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Fun With Friends: Baby 41

Thanks to Linnea and Vanessa for the awesome gifts! I love getting gifts and it reminds me that there are still people out there reading :) You girls ROCK, I hope you enjoy the post!
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After a short, late night birth of the twins I am beat. Granted, the birth was quick and easy but the part that gets to you is sleep management. I hop into bed around two AM and exhaustion hits me like a stack of bricks. I fall asleep immediately knowing that NOTHING could wake me up tonight.
As groggy and sleepy as I am at seven AM I gather all of my strength to get out of bed. I slept like the dead last night, I didn’t wake up once, a rare thing for me. As usual I look into the mirror to inspect my tired face before heading into the kitchen. I am so tired I almost don’t see it but when I do I’m speechless-well, at least for a few moments.

“CAITLYN! KARNI! MOLLY! GET YOUR BUTTS IN MY ROOM NOW!” My mind immediately goes to the girls. They are the oldest in the house; therefore it must have been them. Their little siblings are too small and weak to have gotten out of their cribs.
“Yes Mommy?” asks a frightened Karni. My heart warms a bit but not for long- Karni may be the most innocent of the three but she is still a suspect. “Did one of you do THIS to my hair?” I make an exaggerated point at my hair, angry face still on. “What do you mean? I think your hair looks pretty, you didn’t tell me you got it cut!” says Caitlyn. A hidden smile plays across her lips and I pick it up right away. “Caitlyn, if you came in MY room and cut MY hair last night I will-“ I stop my ranting. How bad of a mother must I be when I’m threatening my own children? I look at the three of them, their shameful faces.
“Mom,” perks up Molly. “I can’t lie, I’m a terrible liar.” Caitlyn shoves her sister and whispers, “We made a deal, shut up!” Molly looks scared but Karni pushes her forward. “Do it, just tell mom,” says Karni. Caitlyn rolls her eyes and gazes off. “Whatever,” she mutters. “Mom, we-“ the bus honks form outside and I hear the bus driver holler, “Come on kids, get out here now or I’m leaving without you!” Caitlyn looks relieved but Molly looks guilty. “We’ll talk later,” I say and give her a hug.
 Throughout the conversation I have calmed down a bit but each time I look in the mirror I become more and more shocked. My hair hasn’t been this short since birth. I start thinking when I realize that I could get my hair styled to perfection. I could rock this cut! I call my hair dresser immediately and schedule an appointment for tomorrow. Choppy, wavy, and uneven hair will do for now.

After the girls were gone at school and the only sounds in the house were the silent breathing of my children and the hum of the washer I knew it was time to start the day. Winston was more than happy to see his mommy after a long sleep without me. I could see the initial shock in his face when he saw my hair. “Mommy, is dat you?” asked a curious Winston. “Why yes,” I reply. “Mommy got a hair cut from your older sissy’s!” He giggles and says, “Hehehe, mommy pwetty.” I pull in my son for a hug. Why must my children be so adorable?
On the other hand Roland hates my new hair-do. “Mommy look different…” says an aggravated Roland (Ro for short). “Me want old Mommy! Wahhh!” His crying continues until the point where I just can’t take it anymore. “Ro, Mommy’s right here! Don’t cry baby…” He continues to cry but eventually calms down when I put him down to play with Winston. The boys do their own thing while I complete some household chores.
I spend my time in the laundry room sorting darks from whites, putting the clothes in the laundry and of course spilling the detergent all over myself. I then start to iron the boys nice shirts and fold the others…so many little things go into keeping my household in order. 
When I’m putting the ironed and fresh clothing in the boys room I notice a pile of laundry that I must have skipped over. “Aw dang it!” I whimper. Now I have to do an entire other load!
As I’m about to start ranting and complaining to myself I hear Liberty and Rudy crying from the nursery. Usually this would make me more upset but for some reason it doesn’t bother me. It makes me want to be a better mother to all my children. I honestly feel like I have put Casey above my children so many times in our short relationship and I can’t take it anymore. I am in this challenge for my children and I’m going to have to put their needs above mine even if that means not seeing Casey as often as I do…I get lost in my thoughts as the crying becomes louder.
“Mommy loves you so much,” I whisper to a sleepy Liberty. “You are my precious baby and no one can ever take that away from you…” Her darling face makes me want t hold her forever but the crying from her twin breaks up our mommy-daughter time. “Coming Rudy!” call. 
I take care of Rudy and Liberty until they are perfectly well once again. Then I move on to the boys. I had planned on working around the house but the boys want to age up soon and the only way that will happen is if I teach them their skills!
Roland takes a liking to walking right away and teaching him is a breeze. He shows off to his brother as he takes his first steps. “Don’t be mean,” I scold Roland. I never thought that I would have to tell my toddler that. “And Winston, you’re next so you can show off to your brother soon.” 
By the time Roland is finished up with walking the triplets are home from school. “How was your day?” I ask instinctively. “Oh good…” They say before quickly rushing off to their room. I am about to ask why when I realize they they must be nervous to talk to me after this morning. I take a deep breath and walk into their room.

