Sunday, October 23, 2011

Meet Bambi :Babies 82, 83, & 84

"Oh baby girl," I coo. Avalynne and Jenette are absolute perfection; neither one cries very often, they both are gorgeous, and I actually look forward to waking them up each morning. I love having girls in the house.
Since I'm such an anxious little mother I go ahead and carefully place each girl on the floor, the birthday cakes burning bright. "Make a wish!" I shout over their giggles and playing. I am always eager to see what my children look like as they get older, but especially with girls. One of my favorite things is to braid and style my girls hair. With this thought in mind I reach down and help both of them through the aging process some more. It only takes a moment for the sparkles to envelope them and burst out with gorgeous wee girls.
"Ahhh!" I shout and my hand flies to my mouth. These girls are simply perfection. Avalynne and Jenette are long-haired beauties with a smile permanately plastered to their faces and adorable giggles to go with it. Both love playing with their Bratz Dolls (Yes, I finally purchased those sassy pieces of plastic) and watching their favorite show The Wiggles! They are two FABULOUS additions to our family and the older kiddo's main interest.
Lazar and Zaden too! Having too many tots is always hard so I am relieved when the boys show a passion for growing up. "You don't have to..." I reassured them, but they would have none of it. "We WANT to age up," both boys had pressed. "So PLEASE take out the birthday cakes." The grin on my face was inevitable as I watched my little baby boys burst into semi-grown men. Simply perfect!
With all the children happy and enjoying their new life stage, I finally find a spare moment to call the dog-owner that I saw in the ad. 

"Hello..." I awkwardly say when the other person picks up the phone. "I am interested in-"

"Purchasing a puppy? Please say yes." laughs the person on the other line ( a man).

"Yes, that IS what I was calling for! Do you still have some?"

"If by some you mean ONE, then yes. I have been going crazy trying to get this last one off my hands."

"You only have one puppy left?" my mouth tightens. "Is it a...bad puppy?"

"No of course not! The first 5 went like crazy and now the runt of the litter is stuck at my house. I was hoping they would ALL go."

"Interesting..." I deliberate hanging up and putting my puppy dreams to rest, but the image of the gorgeous mother is stuck in my mind. 

"What about a price?" I  press.
"Since I want you to take this pup off my hands so badly I will give you a price of $100. All the others sold for $500 plus so this is a great deal." I can tell how badly this man wants me to buy the last pup but I am still wavering. I was really hoping he would give me a ridiculous price that I wouldn't feel bad for turning down, but no, of course not; not with my 'luck'.

"Well, I guess..."

"So that's a deal! Can I count on you to come pick up the puppy?"

"Erm..." I hate to crush peoples hopefulness and now I won't start. "Um, I guess. Sure. YES, I will pick up the puppy, say tomorrow? I'm busy the rest of the day."

"That'll be PERFECT, thank you SO MUCH!" I can practically see the unknown man smiling through the phone. "You will not regret this Ms..."

"Miss. Lights! Amber Lights." I reply. 

"Well Amber Lights, you just purchased a dog. See you tomorrow!" And the phone clicks off. Well, looks like I'm getting a dog!
Knowing I will be sidetracked once the puppy comes I go ahead and call over the next challenge father. His name is Kelly King and he is a berry sim! 

"Hey Kelly!" I smile once he reaches my door. "I'm so happy to finally meet you after all our email conversations. You're even more berry-tastic in person!"

"Well thank you ma'am!" he laughs with a nervous smile on his face. "And you're even more gorgeous in person. No wonder you have gotten so far in your challenge!" I'm oh-so flattered and ready to make a baby with this comment.
 "Well I HAVE been told I should model," I fib. Not wanting things to get too serious or in-depth I lean in and say, "Why don't we take this inside?" You would think that I would  be less-interested in challenge fathers because of James but I could care less. I've been doing this far too long to care. "I would LOVE to take things inside," he smiles. And with that the next babies are created!
Once Kelly leaves and I'm about to start dinner, the triplets come rushing up to me. "Mom!" yells Brendon. Sarah and Spencer shoot a bunch of questions at me while Brendon tries to guide the conversation. It gets to a point, a few minutes later, when I take control of their talking.

"Okay, seriously...One person needs to talk. Please be respectful, you know how I raised you to act. Sarah, you speak."

"Okay, well, mommy-we were all wondering if we could become teenagers now! I'm tired of being a kid, I don't get as many perks as everyone else. Oh, and Spencer and Brendon agree."

"Well, I guess it IS time for you kiddo's to grow up..."
The glint of hope in their eyes is blatantly obvious. I decide to let go of my motherly feelings and just say yes-you should do that every one in a while. 

