Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An Old Friend: Babies 48 and 49

I am sad to see that Larissa has aged up. A mother in my kind of position only gets so much time with her children before they simply leave…and it’s disappointing. But when I see the worried look on Larissa’s face I decide to let it go. She is eating some cake with her brother so I grab a plate and a chair and sit down for some quality time with my growing children.

“so,” I say as I search for a seat among the messy table. “I see a difference in my not-so-little Larissa.” She gives me a pained look, followed by one of forced confidence.
Larissa-Yes, mother. I did age up and I hope you respect my decision.
Amber-Yes, it’s fi-
Larissa-I’M SO SORRY MOMMY, BUT I WANT TO GROW UP SOON. PLEASE DON’T HATE ME I-wait, did you say it’s okay?
Amber-Of course honey. You made the decision and as much as I wish you hadn’t it’s your call. And I still love you just as much, nothing changes.
Larissa-Thanks mom, love you too. Now I’ll go help with the babes, they’re crying like crazy!

And crazy they are! I finally look over to see them crying in sync, almost like it’s planned…or maybe it is? I laugh while thinking to myself, they MUST age up soon. They are advancing quickly, way smarter than the average tot. They need to become children soon so they can have more opportunities.
 After a long evening of laundry, crying, and cleaning I finally get to put the tots to bed and even find some joy in it! As I’m laying them down I notice another hilarious expression from my child. Maddox’s pouting face is priceless so I snap a few pictures of it. I can’t get enough of these silly faces!
This morning I take my time getting changed since it’s about the only “me-time” I’ll have all day. I plan on aging up the triplets and the twins by the end of the day, which is a really long process in itself. I go into the mudroom to move the laundry into the dryer when I gasp. The laundry gnome magically moved positions to on top on the washer, UPSIDE DOWN! It’s creepy beyond belief but keeps me excited.
 I can most definitely see excitement in Mason’s expression. I know that each triplet is more than ready to age up and will do so beautifully. I spend some last moments with my boys as toddlers since I will be aging them up first.
“Mommy loves you!” I say to Mason.
Mason-Mason wuvs MOMMY more!
Amber-NO, mommy loves Mason more!
Mason-I love youuuu!

I giggle at the cute moment with my son. These are the ones I love.

With Max it’s even more adorable, if that’s even possible.
Amber-You’re aging up today baby! Aren’t you excited?
Amber-I know, yay for my red-haired buddy!
Max-red hair, red hair! Me just like mommy!

My heart melts as I hug my babe one more time. Time to age up!

From left to right- Max, Maddox, Mason
The boys have aged up to more than perfection. Max is a sweetheart and my red-hair buddy, but he has quite the temper. If you say one miniscule, wrong thing he will blow up on you. If you call him a ginger his face will grow redder than a tomato. But he really is a sweet kid.

Maddox is a cute kiddo. He loves being a different color than both of his brothers, though he doesn’t understand why. He loves to play pranks on any one of his family members. We can get mad at him but they are always really funny, and he’s just too cute to stay mad!

Finally, Mason. Mason is my first child with yellow skin and he’s so adorable. He loves to get good grades in school and plays a few sports too. He wants to be a baseball player when he’s older but for now all he does is play in the Little League. All three buys somehow get along and are tighter than the 3 Musketeers.
 The birthdays run so late that before I can even finish them the teens come home. I sigh as I realize how much of the day has been wasted on parties but nothing can beat the joy of seeing your child grow. I become anxious as I wait to see Gerry and Gina as blossoming toddlers.
I marvel in pride when I see Gerry as a toddler. Not only is he 110% cute, but he also has a very warm heart. Unlike most of my other children, he does not have any issues with sharing. He also loves to play with his sister and make her giggle. Gerry is such a kind soul that there is no doubt in my heart that he will one day find a woman perfect for him.
Gina is extremely adorable too! I feel like I got the package deal on these babies-cute, smart, and sweet! Gina is a mommy’s girl and loves to make me smile. She always listens and does what she’s told, a mother’s dream. I LOVE having these tots around the house with me.

