Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday!!: Babies 43, 44, and 45


Sadness and regret roll together and create one big mess in my mind. Casey took the one thing I told him never to do and he did it. My mind reels with all of the possible circumstances that this event occurred under-alcohol? Money? A bet? Or maybe, the worst one of all-he actually loves her. A tear springs up in my eye at the thought. I want to go over to his house right now and punch him, and I want him to hold me and tell me everything will be alright all at the same time. As I’m about to contemplate everything Rudy walks in.
 “Mommy?” she asks.
“Yes honey?” I reply, trying to wipe away the tears.
Rudy-Why are you crying mommy?
My heart breaks in to a million pieces.
Amber-Just crying over silly adult problems. What do you need hun?
Rudy-I want to bake cookies, but if you’re sad don’t make yourself.
Amber-I would LOVE to bake cookies with you, let’s do it.

We bake in the kitchen and I put a smile on my face for my concerned daughter.
”So now that the ingredients are all in the bowl we can start mixing…” I instruct.
While mixing Rudy says, “Like this mommy?” She is doing it correctly so I give her a nod, too sad to do anything more. “Mommy?” she asks. I look down at her, my beautiful daughter. “Yes baby?” I say.
Rudy-That man that you date…
Rudy-Yes, him. Did he hurt your feelings? I saw you video chatting with him and you seemed upset.
Amber-Erm…no. Don’t worry about it; these are not your problems.
Rudy-Okay. I just don’t want you to be sad mommy.

I give her a hug, it’s too tempting. “It’s alright, but now that you’ve talked to me I might have the strength to deal with him. I love you honey.”
Rudy-Love you too mom. Feel better, the Light’s kids don’t like sad mommy’s

I squeeze her tighter and say, “Let’s finish up these cookie, shall we?” she laughs and agree’s. We bake the cookies and they turn out great. We have a fun time eating them and I snap this picture of us together in the kitchen. We end up eating the entire tray but even I should know you can’t eat your feelings. Even after I put her to bed with a full belly the pain inevitably comes back.

I lie in bed for hours before I fall asleep.
 Today is Sunday, a lazy and relaxed day in our household-also the day before Casey gets back. The girls are playing in the “Club House” (our nickname for it) and seem to be enjoying themselves. I’m glad that the girls enjoy one another presence so much because as soon as they grow into teenagers their main focuses will be boys and make-up.
The boys are in the garden keeping up with all my plants. They want to age up soon and I refuse. “No,” I had told them. “I want to keep you with me as long as possible, don’t you get it?! I only get SO MUCH time with you!!” I had started hollering at them. Once I realized it was my emotions acting up I quit it and they went outside.
I, meanwhile, am inside. I am taking care of the kids babies while cleaning the kitchen from our baking expedition the night before. The dishwasher is also broken and has left quite a mess for me to clean up.
After I’m done in the kitchen I wake the kiddo’s up and play with them. Samuel is a really late sleeper and usually doesn’t wake up until at least 9. It’s nice and I wish I could say the same for his sister. Larissa loves to wake the entire house up at 3 AM, in fact she did just last night! It was more than a hassle to get everyone back to sleep but they all did eventually. I plan on aging up Larissa and Sam today, we will probably have those celebrations around noon.
Before we celebrate I practice a song I wrote a couple weeks before, when I was happier. It’s a birthday song but more rock and roll, more my style. I plan on playing it for the kids as they age up so they can grow in style. I think Casey would like it, it’s right up his alley. I wish I could play it for him…

“Mom, the little ones are aging up, get out here!”
I rush outside just in time to start my song on cue.

The kids love the song and cheer me on as I finish it.
Rudy-Mommy, you should be a famous singer!
Liberty-I love your voice, so pretty!
Winston&Roland-AWESOME JOB MOM

I thank them for the praise and I think about it-I do have a good voice (not to brag, but I used to take lessons XD) and I have already mastered the guitar skill. Maybe I could do something with my talent…I’ll save that for another day, I’ve got enough on my plate as it is.
 Back to birthdays though, Larissa is beautiful. She has long, wavy hair they somehow manages to not get tangled and it’s shiny too! She loves the color green so I chose an outfit for her that’s all green. She’s always smiling and it’s contagious-I appreciate the smiles, especially now.
 Samuel is also BEAUTIFUL! His wildly colored hair suits him and his crazy personality. He loves to wear a plumbob shirt because just like his mother, he LOVES Sims. He is a bit neurotic, he freaks out a lot and can’t seem to get a grip on things. I’m scared that this will result in some sort of fight but considering what’s going on right now I can’t imagine any more drama.

