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Happy Mother's Day! :Baby's 46 and 47

Thanks a ton to SimsVip_Admin for gifting me the Stunning Starlet from a giveaway on Facebook! I love your site and appreciate the kind gift :)

This morning I start to put things in place for the party tomorrow. As much as I don’t want to celebrate and don’t want to pretend to have fun when I’m not I send out invites anyway. As a mother it’s not about “don’ts” and “I want”. It’s about the kids and if they want a birthday party I will give them one! The children all want to age up together but aging triplets up at a party is such a hassle that I decide to age them up first thing this morning (Friday morning).
 All three boys are so unique and different. First off, Maddox’s green skin is super random but super lovable. He is the craziest of the three boys and loves to tease me and his brothers. Mason is the most “average” (I use that word lightly) of his brothers and very serious. Even at his young age he is always studious when he eats, plays, and attempts to talk. Finally, there’s Max. Max is the brother in the middle, the one who is silly but not too silly, serious but never too serious. He always solves fights over toys among his brothers and I’m glad to have someone do the job for me.
After the birthdays I get around to setting up Larissa with her breakfast. As I’m watching her eat I notice her face pucker up before and after she takes bites. It makes me crack up, especially since I’d never noticed it before.
 I have so many skills to teach the tots but with the help of Violet Newbie I have now made a set time for my garden every day. Along with the promise of NOT neglecting my plants I am also going to make it harder and add a few bushels and tree’s to my budding garden.

Gardening takes me through the day so as a result I don’t get much of anything done. But I shake it off knowing that there will be a “fun” (but probably drama filled) party tomorrow.
 When the girls get home from school I’m glad to see them working together for once. They claim that they are working on their senior project which requires them to make their own album together, sell it, and give all proceeds to charity. I am more than proud of them for putting aside their differences to work together.
Shortly after it is dinner time so I glaze the salmon in the fridge and decide to cook it. The first meal I ever made in this house was salmon and since the kids are moving OUT tomorrow salmon seems like a commemorative last dinner. When they smell the cooking they all smile and cheer.

We all sit down and say our thanks. I say, “I am thankful for my wonderful children who are sadly moving out tomorrow and aging up. But I give you my best wishes girls.” They both smiles and say, “Mom, that means so much. We love you.”

“Mom?” asks Sam in between bites.
Amber-Yes darling?
Sam-How come we all need to move out when we turn into a young adult? Why can’t we live here forever and help you with your new babies? When I turn 18 I know I won’t want to move!
Amber-Hmm..well, as much as I would love to have you all live here forever 101 people in one home would be WAY over-crowded. But don’t let that make you think I don’t love you, because I do, very much so.
 I almost chuckle at how deep and sentimental this last family dinner is becoming.
 Amber-So does that make sense honey?
Sam-I guess so…I just don’t ever want to move out. But I guess I have to so I can have more siblings.
Amber-See? That’s a GREAT way to think, I’m proud of you. I love you so much no amount of money could cover the love I have for you.
Sam-I love you too mommy. Now can I go play on the swing set before I age up tomorrow.
Amber- (Laughing) Of course hun
I put all the tots to sleep by around 11 PM. I check in all of the rooms to make sure the kids are asleep when I realize that one child is missing…and that child is Samuel. He must still be out on the play set so I grumpily make my way outside.

“Samuel Lee Lights, you get your butt inside the house NOW, it is way too late to be playing and you know that.” I scold in a typical motherly fashion.
Samuel-I’m sorry mom, I’ve just been trying to master the fire pole I always get scared going down!
Amber-You can practice tomorrow before the party but for now I need you to get some sleep.
Samuel-Ugh, fine.

