Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baby #4 Confusing Process!

Since I now have 3 kids and it's changing seasons, I decided that it's time to go shopping for some winter clothes!
 I found a cute sweater and jeans from Express at the mall. I decided to keep my red louboutons though. It's worth it for my toes to freeze as long as I look good! (:
I did try a new up-do though. It was getting a bit tedious to have to straighten and style my hair everyday. Hopefully the kids can't pull on this hair either!
I looked out the window to see what the weather would be for the day and...IT'S SNOWING! 
I decided to bring baby Ashleigh out to see the snow. This was Sunset Valleys first snow EVER! I'm so glad my precious darlings could see it(:
While tickling Ash, I gave myself a mental pat on the back for remembering to get some winter clothes. Now I won't freeze!
We only stayed outside for a few more moments so that Ashleigh wouldn't get too cold!
I walked inside content with how the day was going so far.
I gave Ash one more baby bottle before it was time for...
A birthday with TWO candles. That's one more than her previous birthday! (:
Oh quit whining! I thought. It's your birthday!
"Do you have the superhero powers to blow out the candle, sweetie?" I asked.
"Yeshhhhh I do Mommy!"
"Let's see!" I said in anticipation.
Sure enough, Ash could blow out the candles! Good job honey!
I barely got the camera to her in time to see the sparkles envelop her...
"Mommy? What are these sparkle-y things doing to me! I'm scared!"
"Every sim goes through it, darling!" I barely squeezed in before she was on the next life stage. She is truly gorgeous, I thought as I sighed in joy for her. 
She insisted on going shopping right away, so I just complied and took her.
First she got her long hair cut a little bit and she finally let me tame that long hair of hers. Yay!
I guess the only "adventure-ness" that sweet baby Ash inherited from her father was her sense of style! It sure is adventurous!
While Ashleigh was playing around with her new hair and clothing, I tended to the other babies in the house.
"Good night Kat! Sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite!" I warned.
I barely caught little Ash getting into bed. A mother-daughter day is definitely a must for the future!
I hopped into bed not much later, and fell asleep dreaming of how much fun the upcoming BBQ will be! "Hopefully the weathers good..." I muttered to myself before drifting off. 
"Have a good first day of school, honey! I love you," I shouted. She gave me a look of disgust, and hopped on the school bus. Oh, kids(:
I had the brilliant idea to place an add in the newspaper telling all men out there my situation. 
I went out to grab the newspaper that morning to see a very blue man out front! And by blue, I don't mean sad...he's literally BLUE! Now that's cool, I said to myself.
 "Hello, my name is Josh Dunlap," he said very cutely. He even pursed his lip in an attempt to win my affection!
"So anyways, I happened to spot your ad in the newspaper..." he held out for dramatic effect, it seemed. He eventually continued.
"And?..." I pressed.
"And it sounds really cool! It would be an honor if I could take part in your lovely challenge to 100 babies!" He seemed elated to even be here.
"Well, I appreciate that very much, Josh Dunlap. I would love it if you would take part in my 100 Baby Challenge!"
"And I don't have to do anything, right?" he continued, making a sweeping motion to stand for all the duties that a baby requires.
"Absolutely nothing," I stated.
"Well then you Miss.Amber Lights have got yourself a deal!" He said sweetly.
 I broke the ice with a few jokes, but soon the pressing duties of being a mother over ruled the demands of getting pregnant so I had to part with Josh. I bid him farewell, promising to see him again to get the job done, and he left with a wink and a smile over the shoulder. He's really kind of cute ;)
Bright and early the next day, I invited over Josh. I was actually kind of excited to see him again! Is that bad?...
Well I didn't even have time to think about it that much, because Josh showed up then. He even helped me with he twins! Awww!
Finally I said, "Thanks, Josh. I really can't wait to get a move on this challenge, and-"
His phone rang and the ringtone went, 'It's your girlfriend, it's your girlfriend, it's your GIRLLLLLLLFFFRRRIIIEEENNNNDDD!'. 
"Umm," he shot out, "It's not-"
"WAS THAT YOUR GIRLFRIEND?!" I practically screamed. I saw that he was scared so I went for the more innocent look. "Was that your girlfriend?? You have a girlfriend?"
Not even changing positions, he said "Yes, but I don't love her. I don't even love you. I don't know what I'm doing with myself anymore...Will you forgive me? Please, I swear, I was going to break up with her tonight. I just want to have a child and see if that will give me the answers I need. Please Amber, please."
"Fine," I said trying to give him a hug. He rejected! 
"What is wrong with you?!" I screamed, not caring to keep composure.
He left, without a word. Let's hope that that is the last we see of him ever again.
I went to the library to seek comfort in the piles of books only to come across a strange looking creature...
"Hello, I'm Amber Lights..." I went through the entire bit. I explained the rules, the restrictions, and mentioned some of the perks(: 
He looked surprised, but then clapped in glee.
"Yes! Of course, of course. I have heard so much about you, and I was hoping that I could meet you sometime soon. This is meant to be, and will love you-"
"Woahhh, easy there buddy. No love. You know that."
"Oh, right, no love. Sorry."
"It's okay! Alrighty then, lets get started, shall we?"
I winked, and we proceeded to my place.
We flirted a little.
Sleep, FINALLY! What a long and drawn out day.
Of course I woke up to nausea, though. Of course. :/
On a happier note...I made pancakes for breakfast!
And ate it with my lovely baby #1, Ashleigh.
"I love you more than the sun or the sky, honey," I said.
"Me too, Mommy," She replied.
Then it was time for Ebony
and Kat to age up!
 Little Ebony! She got her fathers bunny nose...
 And Kat! She has my grey-brown hair, but her fathers same nose. I'm sensing some hard-core bunnies in the making here!
Aw! Little Ash, such a help!
She played on the new swing set all day long(:
 Saturday was a cleaning day so unclogging the toilet and spiffing up the stove were a must!
Just as I finished dinner...Preggers! Hurrah!
Baby bum day 1!
 "Good morning Ebony!"
"Good morning Kat!"
Aw, working hard so she can age up soon! She told me how she can't wait to be a teenager so that she can flirt and kiss boys just like me. Oops!
First steps! So darn precious!
Baby bump day 2!
I love my children(:
Last picture before...
The contractions kicked in!
It is here that I present to you...
Connie Lights! (Yes, another girl...what's going on?!?)


  1. I didn't really understand the fight between Amber and Josh. It didn't make much sense to me, but congratulations on another baby girl.

  2. @Ashley- Hehe. do u ever have resistant sims in ur game? like, no matter how good the relationship is they just won't take any flirts from ur sim? well, thats what was happening and it was REALLY ticking me off so I just made up a fight haha. but it was just about him having a girlfriend, basically(:

  3. So you've got 5 babies now :-) 95 to go :L!

  4. good lord!! LOL, I loved reading this :)

  5. I had 4 girls in a row too XD

  6. Haahaa
    Thinking of starting my own challenge so I'm having a snoop around to see how hard it is...
    What Sims did you play it on? (2or3)
    :D Congrats

  7. HahahaHa this is awesome I wanna retry the challenge now... I've tried it 4 other times but glitches took over...:(


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