Saturday, June 4, 2011

Major Milestone:Baby 50

Thanks to kcheeks a.k.a. Claire for these gifts! It was so sweet of you to gift me one item, let alone seven-I will definitely name a child of mine after you, thanks for everything!

Also thanks to a great friend, mother, and Simmer Hope Harringson for this Giraffe Growth Chart. I was so glad to hear from you Hope, and thanks for the late birthday present-you ROCK! 

And I was not gifted this but I figured I would show you it-this is everything that I have unlocked via Sims 3 Site due to uploading memories. You should try it, it's free stuff from EA! :)

As soon as Poppy and Rosebud are resting in their cribs I set up three perfect birthday cakes. The triplets have been begging to age up since they became children so I made them a deal; as soon as their new siblings are born they can age up. Sadly, now the time has come for my eager young men to age and explore the wonders of teen hood and I must accept it, no matter how hard.
 Each child ages up gloriously into unique men. Max (on the left) is still the same person he was as a child, just more intense. I can see the marks that all that bullying from his brothers left on him etched into his face, a permanent mark of his sadness. Mason (in the middle) has eased up a bit from his rude personality as a kid. He used to be a neutral guy, never picking sides until Maddox started up his bullying. Now on to Maddox-He has grown up a lot since his bully days as a child. He still has his moments of meanness and hate but it will never be the same as it was.

The boys are most definitely NOT best friends but they have a neutral liking for each other, which keeps things calm.
When I wake up this morning the sun is shining, country radio is playing, and the babies are all asleep. It’s a Tuesday, so the babies and I have the home to ourselves! The thought excites me, no teens in the house so I have more opportunity to hang with the babes. I start by waking up my daughter Gina with “the claw”. It gets her squirming and giggling quicker than before, something a mother like me adores.
“Oh no! Not the claw!” I shout playfully.
Gina-Ahhh! Don’t let the claw get you mommy, don’t let it eat you up!!

I start chatting with Gerry when I realize that they should really age up. Both Gina and Gerry are great kids and fast learners, which means they will grow up swiftly. As with the evening before I set up two perfect birthday cakes and gather the kid’s up. While I’m at it I also decide to age Poppy and Rosebud-the infant days are tough.
My G-babies are simply wonderful. Gina and Gerry not only get along, but they also LOVE school, work really hard, are responsible, AND love playing and tending to their little siblings. The only riff that I’ve picked up on so far is that Gerry despises the fact that Gina is the slightest bit taller than him. He wants to feel like the dominant twin but I know he’ll get over it.

Poppy is beautiful. She is a sweet sister to Rosebud and even sweeter to her mommy. She adores dressing up and looking “pweety” for everyone to see.  Compared to her sister she is the polar opposite.

Rosebud prefers her looks “Out of the way, and ready for play”-In other words, Rosebud (a.k.a. Rose) loves playing and not caring how dirty she gets. Her favorite things are spring riders. She loves them so much that going to the park every day is too much so I ordered a couple online. They had a sale on a classic sandbox so I ordered that too. I will stop at no lengths to make my children happy.

Almost as soon as the babies grow up, the drama starts. As I’m trying to clean up cake around the kitchen I notice the girls fighting over the toy bear.

“My bear!!” shouts Rosebud as she reaches out to an unsuspecting Poppy.
Poppy opens her eyes last second and shouts, “No! My bear!” I watch with worry as the fighting goes on.

 Rosebud-Sissy, it’s my bear! Now gimme!
Poppy gives a sassy look to her sister and says, “NO!! Me want bear! Gimme bear!!” I reach down and grab the bear. An immediate whining floods the house. “Why you take bear mommy?” Rosebud inquires between her sisters sobs.
Amber-Well baby girl, you two need to share or the bear will be taken away. Are you willing to share?
Amber-Well, there’s your answer-I am taking away your bear until you learn to cooperate.

I take the drama-starting bear and hide it in the laundry room cabinet. The mud room is OFF LIMITS for tots, and plus the cabinets are too high so there’s no way they could possible get in.
Once done with I go outside to garden. It’s good since I don’t have to listen to the babies whining. I must look like a bad mother, but my children must learn that in life you need to learn to work together and get over things, which they will in time. But for now crying is the only thing I hear.
Inside, Gina and Gerry are engaged in a game of chess. They haven’t had their first day of school yet so for now they are hanging around the house.