They are sitting on Karni’s bed in the corner. I just barely over hear their conversation. “Okay, so I think we should just tell her what happe-“ They seem to notice me walk in. “Oh hey Mom! What’s up?” asks a nonchalant Caitlyn.
“Oh nothing much…” I start to stall when I realize what I really need to do. “Enough with the stalling, I’m not as mad as I was this morning so please just tell me why my hair is now this length. Honesty is the best policy and if you lie you will be is SO much trouble.” The groan and I tell them to come over to me.

I bend down to their height and encourage Karni to speak up. “Well…” she says. “We were playing truth or dare last night. It was Molly’s turn to ask someone so she asked Caitlyn. Me and Mol decided to give her a scary dare thinking that she wouldn’t do it but then…”
“she did.” I finished for her. “Yes and we’re REALLY sorry mommy. Please don’t be mad!”
Molly-I’m sorry too mom. I shouldn’t have done it…
Amber-It’s okay, I forgive you. (I look towards Caitlyn for an apology but she’s being stubborn as always)
Caitlyn-Ugh, I guess I’m sorry too!
Amber-That’s all I wanted to hear!

I give each girl a hug, thanking them for being honest.
Amber-I’m okay with the change, maybe short hair will do me some good! And to be quite honest I look GOOD with it!
Thankfully, they laugh and all tension is relieved. Now we can all have fun in each others presence again.
The girls start their homework in the kitchen and we make small chit chat as I prepare dinner-hot dogs and beans, a classic. Winston and Roland are happily playing with their Superman dolls and the twin girlies are quietly resting in their crib. 
After dinner I spend a good amount of time getting the kids to bed and stopping their crying. Once all that is done I am more than ready for bed and I succumb to sleep easy as pie.
The next morning I decide to age the twin girls up. I cherish their days as a baby but I can’t wait to see what they look like. For some reason Rudy feels the need to spit up on my nice outfit so I change and then carefully age them up!
 Liberty and Rudy are sweethearts! They both have smiles that can turn your frown upside down and warm your heart till it melts. They love to play dress up and hide n’ go seek-I can never find Rudy! They both have bright personality’s that never fail to make me laugh.
After the celebrations I get a call from a good friend of mine who set a special ring tone on my phone- “It’s your best friend VANESSA FEY WOOD. Now don’t you dare ignore this call, you MUST answer NOW! Or otherwise I’ll…tickle you! NOW ANSWER!!” I laugh at the ring, I hadn’t heard it before. “Who is this?” I demand jokingly.

Vanessa-It’s me silly!
Amber-(Laughing) I know. What’s up?
Vanessa-The kiddo’s are down for a nap and I’ve got some free time. I haven’t hung with you in awhile, wanna hang out?
Amber-Sure! In fact there are SO many challenge mothers I haven’t seen in a while…
Vanessa-Invite them all over and we can all go out for a girls day. Deal?
Amber-Deal, see you in a bit!

Towards the end of the call I had started receive a text so I click on that.
Hey Amber! I’m Adam Watson. I’m a friend of Christy Quinn who is also doing the 100 baby challenge and I am trying to be in as many challenges as possible! Can I help you with yours?
I reply Yes of course! I’ll stop by later this evening, text me your address.
Well at least I have that covered! Now I can focus on some fun times with my friends.
The girls get over quickly. Violet pulls me over to the bar and shows me a quick drink mix that will relax you and doesn’t have much alcohol. “Believe me, it’s delicious! I found it in a magazine that I read and I’ve fallen in love…” as Vi tells me the ins and outs of this cocktail I smile. Friends, family, and the pursuit of happiness-that sounds just about right.
I chat with all of the girls a bit before I shout out, “Let’s go somewhere! I need to take a breather and do something!” They thankfully agree and we decide to go to the park. Once there Ness gets a call from her kids demanding she come home so she has to leave. “I’ll see you another time soon I swear! Have fun with Kira and Vi!” she calls out before leaving.

