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Pranks!: Babies 53 and 54

Thanks to NathalieLevi for the Sea Adventures dress. With my two new little girls this dress is perfect!
Also thanks to ELMSims3 (Violet Newbie) for the Grassy Frog Dresser. That along with the kind words you left on my page are so sweet...thank you

First things first I should catch you up on some things between updates. Since it's spring I have decided that I don't need a red and black room anymore. So I went to the store and bought some new sheets and some wall paper and re-did it all! My taste has always been a bit on the darker side but I really do love this spring/summer look.
I also re-did the babies room! I loved the original colors but it was all winter colored. I have updated the look with some new cribs, wall paper, and toys. I'm really liking it.
Gina and Gerry have also aged up. They are such cute twins that I am going to miss, but it's time they move on. They both want to have huge families and stay close so they are moving into houses right across the street from each other! I can't wait to meet all of my soon-to-be grandkids but until then I hope my own stay happy.
 Claire and Charlotte are showing major signs of growth and development so young. They've already started mumbling words and this morning I woke up and they simply grew up on me. No need for birthday cakes!
So here they are! They look a lot different from one another but they have similar personalities. They're very giggly and bright. I love reading them bed-time stories every night because of the facial expressions they make. They love to play out in the sun so lotion is always a big part of our  days-I'm always afraid they'll be burnt to a crisp!
 Finnly is my little bed-head monster! He refuses to ever, and I mean EVER do his hair. Everyday he throws on the first thing he sees and it's a blessing if I can get him to brush his teeth. But there's something about him, and I'm not sure what it is, but you can't help but love him to bits. That's a fabulous trait that he sure has lucked out on.
Finnly is immediately bored with no siblings in the house. "Hey mom?" he asks. "Let's go to the new park down the street, I heard it's really cool!" 
"Don't you mean 'May we go to the park'?" I ask. He sighs and says, "MAY we go to the park mom?" I laugh and say, "Sure honey!" 

I also call up Casey and ask him to go. It could be fun to hang in a park with my darling.
When we get to the park I start to take off to look at everything. I'm such a kid at heart and apparently Casey doesn't know that. "Um, what are you doing Amber? Look like an adult!" I give him a look and shoot back, "No! I'm a mother of 52, can't I have SOME rights? I'm going to play, you can be a party-pooper if that's what you want." 

He gives me a weird look but follows me into the park anyway. 
Finn makes his way to the tree house right away. He's been begging me for one since he was a tot but then the park was built. We made a deal that he's allowed to visit the park tree house anytime he wants as long as he's with a teen or adult.
I hop on the hopscotch course right away and that gets me another weird look from Casey. "Amber!" he scolds. "You're making me look bad!" I stare at him, wondering how I can be dating such a judgmental guy. "Casey, don't speak to me that way. You can stand here and be annoying or you can play hopscotch with me and have some fun! Make your decision or leave!" I can't believe I said those words but after the initial shock I realize I meant it.
"Fine, hand me the freakin stone"
He plays and I see him start to enjoy it after awhile. "Wow, I guess this is fun. I missed out on so much as a kid." he says sadly. "What do you mean?" I ask. "Well..." he says. " I didn't get to do much as a kid since we didn't have much money. It just makes me sad to think of all I;ve missed out on." I just pat him on the shoulder and give him a peck on the cheek. 
"But things have changed, and now you have me" I say.
I'm guilty as charged when we spend the next good half hour making out on the park bench. We hide in the corner so no kids will be exposed to it but after I simply grin at Casey and play with more stuff in the park.
 Finn and I find some happiness on the see-saw. It's a really interesting piece of equipment, the up and down motions make you dizzy and happy at the same time...but I do love it! We teeter and totter back and forth for about an hour before we finally have to go home to his other siblings.
Back at the house Finn rushes inside while Casey tells me to stay outside. "What's up?" I ask. "Dinner needs to be made and no one is else is going to do it..." 
Casey-Sorry but I just want to thank you. You reminded me that I don't have to let my difficult past hold me back. I feel so much better now knowing that I have you right around the corner to hold me together. 
Amber-Of course babe. I'm always here for you, you know that-and even if we weren't together I would still be here for you
Casey-Good to know babe
We all eat together minus Rose and Poppy. They have been busy all day finishing up their last projects as kids. And if they pass they can age up! 
I tell the kids to get ready for bed so that Rose and Poppy will have a quiet workspace. I start doing the dishes and feeding the babes when Casey grabs me. He dips me back and gives me a huge kiss on the lips. I giggle and say, "What was that for?"
Casey-That was for you, being an amazing girlfriend
Amber-Aw babe, thanks