That’s why I love my kids. They may get mad and frustrated with me but they always listen.
This morning I am excited. Excited for a party NOT centered around me; excited for my kids to grow up and move on from my household, making me proud of them; and excited to have a day way too hectic and chaotic to even think about Casey. My first chore I busy myself with is the breakfast, French toast.
Meanwhile Liberty wakes up the tots for the fun day. Liberty has never even attempted to lift a finger around the house so any form of help from her is a rare beauty. I have Samuel doing dishes and putting laundry away while Rudy actually does the laundry and cleans the bathrooms. My children never get to leave without having a handful of chores-and I know Sammy is moving out but he’s a sweetie-pie and willing to help.
After we eat a nice breakfast together I send the kids to the store with some money to buy balloons and pick up the cake. This offers some free time so with it I make my way to the garden. I am more than pleased to see that my newly planted tree is making it’s way up and all it needs is a bit of encouragement; water. Once watered I tend to the rest of my unruly garden. I finish just as the kiddo’s get home so my next job is to set up the party.
This is our final set up and also about the time that Sam gives up on helping. He has resided to his room and won’t even change. “Sam!” I yell. “Sam, you get your butt out here and help! This is your party too!” I hear a loud groan but as usual, being the good boy that he is, he comes out.
I send Rudy off to the outdoor bar to make some quick drinks. It’s a simple recipe but not simple enough to make time for it in my busy birthday schedule. I remind her several times to not include alcohol until she finally says, “I KNOW MOM, I DON’T DRINK”. I laugh and we get over it, I’m just being an overprotective mother.
It doesn’t take long for everything to be in place (for the most part) and the first guests to arrive. The party can start!
Rudy spots once of her older sisters (Lacey) and quickly bombards her with questions about life outside of the house. All of my kids are curious about what it’s like in the “real world” and will constantly beg for input from their siblings.
Samuel finds some fun in hanging out with his cousins Tatianna and Junior. They pose for a couple pictures and I’m happy to see Sam using great social skills. He has also mastered the play-set pole and is superbly happy about it. He shows off his skills to his cousins.
“IT’S GOING TO BE SCARY,” Sam carefully ad clearly instructs his soon-to-be younger cousins. “But the trick is to always stay calm. Once you do that you will be able to have fun on the play-set…” they go back and forth about the proper way to slide down a pole until I finally call out to him saying, “Get your butt over here Sammy, time to sparkle into teenage hood!” 

Right before we are to celebrate I see an unfamiliar face hanging around. Being suspicious, I say with much kindness, “Oh, HEY! So glad you could make it…”
“Damion, Damion Eldridge. So nice to meet you in person Amber.” I take a moment to assess when it clicks-this is the next father in my challenge! Now I remember, I invited him to the party so we could have a quick “after party” and I could have the next kids.
Amber-I’m really glad you came, sorry if this is awkward since you don’t really know my family…but you’re going to have to hang around for a bit while my kids age up.
Damion-I’m more than happy to hang around, your party guests are nice, I’ll chat with them!
Amber-Thanks for understanding Damion. You can talk to my sister Penny right over there if you want! She’s really sweet.

