Sunday, December 4, 2011

Baby, I've Been Waiting My Whole Life For This: Baby 100

‎"It's so know the end of something great is coming, but you want to hold on for one more second...just so it can hurt a little more."
"Hmm..." I sigh, when I wake up to empty, cold sheets beside me. Last night was amazing. After giving birth and putting sweet Petunia to bed, James and I spent an intimate night together. It was so perfect to spend some really personal time with him, especially after all of our recent fighting. But now he is not here. It's slightly warm, so I hop out of the covers and rest my head on the pillow to think for a moment or two. I had been thinking of asking James to move in with me, just for this last pregnancy, before we move away, but without him here I can't do that.
I gently get up from the warm sheets, and set out to find James. Less than a minute later I find him in the study, intently focused on the computer monitor. 

"Hey baby..." I yawn, peering over his muscular shoulders. I try to get a better look at the screen, but he blocks me from seeing right away.

"No no, Miss. Lights," he says, "Don't look quite yet." 

"What could you possibly be doing on MY computer?" I laugh, trying to look again. He finally drops his shoulder, welcoming me to look. 
 "!" I get a good look at what is now our wedding invite, or more so, our save the date. We haven't exactly figured out when or where to have our wedding, but I'm just assuming it will be in our new town of residency, the lovely Appaloosa Plains. "Sarah did such a great job."

"Oh, I know she did," replies James. "It's not too girly, thank god." He pushes his chair back, and leans back to smile at me.
"So, how'd you sleep woman?" he smiles. 

"Oh, you know," I grin. I lean over to get a better look at his face, and all of the delicate features he has. He has such beautiful, bright eyes, a strong nose, and luscious, perfectly-kissable lips. He is gorgeous, and he is my fiance. 

"Whatcha lookin' at Lights?" he laughs. 

"I'm looking at my future husband..." I trail off. "So not much!"

"Hey, watch it!" he laughs. 
"Oh, you know I'm kidding," I chuckle. Then a though hits me. "Hey, do you know if the kids are up yet?" I ask.

"I don't know..." he replies. "Probably not, considering the house is quiet."

"Ha, good point."

"Why?" he asks.

"Well, since I have my last pregnancy coming up...well, I really want to make this special. One last big, fun bash. You know? I want to make everyday special with them. I want to make it count." I inevitably start tearing up. "I'm going to miss these kids so much," I say.

"Well then, we'll have to have some of our own!" he smiles. I can't help but think he's being completely serious, and I realize that I hadn't even pondered the thought of having children with him. 

This lifts my mood, so I wipe my tears and say, "Okay sir Masons, I am going to go make them a huge breakfast then! The beginning of the end!"
I make the family a feast of delicious waffles, steaming french toast, warm, decadant pie, and lots of fresh fruit and ice-cold milk. It's the feast among feasts, the meal upon meals, and it's all cooked by me. How original!
After breakfast, Thomas and Katrina age up. They have been great kids; very dramatic and silly, but great kids. Each have such individual personalities. Katrina is the one with the dual personality; some days she is extremely nice, and some days you don't even want to be in the same hemisphere as her. Thomas on the other hand, is always sweet. He tends to get caught up in the business end of things too much sometimes, but overall he is a pretty balanced guy. Together these two are the silliest pair you've ever seen. I am so proud to be able to call these two my children, and they will be dearly missed.
The day runs by slowly, but for once I actually appreciate the dragging on. I wasn't lying when I said I wanted to enjoy these last few days as a full-time mother. James and I spend most of the day with the kids, but as the sun grows hotter we eventually end up on the deck with some lemonade and chips. As we're enjoying this time together, I find it a proper time to ask him about moving in for these last few days. 
We both stand up, and I take a moment to stretch out and relax. "Oh, are you sore Amber?" asks James. "Here, let me fix up it up for you!" Oh James, such a flirt.

"Ooo!" I sigh as he works his magic hands on my tight back. "Oh gosh, James! How do you massage so well?"

"Oh, ya know, just born with it!" he chuckles. 
"Mmmm, James!" I squeal once he's done. "That was JUST what I needed. Thank you baby," I smile and turn around to give him a kiss. "Now the question is, what could I possibly give to you to return the favor?" 

"Oh, I don't know," he says seductively, pulling me in for a kiss. "Perhaps you could continue to let me love you?"

"Well, that's a give-away!" I boast.
"Hey, I figured out how to make it up to you!" I say. "Well, are you looking forward to moving in with me in a week?"