We kiss some more until I lead him into my bedroom
I lie down and say "So this is my new room". He looks around and I think he approves. "It's nice," he says. "It's more mom-ish than sexy but I guess that's what you were going for?" I laugh at the fact that he's right. "Yeah I guess I was. I like it though. So it makes me less attractive, huh?" 
Casey-Of course not babe. You're still hot as ever

It doesn't take long for him to fall into the bed right next to me.

Amber-I love you so much Casey
Casey-I love you too 

We lie together for hours, simply enjoying one another's presence. We come very close to going all the way at some points but some parts of me keep saying NO. I love him and I sure as hell want to be with him but we've already had a child together and that's enough for now.
 Both Claire and Charlotte have these dolls that my Great-Aunt sent them in the mail. They love to play with them all the time and it's a miracle if I can get them away from these 'friends'.
I've gone crazy with the camera around them though. The dolls are such interesting items so I adore taking pictures of them. They spend the morning completely occupied with them until I drag them out and force them to socialize with their siblings.
It's a Saturday so the kids wake up late. But once their up Rose and Poppy ho on to the internet grading system to see if they passed their final project...and they did! They won't even eat breakfast until I let them grow up. They let me snap this last picture of the three kids though. Finnly was so excited to have sisters his age and I can tell he's disappointed that their aging up. 
Poppy and Rosebud don't get along the all started with the sharing issues as tots and now it's carried over to teenhood. They can never seem to compromise on ANYTHING and there's always some bickering being heard around the house. I really hope things don't get out of control but for now I'll have to manage.
After they are grown up and exploring being a teenager Finn comes up to me. "Hey mom, maybe I can e a teen soon too! I think I'm growing super-duper fast so I'll have to age up anyways. Can you measure me to see if I'm getting there?" I of course say yes and I line him up to the growth chart. He's not making much progress in terms of height so I say, "Ohh...looks like you're around 4 foot 10 inches now! That's...decent."
Finn-Don't lie mom, I know I'm short.  But you're tall so I'll grow soon!...right?
Amber-Of course  honey! You'll be taller than the tree's before you know it but for now enjoy your child days!
I hang out with the tots for a little bit before I'm at the door saying goodbye. Penny wants to go wedding dress shopping today! I wasn't going to go because of my hectic mom-hours but Penny claimed I'm the only one she wants to go. I can't let my sister be all along while dress shopping. I get changed into my nicest clothes and leave the girls in charge.
When I get there she's already tried on one dress. It's very summer-y and not so fancy. "Hmmm," I say while coming up behind her. "It's not fancy enough, I think you could find better." She turns around and smiles. "Oh there you are! I was starting to think you wouldn't show up!"
Amber-Of course I came, I wouldn't miss this for the world. So what do YOU think of this dress?
Penny-Me? I think it's too informal and it's too flow-y. I want something fitted and simply beautiful about this?
I hand her a dress and she slips it on.
Penny-Hmmm...this one is too short! I like the flower and the design but it's not my style.
Amber-Are you sure? It's a classic design from Plum Bob the famous designer. You really don't like it?
Penny-Not really. How about something more, like, long?

Once again I'm ruffling through the racks until I come across a simply GORGEOUS Plumb Bob original.
"Okay, you HAVE to like this one," I say. I can see her starting to smile at the dress. 
Penny-WOW, this one is awesome! I love the mermaid style, it SO shows off my curves. I love this so much!
Amber-That's great, I was starting to think you would never find a dress! much is it?
I go into panic mode as I check the tag. "Hmmm...oh my goodness!" I shout. She gives me a look and I say, "It's, um, well...lets just say you would have to work four more jobs and win the lottery to afford this. So scratch that. But I'll find you another dress JUST as beautiful!" 

