Saturday, April 23, 2011

Get Your Facts Straight, Then We'll Talk: Baby 42

After Sam is born and asleep I have one more task-the clogged toilet. It’s been clogged for weeks and I have an ongoing battle with it…the toilets winning. The boys are tired of it always spraying in their faces and I can’t seem to hear the end of it. “Ugh!” I shout. “Unclog you darn toilet!” Somehow I always end up talking to inanimate objects.
 After a good hour-long battle I win. Not much damage is done except for when I hit my head on the cabinet. The throbbing pain kept building up and so I head to bed.
In the morning I do the laundry around the house, a Tuesday morning ritual. We have a medicine cabinet conveniently placed over the washer so I wash down a couple Tylenol with some water. The pain from hitting my head last night sadly hasn’t gone away yet.
And the babies crying doesn’t help either. In order to keep the girls busy I make the decision to age up Samuel. A fresh face might just be the thing to hold the girls off aging up until they learn all their skills.
I am delighted to see that aging up Samuel did just the trick on keeping the girls busy…and I’m overjoyed to see that Sammy has inherited his father’s wild hair-I guess the blue was natural! As far as I can see Sam is a wonderful toddler who loves to play with his sisters and giggle a lot. He almost NEVER cries (a mother’s dream) and doesn’t mind sharing toys and mommy’s affection. He is a blessing to my family and I couldn’t be happier.
 Since his cuteness is almost too much to handle I snap a picture of Sam on my phone and send it to Adam (Sam’s father). I include a text saying Hey, u sure make cute kids! (: The picture is so good I decide to print one out and keep it for myself.
Since the girls seem to be enjoying their brother a lot I decide to hold off on finishing potty training for just a bit and focus on myself-a rare thing. Something I used to LOVE to do but never have time for is painting. I love the sound of the paint being turned into art upon a blank canvas. I love how proud you feel once you’re done, staring at your painting…I decide to paint something familiar-my family.

As I’m working a paparazzi apparently thinks Amber Light’s Painting could be the next big story. “Just painting my kids…” I mutter to the nosy camera man. He doesn’t stop and continues to snap several more pictures. My headache is too much to deal with the flashing light. “Seriously, stop or I’ll call the police.” He keeps on snapping away. I pull out my phone and wave it around in his face. His eyes show much alarm as he backs away. “I’ll get you one day…” snaps the angry man.
 After a long day of painting I’m still not done but I plan on being done soon. As soon as the triplets get home they insist on aging up because they’re “Tired of boring school with boring teachers, boring guys, and BORING work!!” As much as I don’t want to see my girlies go they have given me a fair share of trouble and that is something I won’t miss. Roland and Winston help me cheer as the girl’s age up to gorgeous young adults.
From left to right-Molly, Caitlyn, Karni. 
Each girl is so gorgeous and uniquely different from the next. And it’s funny because this picture displays who they each are as a person-Molly is clapping because she gets excited easily. So many people love her for her fun and “everythings okay” personality. Caitlyn is smiling but her hair covering part of her face shows that she always has a hidden agenda. Finally, Karni is just staring off into space. Karni has always been a mixture of shy, nervous 24/7, and she really doesn’t like to show off her true colors. She is the most different of them all and I think she’s alright with it. The girls are going to visit Paris, France as soon as they move out to study French fashion. As soon as they move back they want to start their own clothing line, eventually open up a store, and work with their older sister 
Ashleigh (baby 1) who is high up in the fashion career. I wish them luck.
 After the girls leave the house is quiet for the first time since-well, they were BORN. I am enjoying the peace so I read the toddlers and boys a bed time story and they love it. They are more than tired (thankfully) after it and go to sleep. I decide to take a relaxing bath.

Right before I go to sleep I hear a ringing coming from the computer in the study. I walk in and see that someone is calling me on skype…I’m not that tech savvy but I figure out how to answer the call-it’s from Casey, big surprise.

