make the call. The house is just to stuffy.
The dial tone only rings for about two seconds before the phone makes a rattling noise and she says, "Hello?" Good thing I got her rather than Corbin, that would have been difficult to explain.

"Hi, is this Elizabeth Laurito?"


"Hey Liz, it's me Amber-"

"-Oh, it's YOU?" the snarling in her voice sets me back but not too much. I had been expecting her to sound sicker on the line.

"-Yes, it's me. Please don't hang up. I just really need to talk to you...about stuff."

"What kind of stuff?" I can tell she's on the verge of hanging up, so I go ahead and try to sound more convincing than before. 
"Well," I begin, "I-I just-" I don't even know what to say, or what to make up. 

"Say something or I'm hanging up," she snarls.

"I have something to tell you about Corbin. Something you may want to know."

Something seems to click, because the annoyance in her voice goes away followed by interest. I guess I made up the right lie.

"Oh? Meet me at the Bistro right now." The sudden interest is great, but really weird at the same time. I don't understand what I said that was so invoking. 

"Gotcha." I try not to be snappy back because of her condition. I can't imagine having cancer...I would be rude to people too.
I of course rush straight to the corner bistro, but nothing could have ever prepared me for what I see. And what I see is Elizabeth looking healthy, glowing, and perfect with a look of annoyance on her face...wait, WHAT?!

I decide to play it cool in case she's just having a good day with the cancer. I smile when she comes up to me, but her straight expression stays plastered on her face. Ugh. 
"Hey Liz!" I chirp when she comes within a few feet. "How are you holding up?" 

"...I'm fine, thank you very much." she snarls, once again. 

"Erm, well that's good." I reply. "I've heard the treatments are very difficult to go through and-"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Woah, that's out of no where.

"Your cancer!" I blurt out. "It's very hard to get through, and I just want you to know, I am here if you-"
"CANCER?!" she replies, baffled. "Who the hell told you I had CANCER?" 

"Well, he-I just, wait, WHAT?!"

"Why would you think I have cancer? Trying to kill me off, now aren't you? Bitch."

"Wait, Liz, I just-"

"Don't call me Liz! Only people I love call me that! You're such a freak for saying I have cancer, you WISH I would die. Just so you can get your greedy, lust-starved hands on my-"
I don't even let her finish before I turn around and start walking away. Behind me, she shouts, "Fine, walk away! Be that way!" I continue walking when she shouts, "Wait, hold up! What's the thing about Corbin you said you knew about?"

I think about not saying anything, but I do. Because I love having the last word. 

"Oh, right. Your fiance is cheating on you. Bitch."
I know it's not a very classy last line, but it had to be done. I'm done with that woman.
I drive home with the pedal to the floor, anger coursing through my body. I don't even care when a deer narrowly misses my car. That's how you can tell how angry I am.
When I get home, I'm almost excited about calling Corbin and giving him all I can take. I obviously got home long before Liz, in fact, she's probably still standing at the bistro and wondering what the hell is going on. But I know what's going on. Corbin lied. In a very big way.

I call him up in a matter of moments, and since the kids aren't home, I stay inside to make this call. "Amber," he breathes when he answers. False love. That's the tone he says it in. "So good to hear from you baby."

I decide playing along would be fun-let's see how long he's really willing to take this. "Hey baby," I coo. "I'm dying to see you. Just the thought of you is making me go crazy."

"Me too baby, me too. Let's meet somewhere. Now."

"Okay, but first, make sure Liz is out of the house. I want to be with you at your place, where we can have the place all to ourselves."

His voice grows nervous. "Well how about your place? Liz is, um, really sick right now. One of her worst days yet, I wouldn't want to disturb her." 
"Oh really?" I ask, my eyes going wild. "How about you put Liz on the phone for me? Let me just make sure she's not there."

"No, right now really isn't a-"

"You filthy, cheating bastard." I shout. "She's not sick, is she?"

"What are you-"

"She's not sick. Elizabeth is not sick. You. Lied." I know he gets it, but I break it down just for the fun of it. 