The first thing Sammy does as a kid is have his older brother’s teach him how to play video games.
Sam-Oohh, is this what I do? Do I turn left? Do I turn right? Agh, I don’t get it!
Winston-Calm down brother! Pay attention, once Roland and I move out it’s up to you to teach the next Light’s boy to play.
Sam-That’s a big responsibility…
Roland-It is, but if you pay attention you will be able to pass on our signiture gaming skills.
They spend the next couple hours playing before I pull out the video game plug and say, “Time for bed, no more games!” They groan but thankfully comply and head to sleep.
Before I can go to sleep I need to deal with a crying baby. Larissa is cute but such a crier. Two bed time stories and 1 bottle of warm milk later she’s sleeping quietly in her crib like the precious angel that she is. I myself head to sleep at last, wondering how tomorrow will go when Casey is back from his reunion.

In the morning I quickly give the children their breakfast before school. Larissa is in a decent mood and doesn’t fuss, thank goodness. I remember Casey mentioning his flight would be back early morning, so I convince myself to go now and get it over with.

On my way over in the car the ride seems to take forever. Every second that passes makes my heart tense up even more. The song “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele comes on the radio and I listen to the lyrics carefully.

There's a fire starting in my heart, 
Reaching a fever pitch and it's bring me out the dark, 

The scars of your love remind me of us, 
They keep me thinking that we almost had it all, 
The scars of your love, they leave me breathless, 
I can't help feeling, 

We could have had it all, 
You're gonna wish you never had met me, 
Rolling in the deep, 
Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep, 
You had my heart inside of your hand, 
You're gonna wish you never had met me, 
And you played it to the beat, 
Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep”

My heart races as the song gives me the confidence need to face Casey.

 The sight of his door that needs to be painted, and the pink paint make me weak in the knee’s. I’ve only been here a few times but this house is who Casey is and it’s right in front of me.
A knock on the door later, Casey appears. “Amber!” he shouts, pulling me in for a peck on the cheek and a hug. “Baby, how are you? I see you have a new look, it’s cute! I’ve missed you, the trip was HELL without you! I can’t wait to catch up…” I give him the blankest stare I’ve ever given in my life. “Um Amber?” he inquires curiously. “What is wrong with you?! Do you need to go to a hospital? Please don’t be having some sort of melt-down!” I want to laugh at his typical Casey-ness but I don’t forget the reason I’m here.

“Casey,” I say. The name rolls off my tongue. “Are you having a melt-down? Do you not remember your trip at all?” Now I’m receiving the blank stare.
Casey-Huh? Amber, is it the heat? Do you need to lie down? You’re acting like something big and bad happened. You’re making me nervous.
Amber-I’m making YOU nervous? You REALLY don’t remember, do you?
I almost laugh at the peculiar situation. He continues to stare.
Casey-I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about.
I finally laugh out loud.

Casey-What’s so funny?
Amber-Wait, have you been on Facebook since your return home?
Casey-No, I just got home. Ambs, you’re really confusing me. What is going on?
Amber-(Laughing) WELL, first you left me in ‘dreary’ Sunset Valley because you wanted to meet up with your old girlfriend. Second, you got drunk out of your MIND the other night, and third, you made out with your ex-girlfriend and whatever else decided to happen that day! Does ANY of this ring a bell?
Amber-That’s what I thought. Either that, or you’re lying.
I start to turn away.
Casey-AMBER! Babe, get back here!
Amber-Don’t call me babe. You did all of this and I don’t even care if you’re lying or you really don’t remember. Either way, it’s equally pathetic! Have a nice life.
Having said the hardest thing I’ve ever had to I turn away and start my strut to the car.
Casey-Please let me explain, please Amber!

