Sunday, September 18, 2011

September Update-Part Deux

AHHHH!!!!!!!! I feel like the worst Blogger and author ever because I've left you guys hanging for so sincerest apologies. I have not given up, as mentioned earlier. I'm just super busy! (As I'm sure you all are too). I promised a new post for sometime last week  I believe...well, obviously that hasn't happened. MY BAD! >:(  I'm really trying hard to get something out for ya'll because I'm so close to finishing! I can't believe I only have 20 babies left and NOW is when I have no time for it...quite disappointing, if you can believe. Some ways you can keep up to date with me when I'm not on here are as follows...

Ambers FaceBook Fan Page:

Ambers Tumblr! (A new addition):

Ambers Personal FaceBook:

Enjoy! All of these places are updated daily, way more than this here blog! I was bored the other day so instead of playing through Ambers challenge I did a photo shoot with are some pictures from it, tell me what you think! (People who are on FaceBook with Amber have already seen these).

I hope you like these photos, I spent a while putting together the hair and outfits. The second to last picture is not only of Amber, but also of a really good friend of mine named Vanessa Wood. Just to let you know, she's not MY sim. Have a great day, check out some of the links I put on here, and show some love. That's all I can really ask for in this hectic world. <3


  1. I've seen these on facebook but it's always good to see them again. Love what you've done with this.

  2. if you are going to quit blogging after finishing the challenge why created so many sites and pages only to delete them all after 20 babies?

  3. Well duhhh @Anon.. Cos twenty babies takes a long time!! At least she can enjoy herself completely whilst she still can.. And anyway, who says she's going to quit after the challenge? She might do a legacy with one of Amber's babies or do another baby challenge!
    Loved the pictures!! :D

  4. she posted it on her facebook page that she was done blogging after her challenge. It was just me being curious and I didn't mean to make you or her upset. Sorry

  5. Oh Anon, I'm not upset! It's okay! :-) I believe I may stop blogging after my challenge, but that's only because I'm too busy in real life :( Otherwise I would love to stick around. And yes, Tinka is right. It took me nearly a month to get two babies out, who knows how long 20 will take me? And may I ask who you are, if you are friends with me on facebook?


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