Sunday, December 26, 2010

Babies #2 and 3... Bunny Babies!

Beautiful little Ashleigh slept straight through her first night. She is mommy's little angel!
I took  her on a walk on a usually sunny day in Sunset Valley.
 Going cross-eyed already, huh? :P
As if little Ashleigh wasn't enough to handle, the sink broke of course, too.
I made a face at the mess I had to mop up.
Then I of course went to moisturize and cleanse my face. Just because I'm a mother doesn't mean that I have to let myself go!
Time for...
Ashleigh's birthday!
"Happy birthday, baby!!" I hollered. "I wuv you!"
Yes! She got her fathers deep green eyes! She likes to keep her hair down and long. It's so silky smooth. She seems to have gotten the best features from both of her parents. Yay!

I was so tired that I took a nice, long nap.
Since Ashleigh is such a mommy's girl, she sat right in front of my bed and waited till I got up... Such a sweetie pie she is!

I woke up to my baby playing dolls. Aww! 
I woke up refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the day. Then the usual realization that I needed more fathers for the challenge dawned on me. Before I worried about that, though, I decided on going for a relaxing afternoon at the neighborhood pool.
As soon as I got there though, I saw an interesting enough guy standing off to the corner. I took the time to introduce my self. "Good afternoon! I'm Amber Ligh-"
"Yeah," he said, cutting me off, "I know you! You just had baby 1 with my cousin Mat...I'm Lydia Evergreen, by the way." I couldn't help but notice his ears...
"Um, are you a bunny or something?" I asked. I didn't want to sound too forward or pushy but my curiosity got the best of me!

"Why yes I am!" he exclaimed. Then his mood seemed to take a turn towards the flirty side of the spectrum. "Why," he continued, "do you like what you see?" He even tried to wiggle his eyebrows in an attempt to look flirty.

I giggled and smiled, figuring he was on board. He must know the rules too, so I skipped over that part too and went straight to the fun part, flirting!
"Let's go!" I said excitedly.

He nodded, agreeing, so we left.
He's such a gentlemen, he didn't even make me drive!
As soon as we got back to my place, I tried to make things roll right along. He did't seem to agree.
So I pulled him into an embrace...
But he said no again! I turned a little bit of my more flirty side mixed with my agressive side and...
Brought him in real close...
But he refused again!
He slept in the other room though, so at least we could start fresh tomorrow.
As soon as he got up, we kissed and made up.
We kissed and I thanked him. He left after that, and then I started getting really excited for this baby!
That evening, I took my time tucking in adorable Ashleigh. That cute-ness and sense of calm can only last so long though. 
Because the nausea hit!
The best part though is definitely cleaning the toilet after...NOT!
 We both slept well that night(:
Like I said before, though. The calm can only last SO long!
Mommy to the rescue!
My little baby went to the potty, and then we headed out for a fun day of learning at the library!

 But then morning sickness came back to haunt me! >:(
But then we finally got around to learning some things!
Aw! Her first steps!
But then this weird feeling came over me...
I rubbed my head in confusion only to realize...
 I'm preggers! Yay!
 I called Dr.Wolff right away!
 "So what gender will it be Dr.Wolff?", I asked.
 She did some tests on my stomach...
 And concluded that the test results will be in tomorrow.
Little Ash, so patient!
I decided to reward her good behavior with a fun night at the diner. I got to catch up with a bunch of old friends, and they all fell in love with my little baby Ash!
Afterwards we took a visit to the grocery store to pick up some fruits and veggies for an upcoming BBQ that we are hosting.
I hugged my precious baby and then put her to sleep. What a day!
Baby bump day 1!
Ashleigh was a little sleepy this morning! So I woke her up by tickling her(:
Today, we would go to the park. The park is sunny, full of laughing sims, and the perfect place for Ashleigh to master walking and talking!
"Say rain," I said. "Rain. Rrrr-ai-nnn," I continued. FInally she stuttered out, "Rrrr-ain!" I was so proud of her. These were the moments that make this whole challenge worthwhile(:
Baby bump day 2!
Almost as soon as I got up, I got a call from Dr.Wolff telling me that I will be having another girl. I laughed, looking forward to having a house full of raging teenage girls! (:
I was in the shower when...
Argh! The pains!
I took the time to check out how hot I was in labor (haha) but then, like I said many times before, it can only be calm for so long!
"Ugh, ugh, push, push, breath, BREATH!" I panted as the pains got worse. It wasn't much longer until...
Welcome to the world Ebony!
The pains didn't stop after Ebony, though...Oh no, I thought.
Welcome to this beautiful world, Kat Lights. 
(: <3


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