"I'm counting down the days baby," he replies, smoothing back my hair.

"Well," I continue, "How about we move in together just a tad bit sooner? Will you move in, like, today?"

"...are you serious? Would the few days even make a difference?"

"Well, I just figured that it would be simpler for you to move in now, and we can merge our stuff before moving across the states. Don't you think it makes sense?"
"Yes, that makes perfect sense, I'll do it," he smiles, taking my face in his hands. His hand falls on the flower clip I have holding my hair together, and for a moment a confused look crosses his face. 
"What's up with the barrette?" he asks. "It looks so much like...well, like a wedding hair-do."

"That's the point!" I giggle. "I wanted to give you a taste of what it's going to be like on our wedding day sweetie."

"Ah, our upcoming I-Do's," he grins.

"Speaking of, we seriously need to figure out our wedding plans soon, before Vanessa kills me. I don't think she can survive without wedding details!"

"Okay, okay, we'll start picking things out tomorrow. But, for now, why don't together? In our home...together?"

"That sounds perfect," I say.
Later in the day, when the sun is just beginning to set, I set out to do some housework with James, but find him completely engrossed in some video game. When I check in on them, I can't help but burst out laughing at the scene. The girls are giggling like maniacs while James is shouting, "Boom, boom, POW! Take that you NOOB!" James and my children are like a match made in heaven.
With everyone else so wrapped up in what they're doing, and the toddlers taking a nap, I give myself a moment for me. My number one issue-I have no idea who to have the father for baby 100 be. I mean, who could I possibly use? James was already a father, so that is ruled out. There is absolutely no one special in my life that is a young adult male, and has not been in my challenge. Go me for having so many friends.

I decide that getting my mind off this subject is prime. I don't need to get pregnant until tomorrow, so for now I am free to do my own thing. As I'm trying to figure out what to do, someone starts tugging on my pant leg and whimpering. I expect it to be a toddler, but when I look down I see that it's Bambi. "Oh Bambi!" I squeal, picking her up. "I almost forgot we own you, we need to catch up!"
"Aw, Bambi!" I grin. "You're so cute!" 

I remember when I first got her. I loved her so much, and not a minute went by when the family wasn't all up in her business, and loving her to bits. But now I feel like I have neglected her for awhile. It's honestly been probably more than four weeks with me not paying attention to her. The kids play with her a lot of the time, but now that both puppies have moved out with kids, I just haven't had time. 
As if reading my thoughts, Bambi reaches up and licks my ear. I blush, wondering how I got so lucky in my lifetime. Perfect family, perfect fiance, perfect dog, perfect house, perfect friends...everything was so bumpy along the way, but now things are seemingly flawless. Luuuccckkkyyyyy me.
 After reminiscing about my life for a few moments, I suddenly life isn't over yet! I don't need too spend too much time pondering my life's adventures yet. That's what my friends will be for, when they inevitably come over some time within the next few days.

Instead, I spend my time trying to teach Bambi to shake. Never in my life have I been so frustrated. After an hour or so, she finally shakes my hand. "VICTORY!" I bellow. "Victory is mine!"
In the morning, after a restful night's sleep, I wake up. I stretch my entire body, starting with my arms, and finishing with my toes. "Mmmmm," I smile, leaning over to James. We snuggle for an hour or so, but then we decide that since it's Sunday, we should probably head to breakfast at my favorite diner. We awake and get changed, before exchanging a small kiss and beginning our day.
The diner is packed to the rim with cars in the parking lot, and laughter inside the doors. If you know anything about me, you know that I adore the diner, and I would go there everyday if I could. It's that much better to be here with my fiance and two perfect daughters. Maysilee even holds my hand as we walk in, saying, "This place looks EPIC!"
We enjoy a lovely breakfast of eggs, pancakes, and lots of coffee for adults, milk for kids. Afterwards, out in the parking lot, the girls find a particular interest in a stray cat wandering around. They name her Fluffy and beg to keep her, but I have to say no. I already have to bring Bambi with me to AP, no need for a cat named Fluffy!
As the girls are playing with Fluffy, I pull James over to the side. "Hey babe, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind me heading into town for the day? I really need to go grocery shopping and do some other...things."

He looks confused for a moment before solemnly realizing what "doing...things" is. AKA, finding a challenge father.

"If that is what you want, then that is fine," he mumbles. 