I smile and walk to make sure everything is in place. It is so it’s okay for the party to proceed. It isn’t as hard as I thought it would be to have fun, I actually like being around the family right now.
After much pestering and annoying Rudy and Liberty get to age up first. After talking to Lacey Rudy has a newfound view on young adult hood and wants to experience it first hand. Liberty has always felt this way so things work out. 
When I see Rudy age up I am honestly speechless. I don’t know where she got her beauty from but she’s simply stunning. She definitely looks a million times different than when she was a teen (which is rare) and she’s even more beautiful now. She always airs a sense of confidence and cheerfulness for which I love her for. She will make it far in this world, I’m sure of it.
Liberty looks completely opposite from her sister yet contains that rare beauty factor. She’s not stereotypical beauty which I happen to see a lot. She’s a natural and unique beauty that I love. She has matured quite a bit from her high school years and now doesn’t find as much joy in pranking her sister. She plans on becoming a teacher for pre-schoolers because she loves children but doesn’t have the heart to have her own.
 Damion and I regroup towards the end of the party.
Amber-Soo…ready to make a baby?!
Damion- (Laughing) Sure sure, been waiting my whole life for this!
He leans in and we kiss. I feel immediate guilt for Casey when I realize something. Casey cheated on me so why can’t I make the challenge more fun by kissing? I kiss him some more before he leads me to the bed.
We try a few times and I don’t hear the chime once. In a fit of frustration and one look at the time I tell Damion he should leave. “I’ll call you if I am free sometime soon and we can try again. But it’s late and you should go,” I tell him. He accepts it and leaves.
Larissa is a also a cutie with a strong nose and a strong will. She loves to be as social able as possible and takes pride in having as many good friends as possible. I’m sure this will lead to many wild and crazy sleepovers as a teen but whatever makes your kid happy, right?
Samuel is a blue haired, teal-eyed beauty. He loves to not care about anything but secretly care in the back of his mind if you get what I mean. He somehow always makes great grades, so as long as that is happening I don’t care if he doesn’t care. He is currently dating a girl I believe is named Samantha. He said they met over a discussion about how they have the same name. I am more than happy for my little guy who’s not so little anymore.
Sam immediately becomes a great help with the tots and I am ecstatic. Triplets are tough without the help of at least one teen who in this case is Sammy. He helps while Liss plays video games and gradually completes chores. 
I put the tots to sleep while Liss and Samuel put themselves to bed. Around 10 PM everyone is sound asleep and I myself can give in to much awaited sleep.
In the middle of the night I wake up to a sudden burst of nausea. I actually have a smile on my face as I subside to the sickness for the first time ever. I thought I wasn’t pregnant but I guess I am now! After the too-known process of morning sickness I head back to sleep.
This morning as I’m taking care of the tots I remember something very important…today is mother’s day! To any challenge mother today is a day where we can all sit back and accept that this is the life we have chosen, a life full of stinky diapers and late nights, but a life nonetheless. To me it means that along with the fact that I am almost halfway through my challenge. I have almost had 50 kids and I have so many more to go. I smile at the thought.

As soon as the older kiddo’s are up they declare that we are going out to breakfast at my favorite local diner, Ruby’s. I see a ton of fellow challenge mother’s there and we celebrate with an early morning toast with orange juice. “To motherhood!” we all cheer before I tell them I must go home. I bid them farewell and happily make my way out.
In the parking lot Sam turns to me. “Okay momma! Happy mothers day, first of all. Second of all Liss and I booked you a day at the spa to relax and rejuvenate. It’ll be a two-hour long process which I hope isn’t too short…We wanted to get you more time but I don’t have much money saved up.”
Amber-Sweetie, it means the world to me that you even think of me like that! I appreciate any time at the spa but are you sure you don’t want me to come home and spend some time with you?
Sam-Uhh, that’s okay. We’ll see you at home in a couple hours, love ya!

I am a bit sad that they don’t want me at home but I agree and go to the spa, one of my favorite places.

After my massage I walk outside to see the one person I didn’t expect. Casey.
I try to avoid eye contact and walk by but how could I ever get past Casey?
Casey-…I have so much to say I can’t even imagine forming it into words.
Amber-Well you better speak quick because it’s Mother’s Day and I’ve got a bunch of kids waiting for me at home.
Casey-Okay, okay. Well first, let me apologize-
Amber-Too late for that
Amber-That apologies been a long time comin’ but alrighty. Anything else to say?
Casey-Yes, so much more. I finally looked on Facebook and I saw what you were talking about. Let me just say that I am so sorry to put you through that. In no way was that alright or forgivable but I’m hoping you can let me explain.
Amber-Aren’t I giving you time now? Speak now or I really will leave.