I’m pleased to see that Sam has an immediate connection with Gerry. They both laugh and smile in each others presence. I let them play for over 30 minutes when I realize it’s a school night and I’ve got almost nothing done today. “Okay Sam, can you take a break from your brother? I need you to do your homework and help in the garden.”
Sam-Aw man! Fine, be there in a second.
Larissa, Sam, and I work in the garden until it’s greener and leafier than ever before. “Great work!” I tell my helping kiddo’s after. “You’ve done good, now get to your homework and don’t stay up too late!” They groan and I laugh. Even though I’m a mother of almost 50 kids doesn’t mean I have to let up now! Each of my children will grow up to be strong and independent people, just the way I raise them.
For dinner I whip up some delicious autumn salad. Of course the kids hate eating healthy but as a mother I have a job; a job to keep my kids healthy and active. Autumn salad helps me achieve this. We all sit down for a nice dinner together.

“So I’m not gonna lie,” says Maddox in the midst of dinner. “The view from up here beats the view from the floor as a baby. I like eating at the big table with you all, I hated being a toddler!” I laugh but question his interesting point of view.
Amber-Hmm…but if you weren’t ever a toddler than you could never be the child you are now.
Maddox-I know, but still. I love this view and being able to see above a couple feet.
Amber-(laughing) Oh, I’m sure! I wish I could remember how I felt as a toddler but I don’t think I could EVER remember that far back. You were just a tot today so you have no issue.
 Max interjects, “Sure, I hated the view too. Plus, now that we’re children we will have to go to school, do projects, and have a bed time.” Maddox nods in agreement.
“But we get to play our precious video games now though!” says the always-peppy Mason. “I love video games, which we COULDN’T play as a toddler. SO lets not focus on the negative, let’s focus on the positive.”

I stare at my son in amazement. Such mature thoughts at such a young age. “I’m very proud of you Mason. Those are good thoughts that we should all think by. What about you, boys? Do you agree with your brother?”
Maddox & Max-Sure…so can we go enjoy childhood and play video games?
Amber-Sure, just don’t stay up too late! 9 is your bed-time!
They groan and hurry to the gaming system.
I clean up dinner and start to put the kids to bed around 8. Gina and Gerry are staring pleasantly at me as I go to pick them up. They are just too cute together! I can’t get enough of their adorableness! But eventually they start to get crabby so I feed them and put them to sleep with a kiss on the cheek.
 After I’m done the boys are still playing their video games. “Time for you boys to get to bed too. It’s past nine, if you don’t get to bed within the next minute you are having the gaming station taken away!” Their eyes show much alert as they quickly shut off the game and sprint into their room. That’s what I thought.

I wake up to several missed calls, 2 texts, and a lot of confusion. Every one of the calls and texts is from Penelope (my sister) and panic rises quickly. It’s not like my sister to call me so many times when I don’t know anything about it. In much worry I open up the first text.
Amber! Don’t panic, nothing is happening-I sigh. But this is very last minute and I’m sooo OCD about planning things. So you may or may not know via Facebook-I don’t really use Facebook-but I am dating a new guy! He is very un-Brady like (her ex-husband) and I like him A LOT. He asked me out to dinner for TONITE and I said yes…he also told me to invite any family members that I want. So of course you, and Jason (younger brother, diagnosed with autism) is still in counseling. Please come!! Penny XO
I smile as I flip to the next text, sent 33 minutes later.
Okay Amber seriously, reply! I know it’s 3 in the morning I will NOT sleep until you message me back! He’s just so sweet…PLEASE COME!
I decide to take Penny out of her craziness and reply straight away.
Sure Pen, see you later. txt me times

The texts set me in a fabulous mood for the rest of the day. Going on dates with people is super fun to me, ESPECIALLY if it’s my little sister. I smile as I electric slide into the toddler’s room, a dorky mother of 47.
“Good morning sunshine!” I happily say to Gina. I take a moment to think about the name. Gina DOES make me feel delighted about anything and has a sense of brightness around her. “You know what?” I say. “Your new nickname will be Sunshine, you big ball of energy.”
Amber-I love you!