"No, Amber, that's not-"

"Don't ever talk to me again." I shout, and hang up the phone. 
And today, instead of sobbing on the ground like I did last night, I slowly guide myself into my bedroom and collapse on my bed. I'd rather not think right now.
I would be lying if I didn't say I am shocked when I wake up the next morning, in different clothes than I fell asleep in. I remember crying for what felt like forever, changing clothes in the middle of the night, and then falling back asleep. Good night, eh?

All  know is that I am done with Corbin freaking Fierik. Him and Liz are awful, scheming, and liars, and that's something I KNOW I don't have to deal with. After getting all my tears out, I honestly don't feel like I'll be crying over either of them any time soon. I'm content.
After taking a long, hot shower and wiping off all the makeup that had fallen around my eyes, I start to feel more like myself. And not my typical dazed and confused self; I start to feel like the real me, with only one true goal in mind; to be with the one I love. And that person, at the moment, is James. And my family. 

When I go into the toddlers room I am VERY shocked to see no more little babies lying in the cribs, but now older and grown babies! Before he kids go to school I get some pictures. They all aged up for me!
The toddlers! They are very adorable, sweet little boys. They both look mostly like their father, and Nathaniel has the sweetest purple eyes I have ever seen on a sim. They are both very silly and get along with pretty much everyone, so it's really great having them around.
Mario and Kenza: The image of perfection! Mario is my perfect little ginger, complete with gorgeous emerald green eyes and the most bubbly personality I've ever seen on a young boy. His personality is a great match with his sisters; Kenza's sweet and loving personality is a driving force in her relationship with her brother and the rest of the family. They make a great pair, which makes me so happy. Nothing is better than when my kids are so happy.
And lastly, the triplets! They still stick to their classic lineup; Sereana is the girly one, Clement is the bad boy, and Candyce is sweet. All three have the same color hair which is something I don't think has ever happened in my challenge, and we've all nicknamed the three of them "The Red Heads". The name always makes the younger kiddo's laugh, so they don't mind at all.
After I am done admiring how beautiful everyone is, I'm strangely alone in the house. It's been a very long week filled with lots of pregnancies. After waking up the babies I walk into the kitchen to fix some breakfast for myself when I notice I'm doing the oh-so-famous pregnant waddle. My bump is very tiny at this point, but it's getting there. I'm really hoping to bump myself into the nineties by having multiples again.
 Since it's such a sunny day out, I take the toddlers out to play on the spring riders. Sometimes I forget that I even have them, which is kind of funny because of how much the family used them when we first purchased them. Nathan is the first to use them, and he chose the rocket ship to ride on. He spends what feels like hours playing on it, and having the time of his life. 
Robert has a certain fixation with cowboys and the old Western times, so he chooses to ride on the horse. Just like his brother, he has a great time riding for awhile before I make him get off and have a snack (which he is equally as happy to do).
Towards the end of the day, when the kids all get home, we spend our Friday night together as a family. It has been a hellous week and I have been counting down the days for the weekend. Well, now it's here! The family and I spend the night just enjoying one another's presence and playing with the pets; how could life get better?
Since it's Saturday, my favorite day of the week, I wake up extra early to shower and make a great family breakfast. French toast sounds just about right so I whip out the ingredients and start baking to my delight.
Around nine o' clock, when I finish the scrumptious french toast, it doesn't take long for the kids to smell and come out of their rooms like zombies. We all sit down to a lovely morning breakfast, and I even put on a pot of coffee for us all to share (The kids have always loved coffee, but I never allow them to have it-shortness runs in our family enough, no need for coffee to come into play). We all talk about what we could possibly do on this wonderfully sunny day, and it become apparent that we all want to go to our favorite lake on the other side of town. It's quite the drive, but for family fun who cares?
The family gets super excited when the car pulls up and all we can see is the rising condensation from the waterfall. Everyone grows immensely anxious, and when I park the car you better believe they all flee out like a wild pack of animals!
We spend most of the day fishing, a long time family tradition. We all enjoy just being in the sun, staring across the lake, and having time to relax. When I was young I wish my parents did stuff like this after a long week of school, and it makes me so happy that my children appreciate things like this.
 The day ends up being a huge success. I get to harvest some of the rarest bell peppers in this secret nook at the lake, the kids see some wild animals like the turtle pictured above, and Bambi has even more fun with her puppies. It's still so cute to see her interacting with little babies she makes me swoon.
And when we get home at the very beginning of sunset, classic little me goes into labor. In the yard. Where everyone is watching.