When I make my way back in the house I spot Rosebud and Poppy playing on opposite toys, away from each other. I hope what I did didn’t push them farther apart…
But I start to feel bad so I sit down and play with them an equal amount of time each.
As I go to the kitchen to start dinner I notice my triplets boys working hard on their homework …together. Rose and Poppy should look up to them for trying to make an effort even though they have a difficult past.

After we eat a family dinner and the kids are washing up for bed I head into the study. I need to seriously work on Penelope’s wedding plans so that I don’t fall behind. I plan on having everything ready within the next two weeks so that Penny and her fiancĂ© Chase can go to Africa as previously planned. I plan on setting aside time everyday to make sure things work out.

As I’m just about done for the night the boys walk in, fearful looks on their faces.

I take one glance and stare back at my work as I talk.
Amber-What’s up boys?
Silence occurs so Max takes the first move.
Max-Okay, well hello mom. How are you doing?
Amber-You’re avoiding something…keep talking.
Max-Okay, well, as you know our class took a field trip to the Police Station today…
Max-And it was a lot fun. They were really cool and their weapons were SWEET.
Max-And…they did some hands on stuff. They showed us how to use the tasers and they gave a really detailed description of their daily days.
Amber-Really? That’s interesting, does it sound difficult?

Max-Yep, really difficult…
Maddox-Wow dude, you suck at this! Basically, what he’s trying to say is that we had a lot of fun at the station today. They told us a lot about how crime is occurring more and more in Sunset Valley every week and how more cops are quitting/fired/injured. It really touched Max, Mason and myself at what our cops are willing to do to protect us and well…we want to be cops. We would have to age up early, literally within the next day to seize the opportunity. But it’s the chance of a lifetime and we really want it-all three of us.
Mason-Couldn’t have said it better myself bro.
Amber-Age up within the next DAY? But you aged up just last night! How could you possible ask that?
Max-It would be best for not only ourselves, but the community too. Remember when the three of us used to fight and you always said to ‘get over it’ and ‘compromise’? Well we have and are more than ready to move on. Please?
Amber-I just don’t know…
Mason-Just think about it Ma. Just think.

They leave but I ask Max to stay-he’s always honest.
Amber-Is this really what you want to do? Or are your brothers forcing you?
Max-I am being completely honest when I say this: I want to be a cop with my brothers. I think the police force looks awesome, and I would love to help people.
Amber-But it’s so dangerous…
Max-But as said before, it’s for the better of the community. And hey, we’re triplets for a reason; we look out for each other. Like Mason said, just think about it.
Amber-Fine. Just get to bed, it’s late.
Max-Love you Mom
Amber-Love you too

It’s a sad thing when you’re begging your children to stay home rather than help people but what am I supposed to do? Send three of my children to a potentially dangerous job with no second-guessing? Yeah. Right.
I get up bright and early today. I eat a large bowl of cereal and take my time so I can debate some things on my mind. First of all, I have NO idea who the father should be for baby 50. I feel like it should be someone special to me but other than Casey and maybe an old guy friend who else? I don’t feel like it needs to be someone insanely special, just more than the ordinary. While I’m thinking my phone buzzes, scaring me beyond belief.
Note to self: Never get lost in thought with your phone nearby.

I flip open my phone to check my messages.
Hey there pretty momma! You’ve never met me but you will soon-I am Kent Rivoli, single (but lovable) and ready to be in your 100 baby challenge! I live and work mainly in France/Egypt so I’ve booked a flight for this evening to come up. I hope this doesn’t interfere with anything but this is the only time I can come!
See you soon! –Kent

Well, I guess that answers THAT question
 After cleaning up my dishes I get showered and decided to clean some more of the house. I focus mainly on the girls room, reorganizing, cleaning, and supplying with items.
Next I start potty training Rosey. I make sure to keep each girl out the others view so that no fights or crying breaks out. Rose does a good job for the main part but I can see the annoyance in her eyes at the sight of her sister. I can’t believe mean-ness can start so young, but it’s a pattern I want to start and stop now.
I set both girls on the floor along with the teddy bear from yesterday. I see both of their eyes light up but I hold the bear back.
Amber-You will get this bear back if you learn how to share. Can you try sharing for mommy?