"Oh, and one more thing?" I feel bad asking him to do things. "Would you mind aging up some of the kids?"
"Sure," he says quietly. "I'll take the girls by my house to get some clothes and stuff, and then we'll go home. See you later." He plants a kiss on my cheek, as if to remind me that I am still his woman. "Stay safe, kid," he says before parting ways.
To make James feel better, I stop by the supermarket. I want to walk in the house with a bag full of groceries to make him feel a bit better. As I'm selecting some ripe apples, I look around-there are no men that could fit my challenge. The ones I do see have already been in my challenge, and the others are complete, utter strangers. There's no fun in that. 

After an hour, as I'm about to give up looking, someone pops up behind me. 
"Oh Amber!" exclaims Corbin in a mocking tone, as he approaches me from behind. "If it isn't the one person who completely screwed over my life!" 

I cringe at the sound of his voice, and when I try to turn on my foot I am only stopped. "Oh no, you can not leave right now. I have something I need to say to you," he says seriously.

"What do you want Corbin?" I say angrily. Seeing him brings back such awful, horrid memories. It's funny how one person you loved so much, can become such a monster. 

"Oh, I want many things," he begins. "For example, I would like to know some things from you." He holds up one finger after the other as he counts out the things he wants from me. All are pointless. I try to turn and leave again, but he stops me with his arm this time. I shake it off. 
"Corbin, I don't know what the hell you want, but I actually have somewhere to be right no-"

"Is that place with your children?" he inquires, a triumphant grin on his face. "Did you forget to tell me that part when you were loving me? That you have ninety-nine FUCKING children?"

"Corbin!" I cry out. "Don't talk about my children that way!"

"Ah, so you're admitting that you have children, huh? Such a slut!" I'm utterly mortified by the way he talks to me. It's like being back in those nightmares again.

"Let me go!" I shout as I try to turn again, but he stops me. Again. People walk by, but don't do anything. They just stare and keep walking.
"No, not before you give me something," he says, an evil look creeping across his face. 

"What then? What do you want?" I scream, wanting this conversation to be over with. 

"I want to be the father of your 100th child," he proclaims so matter-of-factly. "I want you to carry my child and NOT get rid of it this time." 

My mouth drops open. I had been expecting anything but that.
"Ew! Absolutely not! Why would I want your disgusting, lying, scheming genes in my body? Never." I say, horribly shaken by the request.

"Ah, but you're not getting it!" he exclaims. "You don't have an option! Unless of course you want me to ruin your stupid engagement with that James guy, you better start playing nice." This catches my attention.

"What do you mean?" I ask, trying to lose my annoyed expression. "What are you talking about? How do you know I am engaged to him?"

"It's funny how much I can learn by asking around town, you know? Pretty crazy."

"Don't do anything to James," I breathe, anger reaching the surface of my face. "I'm leaving right now." I turn and actually start to gain some distance from him, when he shouts.

"Oh, I won't do anything to his tiny body!" he chuckles. "But if you don't carry my child, I'll tell him that we made sweet, sweet love on the beach while he wasn't looking. I'll tell him you loved every second of it."
"You bastard!" I shout, turning and coming back to him. "What reason do you have to think that he would EVER believe that bull-shit?"

"The simple guy-code," he laughs. "No matter how much a guy hates another, he will always believe him over a stupid girl. So, like I said; carry my child, and I won't say a word. But if you refuse, well, let's just say I don't think you'll be getting married anymore." The smug smile on his face drives me to all lengths of insanity, and he knows it.

"He would never believe you!" I sputter. "He would never, ever, believe you."

"Okay, you can think what you want to think, but you know I'm right." And as much as I hate to admit, I do know he is right. He is absolutely right, whether I like it or not.

"I won't woo-hoo with you." I state. "Give me your sperm and I'll do it." He seems surprised that I'm giving in so easily, but it doesn't deter him.

"That's fine," he says. "As long as carrying my child is causing you to suffer, I'm all good." He gives me a peck on the cheek and laughs as he walks away. "Oh!" he shouts over his shoulder, as he's gaining distance. "I'll be sure to have my sperm to you today! Wouldn't want to hold you off carrying MY child!" he chuckles. My head spins into a frenzy, to a point where I can't even process where I am and what I'm doing. I try to walk, but it's not long before I suddenly pass out, and nothing but pure black crosses into my vision.