I ignore it all and don’t take a second look back.
Once home I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m debating everything. Is it over? It doesn’t feel like it, and if I know Casey as well as I think I do I know that he will not give up in trying to get me back. I try to throw myself into house work when I realize we had spring cleaning yesterday. I decide to try and teach Larissa skills.
 “Larissa, baby. Come here. You’re going to learn to talk!”
The word baby has memories in itself that I try to ignore.
Amber-Okay, what’s next on the word list, hmm…oh. Can you say…Love?
Larissa-LOVE! Pwetty word, what’s it mean?!
I explain love as best as I can to a two-year old and she smiles. She says, “Is Mommy in love?”
Amber-Mommy loves…all of her children, including you.
Larissa-YAY, Mommy loves me!

The rest of the words on the list are coincidentally break, betray, mean, hug, kiss, and so many more. I tear up the list and busy myself with something else.
TV is usually the best distraction so I flip it on and it’s playing the Royal Wedding Coverage. It shows Prince William and Kate Middleton tying the knot looking so in love. I sigh. Why can the prince be in love and not me? It’s not fair. I flip the channel again to a movie channel and on is a romance movie. I turn off the TV in frustration and smack my head. I need to get over Casey!
 In a fit of sadness I settle on a bath and a nap. It’s around noon now and I need a break. I quickly succumb to sleep, being previously unaware of how tired I am.

I wake a couple hours later to the doorbell ringing and my phone going off the hook. A horrible way to wake up, I realize. I look at the texts and I remember that I promised a challenge father that he could come over for this baby a few days ago. I can’t believe I forgot so I rush to the door and apologize immediately.
 “I’m SO sorry!” I screech. “I was taking a nap and I had a headache and I completely forgot. This is not how I usually treat the fathers…”
“It’s okay!” he consoles. “I don’t mind, to be honest it gave me time to check out your awesome house. The work is phenomenal.” I blush. “Aw, thank you. So I don’t have much time to chat because the kids will be home soon and I don’t like to do…all of THIS, with them in the house if you know what I mean.”
He smiles and says, “Of course. I’ll make it fast, thanks for allowing me to even be in your challenge. Oh, I’m Randy by the way.”

We quickly do our work and right as we’re finishing the kids obnoxiously walk in the front door. I slap myself for taking too long and I usher Randy out the back window. “Sorry for this!” I mutter. “I don’t like my kids to experience the process.”
Randy-It’s ok. Thanks for having me…BYE!!

I get changed and the kids call “Mom, we’re ready to age up!” I walk out to see Rudy and Liberty as shining teens.
 Rudy is so gorgeous! She has brilliant red hair that is tied in a French braid every day. She loves the color green (just like Larissa) and tries to incorporate it into her bohemian looks daily. She is a very relaxed, non-moody teenage girl and I love her to bits.
Liberty is also fabulous, but in terms of personality she’s polar opposite from her sister. I have to admit, Liberty is a moody, high-maintenance, cooky, and crazy girl. But she is my daughter and I will defend her until the day I die.
 The boys decided to also age up and make their way into the workforce. Together they are an unstoppable team and I think they could literally face any challenge. They are going to attempt to open up their own Accounting Company (Boring, but practical) and they plan on making it big. I have high hopes for this twosome and I can’t wait to see where they go with it.
Though I’m sad to se the boys go a smaller household is much easier to manage. With just two teenagers, a child, and a tot night time is easy to get by. It’s around midnight when I’m lying in bed and I realize that I won’t be able to fall asleep. I get up and clean up the already-clean house as much as I can before I collapse on my bed and FINALLY let sleep come, washing away all thoughts of him.
I am up by 2 AM taking care of Larissa and dealing with pregnancy nausea. I am dead tired but something I do notice is a robber creeping outside my window. My mind doesn’t grasp it at first but when I realize the magnitude of the situation I whip out my phone and dial 9-1-1
 The police arrive fast, just as the robber is making her way into my home. She see’s me and turns around to see the police. They take her down and I bite my nails, unaware of who will win the fight…
After a long battle I almost scream as the robber comes out winning. “Aha!” shouts the mystery robber. Grabbing a few things around the kitchen she snickers and says, “Ehh, looks like the robber beats cop yet again. Peace losers!” She skips out of the house with her bag full of loot and I am more than disappointed.
“I’m deeply sorry for this incident Ms.Lights…” apologizes the officer. I meant to beat her but she was just too strong. I’m SO sorry!” I roll my eyes and say, “Whatever, I really want to get back to sleep so BYE!” It was rude I admit. But she lost and my stuff is now stolen! I usher her out the door and fall back to sleep.