Poppy-(tearing up) Wahh, no!!
Amber-I say you try. So Rosebud, you hold it first.
Rose grabs the bear and starts chewing on its head and smacking it around. I laugh but regain composure to finish the lesson about sharing.
Amber-Now Rosey, pass the POLITELY to your sister.
Rose hesitates but hands it over. Poppy eyes the bear curiously before deciding it’s not infected with some sort of sharing disease.
Amber-So…is sharing okay by you girls?

We all cheer but especially me-my girls have learned to SHARE!!!!
As I’m flipping out and being happy as can be the doorbell rings. I stop my cheering, compose myself and make it to the door in time to see someone I haven’t seen in awhile.

I shout and run out to my off and on boyfriend Casey Kinly. In case you forgot/haven’t read about my relationship with him here it is in a nutshell: We met after he saved my daughter Violet’s life. He fathered a baby for the challenge and soon afterward we started dating. Things went well for a while until he went off to a high school reunion, got drugged, and slept with his old girlfriend who is more than jealous of us. On Mother’s day of this month we accidentally saw each other at the Day Spa and talked things out (we figured out that he got drugged and such) and we haven’t really declared ourselves dating again yet. So, there you go!
He picks me up and and swings me around in his arms. I go on my tip-toes to give him a peck on the cheek and he smiles at me. I stare at him and think, how could I almost let this one go? He’s so perfect in so many ways…and he’s all mine.

“Wow, that’s one hell of a hello,” he says. I burst out smiling at his dry humor that I love.
Amber-I save only the best for the people I love.
He looks deeply into my eyes, deeper than ever before, and says, “I love you Amber Lights. I love you more than anything on this earth or the sky or above. I don’t say it enough but I’ll say it again: I. Love. You.” I study every one of his features form his freckles to his strong nose.
Amber-I love you too baby. I’ve been so freakin busy with the challenge lately that romance is out the door but…I just love you so much. We can put the past behind us.
Casey-I was hoping you would say that.

He grabs my hand and strokes my hand. “Clean slate baby, okay? Forget the past and just move forward. With me. With us.”
Amber-I will always.

The romance in the air is almost too much for me to handle but I do. Because I’m with Casey, something I never thought I would live to see again.
As we’re enjoying one another’s presence I remember that I have two children inside who are probably ripping each others hair out. They may have learned to share an hour ago but I doubt that lasted.

I rush inside expecting to see a full out battle between two tots but that’s not what I see. I see my two baby girlies sharing dolls and playing together.
Amber-Whoa! What happened to the teddy bear girls? Don’t you like it anymore?
Rose-We like dollies now, teddy’s are SO old

I laugh at how much their attitudes have changed for the better and sit down to play with them. Casey of course joins and we fall right back into our old habits.
I teach Poppy to walk while Casey shows off his excellent skills on the xylophone. We hang around for a while until the triplets get home and I remember the previous night.

“So” says Maddox
“So…” I reply. He stares at me since he knows that I am purposely ticking him off. “So…I think I’m going to let you boys age up.” I say.
Maddox-Are you…are you SERIOUS?!
Amber-Yes, I’m serious. There’s a few rules and promise’s you have to make but for the most part I’m okay with this.
Maddox-YES!! Mason! Max! She said yes!!
 Mason starts cheering and clapping as I set up three specially made birthday cakes for my boys.
 We all smile and laugh as each boy literally sparkles into adult hood.

So here they are, my three young men all grown up. So early in their life they have developed right in front of my eyes and are now prepared to leave me for the better of the community. I think each boy will make a fantastic cop and will keep all of the Sunset Valley families safe. I feel safe and secure knowing that my three boys are working to protect my family.