"Go ahead into the kitchen kids, I'll set up the cakes and we'll celebrate your teen-hood!" All three of my perfect berry babies cheer and smile-we're having a birthday party!
And here they are, from left to right, Brendon, Spencer, and the gorgeous Sarah! I'm absolutely thrilled with how my berry babies are growing up and how they are flourishing as grown sims. It makes any mother proud to see her kids striving to do their best! 

Their birthdays are the last thing we do for the night, and it's not long before everyone is fast asleep and awaiting the arrival of our new puppy!
I wake up with one thing on my mind today: Puppy, puppy, PUPPY. I sleep in a little past nine (a rare occurance) and simply lie in my bed for a little while. I'm nervous about so many things today! Like what to name the puppy, will I like the puppy, will the kids like the puppy, will the puppy be mean, will he/she not be potty-trained, will I regret this? I have a million more questions but before I can stress myself out too much I take a few deep breaths and relax; I'm getting a dog!
Avalynne and Jenette can feel the joyous spirit considering how happy they are when I wake their sleeping bodies. Avalynne is specifically in a silly mood so I go ahead and tell her of the new member joining out family.

"Ava, mommy has a surprise for you!" I grin.

"New toys?!" she replies, stricken with joy.

"No..." I laugh. I give her a little tickle and say, "Mommy is about to go get us a puppy!"

"A PUPPY? For ME?!" she seems in shock as she deliberates the idea of a puppy. "What about a birdie?" she asks.

I had only been planning on buying a dog today, but I do have a family of over 70 people for a reason. "We could get a birdie..." I start. Avalynne immediately jumps up and down in my arms screeching "Birdie, birdie, birdie!" while little Jenette shouts, "Puppy, puppy, puppy!" Before things can get too crazy I put both girls down and grab the car keys!
I quickly drive to the new Pet Store in town and am greeted by an estactic dog breeder. "Ms. Lights!" he smiles, clapping his hands together. "You're really here, in the flesh! Thank GOD!" He comes around the desk and pulls my hands to his. 

"Please follow me and I will introduce you to your new puppy. I am positive you will love her!" So it's a her. I could deal with that.

He pulls me around back, hands me a soft-white and fluffy puppy, and grins. "Thank you so much for adopting her, she will be perfect for you, I can tell!" I look down at the little thing in my arm and all my worries are washed away-except one. I have no idea what to name this beautiful creature.
Once home I take a moment to get a really good look at the new addition to our family. She is cute without a doubt, tiny (but that adds to the cuteness factor), fluffy, and a hyper and playful little thing. I can't help but think, this could be the beginning of a beautiful thing. 
And I also introduce the family to the new blue-macaw that I purchased, named Marble. He is a boy and I never knew birds could be so much fun! He is not annoying whatsoever and I know that  he will be yet another great addition to our family.
A couple hours after picking up Bambi I stop in the midst of playing to adjust to my now-pregnant body. I put on a more comfortable outfit to suit the changes and keep playing with my little un-named baby girl! As I have fun with her Marble flies around the kitchen and it's then that I realize how much fun our new additions could be. 
Although all the kids love our new puppy, Sarah sweetheart is of course the one to actually fall in love with her. I love playing with her but during my breaks Sarah happily fills in and gives her lots of treats so she will like her. Talk about bribing!
The day passes quickly in a flurry of fun and excitement, and before I know it it's time to accomadate for our new guest. To my surprise she doesn't want to sleep in either of the two beds that I purchased for her, but instead wants to sleep in my bed. I've never been a germaphobic sim so I gladly invite her to the foot of my bed. She sleeps peacefully and for once, so do I.
Holy baby bump! I'm more than shocked when I wake up to a bulging belly. My pregnancies don't normally move this fast but I'm happy since I must be having triplets then. I'm sort of sad when I wake up without my new puppy by my side, but it's only moments later that I find out just where she was. 
I am angry at myself for not knowing what to name her yet, but nonetheless, she comes bounding in my room two seconds later carrying the newspaper. I didn't know she knew how to do that!

"Aw baby!" I squeal, picking the slobbery paper from her mouth. "You know just how to make my morning don't you?" I unfold the paper and the first news is New Dog Park Opens in Sunset Valley: Fail or Succeed? Come Find Out! I'm thrilled at the idea of a new dog park. I reach down and pet her behind the ear. "How about I get ready and I take you to the dog park? Does that sound like a plan?" I don't expect a reply but it's nice to have someone listen. I pet her once more and decide: Today I'm visiting the dog park.
Since the dog park is on the opposite side of town I plop my little girl into the front seat , right next to me. We both sing along to the country station, and when I say we sung along I really do mean the both of us! She howls while I hum and it ends up sounding...decent. 
Before I know it we are pulling up to the dog park and I'm happy to see James. I decided to invite him since I haven't seen him in a week or so and I want him to meet my new 'baby'.