I panic some more as I look for the PERFECT dress...and I think I find it.
Amber-I think this is the one.
Penny-(turns around) Holy cow! This is beautiful, even better than the mermaid one!
Amber-Are you serious? You love it? It's only 2,000 Simoleons too!
Penny-Aw're already making my wedding perfect. This dress, the backyard wedding idea, and you being my sister in general is making everything fall into place. 
Amber-Love ya too sis
And without further ado I would LOVE to present to you Penelope Justine Lights' wedding gown! It's perfect for her and will make her special day all the better.
I give my sister a huge sisterly hug because I have to go. I've been here for a few hours and it's twenty minutes from home. "Okay sis, I'm SO glad you found your dress and now I am positive that you will have the wedding of the century. I love you."
I head home and get there around 4 PM. I guess I was at the bridal place for longer than expected but that's alright. Rose and Poppy have been doing their chores and teaching skills all day apparently. I am so appreciative of my kids and I make sure to tell them.
 I change into my sweat suit and recruit Poppy and Rose to help me in the garden. They have been cordial with one another and get over their dispute long enough to help. Finn practices his hop-scotch skills in the back yard because he "wants to beat me" later. 
With the three of us working hard for a good hour the garden is looking fresh in no time. We hop in the sprinkler because after all it is a really hot and humid day. I love anything having to do with water so I enjoy the down time with the family.
But not too long after enjoying the sprinkler does the next father make a visit to my house. His name is Greyson Moreland-he is an undercover spy for Sunset Valley and has no time for children. He is very romantic and tells me that I'm beautiful just about every five seconds. He's also got a GREAT sense of humor and I think I laugh more than I have in the past year. It takes awhile to stop cracking up and be romantic but we get there.
Even in the bedroom he's funny! I snap a few cute pictures of us and then we get down to the process of...well, you know!
Afterwards I am delighted to see Poppy and Rosebud stepping up to the plate! Poppy is feeding and playing with the babies since I didn't get to spend much time with them today. I can see that Poppy is better with kids then her sister. Rose is just awkward and unknowing around babies where as Poppy has a sense of what they want and need. But as long as their getting things done it doesn't matter!
Rosebud chips in by making dinner while I'm busy with Greyson. I think there's a girl code in which they thankfully understand-when mommy invites a guy over and goes in the room DO NOT ENTER! 
After dinner all the kiddo's go to bed and I spend some quality time with the tots. I haven't spent much time with them so far and I am regretting it already. I get each girl started on potty-training and counting before they finally doze off into a toddler sleep.
In the morning is my quality time with Claire. Claire is such a sweetie to everyone who encounters her. She loves to make people smile and she loves making new friends. I play some peek-a-boo with her and teach her some skills this morning since I got up at 5 AM just to be with her.
When the children eventually get up I tell them all to get dressed. As you probably already know, Sunday morning breakfast is a ritual here in the Lights home. Not going to breakfast on Sunday is like seeing pigs fly; it's out of the normal. 