I laugh as I realize I haven’t taught this one to talk yet. “Don’t worry, you’ll be saying much better things than ‘yay’ when I’m done with you!” I encourage my Sunshine.
After Gina is in a high chair and eating I turn around to another tot. Gerry is happily crouching in his crib, patiently waiting for me. I scoop him out of his trap and play with him. Once he’s fed I feed myself and THEN move on to skills.
Following the classic rule of “ladies first” I set up Gina to learn walking first. She picks it up on her first try and claps when she plops into my arms. “Yay!!!” she cheers. “Me walking like mommy!” I giggle and agree. “Yes, Gina just like me!!”
 On her second try she isn’t so confident. As I pick up her tiny arms to help her stand she quivers. “Ermmm…” she nervously stutters. I can see the scared look in her baby eyes. “C’mon, I will hold you, mommy’s gotcha. You can do this!” I chant. She takes one shaky step after the other as she inches towards me.

“C’mon…” I encourage.
Her lip quivers as she falls back into my arms. “Yay?” she asks, almost like a question. I ensure her by saying, “Yes, yay!! Yay for Gi-Gi!!” Her mouth spreads into a smile
Afterwards the day is half gone so I play and read with them together. Gina and Gerry are like a package deal. You can’t read to one without the other getting jealous, and you certainly can’t play with one instead of the other. They demand to do everything together and I comply. Double to cuteness, who can complain?
Once the teens are home they announce they are aging up. Larissa in particular shows some guilt. “I’m sorry I skipped through my teen years so fast but girls are just so mean! And you know what mom?” says Larissa.”My nose may be bigger than any other girl in my class, I may be a tad bit chubbier than them all, and I may not have a boat load of cash sitting and waiting for me. But you know what I do have? An amazing mother and family and to me, that’s all that really counts. So, with your permission, I would LOVE to age up and pursue my dream of having a wonderful family. Please mom?” Her face is pleading so I say “Of course. Now lets see you as a blossoming adult!”
Larissa-YOUNG adult, emphasis on the young.
Amber-Ohh, right. Sorry!

We all gather in a fun area as two of my wonderful children age up.
 Sam is so handsome that my heart melts! He has fine features along his face that give him such a unique look that I’ve NEVER seen before. He is a super friendly guy so I’m not worried that he will have any issues in the “real world”. I am happy that he is moving out with his little sister, I believe they will help one another out in the work force/day to day issues.
Larissa has barely changed from her teen years. She keeps the same cut and sophisticated dressing she used to. As previously said, Larissa plans on having a bustling family that I will gladly help her with. I’m sure she will find herself a suitable man for the “job” and they will have a great life.

Before I can truly send my children out I want to show Sam something.
I bring Samuel into his old nursery and he looks around.
Sam-It’s funny that even though I’ve lived here all this time, I haven’t been in the nursery since I was a toddler. I guess I haven’t taken much care of the other babies…sorry.
Amber-It’s alright, let’s make this a fun goodbye! The reason I brought you in here is to show you this picture of you as a toddler. See how cute you were? Well you still are, even cuter actually:)
Sam-Pshh, you don’t have to lie. Just kidding, I know I was cute (laughs)
Amber-(laughing) You are! I just wanted you to take one last look at the legacy you’re leaving in this family, none of my children are EVER forgotten. Your picture will always be here, feel free to come by anytime. I love you, and good luck baby.
We hug it out as my strong son whispers, “I’m not a baby…”
Amber-You are to me!! We should hang out for a while…
I glance down at my watch as my grown son rolls his eyes. It’s pushing 6 and I’m supposed to meet Penny for dinner at 6:30.
“Actually, on second thought, don’t! I have to go meet your aunt somewhere, wish me luck! And I’ll keep in touch!” He bids me farewell in the politest of manners.
As soon as they’re gone I quickly call a babysitter for the triplets and change into this black number. It’s slimming and cute, my ideal outfit.
 I meet Penny and her boyfriend Chase Kemp at the Bistro. He is a handsome guy with a broad face and orange-brown hair. He looks a bit like Casey, maybe us Light’s women have similar tastes in men?
Penny sits down and gestures to Casey-I mean Chase. “Well,” says my adorable sister. “Amber, meet Chase. Chase, meet my sister Amber.”
Chase-Hello Amber, so nice to finally meet you.
Amber-Same to you! I’ve heard lots of good things about you.
I lie a little bit, sure. But I don’t want Penny to find out that I haven’t been keeping up with her life.
Chase-Much obliged. I’m glad that at least one person from Penny’s family could make it tonight, I was fearful none would come.
Amber-Of course I came, I would do anything for my sister
Chase-Good to know
Chase smiles and I turn to Penny.
Amber-So Penny, how long have you two lovebirds been dating? this point I would say maybe four months? But even in that short time I know in my heart that Chase…my baby, is the one.
I imagine myself rolling my eyes. That’s exactly what she said about Brady and we all know how that turned out. But thankfully I’m getting a good vibe from this guy.
Amber-That’s great! I’m glad that you two have found joy in one another. But Chase, if I may ask, how come you invited me out to dinner tonight? I love being here but why?
Chase-Well…I wanted you to see this.