I hug each boy tightly and send them on their way.
After the kids move out and Casey leaves too I sit down to help my G-twins with their homework. Kent Rivoli should be over within the next hour and I’m getting kind of nervous! I’ve never talked to him on the phone or even seen a picture but looks are only skin deep-as long as he’s a genuine person, I’m all right with it.
He finally shows up and BOY, is he good looking. I quickly introduce myself and bring him in the house. We start chatting when I notice he is holding something behind his back…my mind comes up with tons of bad things that it could be so I come out and ask, “Hey, what’s behind your back?!” He smiles nervously and says “well…” I gasp at what he brings out.

Kent-These are for you, my love. I am so happy to be here in your home, about to take part in your challenge! These flowers are so small compared to what I’m going to do for you. From what I know I am about to father your 50th baby, correct?
Kent-Then I want to make this the best pregnancy for you yet. Every day of your pregnancy I will bring you a gift or two to show you how deeply I care about this. And by the time the kid is born I will have to leave again, so they will at least have lots of gifts from me.
“That is so sweet!” I gush as I inhale the delicate flowers.

 We chat for a while until I notice the time. “So, are you ready to go through with this?” I ask him. He smiles and says, “Of course! Where shall we go?”

Amber-The bed or the hot tub. Your pick, kind sir.
Kent-It IS baby 50…why don’t we try something new like the shower to try for the baby?
Amber-the SHOWER?
Kent-Yep! Let’s do it!

I giggle like a maniac and enjoy myself as he leads me to the shower and we get things done.
 When Kent leaves I try to wrangle up the kids and get them to bed on time. I find Gerry pretending to be in a submarine in the bath tub and Gina playing with her new horse doll in her room. I usher them both to bed and read the tots to sleep. Once everyone is asleep, so am I.

Today Poppy tries her hand at the big kid potty. For the most part she does well but by the end of the session I can see the frustration building up in her.
To relax us both I go to see if the spring riders have come in yet and sure enough they have! I spend a bit of time installing them and the sandbox before showing the girls.

“Weeee!!!!!! This is so fun!!” shouts Poppy as she sways back and forth. “Yay horsie!!” Her giggling is contagious and I start smiling like a maniac too. I can already tell that the spring riders were a worthy investment.
 Next, Rosebud tries out the one I bought mainly for the boys, the space ship one. Rose has the same reactions as her sister and better. “Yay, I have my own ride now! Weee!!!!!” A few times Rose almost falls off but I catch her with my super-mom skills every time though.
After our interesting encounters with the riders I decide to take things slow for the remainder of the day. I take Poppy and Rose and give them a lesson on nouns and adjectives in the sandbox. They don’t seem to mind the different ground texture so I stay there with the view of the ocean.
Once they get their fair share of talking in I have some free time. And while any other person would spend it doing something they ENJOY, I decide to clean the house. Call me insane, but no one else is going to do it.
By the time I finish it’s pushing 5 PM so I make a favorite meal among my family; mac n’ cheese. Gerr, Gina, and I all sit down and talk about our days while eating up the scrumptious meal. I admire the red roses that Kent gave me as we eat. They make a beautiful centerpiece and remind me of how lucky I got with the halfway point father.

Before I go to sleep Gina comes up to me with a smile on her face. “Thanks so much for cooking dinner tonight Mom, it was really good.” She says. I eye her suspiciously and say, “What do you want?”
Gina-What do you mean? I just wanted to tell you that I loved dinner and yuou’re a great mom
Amber-Oh really? Well thanks then, goodnight.
I start to walk away and it does exactly what I’d hoped-it grabbed her attention.
Gina-Okay, maybe I DO want something

Amber-Figures. What’s up honey?

 Gina-Well…Gerry and I both already have our grades up to an A+ and neither of us feel like we’re learning anything new these days. Can we age up early?
Amber-….I don’t think so. Your brothers just did that and I’m not ready to let more of you leave too early.
Gina-I’m just SO BORED though…
Amber-Why don’t we sign you and Ger up for some after school activities? You could learn some new things that way and still stay children
Gina-Hmm…okay. But you have to promise to let us pick our own!!
Amber-Alrighty then, you can. I trust you. Goodnight
Gina-Goodnight mommy!!