Amber-Hey Case, what’s up? I’m really tired so can this be quick?
I don’t mean to sound so rude but I AM tired and have no patience for a heart to heart.          
Casey-Oh sorry Ambs. You just never replied to my text from last night and I was starting to get worried…you’re not mad, are you?
Amber-(Debating) Hmm…
Casey-You look mad.
Amber-These darn video chats won’t let me make my facial expressions. I’m not a fan!
Casey-Ha…but seriously? I am getting together with my old classmates soon and I can’t stay on for too long.

Amber-Oh, so you’re going to leave me to go be with your old girlfriend? I see how it is.
Casey-A-ha! You ARE mad! When I say ex-girlfriend (I cringe at the word) I want you to emphasize the EX part-we haven’t seen each other in a long time and that’s exactly how I want it to be.
Amber-Than why are you even going to the reunion then?!
Casey-To see my parents too! And my life didn’t revolve around her (I cringe again), I had friends.
Amber-Well whatever. You go have fun while I stay back in dreary Sunset Valley with my kids.
Casey-See, you’re mad!! Amber…
Amber-Casey, WHATEVER. Have fun at your reunion thing, maybe you’ll love them so much you’ll stay there.

The last thing I see is Casey’s sad face as I hang up. I didn’t want to overreact but c’mon, really? Why does he have to go NOW when I’m almost halfway through my challenge and probably need him most? I know this won’t be the end of us but I want him to feel bad…maybe I’m just too tired. I finally head to sleep after a long day.
The first thing I do this morning is potty train the girls. Rudy is up first and learns the skill easily. Meanwhile, Liberty has a bit more trouble but we work through it and she learns it also. Samuel looks at his sisters in admiration while we’re working-“How do they do dat?” he asks. “Well they are big girls and go on a big girl potty!” I reply. He still doesn’t seem to get it, maybe I should work with him on his talking skill first. “I wanna be a big girl! Big girl, big girl!” chants my little Sammy. “Noo,” I say. “You will be a big boy and use a big boy potty!” His face falls.

“Big girl! Me wanna be a big girl!” he continues to chant.
Amber-Okay little buddy, you can be a big girl.
I roll my eyes at his antics and decide that it’s okay since he will learn proper terms and genders for that matter later in life.
I laugh and head into my bathroom to get ready for the day. With a click of the door handle I shed my clothes and hop in the shower. Today is going to be busy. I have to go grocery shopping, I need to pick up new clothes for the toddlers, get a special brand of diapers at another store…oh, and I need to deal with Casey-but that will be put on the back burner for the time being. 

I am eating breakfast when I see the boys running out of the house to catch the bus. They are usually late and boys will be boys, I can’t help them. They are probably the cutest twins I’ve had in awhile though it’s wrong of me to pick favorites…but they’re just TOO CUTE! They love to pretend their ninja’s and sneak up on me. I think it’s the most adorable thing. They want to age up tonight so buying birthday cakes should be added to the grocery list…

I suddenly stop when I see something else outside-a car is coming dangerously close to the bus and it looks like it’s going to crash…
I think quick and run outside (like THAT will do anything) and scream “NOOO!!” The driver (a guy) gives me a split second look and then slams on the breaks. The car is literally millimeters from hitting the bus with my children on it but it thankfully doesn’t crash.

“OH MY GOSH!” I yelp and run up to the man. He is getting out of his car but I stop him. “Sir, you almost RAN INTO THAT BUS!” He gives me a duhhh look and I can’t help but laugh. “So I almost run into a bus and you laugh? What’s the catch?” he asks.
Amber-I was just laughing at my own stupidity. You look like you’re in shock..would you care to come inside?
Mystery Man-Sure, thanks

We go inside and I fix him some coffee and a pack of ice for any cuts or bruises. “That was quite an accident you ALMOST got yourself into there, sir.” I say. He laughs shakily and says, “You don’t have to call me sir, my name is Jerry-Jerry Lowwer.”
Amber-Ahh, so nice to know your name. And I am-
Jerry-I know who you are silly. You’re Amber Lights, proud mother of, what is it, 41?
Amber-Correct! I’m shocked that you know who I am!
Jerry-Well you live o the far side of town, away from any form of businesses or shops…I was on my way up here for a reason. I didn’t mean to cause such a scene though
Amber-It’s okay. So you came up here for a…reason?
He hops up and and I say, “Whoa, take it easy there buddy-I think you’re still in shock.