 I've never been one to pass out. But the experience is highly weird, I'll say that much. When I fell down, I felt my head hit the pavement, but after that I felt nothing. I thought I was dead for a little bit, but then I realized I wouldn't be able to be thinking if I was dead. At least I think not.
When I wake up, it is dark. The night sky is pitch black, and the only thing offering an form of light is the Open 24/7 sign blinking on the grocery store door. Using that light as a guide, I lift myself up, and stretch out. "Ugh," I mumble, as things come back to me. Corbin. Baby. Father. It's all so messed up.
The quiet at this time of night-and when I check my clock, I see it's past midnight-is eerily creepy. I can hardly stand. Then, as I'm trying to figure out how to get home, I remember I have my phone. I look at it- 25 missed calls, 12 new messages, 7 voicemails, 3 HeyTells. Every single one is from James, and instead of looking through each one, I decide to just call him back. 
He answers on the first ring. "Amber! Where the hell are you!" he bellows. 

Well, hello to you too James. "Hey babe..." I yawn. "Sorry for not replying to any of your calls or texts. I got...busy."

He sighs. "Amber, are you with a man right now?"

So that's what he is so pissed about? "What? James, no, I'm not with a man," I reply. "I'll be home in a little, okay?"

"Whatever, fine Amber." he seems angry, but before hanging up, he says, "Drive safe."

The next few days pass in a flurry of excitement for the upcoming pregnancy and nuptials. It seems that everyone is more excited than I am, but that is probably because I am the only one who knows who baby 100 belongs to.

When I came home a few nights ago after passing out, telling a smooth lie to James was more difficult than I had been prepared for. He interrogated me for what felt like an hour, asking me where I was, who I was with, what I was doing, and so on. I ended up telling him that I went out with Vanessa, and that she stole my phone so I could spend my time only with her and not on my phone. It was a pretty valid lie, and he took it in stride. But when he asked me who the 100th baby father is, now that I am pregnant, I completely choked. I ended up saying that it was just a random guy named some weird name so that he would get off my case. Having Corbins filthy genes inside me is more than I can handle, but I gradually learn to get over it. This child will never be like him, so there is no reason to punish me or my rapidly growing fetus.
The kids also grow older, leaving the challenge behind, one by one. Effina and Maysilee grow up beautifully, and wonderfully unique. Effina looks JUST like Miranda Cosgrove in my opinion, and she has the same bubbly, chipper personality as her. Maysilee is still the kind one, the one who defended me against her brothers and sisters, and has always loved me. Both are perfect in my eye, because they are my children, and they have the biggest support group behind them-99 people to be exact.
The triplets also age up well. I didn't get to spend too much time with them as toddlers, but now with them as children, I am hoping I get to spend more time with them. Thankfully they are not underdeveloped from when they were babies, and are now flourishing children. They love to play, have fun, and always smile.
And then there's Petunia. She is a blossoming toddler, and one of the most beautiful babies I've seen in a long time. Her warm chocolate skin compliments her dark hair and teal eyes. She is bubbly and adorable, just as all toddlers should be.
Once I am officially announced pregnant with my last challenge child, things start to slow down again. I start to enjoy the days more, get more over the conversation with Corbin, and put a positive outlook on things. This is such a memorable time in my life, not even butt-heads like him can ruin it. 

Another thing possessing my time is wedding planning with James. We finally start to work out details to keep Vanessa from ripping my door down for information.

"Okay, so, how about this?" I say in the midst of a conversation-battle with James over wedding color choices. "Can we agree on light pink, soft purple, and white? Just like the wedding invite? And don't say that's too girly, because even you admitted you thought they weren't too girly."

"Ugh," he groans, knowing I am right, "Fine. But we're not going over the top with the pink!"
"Okay, fine by me!" I grin. "Now that we have the color palette, what about a theme? How about fairy-tale wedding? Or heaven on earth? We should do something romantic."

"Hmmm..." he seems thoughtful for a moment. "Well no fairy-tale wedding, because that damn wedding special for the Kardashian wedding played non-stop, and they got divorced two months later."

"Ah, good point," I chuckle. "Maybe we could do something mystical then? How do you feel about a water-y theme?"
"Whatever floats your boat, Lights," he smiles. "I will leave most of it up to you. You'll probably have a better time planning it anyway."