He stands up and Penny follows.
 Much emotion swirls in his eyes as he expresses his feelings. “Penelope Samantha Lights, my love, heart, and soul. I love you more than a mother loves her child. You make me happy, you make me smile, and you make me ME. I couldn’t have asked for a better past 4 months, especially since it’s been with you. You complete me.”

My heart stops, as I’m sure Penny’s does also, as he drops to one knee.
 “Penelope, I love you. Will you make me the happiest man on earth by accepting this ring?” He looks anxious for her answer as she stares at the ring.
 “Umm…” she stutters. I glance at Chase and I see his expression fall while staring at the ring. “Yes.” Stutters out Penny. “Yes, yes, YES YES! Yes I will marry you, YES I want to be with you forever, and YES I love you!!” Chase looks shocked as he slips the shining ring on to her finger.
 They pull in for a hug and for the first time in almost forever, I see a smile on my sisters face. Not a fake or forced smile, but a genuine one. She is actually happy. I also start to feel like I’m invading their privacy. “Errmm, should I go?” I ask. Penny turns around in alarm, “NO!” she yelps. “I actually want to ask you something.”

“Yes?” I ask.
Penny-Okay, I know this is an early question but it just popped up in my mind. Chase and I are going on a retreat to Africa in a few weeks. I personally don’t want to wait for after our 2 month retreat to start wedding planning and get married. Do you want to do that Chase?
Chase-Nah, I want to get married before we go. I guess I didn’t think about that when I bought the ring and chose a time to propose.
Penny-It’s okay baby. But Amber, remember how much you loved those wedding planning shows when we were kids?

Penny-Will you plan our wedding?
I stand in shock, I did not expect to get an offer like that.
Amber-Why don’t you hire some trained planner? They’re probably better than me.
Penny-Sure, but we don’t have the money for that. Please Ambs? You would be a life saver if you did this for me…
Amber-Fine, I’ll do it. I’ll set up a meeting to discuss details in a few days but I need to focus on my children and getting pregnant again. I have to go, love you!
We hug it out and I bid farewell. I walked into this dinner date a mother of 47, and walked out a mother of 47 AND a wedding planner! Hooray for me!
Once home from the eventful evening I am exhausted. I fall right on to my bed and fall asleep, fully clothed.
This morning I wake up still dressed. I chuckle at my laziness to get changed before I change into my regular PJ’s. I grab a cup of coffee and start on the garden work.

Once done with gardening I start to get the tots ready for the day. I can see Gerry doing the potty dance in his crib, looking more than uncomfortable. Taking my son out of his misery I plop him on the potty and say, “Big kids use this! You are a big boy, right?”
Gerry-Yes mommy!
Amber-Good! No more diapers for you!
He makes a silly face as he does his business but once done I can see the look of pride in his eyes.
 Gina has a lot of luck being potty trained. She smiles while she does it and is a pro. When she’s done she says, “Me like Ger now! Me like brother!!” My two little kiddies, they’re stuck like glue.
Gina insists on dressing like a princess so I place her in a puffy pink dress. I can see the profound love she has for the clothing in her eyes and it makes me smile. With my daughter happy I set her down and begin teaching her to talk.
Eventually Gi trades me in for some time with her brother. But I don’t mind because I need to get pregnant ASAP so I can be one step closer to 50 babies. I can’t believe I’m going to be hitting the halfway mark so soon but I’m also happy. If 47 beautiful children can offer me such happiness, then 50+ more will bring so much more. The idea of finishing the challenge is so far fetched yet so reachable, and I plan on making it there.