It hurts to be this harsh with someone I love but it must be done to get the honest truth.
 Casey-Well to be honest, and I swear I am being honest it was a crazy night. The girl I was with-

Amber-Your ex-girlfriend.
Casey-Yes, her name is Lacey. She had been all over me the entire trip and I had told her countless times that I had you, my beautiful, wonderful, and perfect girlfriend back in Sunset Valley. She refused to listen and kept being clingy. It was a harsh night-the weather was awful, snow, rain, and sleet, all of the worst things put together that I have NOT missed since I’ve been in Sunset Valley. It was also lightening and the power went out-my luck! It was Lacey and I along with four other GUY friends from high school who left after the power went out. I tried to leave too but Lacey begged me to stay, saying that she her boyfriend just broke up with her and she needed me. She brought out the liquor and you know me-I can’t say no to a drink nor can I say no to a crying woman. And oh yes, she DID start to cry. I don’t know how but as the night went on I kept drinking and drinking. At one point I remember going to the bathroom and coming back several minutes later. After that point I literally lost track of everything that happened. I just don’t know how this all happened… (starts to cry)
I can’t stand to see my baby crying.

“Oh, Casey,” I say. “I don’t want to forgive you but I want to all at the same time. Wait-“ I suddenly realize something. “Ohmygawd Casey…did you say you left your liquor out and went to the bathroom?”
Amber-Case, she must’ve slipped something in your drink that little bit-
Casey-I think you’re right! I can’t believe I never realized this!
Amber-Someway, somehow, I will get her back for this. But for now it’s still Mother’s Day and I’ve still got a brood of children sitting at home. I don’t know if I can still trust you nor do I know if I want to be with you still but I’m sure my kid’s miss you. Care to join me?
He stares at me in disbelief. 

He pulls me in for a fond kiss.
“Oh Ambs,” he whispers, gently stroking my hair. “Do you know how long and badly I’ve wanted you to say that?” I could’ve, would’ve, should’ve pulled away form that kiss because it’s probably sending him possibly false hope. I ignore the details, way too locked into the reminiscent kiss. After, I turn to him, laugh, and grab his hand. Together, hand in hand, Casey and I make our way back home.
As I walk in the door I see Sam happily and willingly teaching one of the toddlers to walk while Liss stands proudly next to the table. On the table I see every single dessert I LOVE. Casey comes over to take a look at the yummy treats.

Amber-Liss! Is this for me?
Larissa-Of course mommy! It’s mothers day, a day for you. And OMG, Casey! My favoritest person EVER!!

I laugh at how right I was that the kids missed him. As Larissa busily chats with her old “friend” I dig into the treats and notice something else.
I walk outside to see that someone (probably Sam) tended to my garden making it look even more phenomenal than usual. My tree has also grown more, my first tree EVER! This is very exciting to me and I clap. I go inside and hug Samuel.

“Thanks for making this the best Mother’s Day ever,” I say to Samuel.
Sam-You’re welcome mom, any time. And it’s not even over yet! Liss and I bought some kettle corn popcorn (my fave.!) and rented your favorite movie West Side Story. I guess we should’ve done something like this for your birthday but we decided to save it for Mother’s day. I love you!
Amber- I love you too hun!
The night is fun filled and Casey has a video-game marathon with the kids. Before I know it it’s time for Case to go and time for me to have some alone time with the kids. I say goodbye to Casey.

We stand outside and Casey says, “Before I leave I’d like to know one thing…”
Casey-Does this mean we’re a ‘thing’ again? I more than miss you baby…
Amber-As much as I’d like to completely forgive you that may just be impossible right now. I completely understand the story now and actually accept it but the fact that you can get yourself into those types of situations worries me. I’ll get back to you on that.
Casey- (Sigh) Okay, bye. Oh-and happy mothers day

He leaves and I for once in these past hectic weeks am actually content and not forcing a smile on my face. I watch him leave and head inside.
The kids and I have a fun night together but around 9 I put the kiddo’s in their PJ’s and usher them to sleep. I make sure to thank them a million times plus one for the fabulous Mother’s Day. They say that it was no problem and I realize that I am truly thankful for my kids. I go to sleep, a happy woman, mother, and friend.
In the morning I am pleased to see that not only am I pregnant but my hair has also started to grow again. When I was a teenager I cut my hair super short and it took FOREVER to grow back. As much as I loved my short hairstyle I am glad that it is growing back in a lovely manner.
I eat a quick breakfast of cereal before I start my day. Sure, yesterday was ALL about me and how wonderful of a mother I am but today is when the REAL motherhood kicks in. With one (or two) on the way and three sitting in their cribs I’ve got my hands full today. Diapers, whining, and fighting here I come!
During the day I teach the boys as many skills as possible. I want them to grow up and flourish as young men and it all starts with some basic skills. It’s a relaxing day for my heavily pregnant self and I appreciate it. Thankfully the most I have to do today is hang around the house and have a house call from my doctor to find out the gender of the babe.
I also get to play dress-up with my little boys. They demand being dressed up as bunnies and that is what we do. They are so adorable in their little costumes I can’t even describe it. They want to stay in the costumes all day so I allow them. Who doesn’t want more cuteness anyways?