He recovers and comes over to me.

“Amber Essence Lights, I Jerry Sebastian Lowwer would be honored and privileged to take part in your wonderful 100 baby challenge. Would you do me the honor of saying yes?”
Amber-Hot tub or bed?
Amber-Care to try for the child in the bed…or the hot tub?
Jerry-Whoa, I didn’t have to say that thing to sweeten you up? I spent a week working on that…
Amber-It’s okay, that was a bonus. I don’t usually let fathers pick where to TFB (Try for baby) so as a ‘prize’ for your work you may choose. So, as questioned before, hot tub or bed?
Jerry-Hot tub for sure.
 We get in and enjoy the moment. But when he start kissing me-and I DON’T pull away is when I stop. “Erm,Jerry? Sorry but I really shouldn’t kiss the fathers if it isn’t necessary…I’m sorry.” I don’t bother telling him that I have a boyfriend and that I will feel bad if I kiss him. Then again, shouldn’t I be mad at Casey right now? What if right now Casey is doing what I’m doing but with his ex-girlfriend? Before I can think too much he says, “Oh, okay. It just felt right considering what we’re about to do…oh nevermind. Let’s just do it.”

I can’t tell if I hurt his feelings or not but I just do the deed and he leaves afterwards. I wasn’t expecting to woohoo this soon but I guess the sooner the better, right? I head inside to do the chores that were meant for earlier.
When the boys get home I sit down to help them with their final project as children. If they fail this they cannot age up but we’re going to sneak I their aging tonight so I’m hoping they pass!
Winston is so handsome in his own way. His eyes are small yet perfectly shaped for him, his nose tiny but once again, perfect! Winston likes to pretend he has a british accent of some sort because of his fancy name. He is smart but such a prankster at the same time…he’s quite the character.
Roland looks just like his brother, just with brighter skin and a gorgeous shade of red in his hair. Roland loves to play along with his brothers British theme though he’s better than his brother at it. The boys are best friends which is all I can ask for. I am more than happy with their aging.
To celebrate their teen years I put some pre-cooked Dim-Sum into the oven and chat with the boys for awhile. When it’s all done heating up we all sit down to a very glamorous first meal as teens. It’s a lot of fun but eventually the boys go to sleep and I have tons of work to do including aging up the girls too. The boys stay up to cheer them on before finally heading to sleep.

Together the girls are GORGEOUS. They both have their own unique looks that make them who they are. As cute as they were as toddlers I am happy to now have one tot in the house in focus on. The girls have wild imaginations and I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to offer this world.

With one last look at my growing girls I head to sleep.

This morning is a sunny Thursday. The kids are at school and as I walk into the nursery Samuel is quietly waiting for me to give him his morning feed. Since he’s being so good and I have yet to go shopping in the town I decide to take little Sammy out for a mother and son day. I forgot how easy single births are!
My old friends are cooks at the diner and they are overjoyed to see Samuel. “Oh, he’s so cute I just wanna eat him up!” my good friend Kim said. My other friend Bobby claimed “He’s so adorable I just want one for myself!” I have a good time but soon enough morning sickness gets the best of me.
Since I’m feeling the effects of pregnancy full on I decide to take a trip to the spa. I ask them if they have a play area of some sort for Sam and they tell me not to sweat it, they’ll take care of him. I am very thankful and enjoy the mommy time.

I am more than relaxed as the therapist relieves all stress. Afterwards Sam looks like he is craving my attention so I decide to take him to the beach for a bit until the kids come home.

