Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Famous Baby? Baby #7

"Kids! Come to the kitchen it's time for some birthdays!" I shouted through the house as I cuddled Connie one last time. Oh, how I loved the baby days.
Ashleigh made a face. "Why do I have to grow up?", she complained. "Why would I want to be an adult who has to work hard and pay for stuff? I want to be a teenager forever!" she hollered. 
"You can do this baby! You will be a gorgeous young adult!" I squeezed in between complaints. "I love you!"
And gorgeous she was! This was my first image of Ash as a young adult.
 She looked in the mirror one last time for a makeover before she leaves.
"I will miss you all," she mumbled sadly.
Though she may not want to admit it, she is still a momma's girl even after all these years. She chose my old hairstyle so that she could always be reminded of me(:
"I love this outfit!" she exclaimed. She swung her petite arms back and forth to get a feel for the new clothes. "They're so pretty! VJ will love them!"
Soon enough though, it was time for her to make the call to the real estate agency to find a home. 
She waved one last time, and it took every single part of me to not bawl right in front of her. My little baby is moving! My sweet baby Ash! I spent the whole night looking at old pictures.                

I couldn't hold back the tears when I looked through these pictures. How did my precious baby grow up so fast? I thought. I just really hope that it isn't like this when every baby moves out!

To get my mind off things, we decided to celebrate Connie's birthday too! I wonder what she will look like, with her dad being Vladmire Dracula and all...

She's gorgeous! She oh so obviously got her fathers pale skin and dark black-red eyes, but it looks like she got my nose and mouth. She's so adorable! Oh, and she likes to wear her hair in a braid like her older sisters because she wants to be just like them. 

Finally, every single kid was asleep...at the same time! I knew I could rest easy with each child entertaining sweet dreams. 
But of course I had to get up at 2:30 am to tend to the screaming babies! I forced myself to do it with a smile on my face.
"Okay, Tommy. I hear you! Rest easy now, babe."
"Oh, you too Tulip!  Okay, you rest easy too. Sleep tight!"
That's the thing that makes me laugh at about twins...they always need the same things at the same time since they were born at the same time. It's like double the work, and double the crying! But I do it all for them(:
Wanting to be the best mom ever, I stayed up and made pancakes for Ebony and Kat's first day of school instead of going to sleep, which we all know is what I truly wanted!
"Woooohhhhh!" I shouted. "I flipped a pancake!" Oh, darn. I must've woke the girls up with my excitement!
Ugh, and I burnt them too! It was all for nothing):
"Looks like it's leftovers for breakfast, girls!" I stated and then went for a nap before...
Yes, another birthday! Happy birthday Tulip! You're my little flower(:
Precious in her winter clothing! I pull back her hair everyday so that it won't be in her face. She's an active tot!
And Tommy boy! I love you!
Wait, is that a girl!? 
Nah, Tommy just grew his hair out!
I cut it so that I don't get him confused with his oh-so-similar twin Tulip.
He likes to wear a sweater and jeans just like his sis...They are the best of buddies!
"Yes, Connie. Sit on the seat and go potty! That's all!" I said, laughing at her struggle to grip the idea of going potty on a toilet(:
"Working hard or hardly working, girls?" I asked my bunny babies.
"Working hard, Ma!" confirmed Kat.
"I don't get it..." mumbled Ebony.
The twins are such cryers! I thought. Connie is a much calmer baby.
Kat and Ebony insisted on having friends over after school and I was thrilled about them getting along with their classmates. What I wasn't thrilled about, though, was how much food I would need to make for dinner to satisfy the extra stomachs.
Since there were extra people, Kat had to eat on the dirty toilet. I think that we will need to move into a bigger and better home soon. But for now, this will have to do.
Like I said, Connie is a pretty chill babe. She just sleeps lazily while Tulip screams her head off.
Kat rubbed her hands together anxiously. "This is my last  day of elementary school and then I become a teenager tonight. Will I be a cool teenager, or a loser? Oh no!" Kat voiced out her worries about her upcoming birthday. I feel for her, I really do.
Connie refused to play with the twins today. Is there a potential sibling rivalry at the Light's home? Lets hope not!
"Don't pick your nose, Connie!" I was about to tend to Connie when I got a call from Ashleigh. My baby!
"Hey precious!" I rejoiced. "How are you? How's your job at the salon going? How are you and VJ getting along? Do you-" I was cut off by Ash. "Mom!" said Ashleigh. "We can catch up later, but I have news. Big news. Johnny Depp is in town for a movie premier and I am going since I have a VIP pass from my job. I have an extra. I could introduce you to him if you want to conceive your next child..." She let those last words hang in the air.
I couldn't help my mouth from dropping open. "Johnny Depp!?" I exclaimed. "The most lovable actor ever? Um, yes! Please introduce me!"
"You got it mom," she said matter of factly. "Meet you at the theatre at four?"
"Deal," I concluded.
I rushed right over to the theatre, and stretched out my arms in an attempt to relax. "You got this, Amber." I mumbled to myself. "You're a lean, mean, mommy machine! You can have a child with any guy even if they're..." My lips trembled, saying the name. "Johnny Depp." I couldn't put much more thought into it though, because...
There he is! Is he nervous too? I thought.
I gathered up all of my courage and walked right over to him. "Hi, Johnny. I'm Amber Lights. I saw your last movie and loved it! I can't wait for the next."

