Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baby #1 Explorer baby!

I smile as I sit at the breakfast table and think about all of the baby's I will soon have. 
Then I realize that fathers will make all of these baby's happen, not just me. 
So I step outside to get the morning paper and notice that I'm not the only new person in town...
It's then that I notice my new neighbors! I see four guys; wait...3 guys and a bunny? There's a vampire too! "Oh my gosh!" I exclaim. These guys will definitely pass on unique genetics to all my bundles of joy.
I take a deep breath and start the 10 yard trek to the new neighbors house. I can't stop my heart from beating so fast. This will be the first father! I think. This is a huge moment.
The first guy I notice has tanned skin and the purest and deepest green eyes that I've ever seen. He even looks like an explorer with his duster jacket and tooth necklace! I then decide that he will be the father.
"Hi! My name is Amber Lights, your neighbor. I just came over to introduce myself!" I say enthusiastically.
"Nice to meet you, Amber. My name is Mat Evergreen, explorer extraordinar and slayer of all evil in the tri-state area! What brings you here?"
I decide to jump right into it. I take a deep breath and say in a rush, "I am here to ask you if you would care to take part as father number 1 in my 100 Baby Challenge. It may seem weird to you, but it would be a huge favor to me if you helped, and-" I cut myself off so that he won't think I am weird.
"So, um, will you help me?" I ask in the most innocent voice that I can conjure up. 
I feel like I'm waiting forever and a half for him to reply but he finally does. Looking very awkward he saya, "100 Babys? That's a lot! But if it would mean a lot to you then I guess it wouldn't hurt to help you..."
I run right into a hug and sigh deeply. "Thank you so, so much Mat." I whisper into his ear.
What have I gotten myself into? was all over his facial expression.
Before I can go any farther with this challenge, I have to explain the rules to him. I explain how he can be at child birth, but not much after that. He seems content with the rules, so I move onto the fun part.
I try to pull him into a hug, but he sinks his shoulders in defeat. "I've never kissed a girl," he admits sadly.
Instead of replying, I simply kiss him.
"You're amazing," he murmurs.
So we flirt and have a good time...Thankfully I avoid an awkward conversation since the lullaby plays the first time around. 
I finish the night by taking out the trash, and finally give into sleep.
Monday morning starts with a BANG! (Of nausea, that is) 
I just barely make it to the bathroom in time...
For the best part of pregnancy!
I hop in the shower and practice some cooking (I'm really not that good!!)
First things first, I have to buy some pregnancy books in order to achieve a healthy, happy pregnancy.
Due to lack of things to do with no babies I learn the charisma skill so I can get to know guys faster.
I also ATTEMPTED fishing...things didn't turn out as planned.
But I end up leaving with catching a few minnows. They may be small but they count as something!!
On Monday night I curl my hair, put on my cutest dress, and go out for a nice dinner at the local Bistro.

On my way home, I have to stop on the middle of the road because...
I'm pregnant! Can you tell?
I call Mat right away, and set up a time to talk tomorrow...I even drop a few hints on what the meeting would be about! I finally head home, though.
And boy, is sleep was good to me that night!
Baby Bump day 1!
I watch the gorgeous sunset that evening.
Baby bump day 2!
Wednesday is spent at the pool. Sexy mama!
This is me right before the birth relaxing by the pool and loving life :)
Welcome to the world, baby one, Ashleigh Lights. May all your dreams come true!


  1. Congrats on Baby #1! Loving your Challenge so far ;)

  2. lol i never thought of putting my pregnant sim in a bikini!! it shocked me a little! i think i'll be doing that in my game soon.

  3. I can't figure out how to change my pregnant woman's clothes. Can you tell me how? :)

    1. What you do is you click your sim and click change clothes. it should work


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