"James!" I grin, pulling my boyfriend in for a hug.

"Hey Ambs, how are you?"

"Fine, I guess..." I casually look towards my dog to signal the difference to James. "Notice anything...different?" I hint.

"What, did you get a new-who's dog is that?!" he questions.

"Well, she looks like a brand new puppy and her owners name rhymes with, erm, Mamber!"

"You got a dog!" he smiles. "Congrats, how come you didn't tell me before?"

"I just got her yesterday and I wanted to surprise you! Isn't she a cutie?"

"She's sweet. What's her name?"

"Oh, I've been having some trouble thinking of a name for her but I'm sure it'll come to me eventually. For now she's 'it'," I laugh.
"Well that's no good, let's think of something! How about Amber Jr.?" he smiles.

"Nah, she's much cuter than me, so she needs a cuter name than mine."

"No," he smiles, leaning in, "Amber wouldn't nearly be cute enough."
I instinctively lean in and plant a huge kiss on my sweet beau. I can feel his smile beneath my lips as I smooch his oblivious mouth. My little puppy barks on the ground so I stop the kiss short and reach down to pet her. Once she's calm I stand back up to a grinning James.

"See, I told you. Only a cute person would kiss me but stop short to pet her dog." His teasing his clear as he brushes the hair from my face. "And only you could keep me begging for more this long." He dives in for another passionate kiss and Corbin fades more and more from my point of view. Only recently did I have to deal with the drama of the Fieriks', but I get over him more every day. I love James!
I don't want to gross any local kids out so I take James' hands from my face and lead them to my stomach to meet my new babies. "They sure move a lot," he smiles. Something I've always adored about James is the fact that he is so understanding of my challenge. Casey never was and James is like a fresh start.

The rest of the day goes fast. Before I know it I am back in the car with my baby girl, heading home for the evening to rest and relax: I'm due to give birth tomorrow!
 I'm awoken bright and early, around 3 AM, to the typical labor pains. I'm almost positive I'm having triplets due to my bulging belly!

And boy am I right! Welcome...
Baby 82
Sereana Lights
Baby 83
Candyce Lights
Baby 84
Clement Lights
After putting the new babies down to sleep I look down at the floor to see my baby girl and finally it hits me-I finally know what to name her.

Meet Bambi Lights.

<3 :)

Thanks for reading! I hate that it's been taking me this long to get all my posts out but I'm working my little butt off and I sure hope my efforts are appreciated. :D Have a great day!


  1. All of your kids are SO adorable. Too. much. cuteness! And as for James..Stop making me fall in love with him. It's making me jealous. And Bambi..the picture with you and her.. on your bed *~* I died. This post was the image of perfection. WRITE MORE!

    ~~~Vanessa Wood~~~

  2. I love the name Bambi! She's so cute, and so is the bird! I agree with Vanessa, James, Bambi, the pictures on the bed, everything is just so perfect. Loved it! :D

  3. Bambi is sweet, I'm so happy you got pets to work. I know how frustrated you were. SIXTEEN MORE BABIES!

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  5. Vanessa! Thanks girlie! All of your obsessions with James are making me fall more and more in love with James... ;D

    Catlover, thank you so much! People have never called my blog perfect so yu just freakin made my day :D <3

    Thank Vi! I was frustrated, and now I'm so thrilled that Pets finally works! Thanks for reading!

    Annu, LOL! What words exactly? Hehe. And I'll probably do SOMETHING with Amber after, just not necessarily another challenge! I'll let you know how that goes!

    Keep commenting!

  6. LOL. You said that you were going to pick up Bambi early in the post, and I thought: What the hey? But I understood when you introduced the puppy as Bambi at the end. Just telling you. :)

  7. This was short but it was amazing! I think I'm in love with Bambi and James. :D Why must Amber make such cute babies? Jealous. :( Haha, GREAT job.

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  9. Bambi is soooo cute! Ive been having so much trouble making pets look… CUTE in this game :P i felt like it was easier on TS2 - but GREAT post as always ! <3

    Catherine Bell & The Bodreau Legacy

  10. The berry triplets are gorgeous!! And BAMBI! Oh my goodness, what a cutie <3 My heart melted when I saw her! Wonderful post, hun <3 Can't wait to see what the new bebe's are like :)


  11. Thanks everyone! Finally glad to see some comments! :D

    Keep commenting!

  12. Hello, just wondering how have you been getting the latest names? In some other posts I saw you responded saying you would those people's names soon or next but I haven't seen them yet, are they queued up?


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