Some after school activities never hurt anyone, it might be good for them. I finish up putting the kids to bed and fall asleep around midnight.
A baby bump is upon me when I wake up on this lovely Friday morning. I’m so glad for it to be the weekend and for my new baby (BABY 50!!!!!!!!!!) to be on the way. As I stroke my belly I send a text to Kent saying I’m pregnant, thanks so much for helping!! He replies right away saying You’re welcome!! Can I come over later today to feel it? I of course say that he can so I proceed to hop in the shower and eat a large breakfast.
Soon after Casey calls me up to ask how the baby and I are doing. He always knows when I’m pregnant without seeing me, I think he has some sort of special radar for me :) He asks to come over later but I tell him no. I don’t want to risk him running into Kent whenever he comes over. I tell him to come over this evening if possible. I haven’t spent much time with my boyfriend since the whole fight and making up for lost time is my challenge.
As the day goes on I focus on teaching the girls their skills. At this point they are both potty trained and only Rose knows how to talk. I need to put all my energy into making these girls as smart as possible before aging up.
While I’m working with Rose Poppy plays with the blocks table. She build some awesome pyramids and structures that make me go WOW as I work.
 Around 4 PM Kent makes his way over to my house. His eyes light up when he sees my belly and it makes my heart tingle with joy. I wish every challenge dad felt this way about my pregnancies. He feels my stomach and talks to the unborn child like I always do.
Kent-Who’s your daddy? Who’s your daddy? I am! I love you!!
Amber-You’re so sweet Kent :) Thanks for coming over
Kent-Anytime. So remember what I told you when we first met? I told you that every day of your pregnancy I will bring you a present or two to celebrate this milestone.
Amber-OH, right! I forgot about that! You don’t have to feel like you have to do that

Kent-Oh trust me, I want to. So here are a few things I got you and the children!

Amber-Oh my gosh, a STROLLER?!
Kent-Yes! The best stroller out there and now it’s yours along with a new football and baseball for your boys. What do you think?
Amber-What do I think? I think this is…AWESOME! Thank you so much Kent!!
Kent-Of course! I’m glad that you like it so much!!
Happiness over comes me and without even thinking I reach out and kiss him smack on the lips. He seems into it and surely doesn’t pull away but I do. 
Amber-Oh, wow. I’m sorry that was so out of line
Kent-It’s okay, I knew you were smitten me form the moment you saw me!
Amber-Smitten? I do NOT like you more than a challenge father and friend
Kent-Okay! That’s fine. Well I really must be going but I’ll be over tomorrow too to see you and the baby-good luck with the rest of your day

Once Kent is gone I put the stroller away and think about what I just did. I was just so happy and joyful at what he did that I guess I let it get the best of me…but I do NOT like him, not as much as I like my Casey. Speaking of, he is coming over later.
 When I go inside I see Gerry and Gine working out together and sweating like crazy.
Amber-Whoa, what’s the occasion kids?
Gina-(out of breath) I signed up for ballet and Gerry signed up for the Hiking club so we need to get in shape.
Gerry-(panting) Yeah….what she said.

I crack up at their antics and order some pizza for dinner. Want to know something funny? Whenever I order pizza I think about when I used to be a vampire and the only human food I ate during that time was one slice of pizza on a Friday night. Just a fun fact about me!
Once the pizza comes so does Casey and the party starts. Both Casey and I talk for a little while outside about things and come to a conclusion that we should still be boyfriend/girlfriend and that nothing should change that. Around 7 we head inside to hang around with the kids.
We eat some pizza and drink a little soda which leads to a huge pillow fight-boys vs. girls. Casey and I mainly try to hit each other while Gina and Gerry go at it. But sometimes Gina and I plan an ambush together and completely wipe them out. In the end it’s a tie and I feel really good. I think pillow fighting should be included in couples counseling, it really helps you get any anger out.
Afterwards the kids are super tired since they worked out, started their after school activities, and had a huge pillow fight so putting them to bed is no issue. I quietly place Rose and Poppy in their cribs and then make my way outside to Casey. We sit down and watch the stars. Every so often he whispers something funny in my ear and I just smile at how perfect things are.