Sammy doesn’t like the sand in his diaper but being the tough cookie that he is he gets over it. I have time to start teaching him his walking skill and he picks it up quickly, a usual thing within out family.

The last thing we do for the day is go quick grocery shopping and then I run to the book store to buy some childrens books. My kid’s LOVE to read yet I never buy them books. I buy a few best sellers and head home.
Once home I put the books and grocery’s away and whip up some sushi, a favorite among the children. It’s also Casey’s favorite food…I don’t want my mind to wander to him but it always does. Casey claims that he will only be in Riverview (his home town) until Monday so that gives him a few more days…What if he fell in love with his ex-girlfriend again? What if he is admitting his love for her at this very moment? The thought makes me sick to my stomach and I push the thoughts away. I turn my attention to my kids, the ones who never fail to make me busy.
We have a family dinner and afterwards I read a new story to Samuel. He likes it so much he demands another…and another. I force us to finish as it’s pushing 11.  I finally tell him no and put my little trooper to bed. I also subdue to sleep, dreaming of a world where I can’t be jealous, and Casey can love me the way I want to be loved.
My baby bump is showing a bit today! I am really excited to have my next child as it will take me one step closer to being halfway through the challenge. As a plus, my birthday is May 1st and I have no idea how I will celebrate it…knowing my friends it will be a crazy night. Today I don’t have much to do other than hang around the house with Samuel and maybe watch a bit of the cooking channel-I almost have my cooking skill mastered!
Even though I don’t have much to do I start the morning by cleaning up the house. I refuse to ever welcome a new child into a house full of dirt and grime. Every pregnancy I devote a portion of my day to cleaning up the house and washing new baby clothes.
By the time I’m done Sam is still sleeping (no surprise there, he sleeps like the dead) so I devote some time to my wilting garden. These plants have become desperate for water and care so I do my best and surprisingly they come back to life.
 I spend a majority of the day teaching Sam to talk. I take things slow with my big belly and as usual Sammy is more than understanding-if only ALL men were that way. It’s a slow day but even I can learn to appreciate those. Days where your only concerns are your children and eating periodically. But Casey still stays in the back of my mind…
The boys come home from school and to relieve stress they resort to video games. Roland turns to Winston and says, “Hey Win, have you heard about the new expansion pack for Sims 3?”
Winston-No! What is it, I love sims 3!
Roland-Well it’s a new expansion pack that focus’s on the children and their life more than just getting a job and making money.
Winston-That sounds LAME. I want money!
Roland-Oh brother, just look at the trailer!

They both agree that the expansion pack looks AWESOME and I can’t help but agree when they show me it too. “This is a must-buy!” I tell them
When the girls get home they play with their favorite dolls. As their playing they say, “Hey mommy, can we get pizza for dinner?”
Amber-Sure girls! What kind?
Rudy-I want cheese pizza with pink pepperoni, purple crust, lime green bread, and rainbow sprinkles!
I give her a look and she says, “Please mommy it’s what I want!!!!!!”
Amber-Fine, and boys, I assume you want sausage?
Roland-You got it Ma

Boys are so much easier !
I call up the pizza place and say, “Hello, I’d like to place and order for delivery.” I hear the lady shuffling around papers and then she says, “Okay, what would you like?”
Amber-Okay so I don’t know if this is possible…but can I place an order for a large cheese pizza with pink pepperoni, purple crust, lime green bread, and rainbow sprinkles on top?
Pizza Lady-Erm….
Amber-I’m sorry but my daughter will lose it if I don’t somehow make this happen…PLEASE?!
She must hear the desperation in my voice because she replies, “Okay, fine….”
Amber-Thank you SO MUCH!
 20 minutes later a guy drops off the pizza. I tell him that I’m sorry and he says it’s okay. I go inside with the pizza and it looks…interesting. But Rudy and Liberty love it and claim it tastes awesome.