And we do have fun! We all chat for a while about the challenge but about thirty minutes in Violet whips out her camera and goes, “Let’s take some pics!” We smile and say cheese. Violet takes about a million pictures.
 “I’ll make a collage and send it to you tomorrow, kay Ambs?”
Amber-Yep! That would be awesome!
We hang out for awhile until I get texts from the girls begging me to come home because the babysitter is mean. I sigh and tell the girls I have to go.

“Sorry girls, the kids need me! And I need to get pregnant…” Kira whistles and says, “You go girl!” I laugh and hug everyone goodbye before I leave. “Must do this again sometime,” says Della. “Of course! We shall plan this again,” chimes in Vi. Before I know it I’m on the road to Adam’s house.
I meet him at his house and the first thing he does is pull me in for a tight embrace. “So nice to finally meet you!” he exclaims. “Same to you,” I reply in a monotone. As nice as this guy is I don’t want to break my rule with Casey. But I’m a social able person and sucked in immediately.

Adam-Has anyone ever told you that you’re HOT Amber?
Amber-(Blushing) Not like that, no.
Adam-Well you are! I’m glad to be with such a gorgeous woman right now…

 He pulls me in for a much too long kiss. His lips are soft and practiced so kissing and even making out with him is no chore. “Amber, what I would give to be with a woman like you…” he pulls me in for another kiss. I fall right into it but try to pull away. I brush my hair back and straighten myself out before saying, “Now that things are rolling along care to finish it off in the…uhm, bedroom?” He laughs and says, “Why not? I’ll lead!”
 My feet can’t get up the stairs fast enough. Since Adam has such an award-winning personality I speed through the process and thank him after.

I head home around midnight. When I get home the kids are asleep and the girls have aged into teens.
 All three girls are gorgeous and crazy as can be. Karni is still the quiet and reserved one of the three, Caitlyn still the moody and rebellious, and Molly finishes off the trio as the one who is sweet and LOVES to be honest and just. They are each beautiful and compliment each other’s personality’s in the best way.
This morning I’m way too tired and stressed out to cook so I gather up the kids and we decide to go to the diner. I just LOVE to get chocolate chip pancakes and home fries for breakfast, Joey (the cook) always prepares it just right.
After a delicious meal to start the day I send the girls home while I go to the doctors for a check-up. Dr. Keene, my regular doctor for all of my pregnancy’s wanted me in for a check-up on my pregnancy and to see if this little one is showing any signs. Apparently he is! I’m glad I’m going to be having a boy to add some blue to the family.
Once home the girls find immediate liking in the tots. Karni ages the boys up before she and Caitlyn agree to teach Rudy and Liberty their skills. Molly spends her time in the study writing a paper for school that she insists she must finish this weekend or ELSE.
Meanwhile I tend to my pathetic excuse for a garden. A mere four plants, two recently dead. I am TERRIBLE at this! I salvage what I can of my two surviving tomato plants and swear to myself that I will get better at this. “Wow, nice garden Mom,” snickers Caitlyn as she walks by. I would normally yell at my child for that but I know it’s so true.
I don’t know where Roland inherited his cuteness from but he is ADORABLE! His unruly curly hair is perfect for his wild yet contained personality. He is a really calm and collected child which can get on Winston’s nerves but they get along for the most part. Roland plays the trombone and loves math because there’s always a certain answer unlike real life. Somehow I admire him for his maturity.
Winston is super cute too! He wears a hairstyle that he’s nicknamed “the shaggy awesomeness”. We always find humor in his peculiar style and love him more for it. He is a matianence child though so lovable at the same time. He is a shining star in our household.
The boys reside immediately to their new Xbox 360 that I bought for their birthday. I don’t understand how young children in this generation can be sucked into video games so easily and play them all the time (XD)
At the same time the teens are still helping me out by teaching the kiddo’s their skills. The babes skills are very important, as they shape out the rest of their lives.
Back outside I can’t help but worry about my short hair-does it look bad, choppy, and simply not right? Or does it look cute, elegant, or even perfect? I have never been one for the short style except when I first started the challenge-and I didn’t even enjoy it. I prefer my hair long but since the girls decided to pull that little stunt I will have to live with it for a bit.
 I walk inside to admire my baby girls and how gorgeous they are, learning to walk and talk. I don’t know how I ended up with so many wonderful children but somehow it just happened.
I wash up and get myself ready in the bathroom. I got a phone call last week about guest starring in a broadway show-they claim it will make my name more known and perhaps put an end to some rude and untrue rumors about the challenge. I of course said yes as this would be better pay than any form of money. I haven’t gotten a chance to practice my lines very much but I think that it will be pretty good!
 The night went by fast and thankfully with no mess-ups except for a few. These are a few pictures from throughout the evening-the play was about a woman (the one with bright red hair) who goes into a grocery store and tries to steal the money from the cash register. The woman with the hat and long hair along with myself try to stop her and then the cashier joins in on it. We eventually ‘beat’ her and the day is saved. It was a lot of fun to act out and not your typical play. I made a few GREAT friends out of it and I couldn’t be happier!