I think I could’ve slept for DAYS if it hadn’t been for two people staring over my face when I wake up. “WHOA!” I screech, checking out my spectators. I notice that it’s just my sister Penelope and my best friend, Vanessa Wood, thank goodness. They give me bright smiles and I stare. “Um girls? What’s this about, I’m dead tired and stressed-“
Vanessa-Well don’t be stressed! Today is your day and we will do whatever you want, stress-free!
Penelope-Yep yep, I think we should go to the spa!
Amber-What are you talking about??

They give me stares blanker than yesterday.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” yelps Ness as she pulls me out of bed. It’s hard to make Vanessa freak out so I play along. “Ohh, right. That thing.”
Vanessa-You still don’t know what it is, do you?
I facepalm and shout, “Ohmygosh, it is my birthday! Wow, I can’t believe I’m turning-“
Penelope-No need to go into specifics! Now, get dressed in your most darling clothes and we will make you a fabulous breakfast.

I smile for the first time in days and start to put clothes on.

As soon as I’m ready we all sit down in the kitchen for a nice breakfast. As we’re finishing Vanessa jumps up and pulls out her guitar. “Hey Ambs, I’ve been working on this song for awhile even though I’m not as good as you (XD). Ready or not, here I play!” She starts her beautiful tune and I almost cry! The melody is so sweet and I sway back and forth to the rhythm. Once done Penny and I clap and I rush to give my bestie a hug.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH NESSIE!” I shout. I may be sad, tired, and stressed but that song makes up for almost all of it.
Vanessa-You’re welcome Amber, I’m glad you have a big smile on your face because now we can start the day. Penny and I have an entire day planned out for you…
Amber-Thanks so much, I can’t believe I forgot! But now I’m ready to party :P
Vanessa-Good, but save that for LATER

 I grin as she leads me out the door. “First stop is the day spa,” says Penny. “You need to get your nails done along with a massage.

We end up going to the spa, then the pool, next we went to the beach and then we finally went home. By then it’s pushing 5 PM and Penny and Ness start talking AGAIN.
“Okay Ambs.  Today has been so-so but the real fun comes tonight, at the club! We are going to go, JUST the three of us and have a great time. We’ll leave you alone until 7 to get ready and then we’ll be back. Cya!” says Ness. 
Although I’m not pregnant yet I feel that I will be very soon and I don’t want to risk hurting the baby. I change into a slanted off the shoulder cropped top with long shorts so nothing “pops” out. I keep my hair and makeup the same and am ready to go to the club EVEN THOUGH I really don’t want to go at all. I want to stay home and sulk.

When the girls show up again I get a master plan in my mind. “Aw man, I don’t know if I can go guys! Rudy and Lib need help with their homework and Larissa hates when I leave. Oh, and Samuel…I um promised to watch a movie with him. I don’t think this will work out…”
Liberty-I’m sleeping over Maddie’s, we have a big project to do
Rudy-I’m going out with Lizzie and Kate.
Vanessa-And we already set up a babysitter for Liss. Do you still think you can’t go?

I can’t lie to my best friend so I sigh and say, “Yes I’ll go. At least it’s just the three of us.” We hop in the car and GO!

When we get there and the club is packed with my children, old friends, and several challenge mothers I give my sister and bestie a “look”.
Amber-You lied! It’s a party!
Penny-Well obviously, it’s your birthday! Nows top complaining, order a drink, and have some fun!
Amber-But I’m pregnant…
Ness-Then DON’T drink but still have fun! C’mon!

The first thing I do is open up a tab. Even though I may not drink everyone else here will. Once opened I make my way to the dance floor to make some fun of this night without Casey by my side.

The girls must have thought of everything because they even hired a photographer to remember this night! So far everything is going well enough and here are some pictures that they took.
 I love every single picture and they bring some light into a rather dark time.
 After awhile I get tired and sit down with Vanessa.
Amber-Ness, it’s like 2 AM by now! But I’m not going to lie, I’m having fun. I love having all of my friends in one place when I really need them.
Vanessa-Why do you really need us? Did you not tell me something?
Amber-Well…something sort of happened with-
Vanessa-CASEY! If he did anything to hurt you, you know that I would do anything right? I mean I got your text the other day but I was too busy with the kids to reply. But geez, tell me everything.
 We take awhile as I tell her everything about what happened, all the way down to the final encounter that happened just yesterday. Gosh, it feels like lifetimes ago already