Baby 89
Gordon Lights
Baby 90 (Pushing the final ten!!!)
Justine Lights
Baby 91
Bertha Lights

Triplets, just like I wanted. With much excitement in my heart, I look over at the calendar for the date and grin; one more day until James comes home. I'll be counting down. <3


  1. Loved the post, especially the drama with Liz! Well done ^_^


  2. Thank you for reading and liking Laura! :) <3

    Keep commenting!

  3. You must have worked so hard to get this post out and it really shows. I loved this post and the puppies are so cute! ^_^

    I loved the scene with Liz... she's not sick?!?! What was Corbin doing??? :O

    I want the next post out soon so I can read it!!! I'm so happy for you, only 9 babies left!

    ~Catlover800 aka Calista Smith

  4. Oh my god, thank you for realizing..I spend an entire day today putting this together LOL! I know, Corbin was being a little prick wasn't he? But since when Amber said she would never talk to him again, she was being serious, let me explain why he lied like that: He figured that if he told Amber that, she wouldn't feel bad about cheating and would think of Corbin as a savior rather than who he really is.

    I will work my little butt off every day to get a post out just for you, okay? <3 9 babies sounds so close...oh geez!

    Keep commenting!

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  6. I know, I know...Corbin is a bad guy! James is a great guy, and in the end you'll see why he's so much better for her.

    Keep commenting!

  7. Corbin... >:(
    dont mess with a girls heart, or your gonna get hurt. poor amber and elizabeth
    i love all the kiddies!!!!
    i love kenza's hair colour its so nice!

  8. Awesome post Amber! I'm happy that Justine got her daddie's skin, but Gordon and Bertha and adorable too. I'm happy that Amber is finally over Corbin, because I really wanted her to end up with James. Again, I loved the post and the new babies, and as always, I can't wait for the next one!

  9. Thanks everyone!

    Amiee, I know, Corbin is awful! Hahaha, thanks for reading and I like Kenza's hair too!

    Violet, thank you! I'm happy about Justine too! And yeah, I went back and forth for a really long time about which guy to choose and James was the final choice. :D

    Charlie, thank you.

    Keep commenting!

  10. Wow, great post! I can't believe Corbin did that. He doesn't deserve Amber! Can't wait for the next post! :)

  11. Thank you so much for reading Paisley <3

  12. Good on Amber! Woo!!!

    You told 'Liz' Damn Straight.

    It was a great post and congrats to making it into the final ten countdown of babies, well 9 left :D

  13. I'm so proud of you for getting this out all in one day :D you worked really hard and your work shows.

    Furthermore, WOW. Way to twist the story from what we talked about a few months ago! JAMESSSSS <3 I love him :3

    KEEP ON BLOGGING! (By the way, don't delete your facebook after your challenge. I might want to kill you if you do. Love you <3)

    (Oh yeah, I also meant to tell you that Liz is a bitch. And that I forgot to comment when I first read this XD Sorry!)

    <3 Vanessa

  14. Yes, yes, YES! Hopefully Corbin is now out of her life... But I'm still so curious why he lied and stuff. Or did I miss it? I'll go reread every thing. :D JAMES! So thankful he's coming back!

    Kudos to Amber for pawning Liz with that last sentence... That may be, like, the best scene I've ever read on anyone's blog. O.o

    Very good post, I love how you wrapped everything together. :D

  15. I've been busy I guess and missed this post! But I have read it now! I was going for Corbin, but not now with the way he is treating Amber and Liz. He doesn't deserve either of them. I hope James can really make Amber happy! I'll have to read the next post tonight after I get off work. Looking forward to it!

  16. Did you notice the gnome in picture 32?


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