I got home EXTREMELY late so I settled on sleep and saved everything else for tomorrow.
As the kids are watching their Sunday cartoons this morning a tragic thing happens-the TV breaks! “Mom! Mom! Mooooommm!” calls out everyone, especially Roland. “The TV…broke! No more Scooby-Doo, please fix it!” Panic is in all of their eyes and I bring a calm feeling to everyone. “It’s okay, perhaps our family could do without the television for a few days…” They all scream out, “NOO!!!” I smile and say, “Alrighty, I’ll fix it up in a bit-let me make some breakfast for you all now.”
They agree with little fighting and I have some time to try out a new recipe I found for French toast! I have mastered pancakes and waffles but I have yet to master French toast or even try it for that matter. I am very careful while cooking but to my luck I prepare a decent plate for breakfast.

“Ta-da!” I call out. “French toast, whatcha think kids?”
Molly-That looks GREAT mom, I’m sure it’ll taste even better!
Karni-OMG, that looks DEICIOUS!
Winston-I LOVE food, lets dig in…
Roland-Yummy yum yum yum…
Caitlyn-Can we eat now?
We all laugh and I reply, “Of course!” We all dig in, a great start to a great day
I go to take care of the girls. I take some time to get them dressed in their nice outfits, pull back their hair, and start them on some skills. At around eleven I hear the house phone ringing, my cell phone going off the hook, and Caitlyn yelling. “MOM!! Geeze, Aunt Nessa is calling like crazy, you REALLY need to answer the phone!” I laugh and pick up my phone.
Amber-You rang?
Ness Laughing-Yeah, yeah. ANYWAY, since we ended up not really hanging out the other day we should hang out today! I bought the kids a little present…
Nessa-What, you only want the gift? You don’t want to see your BEST friend?
Amber-Ohhh right. Yes, come over! See you in a bit, let me handle the kiddo’s. BYE.

She gets to the house sooner than it takes to set up the tot’s day activities. “NESS!” I squeal when I see her, the typical beginning to our meet-ups. “AMBS!” she screams back. We hug and start to chat.
Ness-So what’s going on girl?
Amber-SO MUCH. Just kidding, things are GREAT. But even better now that you’re here (:
Ness-Hehe, glad to hear! And hows the man of your dreams, the one that has stolen you away from me?
Amber laughing-I haven’t seen Casey in a little while! Not since…the meet up after the club, the day before my last birth! So long without him but my children are far more important.

Ness-I know what you’re trying to say but Casey is such a great guy…but if he EVER did anything to you I would be the first to get a chance to beat him up, correct?
Amber-Of course! I wouldn’t imagine it any other way
Ness-Good. Now that that’s settled, let’s go do something before you get too tired-congrats on your next pregnancy! You’re going to pass me up soon!
I look down at my belly. I hadn’t realized I was pregnant yet but sure enough there is a bump!
Amber-THANKS! It’s alright, we’ll both finish in the end!

We go inside to scout out what to do. At first we’re clueless but with friends that can never last long. “Mmm, you know what I could go for? KEY LIME PIE” I say. My pregnancy always gives me the biggest cravings. Ness replies, “You have the ingredients? If so let’s make it! I could go for some PIE.”
We settle on making some pie. Towards the end I’m mixing the bowl when Ness suddenly appears-In her bathing suit. 