Vanessa-Ambs, are you serious? He cheated? Has he tried to get you back yet?
Amber-No, but I guess I’m sad about that. I wish that I meant more to him so that he would keep trying.
Vanessa-You’re better off without him so shake it off.
Amber-Okay. I’m going to go to the bathroom, be right back
Vanessa-Should I go with you?
Amber-No, I’ll be fine. See you in a few

As I walk in another person follows right behind. I turn around and long behold it’s Casey.
Amber-What the hell Casey! Can’t you read signs, WOMEN’S bathroom.
Casey-I know, but this is the only place I can get you away from your friends. Please let me explain.
I debate saying yes because I honestly do want to hear his lame excuse.
Amber-NO (tearing up) I can’t deal with this. At least not today. I have to go.
He grabs me and as I try to pull off he pulls me in for a kiss, a kiss that brings so many memories back. I fall into it and as I pull away he smiles.

I want to say “It’s alright that you cheated I still love you.” I want to say “Hold me tighter”. I want to say so many things I can’t even list them. But as I come to terms with who I’m with, where I’m with them, and the revealing clothing I’m wearing I sigh.
Amber-Not yet Casey. I need to think things through.
Casey-Fine, be that way. But when you’re sad and lonely remember everything I’ve ever given you.

I want to cry at this point and am close to it. He walks out the bathroom casually and I debate telling Vanessa about this fight. I decide not to as it would complicate her life even more. I pull myself together and walk out of the bathroom.

I chug drink after drink after drink not caring how pregnant I am. After three drinks Penny walks over and says, “Whoa there sister. Take it easy, you’ve got a little one on board.”
I drag myself out of my sloppy slumber as much as I can and give her a hug. “Yeah yeah. Thanks for the party sis but I need to get home. Bye.” She hugs back and says, “We should do this more often, I don’t see you enough! And okay, have as safe WALK home. No way you’re driving.” I agree and head out on foot.
When I get home I do the laundry and head to bed. But as I’m doing the laundry I notice a new fella hanging around…a laundry gnome! I laugh because it’s my first gnome EVER and then I head to bed half-smiling.
 This morning Larissa and I take a trip into town to first see the doctor. I want to find out how many babies I’m having this time around and what gender my beautiful babes will be. I am surprised to find out that I will be having triplets but they can’t know the gender for sure yet. I am sad but looking forward to being surprised.

Today I surprisingly have more strength and confidence to make it through the day. I hated the  run-in with Casey yesterday but it made me realize that Casey does want me back. Larissa insists on going to the park so I take her there
I teach Larissa how to walk like a pro in just a couple hours. I may be sad but nothing can prevent the joy of seeing your child walk for the first time, not even a man. This alone time I spend with Liss is what I wish I could have with every child but I know that’s not always possible. I enjoy every second and am sad when I have to go home.
When I get home I start preparing dinner when I have a good look at my unique daughters. They don’t get along since they have such different personality’s but together they look so beautiful. I can’t help but wonder how I have been so blessed with beautiful children but I couldn’t be happier about it. And now I’m about to welcome three new ones into the world and they will be equally gorgeous.

Rudy helps me put dinner together and I’m grateful for it. Looks like I’m spending lots of quality time with my children today!
We have a dinner of hamburgers and at the table Sammy shares his epic tales of elementary school. We finish up late and I usher all the kids to bed.
I myself spend the rest of the night watching TV, catching up on the Royal Wedding (And NOT being sad this time), and mostly relaxing. These babies are due to make an appearance tomorrow and I have SO much to do. I try to forget about all of my chores and soak in the free time. My mind still wanders back to Casey so I eventually subside to sleep.
This morning my belly is HUGE so I decide to take today slow. I wake Larissa and feed her in her highchair and then eat breakfast with the kiddo’s before school. After I clean the messy house so three new babes can be welcomed into a fresh and sanitary home.