I quickly call over the next father, the one and only, Michael Bachelor.
I turn on my practiced charm for Michael. Michael and I used to be friendly with each other in high school, and like me, he still hasn’t left Sunset Valley. When he texted me about being the father I was shocked but pleased, I knew it would be nice to meet up with an old friend no matter the circumstances.

I grab my old friend’s hands and say, “Oh Michael. I haven’t heard from you in the LONGEST TIME. How are you, what have you been up to?” He smiles nervously and says, “Oh not much. You?”
Amber-Just living and loving life. I’m really happy you called, I miss the high school days in Ms. Alberts class.
Michael-I’m happy I called too, I’m pushing 30 and I still haven’t met a girl or gotten married. I remember how nice you were so I figured I’d give you a ring. I’m glad you’re letting me take part in your challenge.
Amber-Thanks Mike :)
Michael-You’re welcome…

I can sense the awkwardness he possesses so I go right ahead and make the first move.

I push myself forward and dive into a first kiss between us. He pulls back, shocked, after but I can see the joy in his eyes.
Michael-(Pushing his hair back) Oh, wow. You’re a great kisser Amber. Has anyone ever told you that?
Amber-A few people :) So what do you say, want to go make a baby?
I lure him into bed as we fall into one anther’s arms.  We take our time with the process, enjoying every second. It feels good to be in the arms of someone I know, someone I’ve lived life with.
 After we lie in bed for awhile, just thinking. Around 6 I politely ask him to go, saying that we should get together again. He agree’s and makes his way out.

The rest of the evening is a pleasant blur of homework help and dinner making. I put the kids to bed late since it’s a Friday night and we had a lot of fun family time. I go to bed reminiscing about how sweet last night was and how fun it will be to plan a wedding!

I wake up with a goal in mind: to have as much fun today as possible. I don’t have as many “fun days” with my children any more, especially since I’ve started dating Casey. And one day, when I finish the challenge, I will regret not being as fun a mother as I wished. I need to have fun with my kiddo’s no matter what so that they leave my house as young adults with a sense of love for their family. And what better way to start a good day than with some delicious French toast?
Right after breakfast the boys show an interest in playing in the sprinkler. “Yeah, I’m so over video games,” Max told me. “I want to play outside in the water!” Of course I agreed and we headed outside.
Max throws his booty out in the water and says, “Oooo, it’s cold! But I won’t back down!” I start laughing as Maddox covers his eyes and says, “Come on, bro. No one wants to see that you freak!” "Hey, watch what you say" I scold before we all divulge into a fit of laughter.
After a while of playing I see the UPS guy has come around and dropped off a HUGE package. I pick it up to discover that it’s the three telescopes that I specially ordered for my boys when they were toddlers. I quickly set them up in the back yard and tell them about it. They rush to see them and are more than excited. I take the free time to put some work into my garden and hang out with the tots.
I start teaching my handsome son to walk and he picks it up quickly, a common thing among my children. He puts a lot of effort into it so that he can be just like his sister.

Meanwhile the triplets find a ton of joy in looking through the telescope. They are still learning to navigate it but I can see major progress and a boatload of happiness from them.

About half an hour into learning about the microscope I hear a yelp and a call of my name from Maddox.
 “Maddox? Maddox!” I shout. “Are you okay baby?”
Maddox-I just saw a…meteor! A meteor fell from the sky and into someones yard! I hope they’re okay!
Amber-Oh no…let me check the news.