"Thanks Amber! So does anything other than the movie premier bring you here today?" he asked.
"Umm, yeah." I stated. I mentally slapped myself for sounding so stupid.
"And the reason would be?..." he asked.
"I'm a 100 baby challenge mother and I was wondering if you would mind being a father for baby 7? You don't have to take care  of the baby at all. All you have to do is help me make it and you have the option to be there during birth and then no more work! Voila!" I finished.
"That doesn't really sound like my thing..." he said pushing away. I could tell he was trying to be nice about this.
Instead of replying, I simply kissed him. "Does that change your mind?" I asked.
"Oh yes it does," he replied, coming in closer. 
I went over some more rules and regulations, and then Ash walked by flashing me a knowing look. My daughter is truly amazing, I thought.
Before we left I took a moment to admire my work. Wow, I thought. Johnny Depp! You actually got Johnny Depp to be a father. I was so proud of myself(:
I took another moment when we got back to my place to observe how charming of a couple we would be. 
And so we conceived baby 7! Hurray!
He had to run back to the theatre directly after, though, to get back to his movie premier. I think I might be in love!
"Yay! Birthdays!" I shouted for all to hear, later that night.
"Wooooo! You go kitty-Kat!" I added on as she made a wish. Johnny even came back! He's so sweet...
"Errmmmm..." Kat mumbled as she aged up. She seemed frightened of the process just like Ashleigh was. "Don't worry!" I squeezed in.
"Not too shabby," Kat concluded as she looked in the mirror. Her earlier worries were far and distant now.
A close-up of Kat (her bunny ears finally grew in!). She eventually let her braids out and rejoiced at the adorable curls she had in the braids place now.
Kat wanted to follow in her fathers footsteps of all white clothing. She did look beautiful, though.
Profile of Kat.
Ebony's turn! Go Ebony!
Her bunny ears never grew in. In fact, the only thing she got from her father was her nose and hair color (as shown below)
She got my tanned skin, lip shape, eye shape, body shape and all! She concluded that she will have nothing to do with the Bunny Society of Sunset Valley. That will be left for her sister!

Such good sisters!
Ebony smacked her ear to stop the ringing that the baby's crying brought on. "Argh, go away!" she yelped.
I woke up with so much nausea this morning.
So I ran outside...
To end up not throwing up. What's the deal?
"Good morning, Tommy!" I said playfully. "Oh, hush Tulip. I'll be there in a second!"
Connie's first steps! A big moment!
I suddenly got up from teaching baby Connie to talk and got a weird face. "Oh no," I breathed.
"I'm preggers! Hurrah!"
Ah, bellies(:
Later that night Kat made a face at her sister. "How do you feel about not having bunny ears sis?" I sense a future therapist in the family(:
"I'd rather not talk about it, sis," Ebony shot back.
Not changing her worried look, Kat replied, "Oh I'm sorry sissy." This was the girls first fight. I wonder how they'll cope?
Ebony seemed unfazed after though. She even brought a cute boy home from school that day. "Maybe he'll help me not be involved with the Bunny Society anymore!" Ebony told me one day.
Yeah, they were definitely best buddies again. They sat together on the bus!
Baby bump day 1!
One more birthday before the next birth! "Go Connie, go!"
Perfection! She's gorgeous!
Oh my gosh! Kat didn't come home alone today...will she be with a non-bunny? I guess we'll see!
Baby bump day 2!
I hurriedly called Dr.Jolina and asked her to come over stat so that she could let me in on the gender. I need to pick a name! Hopefully she could get to my house before I give birth...
Yes! She's here! I hurried over to her and said...
"So what'll it be?" I asked expectantly.
"You'll have a ...boy!" she concluded. I felt so proud! Not baby Tommy won't be all alone.
Shortly after the doctor left, I saw that the house was a mess. I only got done cleaning the counter when...
The pains! I thought about going to the spa while giving birth, but almost immediately ruled it out. The workers there wouldn't know what to do!
In a very short time, the sparkles enveloped me and...
Welcome to the Lights household, Andre Lights!
(: <3


  1. Andre! Such a beautiful name, my fiances last name was Andre, until he passed away - shaniah

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your fiance.


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