After breakfast we debate going many places. Rose wants to learn how to drive, Poppy wants to visit the makeup counter in the mall, Claire and Char want to play and Finn wants to go back to the park with his siblings. I tell Rose that I'll teach her to drive another day and that we should spend the day together. Her and Poppy agree and it's set! We're going to the park again.
Once there Finnly heads straight back to the treehouse just like the other day. He loves this playground so darn much it's a shock I don't bring him 24/7. He disappears into the fort with his friend Jake and Brendan to "fight pirate invaders". I walk around to see what to do.
What I see is Poppy and Rose arguing and looking bored in the sandbox and it doesn't make me too happy. "Girls!" I scold. "Why are you arguing again? I know you don't get along but please, for my sanity, just pretend to get along at least? It's a beautiful afternoon, why not spend it with your family?"
Rosebud-Ugh, but it's so boring! Drag Poppy along and leave me here
Poppy-Okay FINE! I'll help you with your 'fun' family day.
We put Claire and Char on some spring riders that we don't own. They have a different theme and it offers an entirely different experience for each girl to love. I even decided to take a video of it since words can't really express the cuteness!
Aren't they cute? I have Rosebud record it so it's a bit shaky at some parts. She captures mainly Claire and Charlotte but shows the tail-end of Finnly's ride. I love this home video because it shows that I'm sort of successful with making it a family-filled day.
Afterwards Poppy and Rose sit on the swings and chat in the warm breeze. 
Rose-So Poppy, we should really try to be friends for mom. 
Poppy-That's what I've been saying all along! Just because we fought as kids doesn't mean we have to keep fighting. We're sisters, forever and always
Rose-Aww, I can't believe I was going to prank you! 
The girls finally start smiling in each others presence so I snap some quality pictures. Rose and Poppy are VERY sweet girls and I'm glad they can finally get along. 
As I'm snapping away the sun starts to set. This park offers a fabulous view of the sunset so I catch a couple pictures of that before realizing it's time to go inside. Poppy and Rose stop talking each other's ears off and go in the car. It takes me a few moments before I realize that we're missing Finnly. I shout for him back at the treehouse.
 "Oh yes mom?" he shouts coyly. I stare up at him as a few trickles of water hit me...then an entire gallon.
"FINNLY ADAM LIGHTS!" I call. "Get your butt down here!" He smiles and shouts back, "Fine! But just a're soaking wet!"
At first I'm angry but the laughing coming from Finn and the giggles from the girls in the car remind me it's all fun and jokes. I shake myself dry in a dog-like fashion before stopping in my tracks. A small kick comes from inside my stomach and I break out smiling.
"Well hello there unborn baby, how are you today? Are you soaking like me?" I say as I rub my belly. I can't wait to have more babies in the house. So the family, I, and my unborn baby drive home as I ruin my good leather seats with water.
 Once home we fall into our normal nightly habits. Something I do which I haven't in a while is put the girls in their high chairs for a feeding. It's usually much easier to feed them on the floor but keeping them in chairs keeps the mess contained.
I read each girl a bed time story. Charlotte is a fan of the prince and princess stories while Claire loves the pictures in the Curious George books. Monkeys are her favorite animal so she looks at them whenever possible. It won't be long until she herself is a monkey!
Before I go to bed I hop in the shower to wash off my pregnancy symptoms. As I'm washing my hair with my favorite shampoo I see a yellow residue in the bubbles. That isn't normal so I hop out of the shower and look in the mirror and scream my hair is yellow-BRIGHT YELLOW! I run back into the shower and furiously scrub at my hair. By the time I feel well enough to be done my body is a prune and my hair is falling out from all of the rubbing. It's back to normal for the most part thank goodness! But two pranks in one day? I NEED revenge.
In the morning I inspect my hair and face in the mirror. No yellow, no breakouts, and no water stains-ALL GOOD. I take some extra time to get myself ready before going into the kitchen.
I catch Finnly just in time for his first day of school! He is so-so about going but I think he prefers it to staying home. I'm sure he'll be super popular and I don't think the girls will be able to stay off of him.
Once everyones in school I decide to get around to my neglected motherly duties. I haven't had much time to teach the girls skills and before I know it they will need to age up. I teach Char a lot of the walking skill before Claire is begging me for some attention.
I try to get some learning out of my monkey-loving girl but I'm not so successful. She is aloof the entire time and she can't focus on me let alone learning words. It's a frustrating hour long process but I think she learned two words out of it---PAY ATTENTION
When the girls get home they steal my camera and take pictures of themselves together. Words can't express how happy I am that they've gotten over their childish feud because now the house is quieter with a lot less arguments. When I look through the camera at the pictures they took this one is my favorite by far-I love their shadows together and it makes me smile.
 But no matter how much they get along there's another fight going on. I can hear the fake fart across the ouse and I can tell right away what happened-Finnly got pranked! It's funny to hear but I don't know if Finn finds it so silly.
Finnly-Mom! They pranked me, my sisters pranked me! This is so embarrassing, I thought we were friends!
Amber-It's okay, I'll get to the bottom of this