I turn on the news and sure enough they’re discussing a fallen meteor. “The meteor has fallen upon 433 Sunnyside Boulevard, home of Violet and Lacey Lights and ALSO the previous home of famous challenge mother Amber Lights.” I gasp-are my children hurt? What if we still lived there, would any of us have been hurt? I look back on the news. “There have been NO deaths and/or casualties as a result. Violet and Lacey were out and about town, scarcely dodging the meteor of death. Speaking of death, have you heard how badly the Sunset Valley Llama’s got crushed in yesterdays basketball championship?-“ I turn off the TV. Thank goodness my kid’s have NOT been hurt, I don’t think I could deal with death. I stretch and make my way back outside.
I head back outside and let Maddox know that no one was hurt. I thank him for letting me know about it and then I leave. They are having such a good time by themselves that I don’t want to disturb it. I go back into the front yard and teach Gerry to talk a bit.
 It’s around sunset when I finally decide to start dinner. I throw some hot dogs on the grill and have a fun time making it. I am about to master the cooking skill so I show off some of my cool chef moves.
We sit down to eat ad for some reason Mason and Maddox decide to eat by themselves at the bar. I let them be and sit down with Max.
 “Hey Max…” I say.
Max-(Grim face) Hey mom.
Amber-Are you okay sweetie?
Max-No. Mason and Maddox are trying to do everything without me. They always do and it’s annoying. I’ve always been nice to them, why don’t my brothers like me?!
Amber-of course! Hmm..give it a few days, okay? I’m sure they’ll come around. It’s probably just  a phase.
With that he gets up and heads inside. I think he’s seriously upset but I let him be. He needs time to realize that family will always love you, though they may not always show it.
 I do up the dishes and head to bed slightly worried.
I wake up to the smallest showing of a belly this lovely Sunday morning. I can’t wait to give birth and see Michael and I’s child. I’m sure he/she will be gorgeous, or maybe the TWO of them will be gorgeous. I have a doctor’s appointment for right after breakfast. I am anxious to find out anything and everything about my new child.
I head to the diner with the triplets, a Sunday morning tradition in our family. Brayden and Joe (babies 9 and 10) are there too and I invite them to eat with us. I haven’t seen these kids in a really long time and I would LOVE to catch up. I can’t believe Brayden and Joe were in the VERY beginning of my challenge, I’ve come so far. And can you see the frown on Max’s face along with the looks of disgust from his brothers? They all refused to smile for the picture which tips me off that this is a growing issue.
Turns out that everything is going well and I will be having yet another set of twins. They claim that it will be girl twins which is good, it would be nice to have more than just one girlie in the house to spoil and love.
When I get home I see Mason and Maddox fighting against Max. There is a lot of screaming going on so I jog as fast as a pregnant woman can. Before I chime in I hear a snippet of the conversation.
Max-Stop being so mean guys! I didn’t do ANYTHING to you! We’re brothers, we’re supposed to be best friends!!
Mason-Don’t blame me! It’s not my fault you’re stupid, ugly, and not colored like us. You are an outcast and you will NEVER be like us.
Max-But it wasn’t like this a week ago! Guys, it stress’s mom out to see us fighting. Can we stop, for the sake of our mom?
Maddox-Absolutely not! I don’t care about mom, we can deal with things ourselves…

They inch closer to Max, trapping him in the corner. I finally step in.
Amber-Whoa, whoa, WHOA. What did you say to your brother?
Maddox-(inching back) I… offering him some help with his school work. C’mon Max, let’s go work on our, um, science project!
I know it’s not true but I decide to play along. “Oh really?” I ask. “Max honey, is this true?” I question.
Amber-Be honest, remember; honesty is the best policy.
Max-…he’s telling the truth. (sigh) He was just helping me.
It drives me insane that he is willing to lie about being bullied. But it’s his decision. I sigh and say, “Okay, Mason and Maddox, go inside. Max, stay out here. I need your help with some, um, cleaning.” The devilish duo heads inside and Max stays put.
“I know you lied,” I say.
Max-I know you know I lied.
Amber-Then why’d you do it? You’re the one who was complaining about the bullying, why not tell me and let me handle them? They could’ve seriously hurt you.
I start to feel sick in my stomach at the thought that family could hate their blood brothers so much? I never thought I would live to the day where I raise a mean-spirited child.
Max-Because mom, if I had told you they would hate me more. They would see me as a snitch and be more likely to beat me up. There’s no winning, Ma.
Amber-But there is. I want you to do something for me. Go inside and have a talk with your brothers. Tell them that I will ground them if they don’t listen to you. I’ll stay under the radar and cook dinner and hopefully, you can sort things out. Can you promise me that?
Max-Sure…wish me luck.
Amber-Good luck baby, I know you are brave enough to do this.
He heads inside and so do I, except I am cooking dinner. The doctors appointment had run way longer than expected, making it around 5 PM now. They disappear into the study for the entire night and I don’t want to disturb them-so I don’t. They need to work things out even if I’m not involved. It’s a slow evening without the boys around so I watch TV by myself and go to bed early.
My belly is blossoming as I take care of the kiddo’s this morning. Gina and Gerry are in a fabulous mood today (thank goodness) so waking them up is crying-free and delightful. I brush Gi’s hair with precision and dress Gerry to the nines. I am due any time today so relaxing seems like the easiest route to go.
Today is a breeze, I simply rest on the couch and watch professional dancer’s perform right at the Stadium Complex. I wish I could take a ride there but the loud noise would bother the tots. Eventually Gi and Ger join me watching TV. It’s a lovely, family-oriented day.
The dishwasher is also broken so I tend to that and return to the TV. Broken electrical appliances are extremely hazardous to the family so fixing them ASAP is ideal.
I also do some laundry for the cleanliness and sake of the family. Fresh clothes are like heaven to a bustling mother.
When the boys get home from school they sit on the couch together and watch some TV. As I’m about to join them and ask about their newfound friendship the sharp labor pains kick in. I quickly move into another room so my boys won’t have to experience the troubles of labor.
 I push and push until I can no more. It's a relatively easy labor with a few hard moments that I easily overcome. Within a couple hours I welcome into the world brand-new angels.
Rosebud Lights
Poppy Lights