After our interesting run-in with pizza I put a load of laundry in and prepare myself for tomorrow-the baby is due and it’s one day closer to Casey coming home. Right before I hop in bed my phone starts ringing so I of course answer.

“Hello?” I inquire.
Casey-Ambwer! Howww are you?
I can hear the slur in his speech, the goofy tone that only drunks possess.
Amber-Casey you’re drunk.
Casey-NUH-UH!! I’m…so…sober.
Amber-Where are you? Are you safe?
Casey-I’…my room. In…my bed-
Background voice, female-CASEY! Can you get off the phone? I want you to come back to me…
I drop the phone. Casey’s in his bed…drunk…with another WOMAN!?
I pick up my phone with fumbling fingers and say, “I can’t believe you could do this! I’m getting off the phone now and I want you to call me back when you’re sober. Goodbye Casey.”
Casey-Wait, Am-

I click off the phone and my mouth hangs open. Back in the day my mom would have said, “Close your mouth so you don’t catch any flies in it!” I keep it open though and stare at my phone. I am in disbelief that he would first of all, get DRUNK. And second of all be with another woman IN BED! I don’t know exactly what they’re doing but I’m sure it’s something I don’t want.

I stare down at my belly and say, “Dear precious baby. If you are a boy don’t EVER treat your girlfriend like this okay? Always treat her with the love she deserves and craves and never, EVER go to a high school reunion. Okay?” I start to cry as I realize that is exactly what I want, and it’s next to impossible.

With tears running down my face I go to sleep, wishing that I won’t have to deal with tomorrow.
I slumber through my Saturday morning chores.I make breakfast without a smile on my face, I make the beds with none of the usual ‘fun’. I wake my kids up with a knock on the door and no song. They sense something wrong but they don’t say anything. As soon as their done eating I usher them out the door to the sprinkler and I stay inside to sulk. I spend the day watching television and eating icecream.
Not long after I go into labor, amongst icecream and dirty dishes.
 This baby is not an easy one and takes a little longer to welcome into this world but as soon as possible I welcome…
Larissa Lights

Even in all the happiness my mind still wanders back to Casey. I go on facebook and check his wall to see that he has been tagged in an album named High School Reunion 2011
I am flipping through the photo's when I come across these:
 Caption: Get em' Casey!
 Caption: Yeah Casey, gettin back with Lacey!

My mouth drops open AGAIN as I see the pictures. 
So this is what happens at reunions, huh? With anger rushing up I send out a text to Vanessa saying You better be ready to fight gurl

I stand up, more anger flooding through me than ever before and I am ready-oh so ready-to deal with this

Thanks for reading! I will have updates more constant from now on, I just haven't had time to work on my blog as much. New post should be out on May 1st (Amber's birthday) so watch out for that. Thanks and I hope you stick around!
OH, and Happy Easter :)


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    Keep it up. :)

  5. WHOA! Ambs, you really.... made it! This is an awwwwesome work!! :D Casey is a total jerk, and I can't wait to read the next post! And I don't know why, but when I read the part when Casey called you, suddenly Evanescence's song "Call Me When You're Sober" popped up in my mind xD Lol. However, I love this update!! :)

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  11. Thanks everyone for the kind comments, they are much appreciated.
    @Briana-I do need to get revenge...but HOW? ;)
    @Melody-You won't have to wait much longer! New post tomorrow!
    @Caherine-Thank you very much :))
    @Destiny-I thought he was going to be a nice guy too but I guess things aren't always what they seem...
    @Leah-Thanks for the sweet comment :)
    @CatLover-Thank you!
    @Anon-It's SO not like him-__-
    @Spongebob248-I will!
    @Tinka-I love the name Larissa! Funny thing actually, right as Amber was giving birth the usual creepy paparazzi showed up at my door and her name was Larissa. That's why it's baby 42's name! Haha
    @Anon-I video-chatted with Casey by photo-shopping the pictures together. And yes, Casey HSOULD be ashamed of himself, but is he?


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