As I’m finishing up cleaning I notice that the gnome is no longer in the laundry room. As I walk into the living room I literally almost jump out of my skin as I spot the laundry gnome on the floor. He moved! As I said, I’ve never had a gnome before so I’m not used to this.
As I’m cleaning out the fish tank I’m sad to see that one of my fish (Marlo) has died. I guess I’m not as good as I thought I was with keeping pets alive, or plants for that matter. Realizing that I’ve completely forgotten about my garden I rush outside and quickly tend to it.
I am disappointed to see the remains of my garden but I know that with a lot of time on my hand I can make it better again. The doctor instructed no hard labor except birth today but I push forward and take care of my sloppy garden.
After a long couple of hours I am more than happy with my glowing garden.

I head inside and spend the remainder of the day following the doctors orders and relax. I make some popcorn in the microwave and sit down for a movie.

The movie is about a boyfriend and girlfriend. The boyfriend cheats on her and she finds out and forgives him. They are now happy but then he cheats on her AGAIN and she’s even more upset. It relates so much to my life and I wonder, if I were to forgive him, would he just cheat again? It’s a sticky situation and I decide to try to stay as happy as possible until birth, so I change the channel.

I go into labor around dinner time and it cuts off my movie time. “AGHH!” I shout as I push. I decide to go to the hospital since I haven’t birthed there in a while and because triplets are hard to birth.

I leave Rudy in charge and head out.
I, Amber Essence Lights, walk into the community hospital a proud mother of 42 and walk out an even prouder mother of 45. 
Maddox Lights 
(Don't know why he's green but I love him all the same!)
Max Lights
Mason Lights

Thanks everyone for reading! I'm hoping that you enjoyed this post and are having a great time following Amber's challenge. All of you Simmers are making Ambers birthday fabulous with all of your nice wishes and sweetness. We appreciate it! Thanks for reading and I hope you have an AWESOME day :))
P.S. Don't be afraid to comment, I LOVE to hear what you all think


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  2. LOVED THIS POST! Congrats on the triplets! And don't let Casey get to you, you deserve better! Hope you had a great birthday girlie :)

  3. GREAT post! The triplets are adorable and I really can't wait to here Casey's side of the story. :D

  4. Ooops, on that last comment I mean "hear" instead of "here." Sorry, I'm a perfectionist like that. :O

  5. Great job Amber! I always enjoy reading your posts, I LOVED it and I love the name Maddox, So unique and all of the triplets are adorable!

    Bri <3

  6. Wow! I LOVED the post! Did Amber turn into an adult? Or was it just a random birthday? :)
    The triplets look like they're going to be so unique with their different skin colours!
    I can't belive Casey didn't try to explain himself at all! grrr You shouldn't take hime back! :)

  7. Oh, and how do you get a gnome? I've never seen one before! Looks kinda creepy... :0

  8. @Tinka-I always love reading your comments :) Amber's birthday is because when I made her a facebook I picked a random birthday and it was May 1st so I figured why not? And I got the gnome from doing TONS of laundry, he's called the Magical Gnome of Laundry a.k.a. Abracadabra. Haha! I guess I deserve it for doing laundry for SO LONG!

  9. Nawww I feel so flattered!! And I love reading your blog LOL!
    That's a really good idea! So that Amber gets a birthday of her own! I may carry on doing laundry then, cause I was considering just getting rid of the machine! It's so annoying!! haha :)

  10. Hi Amber hope you had a awsome birthday congrats on the triplets i have some ideas for names...
    Hazel,Heather,Stella,Susie,Poppy,Rosie and Lilly for girls and for boys....
    Tyler,Callum,Chris,Danny,Max,Jack,Justin,Adam, Stan and Steve

  11. sorry not max lol i thought it was another name

  12. I'm caught up and WOW I can't believe I missed these. GREAT JOB AMBER!!!

  13. Awesome! I really enjoy reading your blog!

  14. when r u gonna post anther one?!?! im getting bored!!

  15. Aww Amber!I can't believe how much your going through! You always have us! ;) Beautiful Children as always.


  16. @Sarah-New post TONIGHT. please don't get bored with my blog, I work really hard on it
    @Cassie-Thank you <3
    @Sky-Thanks girlie, appreciate it ! I haven't heard from you in awhile, hope things are going well :)

  17. What the h*ll is a gnome??

  18. hey amber how it is easier to water and harvest your garden is you install an sprinkler in the middle of the garden and turn it on and it waters the plants really fast. for the harvesting i think a harvester comes with ambitions.

  19. awesome post! when i saw my name i was like :D! i never hear my name anywhere! keep blogging cuz i love reading these!


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