“And that’s for?…” I ask.
Ness-Well once this is in the oven can we go in the hot tub? I see that you’ve gotten a new one and I will be more than happy to break it in for you.
Amber-But I’m so pregnant, I have stretch marks…
Ness-I’m sure you look fine. And anyways, we’ll be in the water so it will cover your belly. Please?!
Amber-Argh, I would LOVE to but I can’t…the water could hurt the baby. I’m sorry. Can we do something else? Didn’t you say you had  a present for the kids?
Ness-OH, right! Well it’s in the back of my car, it’s packages up and we’ll need to set it up. I bought them a new play set!
Ness smiling-Let’s go set it up preggers!

I don’t know how OR why but we somehow manage to set up an entire play area for the kids. This is on the opposite side of the yard as the patio. This would be the second outdoor renovation I’ve made in the past weeks and that’s A LOT for a pregnant woman. All in all though I’m in love with it and think it turned out better than we had hoped.
Amber-BOYS, get out here and look at what we’ve put together!
They first run up to the window to see if it’s worth coming outside. They obviously see that it is and come running out.

Nessa and I talk about all things on our minds as the boys break in the new play set.
Roland-Mommy I love this! It’s so awesome I could spend forever out here!
Winston-I love the slide…and the ladders…and EVERYTHING
Amber-Thank your Aunt Nessie, she’s the one who bought it for you kiddo’s and even set it up!
Roalnd&Winston-THANK YOU AUNT NESS!!
Ness-You’re welcome kids!

I turn to Ness.

Amber-ness, thanks so much for this. The kids love it and I love it! How can I ever repay you?
Ness-Remember that pie we made?
Ness-Let’s go EAT IT!
We crack up and head inside for the pie.
Caitlyn and Molly spent the day outside at the bar-they found enjoyment in pretending that they were making alcoholic drinks but when I come over they are just mixing fruit juice. Not going to lie, they fooled me a few times and they thought it was the funniest thing.

Karni was a SWEET child and spent the day teaching skills. She didn’t complain or beg to do something else, she simply did what she was expected. I appreciate the effort considering I’ve spent the day with my friends and neglecting my motherly duties.
 Eventually Nessa goes so we have family time for the rest of the evening. We watch a fun movie and I read the children a book after. By the end of this they are so tired they collapse into bed and I don’t stop them. I’m tired too! The night comes to an end, a fun one regardless.

When I wake up today the first thing I notice is my HUGE BELLY. I am going to take things easy today so I don’t harm the baby. I will probably teach the girls skills and watch some television considering that I am sure to give birth TODAY.
 The second thing I notice is a text from Casey stating that he is coming over today to tell me something. I of course say yes, more than curious on what it’s about.
Rudy is sweet as ever with her dazzling face. She begs me to take her from her crib and I of course say yes. “Coming darling,” I say. I feed Liberty and Rudy their morning meal and get myself some breakfast.
Also, I wish the boys luck before they head to school. Today is their first day of school and they are more than excited! They got in all the same classes and are ready to learn. Roland sat with Karni on the bus because he is worried about bullies and ‘big kids’. I told him not to worry but he can’t help but be scared. I hope they do well at the elementary school today!
I finish up teachinf Rudy all of her skills which is a huge relief. Usually I am rushing the kids to learn their skills before they age up. But with the help of the triplets the babes just need a bit of help to finish the learning process.
Liberty does rather well with the speaking part of her learning. 
Amber-This word is FISH. You can go fishing for FISH and catch them! Say it with me...f-i-s-h. 
Amber-You got it...
Amber-Yay Liberty!! Maybe one day you can learn to fish and be as good as your Auntie Violet!
 I accomplish dinner and feeding the toddlers before labor kicks in. "EEEKKK!" I shout as Roland walks by. He starts to panic so I head into the nursery-a suitable place for a BIRTH. 
 Welcome to the world Samuel Lights! I am SO glad to have some blue in the family and can't wait for this little guy to age up.

After the birth I see that I have TEN missed calls and a new text from Casey saying Sorry for not stopping by, my flight had to leave early. I'm flying out to Riverview for about a week for a family reunion. I'm going to see my parents, siblings, ex-girlfriend, and some old friends! I'll call you later babe

Whoa, whoa, WHOA. Ex-girlfriend?!?!

Thanks for reading! I am looking forward to writing the next posts and I hope you will enjoy them. If you have a Sims3.com account and want to check out my page, friend me, gift me, or talk to me check it out here!
Happy Simming!


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