At one point I point to a star and say, “You see that star Casey?”
Casey-Of course, it’s the brightest one in the sky tonight
Amber-Well that should be out star. We have shined brighter than any other duo before and we need to show it.
Casey-It’s perfect, I love you Amber and I love all of your children, especially ours.
Amber-I love you too babe

Casey is forced to leave around 11 due to his hectic work hours so I sadly say goodbye. I kiss him on the lips and ask to see him soon, which he of course says yes to.

Today is Saturday so I get up at the break of dawn to prepare breakfast. Weekend breakfasts are a family tradition ever since I was a little girl. The meal today is my famous French toast that I’m sure the kids will love.
After breakfast I clean up and tend to the babies while Gerry and Gina make their way outside. They have been dying to play in the new sandbox since I bought it but I kept telling them to wait for the weekend. They did and now the weekend is here so they’re taking full advantage.
As I’m outside cleaning up and watching over the kids Kent shows up with the last day of presents.

Amber-Oh, hey Kent!
Kent-Hey Amber! Sorry for not warning you I was coming over, I hope I didn’t come at a bad time…
Amber-Oh no, of course not. I’m just hanging out with the kids. What’s up?
Kent-Well I brought the second and last day of presents! Wanna see?

Kent-So this one is a lot smaller than the one yesterday but I really think you’ll like it
Amber-Any gift is sweet so I really don’t mind
Kent-I’m glad. Okay so are you ready?
Amber-Yes! This is SO intense! (starts laughing)

It’s a video camera recorder!!
Amber-Is this one of those high-tech video recorders?
Kent-Yup! It’s great for family home videos and capturing any other moments you want
Amber-That is so precious, I really want to test it out!
Kent-Then do it! Record your kids and keep it as your first home video!
Amber-You know what? I think I will!

I record a short video of the family playing in the sandbox to test things out. I think I got the hang of it but the real test is to see if plays back on the television. I tell the kiddo’s what I’m doing so we all gather in the living room to watch it!!
 I stare in awe at how cool it is to watch these video’s back! The kids laugh at how silly they all look on camera but how cool their sandcastles look too! We all share a long family moment and process how much fun this will be. After we’re done being amazed the kids start on their sandcastles again.

Meanwhile I thank Kent for the gift with a tight hug. “That was so sweet of you Kent,” I purr. “It’s my pleasure,” he replies. “I’m glad you’re having fun with this pregnancy.” He hugs me a bit too tightly and it reminds me of our conversation yesterday.
Amber-Kent, you know I have a boyfriend right?
Kent-No, I actually didn’t
Amber-well I do and I really don’t want to screw things up. I don’t know if you think we could be an item or what but it’s not going to happen, ok?
Kent-Geez okay, I never thought that. I’ve just sensed that you might like me like that
Amber-Me? NO WAY. You’re nice and all but my heart belongs to Casey.
Amber-Well thanks for coming and for the present, it was good to see you. Goodbye Kent
Kent-Goodbye Amber
Once it’s just the kids and I we all just hang around outside. I teach Poppy to talk and it’s super frustrating at some moments. She simply can’t grasp the idea of sounding out words and saying syllables. Just when I want to give up she comes through and learns to talk.
Gina spends some time bonding with her sister. I think it’s the cutest thing to just watch them giggle and smile every time Gina says “Peek-a-boo!!”
I decide to cook an early dinner so I won’t go into labor while cooking and such. Grilled Salmon sounds just about right so I fry some up and munch on it happily
But of course, with my luck, I go into labor right as I sit down to eat. Kent shows up to help me through the labor but I pretty much ignore him. All I need is a quiet room and some time to hit this milestone.
 A short labor is apparently in my plans for the day so the birth is quick and easy.
2 hours after the first contraction I, Amber Essence Lights, welcome my baby 50 to the world
 Baby 50
Finnly Lights

<3 :)

OH MY GOSH, BABY 50!!!! Thanks so much to you ALL for supporting me up and through to this point and everything you've done for me! I couldn't have made it to this amazing milestone in the challenge without your support and awesomeness so I thank you one million times for it. 


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    thanks for these amazing stories..
    Love, Sarah(:

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