"If you insist...but I still want help with the cake and stuff-"

"Cake? Count me in." he smiles. Men-can't live with em', can't live without em'.
Over the course of the next few days, very little goes on and I love it. The kids are so busy with school and friends, that most of the time it's just James, Petunia and I. Speaking of, James has taken a particular liking to my little baby ninety-nine. In fact, now that I think of it, she looks a but like him. I wonder if he's trying to prove to me that he can be a good father or something...I know he really wants kids, but we've already technically had three!
The triplets take a liking to the treehouse. On the few days they have off before school starts up, they spend every waking moment up there, doing only god knows what. But it's so sweet to see my children outside, enjoying the sunshine rather than playing video games for once. It's oddly refreshing.
And me, well, I busy myself with lots of hard working on my novel. Do you remember earlier in my challenge, when I tried writing in my free time and getting better at it? Well, that hobby was quickly dismissed once I got into the full-speed of my challenge, but I've been able to pick it back up recently. I'm currently writing a realistic-fiction novel on all of the relationship roller-coaster rides I've been through in these past 100 babies. Although, if I ever publish it, it will be purely anonymous.
May and Effie have been bogged down with homework the past few days. Like, they have so much more homework and projects than any other teen I've ever had. But perhaps the reason behind that is the fact that they are both in all AP classes, trying get into a good college a few miles away. James and I try to help them when we can, but even some of their work goes in one ear and out the other. Guess I'm no good helping there.
 Day after day, my belly gets bigger, and the days get longer. It gets to a point where I am practically begging for the baby to come out so I can move on with my life, and other days I wish for everything to slow down, and allow me to be back to the very first day of my challenge. Things were so simple back then-no boyfriends, no crazy friends, no kids (yet), and no drama-what a life! But even after all of that I know that it was all for a reason. I am who I am today, because of everything I've been through. 
Finally it all boils down the last night of my last pregnancy. I have not been miserable with carrying Corbin's child, so I hope he doesn't get any pleasure out of this situation. This baby is just as sweet as any other, and he/she belongs to me, and not to him. That's just the way it works.

When the sky starts to darken on the last night, I start putting together something to do with the family, but then my phone rings.

"Erm, hello?" I ask, not having checked the caller ID.

"LIGHTS!" bellows Vanessa Wood, my best friend. "I hope you don't have plans tonight!"

"Well, I was going to do something with the family maybe..."

"Ohhhh no you're not," she says, "Us challenge moms are coming over, and we are having one last bash together. Okay? You're not forgetting about us when you move away."

I smile. "I could never forget about you girls. Be over soon, okay?"

"You read my mind, kid."
When I tell James the girls are coming over, he politely offers to take the kids out for the night so we can all share one last night together. I thank him one million times over for the offer, because it had been just what I was hoping for.

When they eventually get to my house, you wouldn't believe how much my heart leaps. Not only do my core-friends come over, but they also bring a couple challenge moms that I love to death, but haven't spent nearly as much time with. From left to right, let me describe my relationship with each woman to you. (Could be some things out of Ambers perspective)

Calista Smith- This one will ever know what she means to me. She was basically the first person to read my blog, and she has literally commented on every single post since baby one. Like, hello?! She started commenting even before I got Amber a facebook! And she has always been so kind, sweet, and nice...I love her to death.  

Della Wriner- I started my challenge because of this girl...did you know that? If you look at my first post, you'll see how much I expressed my enjoyment in her blog, and he being the reason I started. It's so crazy to think I have been reading this girls blog for over a year, and back then I looked at her like a role model. Now, we are such great friends, and I still look at her as a role model. I ♥ you girl.

Violet Newbie- Vi is a challenge mom legend. She has one of the single best, most popular blogs, a passion and extreme talent for writing, and I get to call her my friend. She has given me so much inspiration in my challenge, and even kept me from quitting a few times. I love this girl so much. 

Destiny Rose- Destiny and I have only known eachother personally for a few weeks now, and yet we have become SO close in that time. I looked back on my blog comments from the 20's and 30's of my challenge a few days ago, and I was shocked to see that she has been commenting FOREVER. She is an amazing writer, and her challenge blog is one of the best out there...she actually finished her challenge a few days ago! ♥ this girl.

Vanessa Wood- If you don't know who this is, you must be living under a rock. Vanessa and I met a few days after I started my challenge, so I've known her for nearly a year. She is...just so...we're just such great friends, it's actually kind of ridiculous. Just have two things to say about this girl- Oh my rio, and mint toot.  

Ashley Brooks- Ashley/Kalyn/Maci...I have known this girl for SO LONG. I remember some of my early conversations with her, and all of the crazy things we talked about. She is honestly one of the best people I have ever met. i love you girlie 
Vanessa goes on to explain that each mother has prepared a special speech for me, in honor of my last pregnancy. I almost cry at the thought, but calm myself down and listen carefully to what each special woman has come up with.