At around noon my good friend/doctor Sky Greene makes her way around to my house.
Amber-SKY! Gosh girl, been a long time!
Sky-I know, right?! I miss you girlie. So…I see you’re pregnant. I’m assuming you want the gender?
I compose myself. “Is it that obvious?” I ask. She laughs and says, “Yes, but that’s no issue! I’m in this challenge too and I personally know that feeling of wanting to know your babes gender. So wanna know?”

“Well..” she says dramatically. I bite my finger nails and stare at her.
“A BOY!” she declares. I clap and say, “Yay, a new baby boy!” As much as I want my good friend to stay I have numerous things to do around the house. I thank her for stopping by and she continues on her daily house visits.
Once home Sam immediately starts doing work for me. He starts by teaching the boys to walk and talk while commenting on how cute they look in their outfits. Sammy is such a good child I have I don’t know what I’ll do without him in the house. Hopefully all of my kids can be as helpful as him!
I myself make some yummy sushi for dinner that the kids nom on and enjoy! I love cooking ESPECIALLY when the product turns out well. I always laugh though when I cook because I remember in middle school I had a CRAZY cooking teacher Mrs.R. She would take entire class periods explaining how to fluff flour and pour milk into a cup. I smile at the funny memory.
I spend the evening watching TV and relaxing with the tots. I go to sleep early tonight and enjoy the peace and quiet. I realize that I have so much to think about when it comes to Casey but at this point, if it’s possible for me to have a comfortable and happy pregnancy I will have one.
This morning I wake up and feel the full effects of pregnancy. My tummy is huge, my feet are swollen, and I am due to pop any time today. Today will be an easy day as usual. No serious thinking and lots and lots of tea.

This morning is actually a very good morning for me. I walk outside to see that my first tree ever has not only stayed alive BUT it’s also produced some tasty-looking apples! I harvest them with joy and eat them until I can’t eat anymore.
Yum, maybe I’m not so bad a gardener after all?
I spend the remainder of the day hanging around with the boys and having a jolly good time. Having a lot of toddlers around the house is always a fun time and I am using it to my advantage. As they say-the more the merrier!
I also teach Maddox to walk a bit. He’s a bit shaky but after while he gains a permenate balance and shines brighter than any star.

 Later in the day I even spend some time to swim in our rarely-used pool. I hear swimming induces labor so I try it…
And it works! Around 3 PM I go into labor and it's one of those easy births-rare but wonderful. I push for no more than 2 hours when I welcome into the world...
Gerry Lights
Gina Lights

My first set of multi-gendered anything in awhile! I am elated!

 I go into the kitchen to introduce the kid's to their new siblings when I see that Larissa has taken advantage of my distraction by aging up! I am upset at first but then come to accept her decision. She is beautiful and I can't wait to see her strive as a teen.

<3 :)

Thanks for reading everyone, hope my posts aren't too spaced out...don't EVER think I don't think of my blog almost 24/7 because I do. Sometimes real life catches up to me and blogging is the last thing I want to think about. But regardless, I hope you enjoyed this post and stick around for more!


Have a FABULOUS day! <3


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    P.S.S I'm glad you made up with casey!

    P.S.S.S I love the outdoors space!

    (Last, I promise) P.S.S.S.S. I think Liberty is B-E-A-U-tif-ul!! <3

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