<3 :)

Thanks everyone for reading! I was fairly happy with this post but I honestly thought it was pretty dull in some parts. What do you think? Tell me in the comments below and stay tuned as Amber continues her journey to 100 babies!


  1. Rosebud and Poppy have TWO half brothers!!! Micheal Jr. and Mario Newbie :) Great post :)

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  3. Awesome post Ambs!

  4. Awesome! I didn't think it was boring at all!

    My favorite picture is of the triplets linking arms together after growing up. ☺☻☻

    Poor Max, I felt really bad when I read the part about his brothers considering him as an outcast. I hope it's just a phase.

    Oh my GOSH! You're almost to fifty!!!!

  5. you are awsome at righting blogs and i love your stories they always make me smile after a tough day

  6. Beautiful and Amazing as ever, Ambs.


  7. Catlover, OH MY GOSH I KNOW!! I'm pumped!

    ILOVESIMS123, I'm so happy that I can make you smile :) My entire point of this is to make people happy and entertain them.

    Thanks Sky and Maura :)

    keep commenting!

  8. If you need some names here are some that I dont think you used:
    and I dont think you used Ashley either.

  9. Hi Amber:)
    Love your blog... !!
    Can you maybe name one of your 100 children Claire??
    Happy Simming,

  10. Awesome post! I could tell you put a lot of work into this one and I love how you actually tell a story as if it's real. You inspire me to work harder on my blog. Can't wait for the next post

  11. Thanks for the suggestions Anon, will be sure to use :)
    Hey Claire, thanks for reading! I will definitely name one of my kiddo's Claire !

    Thanks awesome people for reading!

  12. Hey Amber...LOVE ur posts, but i have OCD and its bothering me that u put babesor babe instead of baby or babies... can u pleaseeeeeeee use the right words? (im not critisizing it just bothers me) :) thanks :D

  13. Hai! U commented on my blog, so i thought I'd comment back on urs. I like ur story so far! The part with the triplets and copying homework was probably the most interesting! I suggest the name Wallis for a boy, and Carmela for a girl. m following ur blog now, and Im pleased with my decision. I look forward to the next chapter. Once the follower thing is back, could you come back to my blog and follow? Just press on my name, and thnx :) -Summer Sky (P.S. Thnx for ur positive comment.)

  14. I just realized that I have twins in my game of the brother my heir married who I named Ginnah and Grey ... pretty close to Gina and Gerry... didn't even realize it ... but Thank you!

  15. Ugh, I'm doing the 100 baby challenge and my sim HAS HAD NO GIRLS. She's up to baby 10 now, all boys. And all singles! She has fertility.. It's really frustrating :(

  16. My founder's name is Poppy (for my 100 baby challenge)


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