Violet goes first, starting us off with a sentimental speech.

"Amber, I'm so proud of you. This challenge is more than just 100 babies, it's the trial and tribulations along the way and how you handle them. I've been your friend since baby 10 and wow, you have grown so much and I'm honored to call you a friend and fellow 100 baby challenge mom. I wish you nothing but wonderful things for the future and good luck to you and your fiancé." 

"Thank you so much Vi," I reply, trying my best to handle these speeches.
Calista, my blue-haired friend, goes next.

"Amber, first off, congratulations for making it to the end of your challenge. That is an accomplishment in and of itself. You've completed something so extraordinary and wonderful! And that's only the beginning! You've met so many wonderful friends who have supported you and been with you through and through, you've met many kind men (and even dated a few), gotten engaged to James, and built a beautiful family all on your own.
You are an AMAZING woman! And don't you ever forget it."

Her speech nearly brings me to tears, but I hold it together for the next one.
Ashley follows Calista's speech.

"Amber, we haven't known each other for the longest amount of time but through the time that we have known each other we've became pretty good friends. You don't know how much you mean to me, through thick and thin you’re always there for me, and I hope you know I'm there for you too! Now, little miss, don't think that just because you finished your challenge does NOT mean you’re getting rid of me! You're never gonna see the end of me! I love you Amber and congratulations!!!"

"Aw Ashes..." I say, a single tear finally making it down my face. "Thank you."
Della follows.

"Amber Lights, its a name everyone will remember, even when you're done with this challenge. Always happy go lucky and the best friend a girl could have. What's better than finishing one of the hardest challenges that you have faced in life? You finished it with an awesome man at your side, I know you and James will be so happy together. You may have gone though some rough spots, but always came out shining like a star, like the star you are. Always have hope in your dreams, because with a little hard work, they can come true. And it seems to me that everything is falling into place perfectly for you. Don't ever forget us little people that have been graced by your presence. And it seems this is a great opportunity for me to say...Thank you for just being you."

I actually start blubbering like a baby at this one.
Second to last to go is the lovely Miss. Destiny Rose.

"To the beautiful and most crazy challenge mom I have ever met…
Amber Lights. In the sim world, this is a name that almost everyone knows (if they actually read, that is). For the past year, you have been hard at work, getting pregnant, delivering babies, getting your heart broken more than once… And finally, getting engaged to a gorgeous man, who is perfect in every way. Along the way, tears were shed, and laughter could be found was around every other corner. I’m glad to have been following from the very beginning, to see what a different person you’ve become. Still crazy, but much stronger. And as I suck writing any kind of special speech, I’ll end this with a poem…
A Friend Is Like A Flower...
A friend is like a flower -- a rose to be exact,
Or maybe like a brand new gate --that never comes unlatched
A friend is like an owl, both beautiful and wise
Or perhaps a friend is like a ghost, whose spirit never dies.
A friend is like those blades of grass -- you can never mow,
standing straight, tall, and proud -- in a perfect little row
A friend is like a heart that goes --strong until the end.
Where would we be in this world -- if we didn't have a friend."

I stop being able to form audible words after this loving speech.
Last, but certainly not least, Vanessa takes center stage for what I'm sure is to be a heart-breaking speech.

"Ever since I met you, I knew you'd be a stubborn turd that would pass me up in the challenge one day. (I was right.) But along the way, I made a best friend and I wouldn't change anything for the world. Watching you go through your challenge and helping you through whatever arose was my pleasure. So Essence, now seeing you about to get married, I can’t believe it. You used to talk about how you'd never get married but I just KNEW somebody would come along and steal your heart just like James did. I can see it now, not even far into the'll be...fat and eating tv dinners while watching soap operas with your true love. Just kidding, you know I love you! Well, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life and don't forget about me once you get hitched or else I'll have to weasel my way into your house and refuse to leave. Don't underestimate me." Vanessa starts to get a bit teary eyed, as well as me. "I love you and James, Amber. But please tell me he won't hurt you and is definitely the one for you. We've been through this too many times before...and I just hate seeing you get hurt. Just assure me it will never happen again and I'll be on my way.
See ya around Lights."
As the last speech is wrapped up, I suddenly am filled with a burst of passion for my great friends. If not for them, I wouldn't be to the point I am now. I pull them all in for a group hug and exhale to stop the tears.
"I love you girls," I whisper. "I love you girls so much..."
The girls hang around until midnight or so, lightly chattering and feeling my belly. They each give me advice and tips about what to do for the last birth, and it's a really great experience. When they eventually leave, and James and the kids come home, we position ourselves on the couch. We spend the entire night into the morning, flipping through my challenge scrapbook, and even shed a few tears (mostly my tears). Here's why:

Once the morning sun rise hits, so does my labor. I start panting and stand up from the couch. "Amber?" asks James worriedly. "Are labor?"