Usually Finnly would think this is funny but he really thought that his sisters were his best friends. I call them both to the study but Poppy looks like the offender. I send Rosebud off to do chores.
Poppy-Umm, yes mom? What's up?
Amber-You know what's up. Did you place that whoopee cushion on your brothers bean bag chair?
Amber-Are you sure? Because you sure look like you did with that worried look on your face.
Poppy-Oh...I just, well, I wanted to get back at him! He pranked you like TWICE yesterday and I thought it would be funny to get back at him. He got you all wet and even dyed your hair! How is a whoopee cushion even close to that?
Amber-That's not the point. The point is that your brother really thought that you and your sister loved him a lot. He was never expecting you girls to do something like this to him. You embarrassed him!
Poppy-You're being unfair! He's a little twerp. It's so stupid that you're taking his side and yelling at me for trying to do something for YOU ! Why are you such a bad mom?
Amber-That's it! Your computer privileges are being revoked for ONE MONTH, and you're in time-out for thirty minutes
Poppy-Timeout? What am I, FIVE?
Amber-40 minutes
Amber-Wanna make it one hour of staring at a wall?...yeah, didn't think so. Now go, your dinner will be in the oven. 
She stands in the corner staring at books for a solid twenty minutes before I give in. I don't have it in my heart to make her stand there for about an hour, not even for her offense. I force her to apologize to her brother and they talk things out. Turns out Poppy overreacted and Rose and her still love him very much. They want him to be a teen with them so I consider aging him up.
And I do. Here is Finnly as a gorgeous teen. He has the classic Lights look and puts his own twist on it. He is still pranky and silly as ever but he's sweeter knowing that he has two wonderful sisters who love him.
 Today's a Tuesday and the final day of my pregnancy so other than waking the girls up I am in my bed almost all day. I get through a drama-filled book that I've been working on for awhile. Who knew the confines of my own room could offer such peace? I never liked my room this much, I think it's the new colors :) I'm glad my taste has changed.
I get bored in the afternoon so I watch cooking cable with the tots. As you can see my bar is almost filled up and that is to reach LEVEL 10!! I spend some time watching TV before I satisfy my hunger to master more skills. Don't believe me? Check out the memory!
 After I'm done learning for the day I head back in my room for a nap when EEK---Labor strikes! I stay in the walls of my room to conceive babies 53 and 54!
Baby 53
Kaden Lights
Baby 54
Karl Lights

<3 :)

Yay! Thanks for reading. This took WAY too long to get out, I don't know what got into me. I've just been busy but it's finally here. Please COMMENT, I love hearing your thoughts. It really encourages me to keep writing. Have a great weekend and stick around!


  1. Your sister makes a quite stunning bride. I love the shadow picture, its on that I cherish of my family photo's as well. Keep the posts coming... Vi

  2. I'm Loving your post can't wait to read more... The Twins has grown up to be a beautiful and Handsome teenagers .. Great Work Amber.

    You can also check my blog out also.
    Let me you what you think.. Your Blogs Inspire me

  3. Poor Poppy, I hate when parents pick favorites.

  4. SimsFan-Thank you VIolet, you know I cherish your opinion.
    Naomi-I'll be sure to check that out
    Anon-Amber wasn't picking favorites, she was merely telling Poppy that she did not have the right to prank someone if they didn't prank her. It was also because Finnly was very upset and Poppy was being stubborn while Amber tried to talk to her. In no way, shape, or form was Amber trying to pick favorites.

  5. you used the outfit i gave you! :)
    great post again.. i love Finnly!

  6. I must say Finn is very handsome!

  7. Kovash, yes I did! Thanks again for the gift ^_^
    Thanks Carrie! I think my son is handsome too :)

  8. Wow, I love the new babies' skin tones! So green! I agree with Carrie. :D

  9. Sorry I haven't posted in a while!! O.o It's UNFORGIVABLE!! I love your posts!! :)
    And I love the really big pictures at the moment!! Most challenges have really small pictures which can get a little depressing...
    Do you know yours is the only challenge I have followed since the beginning? (not counting Harmony and DoyleGirl's second)

  10. Haha, it's okay! It's funny, today I was thinking "hmmm, i wonder if tinka still reads my blog?" (Not even joking!!) I LOVE the x-large pictures too and I'm debating using them for every single pic...but i think that would get a bit overwhelming. And wow, that's GREAT ^_^ I'm glad you've been following since the beginning...I've grown a lot as a writer and challenge mother so it's great to have someone else along for the ride :)
    thanks for commenting tinka, they always make me smile :)

  11. 1) 4' 10" is not short!
    2) Finn is hunk-a-licious!!!!
    3) Thank you for rightfully naming your next child Karl!
    4) Keep on blogging girl!!

  12. Yay! You replied really quickly! :)
    And that's so sweet! <3 Yeah, your blog is the best written I reckon! It's really detailed! :)
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