"Yes," I pant, "But don't let it scare you! It's the same every time!"


 Baby 100
Shangobunni Lights
Wow...I really did it. I had 100 babies, I found the man for me, and I made it through alive. so much dejavu from all my pregnancies hits me, and I am in a swirl of emotions until James brings me back to earth. As we're both admiring the last baby, he whispers, "So Amber, are you ready to start our life?"

"Baby," I reply, "I've been waiting my whole life for this."


  1. WOW... the kind words you said about Vi touched me. That was so sweet. I loved this post you have truly awesome friends. I can't wait for more... you are going to give us more right lol :)

  2. :claps: ;_; You did it, Amber.
    Congratulations! Boy...that's...that got some tears going. You have come a long way.
    <3 Congrats and enjoy your life with your lovely mannn <3

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  4. i love it. 100 babies wow, you did it, lolol, love you(:

  5. that was lovely congrats amber love you girl <3!xxxxx

  6. CONGRATS!! You've done an amazing job with your Challenge Amber. I have enjoyed seeing all the lights babies, and you've reached 100!
    This was a fantastic post, I am sad to see the challenge is over, but I am excited to see the wedding, and what more fantastic things you come up with.
    SHANGOBUNNI! Haha, that's...unique :) I love it though! It's cute <333
    Congratulations on baby 100 SHANGOBUNNI!
    I have enjoyed reading all of your chapters of this challenge, Amber is an amazing mother to all 100 children.
    James and Amber are perfect and I am SO excited for the wedding!

    Amazing job! I loved this chapter so much, I enjoyed this chapter very much :)
    Congratulations again <3333333

    Brianna Raine Parker <3333

  7. I'm not even Amber and my eyes started watering... Congrats on finishing!!! I started a challenge one time and haven't even got past baby one. I could make my sim have 100 babies, but to me it's just so much hard work putting the emotions of a sim into words. You did an amazing job and I admire you so much!!! But, don't let this be the end of Amber Lights. She has to continue her life!

  8. Thanks for the great comments everyone..I don't think that there were any specific questions, so I think imma pass on replying to each comment personally. I really appreciate all the good wishes, thank you all for tagging along this journey. <3

  9. Congrats Amber for finishing an Amazing Journey. In a way it's sad, i'm going to miss your stories. There is a saying "All Good Things Must Come To An End" and here it is. :( Your an amazing writer and I cant wait to see what you have next plan for Amber and her lovely family..

  10. Lol, Shangobunni... cute. Good job Amber :)

  11. I actually cried! Little tears are streaming down my face right now! Not only did you tough out your anti-writing moments and finish this blog, but you wrote it brilliantly! I know I wasn't there for every single moment of Amber's journey but that doesn't mean I can't see how wonderfully it was put together! I am sssooooo proud of you and Amber! SOO SSOOOO PROUD! Keep it up and don't stop writing, I know your name will be on a bestseller someday! (And every single one of your fans will agree with me!) So congratulations, I love you hon!

  12. Julia <3 wrote that ^

  13. AMBER LIGHTS is officially done with her challenge!! YAY! *waves hands around*

    I loved every minute of this post, especially the speeches from the challenge moms. That was a really sweet idea.

    Thanks for including Calista!!!

    ~Calista Smith


    100 BABIES!



    AHHHHH!! I can not control my emotions.

    CON- FREAKING- GRATULATIONS. I am SO proud of you!! And the words you said about Vanessa...I LOVE YOU. Oh my rio, so much :3




  15. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    Thanks for reading everyoneeeeeeeeee!

  16. I just can't believe it, two of my friends with challenges completed. What are you trying to do to me Lights. ;)

    I should really say soon-to-be Mrs Masons haha like my last name being Masons.

    I am honestly glad I read your challenge/journey, because it was great.

    I can't wait to see the wedding and the rest of amber's life, make it a happy one.

    I loved the speeches from your friends and then the group hug at the end of things, pretty cute.

    WOW is all's I could say and Corbin, "what-a-catch" LOL

    Congratulations on baby 100, a little bouncing baby boy to finish off your challenge. Shangobunni is YOURS not that freaking... "guys" He doesn't even need his name to be mentioned.

    Well Done Amber, well done. :D

  17. Oh Amber, *sobs uncontrollably* This was amazing! The video was amazing! EVERYTHING was amazing! You are one of the most amazing writers I have EVER seen! This is my favorite blog ever and I am sad to see it end! If you start a new blog or something, please give me the link because I'm going to read your stuff until you've written for the last time! :D

  18. WHY AM I ALWAYS SO LATE!! Heeeheee
    Awww it was SUCH an incredable post!! You've finished!! Oh my goodnesss!! What're you doing to do nowww?
    I can't believe I've been following since baby ONE!! I haven't followed any other challenge as much! :)
    Your writing is truely amazing now :) You should consider writing a few other stories! I can't live without Amber!! heeheee
    I can't wait for the wedding either!! :)
    Aww it was so amazing and I LIKE James now! He annoyed me at the begginning but he's just perfect now! :)
    AND OH MY GOD I THINK I AM A PROPHET! heeee I was thinking Corbin might be daddy one hundred! Perfect kind of symatry, it's because of Corbin that you started and you ended with Corbin! :) Really clever

    You better carry on blogging :D


  19. Okay, seeing as EVERYONE has literally said everything I have wanted to say, I'll just dumb it down to the following...


    I'm so happy right now!!
    I watched the video and it was so cute <33... I can't believe you had 100 kids! this is amazing! im SO happy for you!! :D
    this is just so amazing.. lol
    ugh. I CANNOT BELIEVE CORBIN. hes such a jerk! i hate him! D: good thing amber has awesome james around ;) i must say, shangobunni is a VERY interesting name XD shangobunni is actually really cute, and hes gonna turn out awesome, and hopefully not so scummy as corbin is... but i'm sure he wont considering he has an amazing family and a super amazing mother! ;)
    sigh.. i still can't believe this. i'm so happy for you! XD btw, im i think its really cute how you had all the challenge moms together in that one part. :3
    i loved this post!! congrats!! your officially a legend ;)

  21. Congradulations Amber! Sorry, i've been so shy, but if I don't comment now, I never will. Your blog is amazing! I was on the sims website and saw some people taling about the 100 baby challenge. Curious, I looked it up on google, and stumbled upon your blog. I started reading around when you had the first berry babies and i've been hooked ever since! I had to go back to the begining and I read non-stop for 3 days until I was all caught up. I refused to even read another blog. You're an amazing writter and you are very talented! You inspired me so much, I started my own 100 baby challenge. Sadly, I'm not much of a writter so I didn't start a blog. I have 13 kids so far and with out a doubt, my next girl is being named Amber. This always made me so happy to read and it has made me laugh so much. I'll trueliy miss it. Please, keep writting! I would hate to see you vanish from the internet! If I even had an inch of the writting talent you did, I would be writting every day for the rest of my life. Once again Congrats! And have fun with James. I'm so jealous!

    Love, Maci (Teagan) c:

  22. Congrats to you Miss. Amber Lights! It's been a pleasure reading and getting to experience this with you. I like that it kinda went full circle, Corbin started and finished (but Amber did all the work of course). Have a wonderful sim life.
    (P.S I was holding out for a baby Ryan but it's all good, besides who knows? Maybe there will be one yet!).
    Thank you for sharing with us,

  23. I'm so happy for you! Congrats on making it to baby 100! It has been such a joy to read your blog! And yours was the first one I started reading. You've come so far and are such an amazing writer! I'm sad to see this come to an end. Congrats for when you get married and finding a great guy! You've been a great mother!

  24. i was wondering if u could post the house on the exchange cuz i luv it and would luv to live in it. could u also give me the link thanks :)

  25. This is a bit late! Haha! But congrats Amber! :) I also happen to be a fellow challenge mother and I would love it if you could show some support on my blog!

    All the children were just drop dead perfect! From Ashleigh to Shangobunni!
    Congrats once more!

  26. I loved every Bit Amber, It Truly was Amazing!

    I would Lovvvee If you guys would Check out mine :)


    Emma Oakes :)

  27. That was great :)

  28. Oh my god Katrina is just so perfect I wish I had that pretty of sims!

    I hope this isn't the end of blogging about amber's life..

    1. There is a after-challenge blog, look on the other blogs section :)


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